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This Girl Can Actually Change Indian Parents Mentality about Higher Education

I sat down with Teju Reddy from University of Texas at Tyler.

She did her Bachelors in Electrical Engineering in Hyderabad, because that’s what her parents,  grand parents wanted her to study.

She felt miserable studying Electrical Engineering.  Her passion wasn’t in Engineering. She wanted to go into science, medical field.

Her wishes came true at University of Texas at Tyler, where she changed to Masters in Clinical Psychology.

In this interview she comes out in to share her journey on how to change from one department to another department.

Guess what happened to her GPA after switching to completely new field?

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Summary of the Interview

  • Bachelors in Electrical Engineering
  • Masters in Electrical Engineering ( 1 semester)
  • Masters in Clinical Psychology ( from second semester)
  • Assistantship Jon in 3 Different Departments
  • Parents thinking after switching to Clinical Psychology
  • Advise for Prospective Students
  • How to transfer departments
  • How long it takes to change departments
  • How many years to complete Masters in Clinical Psychology
  • Scholarship and Graduate Assistant Job with Salary

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