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How to Get into Harvard Business School – Have an Interesting Background

  • Big Business Schools  = Big Connections
  • Big Business Schools  =  Big Bucks
  • Big Business Schools  = Big  Name and Fame
  • Big Business Schools  =  Easy to Market Your Brand
  • Harvard Business School= Big Business School

But, how do you get into Harvard Business School?

average gmat harvard

Philip Delves Broughton, Harvard MBA Graduate talks about this Harvard Business School Experience in his book Ahead of the Curve: Two Years at Harvard Business School.

In this recent interview at Forbes, he reveals the Secret to Getting into Harvard Business School.

You get into HBS either by being deposited there by your company (the big management consultancies and investment banks remain popular feeders), shoe-horned in by your connections, legacy or otherwise, or by having an interesting background.

A decent academic record and GMAT scores are a given.

What the school craves is some spice, a unique set of experiences and ambitions which you might actually realize.

Big Connections = Harvard Admission

If you look 4 options to get into Harvard, 3 relates to Connections.

  • Big Company – You don’t get into Big companies without connections.
  • Your Connections – Like  Harvard Alumni Connections
  • Legacy – Your mom, dad or others went to Harvard.

Now, you know one more reason to build your professional network.

Next – How to Use LinkedIn to Build Network.

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