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Warning: Use These 4 TOEFL iBT Strategies at Your Own Risk

Happy schools blog has been my helping hand always in my preps of TOEFL

First a bit of me. I want to pursue MS in Aerospace engg for Fall 2012. I gave my GRE on 24th Sept 2010. I scored low in it (1100, V-420, Q-680, AWA-3), so the pressure of performing well in the TOEFL was on me each and every moment. One of my friends helped me a lot to prepare. He is in SJSU right now.

I registered for the TOEFL on 5 May 2011. My test date was 14 Aug 2011 in VIT, Pune. My TOEFL test timing was 10:00 am.

My TOEFL iBT Strategies

I reached at the center at 8:30am. Filled the form and waited for my turn. I was called in the testing room at 9:30am itself. I was second person to enter the room so my test started soon. Please reach the test center early so that you can get a seat early (it will be helpful for you later in the test). So my test began at 9:35am.

Reading Section

  • First the reading section it was short so I did not have the experimental section. It went quiet well. Was hoping for 28.

Listening Section

  • Then came listening section. I knew that it would be a long one as the reading section was short. First part of this section, started to take notes and my pencil’s lead broke. So my concentration was lost.

Broken Pencil Tragedy

I was given only 1 pencil, so raised my hand and to my surprise no examiner was in the room. He came almost after half an hour. So had to go on with the same broken pencil. So I recommend you to request for at least 3 pencils prior to test to avoid a goof up like mine (try to get Natraj as its lead is quite hard and avoid Camlin Exam pencil).

Rest of the section was fine but did not expect much from this section due to the “pencil tragedy” 😉

Had a break of 10 min went out had water. Came back still 4 min left. Asked for more pencils and rough papers.

Speaking Section

  • Speaking section began. As I started earlier than others there was pin drop silence in the room. Some say that getting a seat late is better than getting t earlier as you can hear the questions , but i say that get it earlier as it would give you quality time to listen and speak.
  • Hold your microphone near to your mouth. I think i dint to the same and my score was reduced.

Writing Section

  • At last the writing section. First was the response based on reading passage and lecture. It was regarding CFLs.
  • I encountered that we have a lot of data to write but the word count exceed to that of prescribed (115-225). Mine was 304. More than double the lower limit.
  •  So keep an eye on your word count too. The next was opinion. It was fine.
  • Expected 25 from this section.
  • Again keep your writing material ready for the section :P.


Today i got my results. A total of 95.

  • 25 in reading
  • 24 in listening and speaking
  • 22 in writing.

I don’t think that this is an excellent score but I would recommend the following

  1. Solve as many test papers as possible.
  2. I referred Barron’s and Kaplan for studying
  3. Take practice tests from downloaded software ( got many from the friend I mentioned in the beginning.)
  4. Please reach the test center early so that you can get a seat early (it will be helpful for you later in the test).

I just want to say that the TOEFL is a very easy test give your best and you will get the best.

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  1. Believe me you don’t need any strategies for TOEFL. I just practiced the ETS practice test once the night before(at 12 in the night) and took the test next day 9:00 am. I got 112 (28 in all four sections.)
    and I am no genius… I studied in Bengali Medium school in whole my life only studied engineering in English. guys just chill.. nothing gonna happen.

  2. hello, i want to know, whether the TOEFL iBT test is held only in the latter half years?
    I want to take the TOEFL test anything, but if possible, held in the early years, could you recommend other tests?

  3. Hello! Thanks for the article! Guys can you help me! I wanna study in USA, but i need to find a scolorship! Can you give me a hand in finding universities which give 100% scholorships?

  4. i wrote toefl on aug, 14..
    but my speaking is less.. i am concerned.. shall i give it agn?
    speaking- 24 🙁
    reading- 29
    listening- 27
    writing- 28

  5. i wrote GRE on JAN 13 2011 and secured 1200(q700+v500).i got placed in infosys and my wellwishers suggested me to have infosys experience and later apply for MS program in US . so suggest me whether this experience plays a role in job search after masters and when it would be wise for applying like (after 1 year ,2 year , 3 year……. as GRE score is valid for 5 years). please help me in this regard…

    1. @14cc169197737133fea399f3e17e7043:disqus: you should definitely join in Infosys rather than pursuing ur M.S in USA right now as u can gain valuable  experience. Moreover if you work 4 – 5 years continously in Infosys they will file a H-1 for you and ucan directly enter USA on H1 rather than completing ur MS here struggling hard for M.S, part time jobs, searching for jobs also.
      It would be a wise option to get a valuable experience in Infosys.

      F-1 visa is just an option to enter in to USA tht’s all.

      If ur B.Tech is in cse then if u are pursuing ur MS in CS then 95% courses will be same as in ur engineering level. so why unnecessary spend tht much money in getting ur M.S.

      Just think wisely before u take any step.

      My friends got  job in Infosys in 2006 & thy joined i choose US to pursue my MS.
      Every body enetered to US on H1 before i get H1 & all of them are settled in safe more than me.

  6. This is going to be a very helpful for those who think that  reaching late  at the TOEFL exam center will be helpful and think  that  they will be able to listen the speaking topics. By reading this post, they can reconsider about their strategy.  This strategy might work in the speaking section. But, they will find difficulties in listening section.

                Best of luck, dude. you scored good. I hope,  you will be able to get admission in your choice ‘s University.

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