20 Fascinating Differences Between Lifestyle in India and USA

Following article comparing lifestyle in India and USA, cost of living, and day-to-day things is written by Rashmi – Posted a comment to Real Reason I’m Going to USA : To Be Treated Like a Human Being.

Maybe Attitude

I have to thank HSB for starting this thread. One thing is for sure is that this discussion brings out the varied mindset of Indian youth. There is evidence of strong love for India as well as strong hatred. I hope there will be changes in attitude/thought of some people participating in the discussion here and it gives me strong motivation to thank HSB and spend time here.

I will bring in some real life incidents to ponder over. All of the following examples are about friends/acquaintances/relatives and I will take care to keep the description anonymous.

Case 1: Purchasing Flat in India

When I bought a flat in Gurgaon in 2005 (of course on loan with some dollar savings as down payment), it was kind of group deal to get a better bargain from the builder and several of my team mates booked flats on the same apartment.

One of my close teammates refrained from booking, I tried to persuade him, saying that this is s good investment, property prices are going up, you will have tax benefits, go for it. He said, no I will have another 2yr trip and then have enough savings to buy on cash, no loans.

He stayed back in US with H1 and got married, had kids. After 6yrs, in 2011 when we talked, I asked did you buy a flat in Gurgaon, he said no, the 3BHK flats at the same place are now INR 1.5crores and I only have 50L of savings (dollar money).

Instead of thinking of saving in dollars, you should think “smart” investment and ROI. Staying in US with family (if spouse is not working) may not save you enough money as you have to travel to India every year, pay car loans, rents etc. If spouse is working you earn enough in India as well.

Case 2: Education

There are numerous instances of people deciding to come back for child education purposes.

Higher education like MS/PhD are very good in US but not primary education. Also the education is pretty costly to manage.

Case 3: Nanny for Childcare

I know a guy who was very excited about US and its lifestyle. After marriage, when the couple were expecting their baby, they wanted someone from their family in India to travel and take care of the lady during pregnancy and after child birth.

Unfortunately, no one could travel as everyone had other family obligations. They offered to help only if the lady comes to stay with their family in India. They had to do that, because affording a nanny/bay sitter in US is damn expensive.

Case 4:  Outsourcing and Racism

This guy lost his job just after marriage in US. Unfortunately he had a long stretch of wait before he landed on another job(almost a year), I helped him financially through that lean period. This was during 2009.

There are other examples of things going wrong in US. Like attacks by African-Americans in downtown area, racism at work place, deep under current of hatred for Indians because of fear of outsourcing. So, its not all rosy in US. Everything in life comes as package, there will be positives and negatives. It is important to understand what one wants and one has to be responsible about decisions.

Life in Equally Good in India

I think life is equally good in India these days. Let me give examples,

  • In 2004, I could book flight/train tickets on internet in US. I used to think US is better since I can’t do this in India. Now we can do so in India.
  • In 2004 I could pay my bills on internet in US, buy stuff from dealstobuy etc. Now we can do the same in India. These days I buy books from Amazon/Junglee, buy merchandise, discounts in restaurants etc from snapdeal.
  • In 2004 I could pay by credit cards every where in US. Now I can do the same in India.
  • In 2004, multiplexes were there in India, but not big malls. These days they are everywhere.
    McDonald, Domino etc.
  • I pay phone bills, internet bills, taxes, electricity bills, bank transactions, everything on internet, I do not see a difference between US and India.

Now lets talk about some of the things from cost and affordability perspective.

  • Cars are cheaper in US. Refurbished cars are in good condition in US.
  • Laptop/LED/LCD etc electronics are cheaper and latest in US. But these days I find accessories like USB drive, HDD and cameras cheap in India than US. Samsung Galaxy S-II got launched in Asia first and 2months later in US. iPhone 4S is launched everywhere at same time. Some technologies are used in US first, but that gap has rapidly come down due to communication revolution.
  • Eating out is hygienic, you do not fall sick. I see improvement in India but no where close to US still.
  • Human labour is damn expensive in US, you can’t afford a driver/maid etc. I have 2 maids, I do not do household work, I think time is better spent in acquiring knowledge, in gym and with family than sweating out doing vacuum, mopping and cooking. People may say its not much work in US, but it gets increasingly difficult once you have kids.
  • Education is very expensive in US. In India if you are good enough to crack an entrance and get into a govt engg college, you pay less than 5 times than in US.
  • High taxes (40%) in US. In India you have a lot of investment options to save tax. In India it is below 25%.
  • Mobile tariff is expensive in US. In India I use postpaid mobile, STD in 50paisa all over India, ISD is Rs 1.5 for North America, and local calls 30paisa, 3G internet Rs 100 a month. No US tariff can beat that.
  • Utilities – Monthly charges for netflix/cable/satellite tv etc are expensive in US. In India, INR 300 a month , all channels
  • Broadband tariff is cheaper in India. I pay Rs 800 for unlimited 2mbps. If you take a 3G dongle, you pay Rs 750 for 2mbps and you can use that almost everywhere. In US, 3G/4G dongles are very expensive.
  • Public transport. Very little in US. You gotta have your own car. Delhi metro is very advanced, though crowded. But same is true in Toronto, Japan and New York.
  • Public Infrastructure. US wins hands down. No argument here.
  • Govt/Public processes/system like acquiring passports, driving licenses etc. I got my driving license (electronic one) in 2weeks with Rs 275 in 2006. I had to go to the RTO office 4 times, first time to get the forms and learn the process, second time to deposit them with supporting documents, third time for driving test and fourth time for getting the DL. My experience was this, I faced harassment of demand of bribe, standing in the row was painful because there was no shade beyond a point. I worked around the hurdles by remaining adamant on the process and not paying bribe, complained to a higher RTO officer, refusing to accept the offer from the brokers.
  • Things are in transition, you gotta have some patience. I have an observation to make here. Indians are ok to stand in long queues in US, but they are not ready to stand in queues in India, I do not know why so impatient in India. I had better experience while obtaining birth certificate for my daughter. Filled the form on internet and just collected the certificate at the counter by paying cash.
  • Crowd: I agree the crowd in India is not that civilized. Civilized means allowing elders, ladies, handicapped people to go ahead of you in queues or vacating a seat for them, being sensitive to other people in society, treating them courteously etc. In US, crowd is much better (expected since more educated people are there), but I have seen them laugh/get irritated when Asian people behave badly in queues etc. My point is if you allow an Indian ahead of you in a queue, do so with full respect, not with a sarcastic smile. In India, the bad behavior people face in hospitals, govt offices etc are because of this crowd behavior.
  • Medical facilities are better, but very expensive. Medical insurance is expensive. High end surgeries and treatment are cheap in India.
  • Indian family culture and value system – India wins this one hands down. In US, society is very formal. You may say Hi to a guy on elevator for 10yrs and still know nothing about him.
  • In India the support system is very strong. Your kid is taken care of even if both you and your spouse work. After you get old, whatever money you may have, but you can not buy the affection and care of your blood relations. You can only get that by relationship building. Make that investment when you are young. You WILL need help to even do small household chores when you are old. We help our parents/grand parents/elder relatives here in India, our kids watch and learn this culture. If your kids grow up in US, they will adopt US culture. As Prasad said, you will be lonely when you get old.
  • US is not growing. I do not see a difference in a New York 5yrs back and now. But you see big difference in Gurgaon. The salaries have not increased in US in last 10yrs. In India it has gone up significantly. There are always jobs in India, in US it is not so.
  • Higher education: It is better in US. Thats why we are here is not it ? But this is changing slowly. Universities in India have started investing more in research and eminent profs are coming back. Though the number is still very low. I have a point of view here. Things have changed in last few years. You do not need a Dronacharya to become an Arjuna these days. If you know how to use google and internet, its all you need for knowledge.
  • The reason why I am on this blog is the perception. In India, if you are foreign educated (be it from some Tom/Dick/Harry college), people give you respect. Thats the slave attitude the british have left us with. That is the reason probably, why people become so obsessed with US lifestyle. The white skin effect. So it is strategic to have a US education if possible.

What About Money and Savings

Now lets talk money.

Be it US, India or anywhere in this world.

A “job” mentality can not make you break the financial barrier.

Being “financially stable” and “financially independent” are 2 different things.

  • Financially stable means you have comfortable life but you have to work for that everyday.
  • Financially independent means you still live a comfortable lifestyle even if you do not work i.e by having self-generating assets.

With a job, the maximum you will have in life is 2-3 houses, cars, LED TV etc.

To really make a difference and break the barrier (becoming financially independent), you gotta think business. Otherwise, it hardly matters whether you are in US, China, Japan or India.


Very good insights about lifestyle in India and USA. There are few things I disagree and lot of things to which I agree.

Medical Expenses

Medical facilities are better, but very expensive. Medical insurance is expensive. High end surgeries and treatment are cheap in India.

Agree – Health Care in Expensive and Insurance in Expensive. Indian its cheap.

Here is my view. To get quality care in India, you need to pay. Poor people can’t afford to go to Top Hospitals in India.  But in USA, even you don’t have an insurance, in case of emergency, you get the same quality and care as anyone else.

Child Care and Nanny

Child Care in Expensive.  If both parents are working, then they have to let the new-born in day care when mom starts working.

Its Indian Culture or Tradition to have their parents come to help when new baby is born.

We had our son and our parents came here to help.

Our American Neighbor had baby around the same time, their parents came couple of day after baby was born, they were here only for couple of days. then its was mom, dad and new born.

Pretty much that’s what happens with new parents in USA. They don’t have parents staying with them for 3 to 6 months.


You have same investment options in USA to get Tax Breaks. You can max out your 401(k) and IRA. In addition, if you are a home owner, you get Mortgage Interest payments as tax deductions. If Both parents are working, then chile care expenses are deductible.

I don’t know what tax dedication are available in India, but there are options to lower your income tax in USA.

Money and Income

Being “financially stable” and “financially independent” are 2 different things.

Now very many people understand the difference. Unfortunately in India, parents want their kids to go to Medical School or Engineering.

You don’t see them encourage kids to think in terms of an Entrepreneur.

For anyone who wants to be Financially Independent, even in USA, working for an employer is not going to get you there, unless you are in Top Management position with Millions in Bonus.

If both husband and wife works high paying jobs 100,000 to 150,000 then you can expect to save 1 Million Dollars when you retire.

With Single Income, say $100,00 to $150,000 you will still have better savings, but you have to live pay check to pay check.  It takes long time to save money, paydonw your home loan and thinks several times before buying any product.

Financially Independent

It’s easy to say, you have to start a business, but its hard work. If you are really serious about being financially Independent, you need to change your mindset first.

You are trained all your life to get a job and lead a safe life. Risk takings is not part of course work. Even i you have a simple idea, it could change the world.

Facebook Paid $1 Billion for Instagram. It was simple idea, but the founder made $400 million just for having an idea and developing an product.

Trust me, it will change your thinking.

If you don’t have any idea on how to start a business, here is an awesome idea for you – Start Blogging.

Finally, I have to highlight this comment from Real Reason I’m Going to USA : To Be Treated Like a Human Being

When you have people like Ramkumar who writes

The whole issue pisses me off! You do not have the right to comment on what India is or would be until and unless you have not made any contribution to its betterment. You buggers are a parasite. You have imbibed all there essential education, right from nursery to engineering, in this mother country and then you fart on her face by pursuing your higher education abroad and settle out there. If  you buggers are really concerned, why don’t you do your bit and try something which could alleviate the sufferings of all? Doing a part time job while studying here is considered a sin and of low esteem, but you buggers readily lick the asses of americans there by doing all odd jobs for some bucks more!! Even I’m an Engineer, infact a topper from a very reputed college in India and I’m settled in India without any hitch or itch. It is because of you buggers is that this country is still poor!

Certainly such attitude and exposure shows they are happy to be “financially stable”.

What I still don’t understand is the same person is working (mostly in IT Services firm) and have been to USA (mostly to client site).

So, it’s not ok for some one to come to USA for higher education  and work part-time, while same person can work for American Client and feed his family and earn money, travel to USA for job. If he’s  thinks folks like us are parasites, I’m not sure what should we call him?

Ultimate Goal of these 3 blog posts is to create awareness of things that happen in USA and India. If someone is not matured enough to understand and learn how world is different place,  there is nothing I can do about that. Even if you don’t agree to others views, take this one single message – World is a Different place, things don’t happen the way you like.

As Arun Says

All the 120+ comments posted here are by those who want to go to US or want to settle there. What bloody work you had to come to this blog. Why the heck have you subscribed to HSB if you love India so much, and you are being so over-patriotic? All the guys who posted negative comments or anti-HSB comments are dreaming of US (either work or study or work for some time and return). They don’t want to accept ground reality.

Guys, grow up. Be sensible. There is nothing wrong to learn from other country. Be it USA or France or whatever. There is no shame in admitting that India is a developing country. Lets experience other country’s culture and system and learn from it. All those guys who posted negative comments have serious EGO problem. They refuse to accept ground realities.

Moreover, its not a debate about about which country is greater. It’s about experiencing cultures. Its about experiencing the difference. The world is a global playground. Our designs are done in India, validated in US, manufactured in China, delivered in Brazil and serviced in Czech republic.

All the anti HSB fans, stop following this blog and go do your patriotism stuff.

Rest of us would give a +1 to this post and show the middle finger to all those who don’t agree and carry on.

I thought this post would inspire a lot of people and give them a new dimension in their thinking. You simply carry on with your good work and don’t bother about these idiots. They are not eligible to experience this great country.

I’m not going to stop posting articles like this just because you don’t agree to my views or others views about India and U.S.A.

I’m sharing and posting the realities and realty bites. But, its matter of views and preferences and changing world views. As much as I love India, like to see her grow and become a developed country.

People are unique and I would have had same reaction if I was in College and never came to USA. But, life experience and exposure to new culture bring out different perspective in life. India is changing, people are changing. It’s the culture and attitudes that is thousands of years old. It will take  years to change.

Your Thoughts

Hopefully we will have more civilized discussion this time around.  Don’t forget to share this post in Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.

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  1. As a white American, who lives in America, I have to say that most of the observations in this excellent article are correct!

    One thing I would disagree with is the comment the author wrote, about how in America “you work your whole life, & the most you’ll get is 2-3 houses, 2 cars, a tv, etc.”
    (change it to ONE house, 2 cars, & like 3 tvs) most common working people only own one house at a time, not 2 or 3, unless they’re rich.
    House prices vary across the US, but in Oregon the average house costs $200,000 to $400,000. (that’s 2 hundred thousand USD and up)

    Otherwise, this article is pretty much spot on!

  2. Americans get reasonable benefit from the tax they pay. Indians do not at all. Enforcement of law is strict un US but authorities in India are habituated to manipulate that every now and then for their personal gain and not at public interest. These two facts clearly prove it is irrational to compare US with India.

  3. i am not eligible to post in this blog. I am not young. I am 75. I am from PSG Tech. Mech Engineer. Iam also Masters from IIT KGP and MBA FROM CMU from Pittsburgh.
    I came back to India. Started my career in a humble way struggled in India for 25 years in the lost yearrs 60’s, to 80’s.. ( I do believe USA had a big role in India’s suffering through in those period. Wars by Pakistan on India was encouraged by USA. ’65, 71, were encouraged till 98. Patriotism is not only shouting JaiHind and calling others Desh Drohi.
    We came up by our hardwork.
    I retired as Vice President in Reliance. I did well I also made enough money in India to retire comfortably in India even in a enviable state.
    Choice of living abroad or otherwise is a personal decision. Most Indians abroad think India is rotten, corrupt. Please contemplate calmly. How many senators and congressman had to retire because moral turpitude and corruption. What about your President and the Gun culture , racism. The pot calling PAN black. You are are what you choose to be and the circumstances. I only object to the NRI passing judgement on Us Indians. One o ther thing I do not like is using parents as nanny service and practically no affection all taken at the expense of a few Shekels.

  4. Step up guy’s India is our mother land. We have to develop it. It doesn’t matter how much time is required for change. we youth are the real power of India. We have to take responsibility to develop our country even if we require to do sacrifice with our life like Mahatma Gandhi or more other . For the best future of India

  5. Plenty of arguments here, very interesting. The argument on how everything seems to be significantly more expensive in America compared to India is true to a certain degree. I am an American, and from my experiences here, expectations are high and receiving a quality education is valued, just like any other country. America is a developed nation and is still growing by the decade, perhaps less. The resources and money required to keep this nation the best it can be are limitless and always will be limitless, hence the seemingly high prices. That’s just one reason, others are just economic-based, along with politics.

    This has become accepted and many people living in America, who are successful, are not limited abundantly, as wages from hard workers are high depending on your profession. Yes, collage is expensive, but you must keep in mind that you can pursue anything in America, because you can go to collage for anything. You don’t necessarily have to go to collage to have a successful and happy life here in America, and the same can go for anyone in India, but I can understand completely if family and relationship values prohibit you. The same situations can happen in America.

    As for the societies and behavioral arguments in America, nothing is perfect. The same goes for any other country. There are places in the U.S.A that are struggling, not everything here is fine and dandy. Crime is mostly just a problem in big cities and poor states. Not every state is equal, and I mean that financially only. The way our government is handling these issues are not the best, but we’re still seeing improvement, albeit gradual.

    People in the U.S.A are a little skeptical of a lot of things right now, be that terrorism or other outside threats. We value freedom and independence, which is why we may come off as brash and defendant of everything. We love experiencing new cultures and we love helping the world, but when some threat, may that be lethal or argumentative or political, everyone’s instinct in America is to be hardened to want to deal with that, which is why we seem racist and segragatory to other nations. Typically we’d point to Muslims or African Americans, because those seem to be causing those ongoing threats in our country and in the world. Not all Muslims are terrorists, I’d be stupid to state they were, but the American people have a right to be skeptical if these threats persist.

    Racism really isn’t bad in America. People may seem racists to African Americans nowadays because they appear to be committing more crime than others, but those are most likely the African Americans who grow up in certain areas of the United States, I’ll have you research that for more details.

    As for America’s family relationships, they differ from India’s, and it’s because of our cultures. Indian parents arrange marriages for their children. There is absolutely no problem with this, but as an American I would hate this since I don’t have the freedom to choose my partner, it’s chosen for me. The divorce rate in America is not crazy, people have the option of being with someone and learning if they fit well emotionally and financially, if one or the other is a serious problem then they usually part ways.

    In India, parents arrange their own children’s weddings. One thing I see is one or both partners are not happy and do not want to be together, but they do not appear to have a choice. They’re stuck with who their parents put them with, and more often than not it’s difficult for me to believe something like this can be accepted in society. Occasionally I do see happy couples in India, but I’m not keen on how strong your family and relationship values are, and that brings me to “Help With the Children.”

    I saw the arguments that grandparents do not help take care of their grandkids. This is simply not true, family is family anywhere, we all take care of each other. Help may not seem common to Indians because American people are raised to be more independent. Sure, we can ask for help, but it just depends on the situations families are in. I saw an argument where both parents are working, and need to put their child in a day care center or in other hands other than grandparents to take care of the child while the parents are away. The person said that he has not seen much help from grandparents, and usually there can be quite a few reasons: grandparents are deceased, too far away, or simply do not have time.

    Family is valued in America, but when both parents need to work to keep their own home, sometimes help from people other than grandparents is the only option. If parents really needed help from their mother or father, chances are they would help. In India, your culture severely values help, and have made help from grandparents seem like something that needs to be done regardless, which is great, but the argument comparing our two cultures in this regard was never the more heartbreaking in some comments.

    There’s a stereotype with Indians in America, and that is most of you grow up to be the smartest doctors and engineers in the world. Be it because you value education, parent’s values, or both. My point is your values are so refined and your discipline is so confound, that you can change the negatives of India and turn them into a successful future. I don’t know about any of India’s problems, but I plan to research and learn about them. I’ve heard that there seems to be a lot of “corruption”. I don’t know what kind of corruption there is, but I’m sure it can be dealt with, especially with how you value relationships and education so profoundly. We Americans admire you for achieving things that most of us could only dream of, not everyone can be doctors or engineers, and most of them appear to be coming from India.(Correct me if I’m wrong).

    Take this into a learning perspective, and take care. Thank you.

    1. Hello JmH,

      Truly well written review, I thank you for showing me the other side. Very helpful even for me being in US for 18 years now.

  6. The only thing that matters is your attitude towards life. Everybody have different perspectives. I am an Indian permanently settled in USA. I am a professional in Pharmacy. Being an Indian I love my country but what i experienced in India is the ignorance and inequality. The richer gets more rich and the poor more poorer.In USA,if you live your way no one will come to disturb you. Its just you who decide how to live not others.After all we are living in the same planet. India will become a super power but still in dilemma about will that reach to all ?. You should travel and see people to know India. I suggest all to take a look at your neighborhood. Lot of things are cheaper and available in plenty in India compared to India. If some one has to keep the culture and tradition in his family, I guess its the responsibility of the same , not the others. Patriotism not remain in words, its should be in action. You can show and be an example anywhere you are because we are Indians. India is my mother country and the country where i grow and feed me is just like my mother.

  7. Who created 204 or 202 countries (I do not know the actual number)?
    God or us?
    Who are Indians and who are foreigners?
    Are not we of human race.

  8. You are not mentioning the costs in US compared to india, you just use word “expensive” for US and you mention how much it costs in India. You are not really specific in terms of cost when comparing the services. Useless generic article …

  9. Good insights ! Hands down any time there is lot to go on culture aspect especially for Women and Kids ! I always received greater respect ! I will be commented for this but yea India has long way In respecting women and working women ! I always find his interesting that in India we care less for working women and while in U.S. we appriciate working women ! Kids are coached well and are respected ! Not all US kids are less on culture ! I have had greater US born families who have great moral values and equally like Indian Parents upbringing ! I guess it’s over all personnel choice of living then to say US or Indian culture !

  10. Perhaps, we should come to cognition of the fact that every country has its blessings and lessons to offer you. Appreciate differences in countries and you will never have a reason to condemn any. None can possess all advantage. Disadvantages too are very important because until you experience bad, u will value good when it comes your way. #LolngliveIndia.. Anyways, I’m a Nigerian. I wish to study pharmacy in india. Any good person to help me with the necessary informations please?

  11. Hiii there ,I would have rather choose not to reply but still I’m replying anyway .first I say ,I would appreciate u for loving ur mother land ..we all must have a love for our country ..we are born in this country !how can we be so meen to it ..I would not say I love my country though ,neither im happy here ..but I’ll say I’m doing ok here the bitter truth ! Its good to love once country ,but have u even ask ursrlf that our culture is in with current time ?? Well im in 1st year eng student and has certain valid points r egards our culture .. It is 21 st century ..but how we live ??? We still don’t like our wuman to visit pubs ..we still don’t like her to wear what she wants ! Our teenagers life ? Well sucks ! Thats all i said !lots of books and so tough comp here ! And we cant even share our thaughts our emotinal prob with our parents ..yes we cant ..u may not agree with me because u seem to be likr accepting everything that life throws at u ,just to show that Hey ,I love my country ! Common ! ..its importent for us to inderstand that time has changed and its good if we accept the changes in our cultureits better we change our thinking ..Yeah u may agree ,that India is progressing ,that this is changin .it is changing I agree ,but can u spend ur whole life waiting for the change that never happens ???? Just because u love ur country ??? Well I’m not that kind of person ! The second bitter truth – corruption !well curoption is all set to set records in india eith every passing day !it is growing like hell in india ,i still remember how we do science projects here one teally cares for doing Science practicle here,everyone is just asked to copy the observations from ptevious yeat file ! Common it is curruption too .We had to submit paynent of 2000 buks to our school for practicles ?why ? Well ill call it a bribe ..i once asked my teacher anf i got the reply – u want marks or not ?? Is that fair ?? Learning science just for the sake of gaining knowedge without been caring to apply them ? Well its the form of curruption ! My point us if we cant even stop curruption at small level how can we control it at full potential ,ie politics ?? Ever visited a goverment office ?? Its common to bribe here !! Ever got challan at inr 500? I do ..because all this wierd stuff only happens in india ..we are far behind then the race of development ? U have live in Us right? Try comparing their and our public transport .well ours public transport sucks it is hell in fact to travel in roadways bus .one need to be really brave hearted to travel in indian railways not been harsh to india . im just telling u the truth ..also im not talking about US or even much about india because frankly i dont think im matured enough for it u want statics right ?? According to global peace index india ranks 144 out of 166 in the race of global peace ..Indian top collrdge IIT is not even in top 200 colledges 2011 with a rape of foriener campong in hrre ( i dont remembrr the place) india is in list of most dangerous countries for tourists ..u think indian marriages are cool just bevause of that 7 JANAM Ek sath rahne ki kasam we take in our customery matriage ? Well u know its not ..I know my couple of aunts and uncle who are not even happy with their spouce ..because they never choose their spouce ..they were arranged marriage …and what did they usually do ? In night coming after from work crack jokes on husband wife relationship on whatsapp . u may say that US has much large divorse rates ,as high as 44% but well they are happy with their relationship ..they happily marry another one .i dont think theres anything wrong in it just by bieng happy with someone else …
    Indians also has a bad habbit of pissing on road ! I mean common ! India probably the only country in world in which pm urgs us Dude clean ur city ,and we still dont care the end i would like to feel sory if ive hurt felings of this young matyr who leaves US just to come back and stay in this country and ended up writing a blog !!! If US wasnt that good that exponential growth in migrating prople doesnt is not there .but well its there ..indians along with all asian . Like us so much that us had to ammend thier immigration rights for two times !!!! Do u think anyone from us ,just a single US citizen would come to india to live .well u know the ans ..
    I woyld say i dont like india that much and i cant say about US at the moment ,and i guess it isnt importent anyway ..i mean talking about US all the time ..but well situation in india is not that good .I m patriot too ..but for sure I will move to US and be a proud indian there with modern ..and with a quality living

    1. I was on the same boat and hated our education system. About being restricted and what not. But after coming to USA, what I have experienced in India has given me an edge over Americans over here. Very happy with what India has given me and I am going to have my kids educated in India 🙂

    2. this is how you think!! shuck!!! , this is not the way we think!!! take your woman and bring what she wants to wear , no one will come to stop you. You are not matured enough man. grow up, there is still time.

    3. You can make a change. Can’t you ? You must be in age group of 19-21. Leave your home. Stop taking money from your parents for your lifestyle and education. Can you do that ? You can not have privacy while you are still taking money from your parents to buy your under wears.

      Do you have guts to love a girl and go against the will of your parents ? Rape cases are reported in US and other developed countries as well.

      1. @Adhrit Exactly, if people in India just kept complaining and moving out ofc the country isn’t going to change. There’s a massive brain drain happening for no reason at all. We have so many intelligent young people who are capable of changing the nation, yet can’t take action. I hope to somebody come back to India and make some changes

    4. Abhishek Whatever You Wrote that is only your Experience of India and you cant judge India only by your views. Regarding Science practical you told need to pay bribe probably may be your college like that Not all of the Colleges of our Country like what you said.And regarding Culture Change and 21st century what you saying no country need change in culture and accept any foreign culture or modern culture to get development please come out of your that perception. Country need good people with less bribe and more peace and good politics to get better Development.And you saying about US like it is some what god to us. What is US nothing its also a common country with common human beings which is being shown as super don’t know US also have lot of Bribe an corruption but that will be hidden.What Good things about US only those are getting posted and telecasted in channels. Every country have its pro’s and con’s so Don’t be biased to US or Any other Development just give time to your country and be part of Developing INDIA.. I saw a interveiw in on English American Channel where the Enterprenuer of So called USA himself telling US Doesnt have That type of Education what India & china Providing mainly in field of Engineering & technology. And also we need to bulk of Salary for no low Skilled & Educated US fellows in Engineering field. US good For MS & Phd? I agree they may provide good quality of Education in that level but Basics will be from our Country only. If you not lerant Good Schooling in India what the Hell use of MS or Phd in US? i dont hate US or any country but We should Undrstand that Every country have its Problems for Devlopment like huge Population of India .So we should try to solve them or if not possible then atleast we should not make fun of them on Blog.

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    Apply the bronzer on the jaw line to highlight your cheek bones.

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  15. Hi I am so impressed by your post. I am a student and thinking about studying in US . I dont know about US but know well about Indian. I borne here so I should not talk bad about my Indian. But want to share some bad experience. Its true that India is great as an Cultural country. But in India you will be underestimated by many peoples like school mates, at office. And there always a political dadagiri will harass you. And the society can’t handle a different thing like if a woman goes to clubs or bars then she is blacklisted from society and judged as bad character. then if someone harass her or Eve-teasing her the society will not help but give bad comments. Woman’s character are judged by their cloth like if a woman wearing saree and mangalsutra everyone will place her on their head as cultural innocent girl. But if she wear a short cloth then she will lost the value. And the great Indian culture PNPC if you know that then will know that it is every where. Here culture is behind pnpc. This things usually happens in a middle class family but higher class lifestyle is much like us life style. But middle class family a greater in numbers than higher class. But all of this India is greate.If someone want to live with imotion like fall in love get married having kids retirement seeing grandchindren and die in lap of your child then India is greate for you. But if u want to be independent, live like king size, life full of masti and dont want to be anyones pnpc subject then its not that good as US

  16. Here is my simple answer…

    Both the countries are great..US is well developed due to better planning and very short history…

    India had been there for ever and heavily populated, so it is going to take some time for India to get there, but once it does no one can beat it. Politicians have screwed up India as we all know it. Hope it will end some time soon. Indians are much more educated and disciplined compared to other countries so that should help. Be hopeful guys. I am an Indian living in the US and very confused whether to return or not, that’s how I stepped on this article. The reason I am confused is two fold, education for my kids and the same time I am worried about their family support system later on in life. On top of this I am worried about the confidence my kids will have depending upon where they grow. If they are brought up in the US they will be very confident hands down (In India girls especially get tortured on their way to schools, in buses because of the f’ed up romeos). I am confused if I should choose confidence over family support system as both are equally important!!!

    1. Hello Sampath – You hit the nail. It’s just now you, I have the same dilemma. What happens after us to them?

      Is it ok with you to image that one generation of your family will be cut off from India.

      Maybe our kids will go back to India when we are aline, after us, they may go to see their cousins (if they happen to be have close relationship).
      What about their my kid’s children? They would say, “Our grand parents moved here, we are second generation Indian American’s”.

      Is that acceptable to you?

  17. I love Indian Lifestyle more than USA as people in India care for older and spend much time with families and relatives. While in USA people have no time to go out and met relatives…

  18. Excellent blog here! Additionally your website loads up very fast!
    What web host are you using? Can I am getting your affiliate hyperlink for your host?
    I want my website loaded up as fast as yours lol

  19. All very interesting, the initial blog as well as the comments. I do think you may want to reread and edit the blog for smoother reading as the English is a little confusing here and there.

    All cultures have good to offer and bad to learn from. This blog makes some interesting points while others don’t seem that accurate. Guess it may depend upon where the author live in the US and for how long. It’s all cool.

    Keep blogging. Keep commenting. Keep learning.

  20. I like the helpful information you supply on your articles.
    I’ll bookmark your weblog and check again here regularly.
    I’m slightly certain I’ll be informed lots of new stuff right
    right here! Best of luck for the following!

  21. Hi guys
    I’m agus. I’m from indonesia. Could you please to help me answer this question if anyone here knows much about American lifestyle ? so here’s the question. ” in United States , What do most people think of 27 year-old person who lives at home with his or her parents ? ” Please help me to answer this question that I got from my lecturer.

    1. In the US this situation is viewed very badly. They think a person living with their parents after 18 is a useless, good for nothing person. By the age of 18 you are supposed to take care of everything for yourselves. That’s how they become independent. But the problem with this is that they become so independent they meet their parents twice a year, once for christmas and another for thanksgiving. This is brutal but that’s how it is here. Everyone wants independence, and most of the families here are dysfunctional. I have lived here in the US for 15 years and I have not met many couples who have been together for more than 10 years, there are very few. What this means is because of the independent thinking they don’t share anything with even their spouses. I know a couple here where the wife has remarried like the fourth time doesn’t know her husband’s pay and vice versa. They live like room mates but with benefits if you know what I mean. Hope this helps.

      1. With independence comes “Power”. Survival is easy if you happen to end up getting divorced. People accept and include who who break and get out of relationship. But, society in India see them as failure unless its from really bad relationship. So, we see many breakups.

  22. Your answer reminds me of student writing long essay in exams with no sense.First don’t be racist and work in india for 4 to 5 years and then compare you will get answer.

  23. First of all you sound amusing to me when you did the comparison. You talk about Indians being attacked by black people and on the other hand you call call them bluntly negro/negros and by saying this you embarrass us Indians, because you expect no disrespect or racism against your culture but you through your blog openly say “attacked by negros”.

    What a shame. Late at night even Delhi and Mumbai is not safe for outsiders or females. You live in Gurgaon I suspect that you are not telling the truth. Gurgaon does have Malls, Building and number of apartments but people they don’t roam freely outside their colony late at night. It’s either you are lying or you are some Internet warrior who loves writing bullcrap. Dude you need to get out of your flat and experience what we are experiencing then only you would get exposure.

  24. All she had to write was “attacks in downtown areas”. In fact, I would have written “attacks in downtown areas at night”, since that is a typical problem.

    Suggesting that one has only to fear blacks downtown not only is extremely racist towards blacks but also misrepresents the real picture. It’s primarily the economically disadvantaged Whites and Indians who hate on us and target us Indians. I’ve been attacked by an Indian gang and assaulted by a White gang, but never been bothered by a black person. Most black crime is black-on-black crime (something like 93%, according to the FBI). They generally leave us alone.

    Regarding your comments…
    Gangsta Rap depicts life in the inner city ghettos (aka slums) and projects (aka public housing) of the US. It makes no attempt to convey black life broadly. So fearing blacks because of Gangsta Rap would be like the world fearing all Indians because some musicians out of Dharavi (Mumbai’s largest slum) had international hits depicting criminal/violent life in Indian’s slums. Ridiculous, right?

    Blacks are 13% of the US population but make up 10% of annual US college grads and 12% of masters degrees. And those numbers are rising sharply. So how is it that blacks aren’t getting educated? If your fear is of the uneducated, then it should be directed toward Hispanics, who are 30% of the US population but only 7-9% of the annual college grads.

    Finally, educated does not equal polite. Many educated Indians I know in the US are uncouth, rude, and impolite. The author herself is one example – racism is impolite.

    1. Seriously!…i agree author is racist! He/She isn’t worthy of writing an article :O

      i’ve never been to US, but certainly more than 5 years of working in Indian IT industry I feel like moving out.

      Indians(IT industry) are immature, non-professional, sycophantic, regionalistic, jingoistic, communalistic and many other sticks!..

  25. Attacks by negros? Your article is very racist against us black people. Even the term “negro” is racist.

  26. When India is thaaaat great then why not you come down in India with your family and never think of returning in USA ever. Instead saying pros and cons, come here and alter your country.

    1. US is a trap. People come here with dreams. They take loans and are never able to come back as US degrees have little validity in India. I am from a premier B school, and have been in over 20 countries. Life at 150K is no way comparable to 25 lakhs in India. I will tell u stories here. Many people live life worse than house maids in India. I am planning to right a book on this.

      India should educate people not to fall in this trap and should charge taxes on H1B. People travel on 45K never get GCs and have life equality comparable to mid level Indian jail (I did some social service in a jail as well, so I know life there).

  27. “Like attacks by negros/blacks in downtown area,”… because attacks by other races in downtown areas (like, say, by other Indians?) is far less harmful than attacks by AfAms, is that correct? The irony that you have posted such a racist statement in the Case 4 section, entitled Outsourcing & Racism, is not lost on me.

  28. This article really changed my mind,
    i was looking for some articles related to “study abroad”, actually i have completed my bachelors and want to do masters, so as most of the people think now days i also considered U.K. or U.S.A. for higher studies.
    but your article came like an eye opener, you are right this is our mother country , so instead of making comments that U.S. is better and India is bad, we got to act.
    this is our duty to make our country as good as so called developed nations.
    i am not going to some other place this is my place and i m gonna stick to it.
    thank you.

  29. I have been in the same position as everyone and things have really been running in my head so i came to this platform. Here is my analysis based on my situation – H1b, wife not working, kids young, parents healthy but getting older.
    My priority US India
    High Kids health High Low
    High Kids Schooling Medium High
    High Kids Friends/Family Low High
    High Kids Extra curricular High Medium
    Low Kids Culture (Both are good) Medium Medium

    High Wife Peace of mind(Joint Family etc) High Low
    Low Wife Career Low Medium

    High Health High Low
    high Peaceful Job/certainty/green card wait Low High
    High Growth prospects Low High
    Medium Finances(60% in India vs US High Medium
    Medium Parents Low Medium
    Medium Time with family High Low
    Medium Travel (Less in India, kids get sick) High Low

  30. Thanks for highlighting the key differences between the lifestyles of Indian and American people. With more and more people traveling to India from the USA, the information will make it easier for the tourists to make the right holiday plan and schedule.

  31. First of all this is a great blog to know what it is. We have to respect and accept the truths and ofcourse TRUTH is always bitter!!!.

    Let’s not get in deep touch with our heart of being patriotic.

    I studied my school in Mysore (Karnataka). When I was in school – I always wanted to score 1 marks more than what my friend used to get. Because my friend always used to score 1st rank in my school. So, obiviously I thought If I would get 1+ then I would be at the TOP.

    But, Latter when I moved to Bangalore for my high school, I thought there are many new friends who could beat my old school mate with many margin. Then I thought I have to get 1+ marks to beat these new classmates so that I could be at the TOP.

    But I never was at the top… Not in my school, not in my college, not in my degree and not even in my Master’s.

    Reason I found myself for not being TOP is because:

    – I NEVER had a VISION of being TOP.
    – I always used to get 1+ more than the one who is at the TOP.
    – I NEVER realized that the one whom I thought was at the TOP was not really at the top…!!!

    According to me:
    We (Indians) need not have to be at the TOP by scoring 1+ then what USA scores.

    Let’s understand the limit. Let’s understand the necessicty. Let’s understand what we really need.

    We have to achive what HUMANITY needs rather than just comparing what we have in two different places.

    I am not waving WHITE FLAG between INDIAN vs USA but just telling how our lifes could be better by making it as much as better as we could make it….

    Does it really matters if its USA/INDIA…?

    After all we have one LIFE!!!

    1. 100% wrong comment. u r still a child. grow up. India is a developing country and it should be taken care by us. The kind of silly negligence leads it to be still as it is.
      If we try we can do it

  32. Happiness is enjoyed when shared with others. There is nothing wrong in staying in US if you can enjoy your life with company of friends and share your happiness. Same thing applies, when you go back to India or never come to US and enjoy life in India with Family. It’s all about what you want from your life. It’s not about your personal life, but if you can change life of others and make them happy that will be counted when you reach to end of your life.

  33. every one loves to lead a dignified life. self respect is the key to an individual to choose the way of life. none will render services under corrupt mind. serving Nation is a noble task, but not under corrupt minds. if the working environments are congenial, none will preffer to fly to other places.

  34. Dear Rashmi
    It appears to me that you have returned to India from US after working and building your professional life.
    Well I think that you are not aware of the ground reality. As we have read on HSB it is said to US aspirants that grass is not greener on the otherside. Same is the case here in India.
    I have roots from villages in Delhi and Haryana and lived and got education in cities and believe me situation in cities is much more good than compared to villages now.
    In words of My cousin Grandfather ” Gone are the days of brotherhood and cooperation in villages. People here are now more interested in other affairs and jealous with eachother.”
    My maternal grandmother applauds life of cities as they mind their business and close friends are happy to help.

    Education :- Ask any IIT/ NItians everybody will say they are virtually at the same level when they entered here. Btech from US is more then self sufficient and worth investment.

    1. Legal system
      IF anyhow u got into any kind of disputes and enter into legal system your life will become hell.
      legal system is rotten here.
      Eduction system
      To get admitted to your kid in private school in Delhi u have to shell out loads in the name of donations.

  35. Hi, My family member are green card holder & staying in US. I also want to go there at the earliest as m very alone & my parents are old but my CSPA is ruled out, I cant choose to go for education as m not in favor to do studies now.
    My fiancee is also in India with me, we are planning to get married but i cant marry as my family members wants me to come in US (applying Visa for unmarried son) age (31) is running out very fast what to do?? Please suggest if you have any thoughts in your mind…Eagerly Waiting for your replies guys……:(

  36. For those who really wants to understand the current health system in India , please go through this link. and read the article.

  37. theres one flaw in the above article by the author- about salaries have not changed in new york but in gurgaon it has increased—–

    The point i want to convey that the increase in salaries in gurgaon is due to inflation, with increasing salaries , the prices of commodities have also risen , so it makes no sense saying about increase in salary-

  38. Dear Sir,

    This is totally biased report for USA and de-motivating for potential students or people who want to live good life.

    Give me one simple answer, why so many people go on study visa and most of them never come back ? / Why nobody say I do not want to apply for Green card if he/she has a chance ? / Why still people from my state (Gujarat) go as illegal person and send lacs of money at home within 1 year (you can find so many houses in Gujarat as proof) / Why Indian people pay taxes but never get anything from govt after 60 yrs of work ? Why our tax money goes to beggars & industrialist only and not to any programs for middle-income class ?

    I request you not to publish such hopeless and useless articles; else you will lost your clients who are loyal to your site for AUTHENTIC &TRUSTED details.

    This person might be useless for USA & even for India. Ask this person above questions for genuine reply.

    Warm regards,

    Rajesh Patel

    1. Hi Rajesh

      I am really glad to read your reply which is so very true about USA. The last point highlighted by you about the tax is very true. In India there is nothing that the middle class gets even after paying high taxes as compared to the Rich ones. But in USA if we pay taxes then we really have a very good public infrastructure. I have been in USA for over a year now and I can say that humans are treated as humans here unlike in India. There are some very good things about India too but then its upto an individual to decide what needs to prioritized

      1. Ha Ha ok time to get in now, ok I answer point to point all of you people who are in love with usa like a hell, he is not telling any one not to come to usa, but infact he is telling truth to the people boldly.
        1) Why people wont leave usa?
        Its called ediction nothing else. If you like coca cola and not leaving it, doesnt mean it is good,
        it means it has something which is attracting to you.
        2) Why Indian people pay taxes but never get anything from govt after 60 yrs of work ? Why our tax money goes to beggars & industrialist only and not to any programs for middle-income class ?
        Its the Infra structure maintainance which is causing hell lot of money, getting from airport any where either bangalore or mumbai or Hyd will pay 8000-10000 rupees to reach your homes?
        Hyd I know it charges 200 rupees for bus thats it, even you book a car it wont be more than 1000 rupees. But here you have to pay 100- 200$.
        Alot Alot I can write on this topic, but I just written sample here…Even I am despo until I came here once I am here I felt nothing so super that I should die for this country.
        This is good quality of life I agree but its a forced quality of life…
        Even this lady Pallavi ..written I can say that humans are treated as humans here unlike in India. Oh wow.. People in India only women are afraid to come out in night, here every one afraids to come out at night..Yeah I agree Morning full safe …

  39. Sincere suggestion to HSB,

    Firstly dont allow the anonymous posts on your page & why the HELL you guys care about the ppl who carry the -ve attitude vd them? Every post of your’s make a sense.So, Just keep on posting and forget about the -ve asses.

    Someone said “Lack of money” = TOOTHACHE —> +1 🙂

  40. Hi Rashmi ..
    Very good post ,,, thanks HSB …..
    I have some questions for you (Rashmi ) ..
    I am staying in US from last year … I dont want to stay here for rest of my life .. I am also thinking that collect some money and come back to India .. But when every time I think about come back I got one question in my mind everybodu coming to US wants to settle down here why I am not feeling the same …

    Is that I am having wronge impression about US dont know …. please reply …
    My priority id to live my life fullest (no matter in India or US)


    1. Hi Priya,
      It depends from person to person. It depends on your interpretation of “living life to the fullest”. Many of my friends, cousins chose to come back, including me. I have also seen a lot of people choosing to settle down. I do not have a reliable source of statistics here, like how many of them settle down, how many of them come back and how many of them wanted to settle down but US did not allow them to :-), so I will not generalize. I wanted to come back because I never had the intention of settling down there. I did not opt for a GC application. When someone fell sick/hospitalized in my family I used to be very disturbed in US, but could not do anything. I wanted to be by their side(They are always by my side when I used to be sick :-)). I missed marriages, functions and festivals as well. I earned money but could not share the happiness. I feels great when the kids (from family and neighbors) demand small things like ice-cream, burger and I take them out. I came back because I have a lot of work to do in India. I started a company in partnership here and that got acquired by a US company which did not have an India presence. I teach in local engg colleges to bridge the industry – academics gap. I work with local Govt to review some of the IT/ITES policies, volunteer for TiE etc. I enjoy working here because it gives more meaning to my contributions. Just having a pleasant life seemed a very “limited ambition” in life. I have strong social circle in US also, I can not say life was not fun in US as well. I had a blast during my tenure there. But the effect started to wane on me as I grew in maturity. I travel frequently to US even now and see them there. It feels great. In my company, engineers from our US/Taiwan/Japan divisions fly down here and work with us. The decisions are taken on cost and product requirement basis. It is international culture anyway. As long as work is good, technical growth is good, you have family by your side, life is good. That is why I am saying, do not think about settling down in US. Have the exposure and then ask yourself what you want to do in your life. Decide accordingly.

      1. hmm..
        here/there, important issue is…what do one need for the rest of their life…..
        I(from india) like to make mad contributions in science..i am an 77% student.. MIT/others is out of my range..and i am 23, what sense do that make to run for mad science for the next 3/4 yrs for PG/Ph.D for US..and even after that, Can i make the contribution that i am interested in?? the one that i feel???
        the second option, get a govt job, allot a lot of free time, setting independent business/industry(part time an d making it full time..) (as i can’t get the burden with govt job)…earn money…& “”DOING MAD RESEARCH” that i was interested in..(no one can object me then)..
        & cherishing the life…i find Option 2, sounds more easier to me…
        what do u people say???

  41. I have posted this comment on the previous post (Human being……) too. I would like to share it on this awesome post too…..

    “Patriotism is a superstition artificially created and maintained through a web of lies and falsehoods, robbing us of our dignity and increasing our arrogance and conceit.”
    -Emma Goldman

    I started following HSB in order to get acquainted with GRE and it has helped me a lot. It is authored probably by some Indian guy living in the US. See, that’s the kind of contribution we all need from the people who are going abroad. Mr.HSB is helping so many people (that too free) for everything related to GRE/TOEFL and making decisions worth crores of INR. He isnt just helping the society but also people from all nations who are free to join here. Thats what we can call as a contribution to the society and to the nation. It doesn’t matter what country we are living, the thing that matters is that if one hasn’t done anything to improve the system/contribute to the society, he/she hasn’t got the rights really to say shit about that system(in an insulting manner I mean ). Just see the movie Swades (if you haven’t), thats the kind of patriotism we need, not the blind patriotism which just denies the truth and fights blindly. If you/me/we are a true patriot, then we should openly compare the differences (like this post’s author Ms. Rashmi ) and do something on a personal level-as per our capabilities.

    For example- We all have paid bribes in India, but if we all notice, its majorly in order to get our things done faster and easily. Its we who are looking for shortcuts too. We dont wear a helmet, we drive drunk, we dont wanna stand in the Q—isnt all this our fault? How come the greedy cops or the corrupt officers responsible if we are wrong in the firstplace? Note: I am not implying that its the sole reason for bribes in India, sometimes you are left with no other option than to pay the bribe, even when you are right… but things do change slowly with contribution from the society.

  42. Would like to agree with tha author of the above article.very accurate just afew things to add.
    I have been here for a year and four months, and this is my third semester here,doing my MS in Public administration.One thing i have also noticed in class is that the lecturers or professors give students alot of freedom.I mean, from the country where i come from you only participate in class when you have something very important to ask or to clarify, but here it’s totally different people say even the(dumbest) ..(apologies for being a bit harsh)..things and still get away with it.
    I mean lets face it; like in the class i am in, you only get 10% marks for class participation.But here some students participate like they want to achieve the whole 100% of the grade, by speaking on and on in class.
    Believe me someone once told me that when you come here to study in the USA, in class “students know more than the teacher, you can be intimidated”. This is a fact that i have seen in class.In most instances international students fear speaking in class because one: accent and the other reason some US students don’t seem to appreciate your participation.Did someone mention racism in this article?
    The only way i can urge international students to gain respect is by getting good grades in class, i don’t mean to be rude, but it can silence them a little.And participate in class, i used to fear but now i don’t.I also work in the school library and talk to staff and other students who need assistance, i have come to realize when you leave fear and put yourself in the open you learn alot.Not to mention you gain some communication skills and some work skills.However sadly when some international students come here they want to hang around with other international students or want to stay indoors and watch a movie or something, i used to be like that once then i realize “I am in America now”.Just afew words for those planning to come here.

    1. Hmmm, +1
      “US students don’t seem to appreciate your participation.Did someone mention racism in this article?…”

  43. I want some information on Canada and the US regarding the jobs, related topics like treatment to Indians and racism etc I have applied to both US n Canadian universities but i want to know more about the two in a similar comparison format. Plz HSB help.

  44. My apologies for all the spelling and grammatical mistakes in the below comment . I was in hurry so could review it .

  45. I think people like Ravikumar are jealous of people earning or living in the United States….I think such people had a dream of pursuing higher education in the United states but due some financial reason or other were not able to pursue their higher studies from the states…so they are completely jealous of indians working their and having high standards…so in such a case all Ravikumar can do is to abuse people in the USA just to calm his anger…so Ravikumar just STFU!!

    1. Of course. Ramkumar’s words are like “For the sake of nation you are supposed to sacrifice your rights to better education and end up being poor.” Does the government guarantee good living conditions for all who have sacrificed better opportunities abroad? Does anyone even care about those beggars on streets?

  46. Dear HSB

    Is this the LONGEST Post on HSB ? @_@
    In the statement regarding education cost ‘you pay less than 5 times than in US.’ you meant one fifth time right ?

  47. Hey, i really dont know why almost all people here are thinking just from one point of view. I notice the almost all blogs and the comments on them are from people who are job oriented and not from – who want to be something on their own. Be an Entrepreneur. Why not dream big. We are tought to keep tolerances in our lives. Why not break free and try to do something good for people and not Indians or Americans. Why not create jobs for all and try to change the perspective of others towards the people of our country. I remember the blog on HSB – News Flash – Why Not Dream Big and Set Bigger Goals? ( I now think that it was a waste of time. According to me not many people here have learnt anything from the blog. Anyways, i will keep dreaming big and work hard to become one and who knows one day i will employ you guys :D. Thanx HSB for creating this wonderfull site to help all without any cost. You have really helped me.

  48. Totally agree with every thing mentioned in the post. There is no denying of some facts in which US is far better and there are few things in which India is far better as well. But the intelligent decision what people have to make is, what matters the most for each individual and weigh in accordingly.
    In India, you may have a wonderful idea to implement, but mist of the times you will be supressed by your surroundings or by mere politics or corruption everywhere. From this perspective I do fee l that, US wins hands down. People actually get a chance to put forward their ideas and if it is worth it, they could get it patented and get credits for it, no matter which field you work in.

    HSB, this is certainly a great article. Thanks so much for having this blog.

  49. My middle finger is up, for those who don’t deal with facts ! 🙂

    On my way to a, good quality living standard.

      1. I understand Abdullah, I accept both, life is short and we also need to develop wisdom for after life, and I also believe in the Creator.

        I wish to live in a place which offers me a chance to stay healthy, help myself and also people around, overall “live a pleasant life”, than being the opposite !

  50. Dear HSB,
    I have been following this debate/argument since last two days,which i found very interesting at the same time a bit confusing when people took a very healthy discussion to personal level.They forgot the basic reason for which the article was written!In olden days healthy arguments and discussions were part of educational,social,spiritual and personal enlightenment.they were used as a great source to enhance one’s knowledge and thought process.i am extremely sorry to say that some of the reactions were extremely harsh and uncalled for!it is very unfair to degrade some who dares to comment against his own country, without realizing problem or grudge ?particularly at a time when very responsible people like MR. ANNA HAZARE, Mr KEJARIWAL,MS KIRAN BEDI and BABA RAMDEO are openly claiming that half of the MPS in PARLIAMENT are criminals ?i do not think praising US makes an Indian a traitor? i am a true nationalist but i know where our great MOTHER LAND stands.i would like to request to all not to be so aggressive and timid in any form of debate or discussions ?At last i woud like to sum up with “KNOWDEGE CAN BE GAINED BY SHEER EXPERENCE ONLY”

  51. Lack of money = Toothache.
    if you have this problem ….u cannot eat, drink and sleep or work.
    If you try to forget the problem and try to do others things….at the end of the u still have the pain.

  52. Raj
    6yrs in usa
    I agree with some of the things mentioned in the article.

    Recently I lost my job in california. There is no job security here.
    But do you know my employer paid me for additional three weeks i.e 120 hrs X 55$= 6600$.
    just because they didnt inform me upfront. they just gave me notice of 10 dayz.

    To my suprise, they arranged a small suprise farewell party.

    So you all might be thinking how long have I been associated with this company.
    its just 8 months.

    I dont think any employer would pay me 3lacs even after losing my job.

    I will return India…for better life not worried about stardard of living.

    No money …No honey.

    Hard facts. No doubts.


    Please dont follow my advise.
    Make your own path.

    1. Raj, I am sorry about your job. But we all know it happens in our industry. What fascinates me is that they really made it “feel good” for you even if it was a lay off. Smart approach. In India, they pay you 3months severance package and recommend you to peer companies for a job. Come back buddy, India has enough opportunities.

  53. I am glad to say that this blog has given us a lot of information regardless of whether it is biased towards india or not. These are the bare facts of life in the USA. I am very appreciative of the person who has posted this blog. Thank you.

  54. You are cool HSB, the way you have fomratted and prsented the comments is great. I will make 3comments on your thoughts,

    1. Child care and nanny: How comfortable is it for both baby and parents when they do not to have the support system during pregnancy and after child birth ? The comparison was between India and US lifestyle. I think in this case India wins with clear margin.

    2. Saving: “How to save” is a relative phenomenon. However, you said $ 1mn with both husband and wife working till retirement. i.e INR 5Crores in 35yrs. Well, how did you reach this figure ? I mean there are a lot of variables like how many kids, how far do you support them financially, what standard of life and education you give to your kids, your salary range in 35 yrs, inflation, tax policy changes, health issues etc etc. I am curious to know your assumptions and methodology to reach this figure.

    3. Financial Independence: I had a start up 5yrs ago and it got acquired. But right now I do not have new ideas, its pretty draining also, so contemplating going back to school for networking and perception advantage. Its strategic. I thank you again for the suggetested reading, I will go through it for sure.
    I have one recommendation for you if you do not know about it already

  55. every other post makes it more confusing that should i go to US for further studies or not…i have applied for fall 2012…got admissions in some universities bt still it is tough decision since i have no scholarship.

    1. Hi Reeti, you should go. But not for settling down in US. Go for knowledge, degree, experience and money. You will have your own opinion after you study there. May be you will like US so much that you will choose to stay there, may be you will still want to come back after repaying your loans and having enough money. I find it tough to describe “enough money” for you as it is relative, the key is to have a right balance between “money”, “family”, “relationships” and “responsibility and sense of duty”. It will be “your” choice. As of now, don’t think too far into future, just go.

    2. Hey Reeti, I m no expert in advising u. I m also FALL 2012 applicant and this is what i feel… Education in US is mainly for ur interest in subjects. Money matters but very less. In USA, u earn according to the lifestyle over there n same is true with jobs in India. But in case of education there is lot of difference. In US universities u have more opportunity of chasing your dreams… Go to US for those opportunities not for job or money or lifestyle becasue you havent experienced any of it now. As Rashmi said by the time u complete ur studies u get a feel of what it is like to say in USA. U can decide about staying there at that time… All the best…!!

  56. @ post…you are saying this because you have visited the US and have had your share of profit of the us educational system , If you were in India all along you wouldn’t have written the post . The initial opportunity of education(regarding higher studies) in India is not as high it is in US till now…

  57. Real good post man. Yeah u shud have posted earlier than the HSB post. We are not ashamed of India being a developing country. What we were saying is that to behold the good things of US PLZZZZZZZ dont humiliate India.

  58. good blog, I always think the same way that we can learn and experience from others and can definitely apply what ever we likes of other culture

  59. Wow,this post is really insightful.
    It is also a crystal-clear reply for all the fuss created for one genuine post.
    If guys still want to fool around – Be my Guest!

  60. I bet most of the guys posting negative comments here are the ones who still keep on saying
    “Arey yaar yeh India hai yaha kuch sahi nahi ho sakta”
    “time pe nahi ho sakta”

  61. Awesome post Mr.HSB and Ms./Mrs. Rashmi.. maybe you should have posted this before that “Human being…..” post. Very dignified, disciplined, decent comparisons between the two great countries (of course they are great in their own aspects).

  62. To: HSB

    Can you ask Ravikumar whose post you have quoted above this question.

    What have you done for the betterment of the country or even a small group of Indians by living in India and considering people who go to USA are low life.

  63. Hi,
    First things fist. Hsb is doing an awesome job here. we owe to you and I mean that.
    Patriotism(to me) is a different thing. It doesn’t mean that you can’t go to some other country and make yourself some money. HSB is writing blogs about USA(for us), isn’t that a patriotic thing (he is helping Indians to get know about life and education in USA,before they actually come here.)? Old folks help us here. (aren’t they patriotic?)

    we, Indians shall overcome this narrow mind thinking and being so possessive about our country and our-self.
    India is an excellent country in many terms(our family structure, for instance) but a pitiful country in some terms as well (we kill fetus and girls for love marriage), this doesn’t happen in USA.

    just because some are lucky to get to study in foreign schools, doesn’t make us a rich country. there are other 40 crores who don’t even have money for their one time meal. So we are still poor and no one can deny this fact.
    All I have to say is that HAVE A BROADER LOOK ABOUT WORLD. Have a correctitude to accept other peoples opinions( even the wrong ones!)

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