Have you ever wondered how companies like Amazon and Google comes up with great profits and products?

It very simple.

Recruit top talents from Top programs.

After reading the recruiters interview about hiring MBA’s at Google and Amazon, I find one things in common. Recruit from Top Ranked B-Schools.

Google and MBA

Pasting couple of questions and answers from Judy Gilbert published at The MBA Route to  Google.

Where do you recruit?
We do most of our recruiting at six schools, which would be Stanford, Haas, Harvard, Kellogg, MIT, and Wharton.

We also do individual events at some of the other schools. I know we’ve done things with the University of Chicago. We’ve got a lot of alumni from there, and we’ve hired people out of Tuck and the University of Michigan.

However, we just started a program last year to do MBA-level business-hiring in Europe, and we’re working on similar programs in some of the other markets in which we do business. As part of that same initiative, we are thinking about how to find people from MBA programs in the U.S. and route them to offices that might be back in the countries those students are from, or some other country that they might want to live in that we happen to have an office in.

Amazon and MBA

Dustin Stites, Amazon’s recruiting manager for MBA programs, says the company’s hiring looks as aggressive as ever, if not better.

Which schools does Amazon recruit at?

A: While we do target specific schools, such as Carnegie Mellon, Harvard, MIT, Berkeley, and Northwestern, we don’t hire only from those schools, so we advise students who are interested in working at Amazon to visit our Website: www.amazon.com/college

Now you know ho to get job in Google or Amazon via MBA degree. Just attend top ranked Business Schools in USA.


  1. Ren on December 21, 2011 at 11:56 AM

    Dear HSB,
    I have heard that Google also recruits telecommunications graduates from the university of Colorado- boulder? Is this true? Are there any vacancies for telecommunications graduates in reputed company like Google? From the above post I see that they only employ MBA students?

  2. Indian on December 21, 2011 at 10:41 AM

    Many from Johns Hopkins are also hired by Google , Amazon, Microsoft

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