Top Aerospace Engineering Universities in USA

Question: Can you give me a list of universities for aeronautical engineering in the USA? I will be applying for the next Fall semester.

Here’s a list of the top aeronautical and aerospace engineering universities in the U.S. that offer bachelor’s, master’s (M.S.) and PhD programs.

You can also find specializations within aeronautical programs at end of the article.

Top Aeronautical and Aerospace Engineering Universities

  1. California Institute of Technology
  2. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  3. Stanford University
  4. University of Michigan — Ann Arbor
  5. Georgia Institute of Technology
  6. Embry—Riddle Aeronautical University — Florida
  7. United States Air Force Academy — Colorado
  8. Embry—Riddle Aeronautical University — Arizona
  9. United States Naval Academy — Maryland
  10. Cal Poly — San Luis Obispo, California

List of Aeronautical Schools

If you don’t have a good profile to get into the top schools in aeronautical / aerospace engineering, you can consider the following schools:

  1. North Carolina State University
  2. Everglades University (aviation science)
  3. University of Michigan (aerospace engineering)
  4. Purdue University (aviation management)
  5. Florida Institute Of Technology (aeronautics)
  6. Illinois Institute Of Technology (mechanical and aerospace engineering0

There are many more schools in the U.S. that offer master’s degrees (M.S.) in aerospace and aeronautical engineering with major in aerodynamics or computational fluid dynamics, finite element analysis and many other majors.

So please check those schools and see which one best fits your needs.

About Embry—Riddle Aeronautical University

At Embry—Riddle Aeronautical University, what we do — and do best — is teach the science, practice, and business of the world of aviation and aerospace.

Since it was founded just 22 years after the Wright Brothers’ first flight, the University and its graduates have built an enviable record of achievement in every aspect of aviation and aerospace.

The curriculum at Embry—Riddle covers the operation, engineering, research, manufacturing, marketing, and management of modern aircraft and the systems that support them.


  • Aeronautics
  • Aerospace engineering
  • Aviation science
  • Business administration
  • Human factors and systems
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Safety science
  • Software engineering
  • Business administration in aviation management
  • Electrical and computer engineering
  • Engineering physics
  • Unmanned and autonomous systems engineering.

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  1. can i do my masters in aerospace with a under graduation in industriall engineering?

    1. Yes, I know some electrical engineers who did MS in Aerospace. You can email the grad school coordinators and they will tell you whether you can or cannot and also what undergrad coursework you may have to take to fulfill the requirements. Unlike Indian colleges, US universities have their own set of rules and regulations. So every school will have a different story.

      But please speak to people who have done MS in aerospace before you come here for MS in aerospace. I don’t know if aerospace has good scope relative to mech. Generally after a long struggle MS in aero people either change streams or become control enggs.

    2. In many Univs mech and serospace departments are integrated due to lack of funding. It happened in my university.


  3. Sir,I have got an admit from Embry riddle Aeronautical university for MS in Aerospace engineering.
    How is the college in terms of 1)Education 2) Jobs 3) Cost of education.
    please help!!

    Thanks in advance

  4. hi…

    i am from india..i completed my BE (Aeronautical Engg)..i would like to do MS in a reputed University in US but some says that International students are not recruited in US companies. is that true?

  5. It is possible for anyone in the world to pursue any kind of education in the US. But international students are not sponsored for a job (work permit) by any aerospace companies in the US because of security issues. If you can find yourself an American wife then you can become an astronaut too!

  6. Hello
    My name is Hanna…i want to continue my studying in USA…i’m from Ukraine,my major is Air Traffic Control.Recommend please me an university which is specialized on this=)

  7. Hi Sir,
    I am very much interested in aeronautical engineering and recently i am doing my B.E from UNIVERSAL COLLEGE,GANDHINAGAR in MECHANICAL STREAM.Please suggest me one of the finest college of U.S.Recently i m in third year.

  8. hi sir,
    i am finished BE aeronautical engineering in india and i look forward to high studies in united states, please suggest any universities

  9. sir i m pursuing my BE aeronautical from aeronautical society of india n m very much interested in pursuing M.Tech from abroad may it be US or UK(whichever is the best).since i lack knowledge in universities abroad i ask for ur help to guide me.n vt all exams do i have to prepare for to get admission into one of those colleges.it would be of tremendous help if u guide me n reply me soon.awating ur reply.

    1. Hi Rajeev,

      What year are you in and where exactly are you doing your BE from (Which University / College)?

  10. Sir,
    AM a B-Tech Mechanical Engineering student from India . I will be completing my B-tech course on april-2013. Simultaneously i am also preparing for GRE . I have enormous interest in the aerodynamics and design field of the Aero Industry. I want to enter into a University that has got good scope in this fields so that i could increase my knowledge and work for the Aero Industry . Can u plz suggest me few good Universities .

    Shishir Lath,
    6th Sem, Mech Engg,

  11. Am Ebuka obiukwu from eastern nigeria.am fully subjected to be a professional aeronaut.that is where i have focusing my dream.please advise me on copulsory steps to take and encouragement thanks

  12. Am Ebuka obiukwu from eastern nigeria.am fully subjected to be a professional aeronaut.that i where i have focusing my dream.please advise me on copulsory steps to take and encouragement thanks

  13. Sir,I have done BSc Computer Science from India and want to pursue an MS in aeronautical engineering in US.Can you please tell me the requirement and fees of the mentioned course.Also,suggest me courses related to the same field.

  14. Good day sir, am presently in my final year studying mechanical engineering in the federal university of technology akure, nigeria and would round up by july 2012. Sir, i would want to futher my education to masters level in aeronautic engineering in the united state but need to know the requirements, eligibility and if there is any scholarship available now or soonest. Thanks for yor help sir.

  15. Good day sir, am presently in my final year studying mechanical engineering in the federal university of technology akure, nigeria and would round up by july 2012. Sir, i would want to futher my education to masters level in aeronautic engineering in the united state but need to know the requirements, eligibility need and if there is any scholarship available now or soonest. Thanks for yor help sir.

  16. Gud day sir, i’ve obtain an OND mechanical engineering,an HND in Power & Plant eng’g and wuld soon finish a B Sc in mechanical eng’g by 2012.Pls sir,i want to study Aeronautic & aerospace eng’g at B Sc level in the US.Pls advice me on hw to go about it.

  17. Hellow sir,please tell me the cost of MS in aerospace engg to study in USA because i am in B.TECH arerospace engg and i am very much intersting USA for MS in my course.

  18. Are International Students getting placed in Aerospace companies after completion of MS in Aerospace Engineering?

    Is a Masters in Space Systems under Dept of Aerospace Engineering from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo worth the money spent ?

    Are International Students getting jobs on Campus?

    Are International Students getting internships in Aerospace companies or do they require either a Green Card or a Citizenship to pursue an internship or a job?

    How good is San Luis Obispo for internships and jobs in Aerospace field. Are there many companies in and around San Luis Obispo?

    I have heard that only companies very close to the university will hire the students passing out from the university – is this true?

    I have also heard that jobs after MS in Aerospace engineering especially in Aerospace companies is given only to the US citizens or to those who hold a Green Card – is this true?

    What are the chances of getting a visa for pursuing MS in aerospace engineering for international students?

  19. i am a student of 11th science stream in india i hve an immigration file done by my grand parents in december 2004…. so when i come over there after finishing 12th std. can i directly get admission in university in u.s…??

  20. i would be comlpeting my 12th this year. And i would like to pursue a career in aerospace engg. In usa on the basis of SAT so as to get a nearly full scholarship. It would be a great help by letting me know the colleges favourable for me to complete my b.e

  21. hi,i’m from iran. i just finished my high school and i would like to know how can study aerospace in USA .Please help me, and guide me how can do that because i love study aerospace but iran has not good technology of that.tank u for ur help….plz send me the way.

  22. sir….i m a 3rd year electronics and telecom engg student….. i am interested in doing MS in aerospace management….can you please guide me…

  23. am in Eritrea.am almost 4th year complete in aeronautical engineering in ma country.i like to continue my studies there in america.would you suggest me p/s

  24. sir,

    im a indian right now appearing for 12th.i wanna know is giving CET necessary when i hav planned of appearing SAT.Also i want to know d email id of embry riddle,Florida.

  25. gd day sir, i'm a nigerian student in 11th grade and i would like to study aeronautic engineering in USA after my 12th grade. I would like to know the exams i need to write so i could obtain either a full or part-time scholarship. I'm quite good academically and i want to start preparing ahead of time so i wouldn't miss the golden opportunity. Thankx in anticipation sir.

  26. i am in 2nd year engg ; i want to study ms in Aerospace Engineering from US or UK please suggest.

  27. Hi.I from Iran and studying aerospace engenieering in Iran too.I would like to know how can countinue it inUSA.Please help me and show me a prefect way.Thanks

  28. I am from Nepal.I have a dream to become a aerospace engenieer.But how sad this course isnt avilable in our country.I have planned to come U.S for this course.I have my uncle in Dallas.He also wants me to come over there.What should i do now.Can this website show me the perfect way.

    1. Who told you that we dont have aerospace engineering in india??????
      I am graduating next year in aerospace engineering only. I am from hyderabad. There are about 17 collages offering aeronautical engineering in my city itself. There are about 74 collages in india which offer aerospace engineering out of which 53 collages are from south india.
      If you have the talent, the best place to do is IIT kharakpur and IIT kanpur.
      If you have any more doubts, you can contact me

  29. Hi, hmm

    I've just finished my High school level in Mauritius and would like to enter the undergraduate course of Aerospace Engineering in USA.

    Would SAT exams be required?

    If yes, what are the minimum scores to enter the best ranked universities in USA?

    And since i've got financial problem, what are the scores in both SAT and SAT subject tests to obtain full scholarships?

    Could i get a list of ranked universities offering the course of Aerospace Engineering at Beng and Meng levels?

    Also are the job prospects in USA assuring for Non Resident of USA?

  30. sir, im studying 3rd year btech aerospace engineering under IGNOU university i.e indira gandhi national open unversity regular face to face mode course.i want to do m.s in u.s.a and i had a financial problem plz help me by sending the detail how to study m.s without financial problem……..

  31. sir, i am a secondary school graduate that want to study aeronautics. can you help me send the application form?

  32. Sie , sorry I need register in aerospace can you send form in my email . I'm in Malaysia now and I need regesterpaper for embassy . Thanq so mach

  33. Sir, I'm now doing my 10 stdin India .And want to do my studies after 12th in America in the field of Aeronautical Engineering. I can't afford the pay , i want to know if there are any source of getting financial aid, scholourships of the universities? If so then how will i come to know about that

  34. What about Wichita State University, Kansas ? Is it a good university to pursue a bachelors degree in Aeronautical Engineering ?

    1. sir,i just complete my B.E(BACHLOR OF ENGINEERING)FROM INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY.&now iam looking for m.s degree in aerospace engineering…so i just want to know is it possible…

  35. Sir,I just finished my senior secondary school in Nigeria and i am willing to study aeronautical engineering in theUSA but i dont know how to go abuot it please guild me

    1. Sir,I am about to finish my senior secondary school in Nigeria and I want to study aeronautical engineering in the USA on scholarship…pls tell me the requirements. Thanks Sir.

  36. sir im studying B.E (instrumentation and control)… i wish to become a pillot… does my course is sufficient enough to become a pillot.. i hav 86% in academics… if not.. wat r the minimum requirements… pls do tell me sir

  37. Sir, i want to study aeronautics in an american university , but i can not affored to pay for the tuition fees, is there any sources of finantial aid, scholarships for the undergraduate level!!

    1. hello sam! i want the same but i want MIT way more complicated,, now im a junior and through all this time i have been looking at scholarships web pages, you should do the same,, they are alot of schorlaships wasted in the us and in the whole world… but its more difficult for us because we are not US citizent.. i can help you with some information i have gotten, reply!

  38. Sir, i am just doing my BE aeronautical engineering .I want to become an astronaut.After finishing my BE , I want to do my ME AERONAUTICAL in USA.I do know how to get application from the college.I do know anything about higher studies inUSA. Guide me and give instructions about that sir.

  39. Am doing Bachelor's in Mechanical………….i would like to pursue my Master's in

    Aerospace suggest me some good Universities………..please!!!!

  40. To all that are wanting to become Aerospace Engineers. Even though those are great school I would like to inform you of another school. This is the University of Alabama in Huntsville. I finished my undergraduate in AE and am working on my masters at UAH. You could not ask for a better place because you have NASA and the Redstone Arsenal right here. A lot of students are able to work out there and go to school. There are very few universities that can say that they have NASA right across the street. We work closely with NASA on a lot of projects that have won numerous awards. Students have the opportunity to work in the labs with the instructions if they wish. The best part is that you are not just a number to the instructors they want to get to know you. Good luck in your selections.

    1. hello Margaret,, let me tell u that i admire youuu for what ud studiedd ,, i want to study AEE too in the US, but universities are way expensive for my parents,, im from colombia and in any information you can help me please write back

    2. Thanx for your insight regarding University of Alabama in Huntsville.
      But do you know on average how the students are placed after completion of their masters on Aerospace Engg.

  41. sir,

    i'm now doing my 12 standard and i want to get into any good aeronautical engeneering college in usa.so please can u provide me the list of colleges and fee particularsand the requirements.and even the dead line for applying.sir please reply me fast.plz sir.

  42. hii,
    i want to do MBA in Aviation management in USA.. i just completed my b-tech Computer science this year.. Does “Aviation Management” course in US is equal to MBA degree…? plz clarify my doubt
    and what are reasonable institutes in USA bcoz i cant effort too much..
    what is the future of aviation management…
    do reply me….

  43. hi sir,

    i just completed my 6th sem BE exams, m a student of electronics n communication engineering. m having an academic aggregate of 78%. i'll be giving GRE test in 2nd week of august. n working as an astronaut in NASA is my dream. could u plz guide me wat path to take. in which universities i may get admission if i have a gre score of around 1300? is it too late to give d test in aug if m looking for fall intake??

  44. Helloo sir, well its quite late but thanks for putting up this list on the website… one more thing can u please also put the list of top colleges/universities of aerospace in UK / Europe so that GRE candidates like me can have larger options to choose from.

  45. respected sir,
    i am student of 12th standard having non medical stream in india i am interested in becoming an aeronautical engineer please send all the details regarding aeronautical engineering and packages in U.S.A
    thanking you
    karan sharma

  46. Goodday Sir,
    I’m currently in 200level at Delta State University,Nigeria in Physics dept. My dream is to be an Aeronaut engr. But the challenge now is how to get scholarship or fund from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University,Florida and i will pay back by instalments after i’ve gained admission and at thesame time working. Thank you.

  47. Sir,I am studying at grade 12 in Nepal and i wanna be an aeronautical engineer.I have done IELTS and planning to do SAT.I am good at math and physics too but i cant spend much money for my studies so how can i get scholarship on your college,Is there any criteria for that????????

    1. Sir,i will suddenly write my SAT under the USA mart.I want to study aeronautical engineering in the USA aeronautical engineering university. Please, i want to register science subjects and USA history;but do think USA history is compulsory for me? My advisor also said that one writing mathematics 1,can not write mathematics 2.Please,advice me and also enlighten me about everything in writing SAT in order to make it eexcellent by God's grace. Thanks.

  48. sir,
    i want to be an astronaut and im doing engineering in aeronautical can you please suggest what are the qulification to be an astronaut .

    1. scoring good marks just will not help you, you need to have external qualifications, participation and communication skills may increase your chances to get in to hi- fi universities like Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, Florida, and finally scope to get in to universities offering astronautical engineering. All the best!

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