12 Universities for IELTS Score 5.5 [ TOEFL 46 to 59]

Looking for Universities in U.S. that accepted IELTS Score 5.5 and above for U.S.A.? Here is a list of 12 universities that will accept an IELTS score of 5.5 and above.

But, before we look at the watch this short video that explains the following

  • The English proficiency requirements
  • Minimum IELTS (or TOEFL) score Requirements
  • Options for Low IELTS Scores
  • Apply for Universities or ReTake the Test?

Universities listed below are a generic list and it may not offer the programs you are looking for, but gives you an idea of what to expect during the admission process.

You can also find the corresponding TOEFL scores (Internet-based, computer- and paper-based tests).

Yesterday, we published the post, 15 Universities for IELTS Score 6.5 and above.

Universities – IELTS Score 5.5

  1. University of Missouri (TOEFL 61)
  2. Ohio University (TOEFL 61) Conditional Admission
  3. North Dakota State University (TOEFL 71/525)
  4. The University of Texas-Pan American (TOEFL 61; Paper 500)
  5. Central Michigan University (Conditional admission – TOEFL iBT 61 to 78; PBT 500 to 549)
  6. The University of Louisiana at Monroe
  7. Southern New Hampshire University (TOEFL iBT 71; PBT 530)
  8. New Mexico State University (197 CBT; 71 iBT; 530 PBT)
  9. Kent State University (TOEFL score 525, 197, or 71; MELAB – 77 or IELTS score of 5.5)
  10. Murray State University
  11. Washington State University
  12. Oklahoma City University

TOEFL to IELTS Score Conversion Table

toefl to ielts score table


As you can see in the first part of the above TOEFL to IELTS table, your score range is 46 to 59 in TOEFL.

  • Decide if you want to retake the test or apply for Bridge program in better universities.

If you decide to retake the IELTS test, then make sure you are really putting in the required effort to improve your English Language skills.

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    1. I have got 5.5 overall band
      reading 4.5
      Writing 6
      Listening 6
      Speaking 5.5 can i aplly for USA with ielts for BHM

  1. As I scored 5.5 overall IELTS
    Can I apply for under graduation program for any US university
    Please help with these

    1. I got 5.5 bands in ielts
      Reading =5
      Listening =6.0
      I got 110 in Duolingo English Test
      send list university or collage accept. 5.5 band for master program MS/MBA…

  2. I got 5.5 bands in IELTS
    Reading =6
    Listening =5.5
    send list university accept 5.5 band for master program MS

  3. I got 5.5 bands in ielts
    Reading =5
    Listening =6.0
    send list university or collage accept. 5.5 band for master program MS/MBA…

  4. Hai I am applying for USA for MBA course I have got 5.5 which university is best 1 . Can you suggest me .

    1. Hello, I am Imourana Balde, I got score 60 TOEFL ibt, is it possible to get a University in the US, with that score.

    1. I got 5.5 in IELTS . where can I find admission? Please help me to find a master degree in USA .

  5. Hi, I am from Ethiopia,I have completed my first degree in I want to get admission in the United States in health related departments.i want to take toefl test and help me by searching minimum toefl score acceptor universities and how I can apply? Thanks so much.

  6. i got 5.5 band overall in ielts and 58% marks in +2 with medical stream in 2016 i can got study visa of USA university

  7. Hello, I iam international student and i would like to study in usa,i have ielts 6. I want to do masters in architecture so it is possible to get admission in USA

  8. hello sir , I got overall 6 band in ielts and in 2 module I got 5.5
    Writing :5.5
    Specking : 6
    Reading :6
    can I apply for USA????

  9. Hello,
    I got 5.5 band in ielts and apply for MIT in Australia.
    But my visa rejected by Australian government and he sad i shall not back after my master corse and rejected my student visa. Can i reapply for same country(Australian)?and can i chnage SOP when i apply second time or not?
    What to do after my visa rejection?

  10. Hi,
    I got 5.5 in IELTS, I completed my graduation in 2014 and been working since since then till now.
    Can I get admission for Masters of Computer Science in any university in Dallas??

  11. I got Overall band score 6.5 in Ilets..
    Shall i get admission in US Universities after my +2??

  12. hi there i have got 5.5 in eilts ,i want to have a bachelor degree in education . is that possible from canada?

  13. Hiii
    I have got each 5.5 band in ielts 6 in listening
    Can i get a visa of USA country
    I have completed +2 in 2014 with 73% and done 2 year diploma in 2016 with 72%

  14. hi
    i have completed in 2013 and got ielts score of 5.5 .
    Is there any college where can i get admission inUS.

  15. Helllo
    I am Mursal Ehsan form Afghanistan
    I have 61 score from TOEFL IBT, and I want to study my bachelor in USA.
    Can you please exactly tell me the name of those university that requires such score.

  16. Hiii sir/madam recently I wrote ielts exam, my overall band 5.5
    May I eligible to study in USA with this band.

  17. Hello sir….I have scored overall 6 in Ielts but 5 in wring and 6.5 in other 3 modules.I have also 7 years gaps after completion of my Intermediate level.Is it applicable for me to apply in any Universities of USA?


  19. Respected sir,
    I would like to join masters in Business IT in USA.But due to the low ielts score I couldn’t.please suggest me kindly what can I do for it.I completed my bachelor of engineering from VTU in Bangalore with 58% and my ielts score is,
    Due to the low score in speaking,I failed to please help me.

  20. Hello ,
    I got overall 5.5 in ielts test.please i need a university to embrace in USA or Australia. I want to study hotel management . so please respond

  21. Hello Sir,I scored overall 5.5 in Ielts and I have got 5 years gap after intermediate level.But I’ve job experience of gaping peiod.Now,I was to start my Bachelor level in Business faculty again.So…Can I get Visa to USA??

  22. i hve done my graduation in nsging recently n i got overall 5.5 band in ielts ….can i eligible for USA….

  23. Hello,
    I got an overall score of 6.0 in the IELTS test.Please I need a university to embrace in the UK or Canada. I want to study computer engeening.Please lead me to the river.Thanks.
    Speaking 6.5
    Listening 6.0
    Writing 5.5
    Reading 5.0

  24. Your Comment *hi i m raj
    i got overall 6 band in ielts .
    I want to take admission for fashion designing in USA.
    Can i get admission?
    I alredy done my B.A and b.ed.I have 3 year experience in teaching .

  25. hi….i am pratik
    i got over all 6 band in ielts exam.
    L- 6.5
    R- 5.5
    i had completed my B.B.A. with 55% in 2014.
    Will i get a admission in good university in USA?

  26. Hey i am yonas okubaghebriel
    I get ielts result 5.5
    S=6 W=6 L=5 R=5
    can I apply for the university in USA

  27. Hi I got 5.5 bands L6 R6 W5.5 S5 ..can I get take admission in usa college or university pls suggest me sir…. m very thankful to u

  28. I got 5.5 overall bands. And i want to study Canada or Australia. Si is there have any chance to appy for these countries, and also prefer me some good universities which accepts Ielts 5.5 band. Thankyou

  29. Hi…I’m Gita
    I got overall 5.5 bands in ielts
    Can I apply for USA universities with this score.

  30. Hi this is anusha I got 5.5 in ielts and gre 273 s-6 L -6 w-5.5 r-5 and I passed with 10th 71 inter with 76 and graduation with 71 in computer science engineering which university do you suggest to me for USA

  31. I m an international as well as post graduate student….. My Toefl ibt score is 67….. I want to enroll for the business certificate programs…suggest me the universities in california

  32. Hii I have 5.5 overall after undergraduate I passed my 12with78% nd 60% above each subject can I apply for canada in any university

  33. Hii I have 5.5 overall nd I passed 12th with 78% nd 60% above each subject with arts stream in 2016 can I apply for any university ?????

  34. I got overall score 5.5. Listening. 6 , reading 5 , writing 6, speaking 5.5 GRE score 280. I completed my bachelors in civil engineering. Can my score get accepted to USA universities . Can I change my subject other than this like fashion designing

  35. I have done my bsc nursing this year and my band score overall 5.5
    Listening 6
    Reading 5.5
    Speaking 5.5
    Writing 5.5
    Can i apply for master in USA university

  36. What if TOEFL score is just below required cutoff?
    Like I got 76 overall can I get admit to universities which requires 79-80

  37. I got overall score 5.5
    Reading 6
    Speaking 6
    Listening 5.5
    Writing 5
    Can I get n admission for masters
    I completed my bachelor’s in bachelor’s of business administration

  38. Hi, I am Holu,
    I got 6.0 overall band. L 4.5 R 5.5 W 6.5 and S 6.5. I will appreciate the checklist of universities that can accept the above score in USA, and Canada

  39. I got overall 5.5 listening-5 ,reading-4.5, writing 5.5, speaking 6… is there any university that accept me.. plz reply its urgent ??

  40. Hey
    I got overall 5.5 band
    Speaking 5.5
    Listening 6
    Reading 5.5
    Writing 5.5
    I want to study in Canada,can I get admission

  41. hello friende its me prabesh form nepal and i got 61 which university is preferable for me

  42. I got 5.5 overall in ielts..and each band is 5 having acedemic 70 percent
    Is there any college or university for admission in Australia..

  43. I got 61 in TOEFL and 1050 in sat. Can you please send me universities name that will surely accept me???

  44. Hello friends this is urvesh I am also planning to apply for usa in Feb intake so who got low band score and who have low academic for those I have one solution we should make one group when we can gether some information about collages and decide what do we need to do in further

  45. Hello sir/madam,
    I score 5.5 in reading,5.5 in speaking,5 in writing and 5 in listening, in ielts test. I just finished my bachelor in B.Sc. Horticulture with 82% overall. I want to do master in USA ,is it possible or not? If it is possible please send me checklist on my email

  46. Hey friends
    I am vishal i got 5.5 in ielts and no less then 5.5 in l/r/w and got 5 in speaking any chances to get visa for usa.?

    If u have any idea text me on whatsapp +91 9033015943

  47. Hello friends!
    i got 5.5 bands no less than in each than 5,and i am undergraduated student is there any university for me?please can i get the admission?

  48. Hi Dear Sir/Mam,

    I got 5.5 Bands in IELTS.
    Reading – 5.0
    Writing – 5.5
    Listening – 5.5
    Speaking – 6.5

    I did 12th with 60%. I want to study in Canada, can I get admission.


  49. Hello,
    I got overall 6 bands
    I got 70%in 12th!
    I want to study in Canada, can I get the admission?

  50. Iam Pranathi. I have got 6 in ielts. L-7, S-6, W-6.5, R-6. Please send me a list of universities in usa which accept this score for full admission as soon as possible.

  51. sir, i have 6.0 bands in IELTS test and i have 3.06 CGPA in Bs Statistics. please suugest me those universities who accept this criteria in USA and i want to take admission in the same field or relevant field.

  52. I had scored 5.5 bands in ielts
    overall 5.5 bands
    recently I have done diploma in mechanical engineering with 68 % and in class 10 I scored 6.8CGPA .. Is it possible to take admission in college in Canada or new Zealand ?????

  53. hi I had completed the ielts course recently and I got 6:5 in ielts exam so I wanna study abroad in United States of America how can I apply to complete my graduation

  54. Hi, I’ve completed my bachelor degree in Marketing in 2013 3.8 of 5
    Also I’ve worked almost 7 years in petrochemicals company and I got 5.5 in the Ielts.
    please kindly send me names of universities where can I apply for Master of Hospitality and tourism.
    Your sincerely,

  55. I have got 6 band in ielts and for master’s in aistralia…can u plzz send me the list of universities which accept this score..

  56. Hi this is sharon i got 6 in ielts l-5.5 r-5.5 w-6 s-6.5. Will i get admission in a good university? can you send me the list of universities that i can apply?

  57. I got 5.5 overall
    I am eligible for canada study visa … i got 75% marks in arts stream … i have done my sen. sec in. 2014 …

    1. I got overall 5.5 bands
      I got 72%in commerce Street. ..I have done my sen Sec in 2017. I have 1 year diploma for computer course..
      Can u suggest me which country I can apply visa for my higher education.

  58. I have been completed my bachelor degree in Accounting in Eritrea in 2014 and I scored IELTS 5.5 recently.Now, I need to send me list of universities that gives full scholarship .Thanks for your support and I really to listen your feedback.

  59. Hi,I wrote the ielts I got 5.5 band and am looking for a university in Canada which accept this grade and I want to pursue pediatrician doctor so kindly me please.

  60. i have completed my bachelor degree in 2013 in 49.64% and my ielts score is 6 in overall plz list me the college where can i apply

  61. I have 5.5 band for the TOEFL test.please want to Kno if I can have universities in the u.s that offer MBA speciality entrepreneur

  62. I had 5 as band score in IELTS please can i have some universities which could accepte me with this score in postgraduate programs? Thanks

  63. Please Send me List of universities for master program ,around the European countries which accept IELTS score of 5.5 bands.

  64. Hello Friends !
    I got 5 bands no less in each then 5 .
    is there any University for Admission in USA ?

  65. I Have been writing this ielts for more than 4 times now! I score 5.5 each time I seat for it pls send me any good university that can accept my score if possible, I will highly appreciate it. Thanks

  66. I have done msc it nd i got 6 band in r 7 ;w 6; l 6 and in speaking 5 can i take admishion in usa in any universities .universities accepting my ielts score of 6

  67. Send me the list of university in usa accepting ielts score 5.5 n i have completed my graduation in

  68. Hello! My question is that if i get some scores in the IELTS for ex. 5.5 _6.5 could i apply to U.S.A university in Manager speciality? Thanks for answer!

  69. I got 5.5 in ielts i want to do masters in agriculture can i get admission in university of USA.plz let me know.

  70. Hello! I had band score of 5.5 in ielts.Please can anyone suggest me some good colleges in Canada,Brampton which accepts the above band score.Do suggest me.I would be so greatful to you all.Thank you! Stay happy all?

  71. I completed my BSc in hotel management and catering science from Iihm, Kolkata. Want to do my masters from a reputed college. I scored 6 over all and 5 in reading in elts but have did my full studies from an English medium school and colleges. Please let me know if I am eligible to apply for my Masters. Thank you

  72. Though i got 5.5 in ielts can i or i cannot apply for usa to study a cyber crime or cyber law study..please sir do let me know..And can u suggest the university too
    Thanking you

  73. I want a good university ( not a blacklisted university) for my gre score 285 and ielts 5.5 and i dont want conditional admission. suggest some colleges. Branch must be computer science in masters.

  74. I am Sunita. And i got 5 in ielts. And i want to go USA to do master in hotel management is there any university so that i can do process..

  75. I get 5.5 band in IELTS..can i apply in graduation course for business related educationand how cost should be done there..?

  76. i hve 9 years gap nd i hve no any work experience. bt i want to apply for us visa.can i eligible for these? nd what should I do? ?

  77. i completed my senior seconday in medical stream with 73% marks and i got 5.5 overall bands in ielts . Which college and univesity will be best for me? L 5.0 R 5.5 W 5.5 S 5.5

  78. Hello I got IELTS with 6 score would you please introduce some university in Architecture
    Im graduated student
    W 6
    S 6.5
    R 5.5
    L 5

  79. I’m Khushbu Mistry
    I got 5.5 in Ielts
    Which university is best for me in USA for MBA course..?
    Please help me..!!

  80. I got overall 6 band in ielts.
    L:- 6
    R:- 7
    S:- 6.5
    W:- 5
    Can i apply to any USA and Canada University for Post-Graduate Diploma in Finance?

  81. hi
    I have got 5/5 in the ielts exem , as well as , i have 7 years work exprience .
    where and which university i can apply for financial engneering or accounting .

  82. Helloo,i got overall band 5.5 in IELTS.
    I have completed BCA in 2014 and i planning to study abroad for Master cours in ( Canada,US and Australia ).could you please guide me in which university i can apply…

  83. Hi, i got ilets score of 6 and I have three years of a bachelor. I wanted to apply for master in USA which meets my requirements. please suggest me universities. thank you

  84. I m harpreet and recently I have done my senior secondary education in science stream and I got overall 5.5 and
    Listening 6.0
    Reading 5.0
    Writing 5.0
    Speaking 5.0
    Which university can give me admission easily plz tell me

    1. There are many universities. Feel free to contact me! I have a lot of experience with assisting students in applying.

    2. Hello i also have 5.5 nd
      S=5 mainu v dsdeo plz j kito da apply hunda hoyeya my contact 95019 21356

  85. HI ,
    Could you tell me which university can accept me for undergraduate course with IELTS 5.5 overall :

    Listening: 5.5


  86. I am from nepal i scored 5.5 in ielts so which university of usa can give addmission on these bands easily for bachelor degree on business administration.. Can u please suggest me some universities..

    1. Smarika it’s very difficult to get admission by this score, you could improve your score by combine study with someone there, for scholarship it needs 6-7 band score. please make mind to retake test and join in better university.

  87. hi.. i got 5.5 bond in ielts exam ,
    i wanto do masters or diploma course in Canada. is der any colleges to accept my ielts score.
    please let me know.

    1. I got 6 in ielts, could I get a scholarship for PhD in biology in USA? I did already ms in biological science & got 3.51 out of 4 . Please help me to get a scholarship.

  88. I got over all band score 4.5 in Ielts and have completed my bachelor’s degree and planning to study abroad for post graduate degree level. Could you please guide me in which university I can apply. If it possible it can be in any country ( Canada, UK, Australia, US)

  89. Iam from Nepal a score 5 score in IELTS , whic university will accept in australia to read Bachlor Degree of Hotel Management . please reply me as soon as possible

  90. Actually I have got overall 5.5 bands in ielts… please can you tell me in which country is possible to get admission for masters or diploma…….please reply me faster as can you can…..thanks……

  91. I have done +2 in 2014. I got 5.5 band overall in ielts.I want to go Australia.plz help me,can I apply for Australia

  92. Recently i have completed my bachelor’s in biotechnology and i got 6 bands in ielts exam
    speaking =6
    writing =6
    so i want to know that for what courses and colleges m eligible in USA california

  93. Hi Madam/Sir,

    This is Arun Kumar i got overall 6 bands
    W=5 And
    So which universities Accepts this Scores so please Suggest me.

  94. Hello I want to pursue further education in USA .I am an bcom graduated ,10+exp in insurance as branch head.
    Ielts band 5.5 pls help what should I do n which university in USA.

  95. Hello
    I completed Bsc in physiotherapy from bangladesh and 5 years working experience and my IELTS score is 6 . Is there any university in usa that I can apply.

  96. I get 5.5band in IELTS..can i apply in graduation course for chemical related eduacation..and how cost should be done there..?

  97. Hii, scince i got overall 6 on ielts and want to apply for mba . I would like to know list of usa university . Please help me

  98. i done bachelor of science with 51% i got 6 band each 5. 5.. i am eligible for usa for study visa.. i get married about 7 month… spouse visa possible in usa

  99. Your Comment *I have score overall 5.5 in ielts
    listening :5.5
    writing :6.0
    speaking :6.0
    can I get university for bachelor in social work in USA in unconditional admission
    Will you help me to find such university for 4 years program

  100. Hi
    Could you tell me which university can accept me for undergraduate course ( for September 2016) with IELTS 5.5 overall :

    Listening: 5.5

    And with my foundation grades : A*,A*,A* and an A.

  101. I got 6 band overall. I want to take admission in master of computer science in only philadelphia. is there any government approved college.???

  102. IELTS
    Writing 6.0
    Reading 6.0
    Listening 6.0
    Speaking 6.0

    Is there any scholarship offer accepting these scores?

    Thanks in advance

  103. Hello Sir,
    I have given IELTS earlier and i got 5.5. So should i repeat the IELTS or should jump to TOEFL for next attempt ? . Actually i have read that only few universities accept IELTS score (59 uni) ,while about 500 uni accept TOEFL score [Considering only USA ]. Is that true sir in today’s date?

  104. I red psychology as first degee bachelor in science and my result grade was second class lower division from nigeria university.

    I my international english language testing systerm (IELTS) score was,listening 5.5 reading 6.0 writing 3.5 speaking 5.0. Over band score 5.0

    Eligible to apply for addmission in foundation progarmme or pre-master progamme,what are the addmission procedure?

    I wait to hear from you soon.

    Thank you in anticipation.

  105. who got 5.5 do not kill yourself just keep calm and study ielts take the exam again. god willing next time you will take high score then you can apply for some university from your intrest

  106. I got 5.5 score in ielts and my gre score is 283. now I want to study MBA in USA. Plz tell me which University is better for my score

  107. Recently I completed my ielts test .I got 5.5bands.can I get admission in ireland university in qualification is from punjab university.
    Overall band is 5.5.
    Plz tell me

    1. Recently I completed my ielts test .I got 5.5bands.can my qualification is ba arts from punjab universityand after that pgdm diploma for 1 year. in which country i can get admission for study visa? i hv experience as hr officer for 2 yrs in ltd company?
      Overall band is 5.5.
      Plz tell me

    2. Hi dear.
      I m sultan Ahmed from Karachi. I would like to ask something as well. I got 5bands in ielts do you know may I apply any country?

  108. Sir,I got 6 overall in ielts after 12th Humanities.Now I want to continue my further studies in USA.Can you guide me plźzzzz

  109. Dear Sir,

    I’ve few doubts regarding studying abroad. Please find some time to clear them-

    1. I want to pursue Master of Architecture at US or any other European countries (Not country specific) by taking an educational loan because my parents can’t invest such huge fee. I want to know the prospects after the study.

    2. After M.arch how is the future if worked in US, to repay the loan?

    3. Suggest which country/ college is better for Master of Architecture or related courses.

    Many of my relatives who are residing in US are software engineers who are getting paid a lot and was easy for them to repay the loan. I approached you as you are the right person to throw light on my doubts.

    Thank you!

  110. Hi,i have plan to do my MS in Engineering management but i got low toefl score of 55 , i have ielts score 5.5 and gre 282..which university should i apply..and i dont want to retake test..pls reply

  111. Hi ! i have got ielts- 5.5 and GRE- 276 and i had completed my bachelors with 59.83%.
    so, please suggest me best universities in USA as well as in AUSTRALIA accepting my scores for masters in computer science .
    Thank You

  112. i am a student from punjab and i get 5.5 in ielts exam. i have completed my graduation from faridkot(india) from punjabi university.i want to study in usa…please reply my email

    1. Today I got my IELTS band!And overall is 5.5
      Listening 4.5
      Reading 4.5
      Where can I attach my results.Please.
      Thank you.

  113. i am a student from nepal and i get 5.5 in ielts exam. i have comoleted my graduation from dheradun(india) from hnbgu university.i want to study in usa…please repli my email

  114. Hi,
    I got overall band 6.5 but got stuck in writing, kindly suggest me universities where I can apply with this score.


    L: 7.5
    S: 6
    R: 6

  115. Hi,dear sir.I got 5.5 in the IELTS test,I want to study (business&management) in the U.S.A.Please,could u give me your advises.

  116. My IELTS result 5 bands
    READING :5
    READING :5
    i want to study MS in computer science can u give any sugessitions

  117. i got 5.5 on averall

    reading 5.5
    listening 5.5

    writing 5.5
    speaking 6
    what should i do please I’m in trouble

  118. I got 5.5 bands in all & now want to continue my studies Either in USA, Canada , Australia or Austria please guide me any uni

  119. I have Ielts score of overall band 5.5

    Is there any chance if getting visa to study Bachelor in USA?
    please suggest me the probability and possible university if there any

      1. My IELTS score overall – 5.5

        S – 5.5
        R – 5.0
        L – 5.0
        W – 5.5
        i would like to study Business Management (Bachelor Degree) in USA…can you suggest any universities please…..


  120. Hi sir ,
    sir i am siva sankar i got ielts 5.0 but i want to study for mba in u.s.
    so which university accepting my admission

  121. i got ielts 5.5
    Listening: 5.0
    Reading: 5.0
    Writing: 5.0
    Speaking: 6.0
    Overall: 5.5
    i want to study MS in computer science can u give any sugessitions

  122. Sir,
    I completed BS mechanical engineering in2014 with gpa 2.65 and i got 5.5 band in ielts.Now, i m seeking admission in germany and austrailia..kindly tell me is it possible to get admission in MS.

  123. Hi!!!I’m David. I have done my IELTS test with the band of 5. Could you please tell me that I am eligible to apply in the university of U.S for education? I really need your help. I will be very thankful to you. Thanks again!

  124. sir…,
    i got 5 in ielts….im intrested to study ms in usa,,is it possible?
    give me your sugessitions

    1. I got 5. 5 in ielts and i will go to us and my qualification is master of science in information technology what course batter for me in us and which collage i aaplied

  125. i got 5.5 band in ielts…n i wanna study in US…in aerospace engg…is dere any chance to get admission in US..

  126. hello sir
    i got 5.5 on ielts .can i eligible to study in australia or usa for bachelor programs?
    if possile plz informed me

  127. i got 5.5 average band,is there any best universities in australia and us with that score sir.listening-6,reading-6,writing-5.5,speaking-4.5

    1. brother u improve ur speaking and re-take exam. bcz there is not university with 5.5 if it lucky u get any unversity then u have face lot of problems and im sure 99% u doesnt get VISA.. so exprecisely said. remind my words

  128. i got 6 band in Ielts so i want to go us for further study where should i go to apply for visa nd i also want to know which college or university are accept Ielts 6.0 band plzzz give me answer

  129. hi,sir i really want to study in USA because it is my was my dream so it is time to fulfill my notion. i have 6 score IELTS but i want to say that money is problem to pay my contract for this risult i need a scholarship. can you give me any advise?

  130. Dear sir,
    I am from Bangladesh
    My ielts score 5.5

    I want to go to Australia for BBA programe .what can i do now.And is that is possible to go?

  131. I would like to ask you that I got 4 in iltes exam so do you know any school can except me

    feel free to ask question

    1. Hello
      I am Mow, from Iran. I have 5.5 score and I have graduated in Electrical Engineering
      How can I come to the America and continue my education ? I want to apply for master program

  132. i m frm nepal but i m living in dubai , can u please helpme it posible that i can apply USA ,ielts score is 5.5 … .. for bachelor degre .do reply me soon..

  133. Dear sirs
    I am applying to ask for admission to you program . I am Ethiopian with IELTS score 5.5 and looking for my bachelor  degree   

                     Tel +251911150230

  134. hi,i got 6 in ielts.but not in australia is there any chance to study in any university for undergraduation?

  135. hi my name is niranjan, i finished my bsc nursing and i have 1 year experience. I got ielts score 5.5 in each band. Is there any job oppourtunity to work in uk please inform me

  136. hi , i am pooja from India . i have 5 band in ielts exam. please tell me any university in canana or australia . please reply me soon. thank you.

  137. Hi,
    I have completed MSc Medical Microbiology in India. I would like to work in Canada. Is IELTS is required? if so wheather academic or general?

  138. hi,i am vinod 4m india,i scored 5.5 band in ielts,i cumpltd electronics communication enginnering,tell me that which universites are accept 5.5 score in us

  139. sir,
    i got over all band score 5.5 in IELTS and have completed my bachelors degree and planning to study abroad for master level in Australia as dependent student so please provide me some guide line and suggestion about which city to apply in australia thanking you

  140. Sir
    i am from pakistan and recently i,ve completed my bachelor degree in computer science.
    i got 6 band in IELTS test.i am seeking admission in ms in there any chances.
    i need some suggestion.

  141. Hi I completed diploma in pharmacy and bachelor in pharmacy and I have four years of pharmaceutical experience but I have IELTS 5.5 BAND SO which college give me opportunity to study in cannada and which course

  142. Hi, I am Rohnit and I did Master in computers Application (MCA). I got 6 bands overall Reading 5 Listening 5.5 Writing 6.5 and Speaking 6. I want to apply Canada for post graduate diploma or masters. Just want to know that 6 bands are sufficient to apply Canada or not?

  143. Hi
    I want to get admission in any Canada College / University with a IELTS band score 5.5 (Not less than 5.0 in each band)

    Which college / university is suitable for me….


  144. hi sir, i passed btech in 2012 with IT background n secured 65% with 1 backlog.
    n sir i scored 5.5 in ielts overall i.e..,lis-5.5, reading-5.5, writing-5.5, n speaking-5.5. pls give me som some inf abt univs in canada which will get admission to my profile and if once i get admission den is there any problem at the time of visa because of low ielts score pls provide some inf urjently

  145. hi i m ambika . I have got 6.0 in IELTS . I m in nursing profession an having a six years of working experience. and i passed bachlor in nursing, plz suggest me which university is good for study master in nursing and wat is the process to apply?

  146. I Am Ismail khan,Scored 5.5 bands in ielts help me with the universities interested i need the list help me out

    1. name is Akif.I am from Azerbaijan.I have got 6.0 point from IELTS.Please,can you say me which Universities accept with this score?

  147. hello
    i passed my intermediate level 3 years ago,now im doing job and i do the ielts and get 5.5,i want to join bachlor level in austrilia,which austrilian universities accept me ? reply me soon

  148. Hi Sir,
    My name is Raheel and I am from Pakistan and i have got 5.5 in IELTS exam . could you please guide me in which universities i can apply. It can be in any country (CANADA, UK, Australia, US).


  149. hello people,,

    I’m trying to find an academic university admission as an undergraduate student in a unique, cool, good people, awesome place in the US. I’ve got 5.5 IELTS score, and people always are saying that i’m good looking! However, i’m on a quest finding the best choice, and will appreciate any help.

  150. hi this is shahid .i have done my ielts test with the band of 5. sir could you tell me .am i eligible to apply in the university of U.S for education? i really need your help .i will be very thankfull to you

  151. I have got overall band score in IELTS 5.5 and I want to study biotechnology or nanotechnology in Australia is it possible? you may suggest some universities or colleges emmediatly

  152. dear sir/madam
    i have got 5.5 score in ielts and i want to study master in managemement in berlin it is possible for me or not

  153. hi sir iam divya i have persued EEE with 78.9% and scored 5.5 in ielts. am i eligible to get admission in university for m.s

    1. Hi Divya,If you secured 78 % in B Tech then it’s not even hard for you to score bands 7 in IELTS.Take IELTS again and I am sure you will get good bands….

    1. Hei! I’m from Bangladesh. Here I’m studying HSC at a madrasah. My question is,will I be ale to apply at undergraduation level of USA universities with my madrasah certificate? Which certificate I will get that is equivalent to college certificate of Bangladesh. If I can apply then with only a band score 6 in IELTS exam and sponsorship will I be accepted by USA universities? I want study BBA or Economics at undergraduate level. Please answer my questions.

  154. hi i have got ielts band 6.0, so can you suggest me some universities plz…………………………………………………………………………………………….

  155. i got 5.5 band score in ielts 5.5 in listining 5 in reading n speaking n 6 in writting i have 6year gap in education in+2 i got 54 percent can i apply for austrailia for bachelor degree or not sooner

  156. hello
    i got 6 band in ielts can i take admission in Auckland college under Auckland university for pg diploma in hr.send me list of colleges where i can apply

  157. hi…i got 4.5 in IELTS exam…its difficult to me because i have done FSC in CS,my age is 19 years,i want to study in Australia in business field.can its possible that with 4.5 grades,i got admission in Australia???please help me,i am very disappoint from my future,its my dream otherwise my dream will scattered and i cant do any thing in life,please help me,can it possible by some source that i got admission with 4.5???

  158. hi! i got 5.5 bands overall in ielts over my strugle lots, i did bacheolar of compter application with aggrigate 63.44, and i have no back log. incontrast to, i want to do master of computer science in meelbourne as early as possible. as a result, please reply me some university accepts it mentioned above. thank you.

  159. sir,i got Ielts 6.0 want to do mba in U.S.A. can u tell me the list of universities and who doesn’t require GMAT and gre

  160. Hi, this is Ardavan ,i want you to help me to fined a University that takes students with IELTS score 5.5 a Academic for continueing Education in Master in Field of Sport and relations.
    Because i have Bachelor in Physical Education and Sport Science
    also i am the Instructor of Karate and the champion of Karate for 11 years in my country and because of this i am so eager to continue this Field
    thanks alot
    Ardavan Bokhtoortash

  161. hi ,

    i got 5.5 in ielts could you please help me in finding the college to get admission in post graduate courses in canada and australia.

  162. Hello,
    i think it’s quite difficult to study in Australia WITH BAND 5.5 but its not impossible you need to search such universities which requires 5.5 band i have already seed many universities that requires minimum 6 bands in ielts.

  163. Hi,

    I am searching for universties in nz for master in Business Administration or in Computer Application. I have a 5.5 Scores in IELTS. I want to go with my spouse, can this score help me.

  164. hello,
    I am asad shaikh please tell me that is there any university in dallas texas who accept IELTS test because i want to do bachelor’s in business administration i need to have all the broechurs containing details about the course..


  165. Hallo,
    I am searching for a university in US or UK to study a master of public health (MPH) full time or part time, I have IELTS SCORE OF 5.5.Can you help me to get this university?

  166. Hello,

    I attented a High School in Michigan as an exchange student in 2009/20010. I also scored a 71 on the TOEFL and 20 on the ACT. Do I have a chance or what Colleges/Uniersity would accept me?

    please, send me a Mail if you know any information… to [email protected]

  167. Hai to All,

    Is Southern New Hampshire University [SNHU] is Good university or else Black Listed University in USA for F1 Visa.pls let me know.

  168. hello , this is Boloro . I have ITP toefl score . Is the same as PBT toefl ?
    pls , list me JAPANESE universities that accept ITP OR PBT toefl score . I interested in landscape design faculty .

  169. Im cmpletd my enginering wth 65% bt i hav 18 bck logs. I wna pursue my m.s in germany. Am i elgble..d nly drawbk is my bck logs..does dt afct my chances of m.s n germany? Do i get gud univrsty if i 6.5 in ielts? Plz sugest me

  170. hi there..
    i’m international students , i want to study master in Special Education. i’m looking for an admission in the USA universities which don’t require GRE, and requires 5.5 minimum for the IELTS test ..
    thank you

  171. please i have not written ielts nor toefl but i want to find out whether i will be able to get an invitation and visa to come and write the English proficiency examination in any of the above listed schools and how?my name is Sena and i'm from Ghana and have completed secondary level education.thank you

  172. Hi, this is Rajni Guru. I have done my graduation in (B.A)
    and i want to do MBA in HR form USA. I have got 5.5 bands in ielts
    exam. Can i apply for this course. Plz suggest me.

    1. Hello,
      For MBA program overall requirement is 6.5 bands and universities are accepting minimum grade for masters is 6.0 band.But don’t be disappoint nothing is should try your best.

  173. I have an ielts score 5.5 and I need to get admission in any university in USA my major is geology and I need to get admission as soon as I can,,,,

    is there any help…… Thanks a lot..

  174. list me some universities in states for MHA program where scholarships are given.My toefl score is 87 and gre score is 1090.Scholarship is my main concern.Please help me with this.Thanks.

  175. hello sir, i have completed graduation in commerce and i want to study mba from united states of america ,can u list of the universities which does'nt require any kind of exam(for example :-Gmat,ielts) and hw can i convience vfs officer in embassy

  176. hi,
    i have one question to u?i wan a apply for jan 2011 session i have got 5.5 in ielts and in +2 i have got 3.50(71.58) GPA.and my sat exam was on 6 nov.can i sent my sat result after i get admission for scholarship.could i get admission without sat result.plz tell me fast.i ma going to apply for I-20

  177. hi its me ambika

    i have score 5.5 in IELTS and i am working as a intermediate nursing tutor since 2007.i have a bachelor degree of hospital nursing and also have a 2 years of clinical nursing,my query is that could i get an admission for bachelor or post-graduation course?

  178. not writing GRE can i give a perfect reason to the visa officer…im a computer science student im writing only get admission in washington state uni…

    by the way my friend gat a visa he didnt write gre too…

  179. hey i m prakash from india…i had done mah ielts…with 5.5 bands i just want to kno d names of dos university which gives me admission easily on these bands..location of universities is dallas texas

  180. hey thanx HSb for listing these toefl score is 77

    Reading 16 List 16 Speaking 20 writing 25

    can i get admission in these Unis for MBA??

    Plz reply..

  181. Hi,

    I am Nitish from India. I have done my B.Tech in Electronics & Communication Engg. I want to know about the Masters degree which i can pursue in US and what is the eligibilty for that.

  182. Hi,

    This Jessica from India, I have done a masters in Biotechnology. I was woking as a lecturer for two years. I wish to do a graduate studies in the US. I am interested in studying Microbiology and Immunology or Molecular and cellular Biology. I dont want to take up GRE. I have already taken up IELTS and scored 6.5, but its not valid now. Please help me to choose a university that Do not require GRE. I am ready to take up Toefel and IELTS.

    Thank You.

  183. i am international student and i would like to study in usa,i have ielts5.5 .i want to read any business related cources,acountancy,or international relations,io reaaly need your help

  184. Hi, sir i am from oman and i have completed my intermediate from pakistan, now i want to get admission in the united state in the field of petroleum and gas supportin scholarship funding. please kindly suggest me how can i see mw this dream exactly right. thanx.

  185. i wrote toefl pbt and scored 455 and i want to start as a freshman for bachelors degree,can this score help me

  186. Hi there,
    I’m international student and I’ve got scholarship from my government . Also I’ve got 5.5 in the IETLS exam. I want to study master in Microbiology or Microbiology & Immunology or Molecular Microbiology but WITHOUT GRE or GMAT. I’ve an experience work for four years as a laboratory technician in the Ministry of Health. My major is bachelor degree in Microbiology and I’ve some certificate relative with Microbiology. In addition, my wife also has scholarship and she want to study like me and her has is bachelor degree in Biology.

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