3 Easy Ways Identify Black Listed Universities in USA

Is it possible to identify blacklisted universities in USA?

Tri Valley University have created much needed awareness about scam that affects legitimate students. There’s no such thing as blacklisted universities list. But, I want to give an example to highlight the scenario that would create this “blacklisted universities”.

Image following two students applying to study in USA. Let’s compare the profiles.

Profile: Student 1

  • GRE Score:  310
  • TOEFL: 98
  • Academics – 70% (No Backlogs)

Profile: Student 2

  • GRE Score: 281
  • TOEFL: 65
  • Academics: 51% ( 16 backlogs)

We tend to prefer the term blacklisted universities to universities that accept  Studnet 2. Universities like NPU, Herguan, Tri-Valley University, Silicon Valley University, ITU, etc.

I highly doubt if the Student 1 will even consider such schools.

What happens with student 2 is desperate to go to USA ( and settle down in America)?

They are going to find schools that are ready to give admission with their low academic profiles. Believe it or not, education is also run as a business. Universities need students who can pay higher fees. They want to make money from your fees.

During F1 Visa Interview:

Just by looking at the list of universities applied by a student, we can identify if the person is above or below average.

If we can identify the quality of universities by looking at the list, don’t you think US Consulate will know much more about those universities?

We know Air India denied 19 students from boarding flight to Study in SVU and NPU.

How to Identify Black Listed Universities

I can think of 3 ways  to identify blacklisted universities. Term Blacklisted might not be the right term, but it seems to convey the message. So, let’s use blacklisted universities.

  1. Universities that have been caught for illegal activities
  2. Schools that accept low profile students ( provide degree mill)
  3. Universities not Accredited and admitting foreign students

Let’s discuss #2 in detail. Other 2 options are self explanatory.

Universities admitting  low profile students

Look at the students F1 visa interview experience and read the 10 Traits of F1 Visa rejected students.

Someone with GRE Scores above 320 don’t post their experience about F1 visa rejection.  There could be F1 Visa rejections too but I I think the number of rejections will be comparatively lower.

If your academic profile is below average and you have applied to schools that are below average, then you are in for trouble.

Your Visa interview answers, coupled with your choice of universities, would create doubts in the mind of visa interview officer.

If your answers to Visa interview questions is not highly focussed, then it’s tough to get visa for USA.

Now, if 10 students are  going to same university with similar profiles, new pattern beigns to form and US consulate could keeping track of such universities. We call them blacklisted universities.

Do students get visa to such universities? Yes, they do. But, it may not stay the same way. Don’t blame the system if ICE raids and shuts down the university.

 Your Thoughts

I like to hear your thoughts about my argument on Blacklisted Universities.

Do you agree that if even if there is no official list of blacklisted universities, US consulate could have a list of  such universities (as we call them blacklisted universities)?

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  1. I think it’s good and reputable university without any evidence we can’t blame. Well some of my friend told me about this university and they had some good reviews.

  2. Please tell me about : Virginia international university. California university of management and science. Ottawa university. are black listed or not in USA ?

  3. Is silicon valley University (, San Jose, California) block listed,is there any problem in getting jobs with this MS, and is it possible to get green card ((if someone is doing job with this MS from last four years with H1B visa)
    Please clarify my doubts

  4. can someone tell me about the blacklisted colleges in ontario,canada
    i have applied to st lawrence college ( alpha campus) and i have heard that the alpha international academy ( in which i have applied ) is a blacklisted institute in canada during 2016.
    can anyone please confirm that.??

  5. Hello,
    Do anyone know about IGlobal university. How will it be .Is it in black list or it is a safe one. Some one plz tell me.

  6. hello,
    do anyone know about governor state university. how will it be .is it in black list or it is a safe one. some one plz tell me.

  7. Hi,
    I completed B.Tech(2003-2007) in the year 2009 with 56%. now iam doing a small job in IT sector as my academic is very low this is effecting my carrier growth. to overcome this i planned to do MS in USA. i completed IELTS with a band of 6. now which university will be good for me and best.

  8. Universities like northeastern state university, university of central Oklahoma, university of Wisconsin riverfalls, are they blacklisted?..Cuz our college in Bangalore has a tie up with these universities of the U.S…please reply!

    1. And, they accept minimum toefl score of 80 or ielts score of 6.5,gmat score of 450, and undergraduate degree with a minimum 55%

    2. UCO is definitely legit .Just check US news.If US news shows a lot of info about them and ranks them even in one area then it is most probably legit.

      UCO rankings-http://colleges.usnews.rankingsandreviews.com/best-colleges/university-of-central-oklahoma-206941/overall-rankings

      UW river falls-http://colleges.usnews.rankingsandreviews.com/best-colleges/university-of-wisconsin-river-falls-240471/overall-rankings


      They aren’t the best universities but are not like SVU or NPU imo.


    1. University admission and F1 Visa and Admission into USA are 3 different events. Just because college admitted a student doesn’t mean, U.S. consulate have to issue visa nor CBP officer can admit all the travellers into USA with valid Visa.

  10. Is SVU is block listed?
    Can any one through some light on Silicon Valley University block listed news and what happens for the students who has approved visas and planning to arrive in USA in week or two weeks

    1. yesterday 36 students were sent back from sanfrancisco airport, these universities were black listed. please dont try to apply for SAU also, it is also going to be blacklisted.

    2. There’s nothing called blacklisted university.

      Black Listed = Poor Quality University.

      Poor Quality = Admission without GRE or TOEFL. Admitting students with backlogs. Degree Mills.

  11. i just now came to know that the NPU university is blacklisted so what would be the next step that i have to take . plzz reply as soon as possible

  12. Hello,
    Is NPU university is blacklisted?
    Is there any way to check whether it is true something like checking in official website .

    1. shiva even i was going to this same university after 2 days , if any updates u gert so plz do leme know even i wil be sharing the information with u , thanks .

      1. yeaterday 36 students were sent back from sanfrancisco airport, these universities were black listed. please dont try to apply for SAU also, it is also going to be blacklisted.

  13. Hello sir,
    please i need a suggestion from you, Iam a pharma graduate( basically bi.p.c stream) i got 75% aggregate.And i want to do my masters in Health care administration in USA, i got 950(V-300,Q–650) in GRE and i want to get in, during spring. I lost my one year due to the the educational fraud done by one of the institute collabrated with USA university. It was too late that i cudnt join in other courses so i optioned for gre but i got 950 ,now preparing for ielts.this score is enough to get in to my masters in good university or should i write one more time, as time is very short i dnt wanna loose other year 🙁 .

  14. This post gives me a nice information… But i want a small clarification… I had 66% academics(with out backlogs) i want to do MS in Pharmaceutics branch in USA what do they require from me please clarify my question Thank you…

  15. Can you help me with the kind of universities a person can get with 56% in Mechanical Engineering , GRE score of 1400 and TOFEL score of 115/120 ?

  16. ya the argument is very help full to a lot of people who had a lot of doubts about these so called black listed universities, but i still have a doubt some of the universites which usally consider GRE to give i20 surprisingly for some courses the same univ is not asking any GRE score, whats your point on this…

    1. There’s several top universities that accept students without GRE, but they look at several factors. For instance, if your recommender have good credentials, have you accomplished anything that stands out from other applicants.

      Students applying to schools like SVU or NPU or other similar low profile degree mill kind of schools are not from high achieving backgrounds. That doesn’t mean they will not be high achievers in future, but based on scores and achievements, they are below average students.

      If you don’t have a lot to prove in the SOP, LOR, then you wouldn’t get admit in good universities.

  17. Thank you very much guys @Garnesh and @Srikanth. I wanna apply to those schools because my cgpa is just on the average and I heard Texan Universities are way cheaper and I was thinking I could get some kind of aid from this schools. Most of the other schools are asking for a minimum cgpa of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale but my cgpa is 2.4 on a 4.0 scale. What do you think I should do? Please any school ideas would be appreciated. Thanks.

  18. yes, i think he would be having a check on those schools too….after all he would get to know the whole profile, so he can judge easily…

  19. hello hsb…
    i got admission in national university,san diego,ca.
    is it good uni or not???

    pls help me in this….

    1. Hi Ananad
      Did you approach on National and did you get the visa?
      Please let me know as I will be approaching on it in a few days.

  20. Hello HSB Sir,
    Can u plz tell me whether I can take a paper based GRE test new pattern(not computer based) from India? Can subject GRE (physics) be also given in paper based mode? What are the disadvantages in giving the test this way?

  21. is gannon , lawrence technologyand national university (california) a black list university..???

  22. So is it going to effect the on visa approval, if a student apply through any consulting company.
    I think GRE is not the only ultimate solution for good universities to decide a students capabilities. I agree that minimum of 65%+ is must. But still, They must also consider a students latest academic records and their other achievements related to their present subject of interest, like presented paper at state or national level, participation in various conference of their field of subjects.

    In some cases students get admission in good Universities with scholarship based on their latest academic achievements. Which is not just an admission. It’s an encouragement for students to carry-on their research in their field of interest.

  23. I don’t know why people who have internet go to consultancies to apply to universities. Really, why ?

  24. Hello
    Thank u for starting this debate. I like it. The Univs mentioned here will help and guide new students. But I like to differ when you say tht low acads and low GRE score can land you into trouble with the visa officer. I wud like to mention that may affect the chances but still you can go around it and still get the F1 visa. Not everyone is born talented. Not everyone will score above 1300 in GRE. I can tell you my exmaple (in no way I am blowing my own horn). My B. Enggr acads were very bad (52%). It took me 7 yrs to complete my 4 yr Enggr course from Mumbai Univ. At one time I had 27 backlogs (from 1st sem to 8th sem…courtesy due to the ‘n’ ATKT rule in our time). I had applied to average to below average univs. My GRE score was below 1100. But still I manage to convince the visa officer. I think the real reason is the way I presented myself. You shld shw confidence (fake it even if u r nervous)….look at him/her in their eyes. You shld talk clearly and loud enough. (Being in US since last 5 years , I hv seen tht in US comm skills and confidence are of prime imp and will take you where u aim to be…. I am following this and its been a hit for me till now) .
    So guys…dont loose hope. Give ur best. (Really dont know that this reply belonged to this thread…but wht the heck…)

  25. So are you saying that below average students cannot get admission into the US? My GRE scores are 1450, TOEFL 112/120 and CGPA of 2.4/4.0. I’? applying to PVAMU, Texas State University, SHSU and University of Texas at Arlington and San Antonio. Are those any good schools?

    1. @Enigma1991.
      they are good shool for a student with less than 1100 score in GRE and with less than 80 in TOEFL. If you have applied yourself you are ignorant or if consultant applied for you then you have been cheated by the consultant.

    2. you get better schools than the those you have listed..
      A student with GRE 1000/ Toefl 80 acads 65+ will choose such..

      Better you review them once again and choose the right one…

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