TOEFL iBT – Noisy Prometric Test Center

TOEFL Experience by Vamsi.

I just want to share my TOEFL experience. I’ve taken TOEFL exam on 26th November. Till 26th morning I’m very confident enough about the scores and I never have second thoughts about my confidence levels.

I thought I can easily score 100 plus. Most of our friends strongly believe in luck factor in cases of GRE, TOEFL and Visa interviews.

I must say that luck is the only factor lacking in my case.

TOEFL Exam Day

On the exam day morning…….. I reached Prometric Testing Center by 9.30 and my exam is scheduled at 10:00 am.

By the time I reached test center I was shocked to see some 100 students gathered around few people who are calling names by checking in the paper list.

For 15 minutes I didn’t even understand what’s happening around. But later on slowly realized that administrators calling out names as per the registration lists they have.

There are 2 counters arranged but few students names are completely missing from all the lists at both counters. Then the fear factor in me alarmed and I started running to both the counters checked twice in all the lists in heavy competition (with students who all are missing their names) and the time was already 11:00 am.

Slowly one person came out of 2nd floor of the testing center and starting calling names of the missing candidates. Some how my name was announced by 11:15 am.

TOEFL  Reading Section – Crazy Sound

I started with my dream exam by 11.30 am. Done well with the reading section and started off with listening section.

Suddenly got deviated by hearing a heavy (LOUD) voice. One student (girl) who’s taking exam with me in the same room sitting behind me started screaming ( I guess she’s giving listening section answers).

Everybody started staring at her in the room and few students smiled at her. Somehow managed to finish with the listening section. But when I started Speaking section I was totally lost my focus due to the LOUD, BOLD and HEAVY voice of her (who’s sitting behind me).

She’s really crazy and she started shouting the speaking section answers and I tried to concentrate but due to heavy noise I lost completely.

Tried to complain about the situation to the invigilators but lost so much of time there.

My frustration also influenced the next (writing) section and stepped out of exam center very soon leaving the exam center with lot of frustration. I thought of giving her a tight slap but just controlled my nerve.

Because even she must be in exam tension. Not only myself but many students lost their focus and time because this immature student.

So friends I would like to request everyone not to panic at the exam centers. Because it affects not only your performance but it may also affect other performance and some times you may face embarrassing situations like someone coming to you pointing on your behavior.

Stay calm and relaxed on the exam day. The pattern of exam is very simple and all you need is little concentration and little luck :-)

Hope my experience will make someone think in a better way……


ETS should address this problem of having test takers site next to each other and have a speaking section.

You are not the first person to complain about TOEFL  and disturbances while nearby test takers are answering Speaking questions.

After you complained about her, what happened? Did the test center staff take action?