Real Reason I’m Going to USA : To Be Treated Like a Human Beings

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Do you think all of those going to the US are doing so for mere Money?

I know that after 5-8 u will be paid 3-4 Lacs per month in India.

But my personal reason to Choose US over India is not money, but the real reason is I am treated as HUMAN BEING and not any number (I would use ‘dog on the road ‘here).

Who wants to live in a country where when u go out the home, you know if you met with an accident on the road – no one come to your aid, you will bleed to death on road, and all people will do is surround you and see you die but no one will take you to hospital as they don’t want any police intervention in their life ?

Who wants to live in a country where you are just a number on the road and no security for your loved ones?

Think of the accident scenario happening with your loved ones. Who wants to work in a country where you have to work on a project in the industry in which you have no interest, your interest in the particular field is not entertained; for the same job you have there are thousands and thousands of person in line who are actually willing to work at a lower pay?

Why would the company bother about you?

Here people don’t wake up in the morning and go for a job, but they are exploited to hell.

In the end, you say you are not able to stay with your family members, how many of us while working in IT company gets time actually to do so?

We work 10-12 hrs/day( the bit optimistic here), and when we come home, all we do is eat/sleep for the rest hour s.

Would you not like to be working in a country where you can come home at 5 pm each day?

Take your family to a club, movies or for some dinner/entertainment, give time to your spouse and your children, attend PTA and able to enjoy your life with your family.

Isn’t that what every one wants in the end?

In India if you are working, forget about the family, we don’t even have time for ourself – we won’t have time to ponder even where our life is going, and all we will remember is we have worked some X years.

When you become old not will be on your death bed, most of the working class people will think that if only We had given more time to Family?

NO one thinks if only I had worked one more hour on that project. Do you want to live in a country where any goonda/person comes and slap you, and you won’t even go to the police from the fear what they will ask/do and what if the goonda/person comes to know?

Leave all this – do you want to live the country where all people talk about is Cricket and Movies, for they have no other topic?

You should know only around 15 countries play cricket and Movies are shit here with no story ( Same old love story stuff from the 50s).

If you want your sons/daughters to grow up in this kind of society – you are very welcome.

Nobody wants to live in a country where you are not treated as HUMAN BEING but a resource which is to be utilized to the max.

In the office (exploitation of your mind for cheap pay), taxes and corruption (Govt. taking your money – but you don’t see what difference your payment of tax is making in the country), pay the bribe to get a simple thing as Passport, which in realty is your RIGHT.

You can easily see your Right being thrown in the gutter, and all you can do is watch.

People exploit each other for they know there are no rules and laws that will stop them.

No body can sue you for the wrong you have done.

If you want to want to Live in this country – there are only two professions – Civil Servants (You have some respect here – though not sure what future you kid have one you retire) and Politics (Only these people are safe).

In the end, what I wanted to say that MONEY IS NOT even 5 % of the main reason.

I would love to be in a country where you know that some one will come to look after you when you dial 911 irrespective of your social status – whether you are shit-cleaner or President.

This was my opinion, I know most will try to show patriotism here but deep down in their heart, they also feel this way. MONEY IS NOT IN THE PICTURE.


Adding my thoughts to above Real Reasons.

About 12 months back,  my little kid was inside the car on driver’s seat. My wife left the keys in the back seat. Without realizing the keys are inside, she closed the doors.

  • Minute 0 – Right after she closed the door, this kid hit the central lock.
  • Minute 3 to 4 – So, we called 911
  • Minute 4  – Started Hearing Sirens
  • Minute 5 – Fire Truck Arrived.
  • Minute 7  – Door unlocked
  • Minute 10 – We gave our kid to those firemen to take a photo.
  • Minute 11 – I asked them do we have to pay you? They aid nothing; you can drive home. No need to sign any papers or anything. Just drive.

My parents were visiting us, and my dad said, if this were to happen in India, police would be standing by to get some money from us.

This is one small example of how people are treated with respect. It’s not the money, as the above poster said, its more than that.

Here is another experience of a person who called 911 – I called 911 for $4.50 Internet Fraud.

For those who haven’t been to the USA, the view you have is only through the movies and TV programs.

You will realize the beauty of this country only when you experience and live it. One day I would have to move back to India, but when the day comes, I will try to spread the good things I have learned here to folks around.

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  1. Every thing you said is true. Every upper middle class educated person knows this. But, not everyone in our country knows this. They are just living their hard life.

    You have chosen the path to escape this. This is an option for a miniscule percentage of population. Good for you.

    The irony is, wherever you go, however long you live, you have to come back to this broken country. Everywhere else you will be a foreigner with citizenship.

    That’s the most fundamental reason for showing patriotism. There are people dying to protect this very land you will someday comeback to call home !! Little respect would be good. Little effort towards change would be awesome !!

    1. Whever you guys want to live, Live there by making your own choice and likes.. but dont atleast use this differentiating and comparing between two countries.. every country is awesome and special in its own way..!! I also want to live in america by my choice but i will never reduce my love for india or i will never compare between two countries and both the countries are unique in its own way..!!

  2. One thing is very clear that IT engineers who migrate to USA just not for money but for easy life. I am an Indian engineer loves to work for 10-12 hours a day out of passion and remember even Japanese work more than that. The problem is that Indians always try to find short-cut and migrate to other countries for easy life. Look at Japanese, they are no less than Americans…If after the world war II , they would have migrated to other countries …What would have happened to Japan then? They stayed there and worked for their own country. So If you dont have courage to get your hands dirty then do not write such articles…Please!

  3. first of all in India people who say that they work 10-12 hrs a day don’t really work but they spend the majority of their time in cafeteria or lingering around.
    the second thing don’t judge all the police officers just through your fathers eye.Many are good policemen and they do their work well.

    The second thing just because you wont get a help if you face road accident, then India is bad is really a waste interpreation

    1. Small correction in your comment.

      Only few cops do their job. MANY DONT!

      You wont get help in India for nothing! Accident is just an example.

      You mentioned second thing twice in your comment 🙂


  4. Loved your post HSB! I found it while looking for a completely unrelated topic. I’ve been on both sides of this debate. I think that where you live or how you choose to be is simply a matter of personal choice. Now while I might agree with you or not, I will always respect your right to have an opinion.

    And yes, just proclaiming that India’s got great values and culture won’t do. Cultures are merging and so are value systems. We trumpet Indian culture or American freedom but so few of us actually respect it. Many women in India are oppressed. There are people who have gone to college but are still not educated as you can see from the kind of rubbish that is spewed in this post. As for America, some of them get paranoid everytime a terrorist strikes and persecute the people who have nothing to do with terrorism. Many of them are ignorant about other cultures. And most humans are hypocrites.

    But of course, you absolutely cannot stereotype Indians or Americans. Every culture has its good and bad. Infrastructure is good in the US so that you don’t have to depend on anyone. If the same thing happened to India, do you think our value system would survive? Already in major cities, you can see IT people closeted in gated communities, who don’t even step out to talk to their neighbors.

    I am not a patriot. If I were, I would have done more to help the country. I place security and comfort above other things, after having struggled through gut wrenching incidents.
    At the same time, I am not blind to the downside of living abroad. I’ve had a relative who was murdered by an African American while he was walking to his car
    So leave patriotism out of this. This is a discussion that nobody will win. I think we should just say our peace and move on.
    Personally, if I take a keen interest in helping to make the place I live a better one, then I can call myself patriotic, wherever that place might be. Can’t sit on a high horse and praise or denounce any culture. Take one and make it your own.

  5. Person above is just expressing his opinion. I don’t understand why people getting so hateful? Everyone has a right to express what they feel. May be the above person got into a situation in India where he didn’t get any help and thus expressing his views. It doesn’t mean he is abusing India. I bet every Indian who has been to USA in his/her life has such incidences to share. It doesn’t mean USA is perfect and it doesn’t mean India is a piece of shit. Grow up, people and learn to admire each other’s views.
    Haven’t we all seen road accidents in India all the time where people are ready to stone each other to death and police intervention means they will take money from both the parties, ask for a compromise and send everyone home. I have myself seen in my area so many times, small neighborhood fights turning ugly and when police comes they arrest both parties, take money at the end of the day and make them do compromise, take back their complaints and go home.
    I’d worked in a BPO quite a few years back and while I was travelling to office one day, my cab got hit by another car passing by who did not think it was necessary to see both sides’s traffic while crossing a two-way road. People in that car tried to beat the cab driver, sat forcefully inside the cab while I(only person in the cab, that too female) was there too., drove us to their office nearby, gathered more people and started fighting and blaming the cab driver. I called 100 atleast thrice during this time, and they did send a police van however the van could not locate the fight scene and when I called 3rd time for a follow-up, policeman who answered the phone finally yelled at me as we were not visible to their scout. I had to waive at them quite a few times finally when we saw them and they saw us and all they did was to shut me up as soon as they figured out it was a call centre cab and they could make good money by highlighting the issue(call center driver’s infamous negligent driving)while I tried to speak on driver’s behalf saying it was not his fault and driver kept on saying that talk to me, don’t say anything to my staff please else company will fire me. I must have called company’s office atleast 5-6 times during this one hour and they kept saying they are sending another cab but they sent no one to either deal with the situation or to bring me to office. After I called my parents at the spot who stayed nearby they had me board an auto and I finally went to office.
    Another incident: Met with an accident, car collided against the tree. Doors got locked automatically. Few passers-by stopped, saw us and helped us got out of the car, gave us water and called ambulance which took 1 hour to arrive. Next day I got bugged by cops in the hospital who kept asking silly questions like which location, where exactly, where is the tree located, there must be a landmark in front of the tree, even after telling them i was sleepy and was not paying attention to the location. Even after saying 1000 times that I don’t want to file any complaint against the organization as it’s not their fault, it could happen with anyone and my company was taking good care of me as they paid hospital bills and someone was always there to take care of things. They filed a complaint forcefully, reached the company where I worked, asked for money and went ahead to the extent of saying that It was me who filed the complaint, amazing.
    Incident 3: One of my friends who was driving one day in US broke a traffic rule(not intentionally) got stopped by a cop and the cop said “I am not issuing you a ticket only because I know you are from another country and you will go back to your country and say bad things about US. I want you to have good memories of your experience here. So go now and be careful next time, not everyone will give you a second chance”. When have you seen an Indian cop or any Indian serviceman being nice to foreigners, they are not even nice to their own people. Does anyone need to be reminded how foreigners are mugged and bugged by local people here. They really don’t care what impression that person will carry to their own land and abuse India & Indians afterwards. Atithi devo bhava, really?

    1. Manisha -Your writing is just awesome! kudos..and agree to the fullest and at the same time very sorry and embarrassed while thinking about own motherland. I am in US since last 5 years, may be i have plan to stay for another 2-3 years from now, but will be going back; will work for rectifying my country for rest of my life how small/big i can do. Both are good countries, People of India are actually good( administration is bad), and US is just awesome with few problems in it. But still I can’t loose the identity of root for my generation or next. That may be a limitation of my character. Somewhere have to draw a line of balance among many parameters.

      1. Hi Joy !where are you now?have you gone back to India?
        Losing identity and getting back to my roots is the reason why I am considering going back to India.would be really helpful to see where you are with your decision now.

  6. We are here to discuss how higher education will benefit you, if you think these post are really helping you and you have something really useful and beneficial for others to comment, please go ahead and put down your opinion but please refrain yourself by making some point to prove your ego or smartness(you’re definitely not saving a nation’s integrity, culture or religion by all this). Please understand that there are a set of people here to help you out for your future by putting their valuable time at STAKE, be responsible for anything replying on post because it cost someone’s time in reading and replying back.

    HSB is doing great job!!!

    This is a place for like minded people to share their view on further education with a purpose and intend- To help each other fulfilling their goals or dreams.

    @HSB – Sorry to say that but I am really surprised to see so many people putting useless comments on different issues related to countries thinking that they are saving integrity of their nation and some proving their point to suffice their self ego. Please refrain people from doing that because that is costing time of people who have come here for noble cause including yourself. Don’t approve such comments.

    Thanks and Regards,


  7. I am a big fan of HSB, because it is a platform where details about education abroad and what its like are posted regularly, and all the other tips of how to study for GRE etc. , all of which is from the perspective of someone who has already done that. It usually makes a good and educating read. However, for some time now I have been seeing people on HSB are only intent on cricticising India.Or telling us how much better USA is.

    I read HSB to get information about what life is like for a student abroad, which are the good universities etc. Why say bad things about the country you belong to?Everyone ultimately studies wherever they have to – India or abroad..everyone does what suits them and whats best for them, why then compare the 2 and generate negativity among everyone else? Really- what do we gain by trying to analyse whats bad about this country we are from? Yes- maybe there are bad things- corruption, poverty,bad politics and what not.

    But for once- imagine being born in a country of the Arab world- where wars are going on even as we sit here comfortably reading this post?Or in some far away place in the continent of Africa- where there may not be food to eat, water to drink? USA itself will also have problems of its own- like racism and their own huge debt to cover. Let us for once be thankful of where we belong, and do something better than only criticise our own country.And as someone above has said- compare apples only with apples.

  8. And those of who are so concerned of Indian money drained to US by education, Do

    you know for every Rs 10 coca cola you drink, approx Rs 7.5-8 are drained to US.

    The “Lays” you eat has some US banned ingredients and for every packet of Rs 20

    you drain half to US. They are made out of Indian potato (bought at Rs 5-10 per

    Kg from Indian farmers) and then sold to Indians at rate of Rs 400/Kg.

    Everyday’s household things be it from colgate, pepsodent, Beauty Soaps,

    Perfumes have headQ at US and a major chunk goes to yours truly. If you are so

    patriot use only Indian brands like Ajanta, Neem Babool etc which are no less

    than mentioned above, dont buy GUCCI and other brands clothes, but how many of

    you readers criticising NRIs do so or will do so in future? The definitions you

    have established so firmly in your mind need to be brushed.

  9. And those of who are so concerned of Indian money drained to US by education, Do you know for every Rs 10 coca cola you drink, approx Rs 7.5-8 are drained to US. The “Lays” you eat has some US banned ingredients and for every packet of Rs 20 you drain half to US. They are made out of Indian potato (bought at Rs 5-10 per Kg) and then sold to Indians at rate of Rs 400/Kg. Everyday’s household things be it from colgate, pepsodent, Beauty Soaps, Perfumes have headQ at US and a major chunk goes to yours truly. If you are so patriot use only Indian brands like Ajanta, Neem Babool etc which are no less than mentioned above, dont buy GUCCI and other brands clothes, but how many of you readers criticising NRIs do so or will do so in future? The definitions you have established so firmly in your mind need to be brushed.

    1. What about the employment the MNC’s provide? Matters are never as black and white as you say. I am not advocating devotion to foreign brands, but the fact of the matter is, India is part of a global economy. Heck, half of these brands have factories in India (haven’t you heard the “Made in India” jokes? About how no matter where you go, some stuff would always remind you of home?) How many links would you sever to make it stand alone? (frankly, it won’t even work!). If you talk about a problem, do put forward a workable solution too.

      1. See that’s the thing. It is not a “problem” I am referring to, It is globalisation and we will be part of it, then why use it only for our luxuries and not for technology and education. The people staying there for few years is sort of necessary evil/byproduct but we must look at the bigger picture. When the education from USA is easy to obtain(meaning no unnecessary and complicated hurdles) and liberal to get why not take it. Imagine everything same, but China or Russia providing education better than USA. Would it be so easier for us to get it.
        The sooner we remove double standards from our mind, The better our outlook will become

        1. Oh, but this is hardly about education, right? It’s a social commentary which has NOTHING to do with education at all. I admit freely that USA/Europe has better education standards. Which is why we’re all here. My point is with the fact that the original post stretches that to quality of life etc. on the basis of personal examples. And I am still baffled by one thing- he/she is going to the US to be treated like a human being and…come back and be treated like an animal again? I am tired of all this crypto-immigration stuff. Either own up to it (and post somewhere else), or focus on the education angle.
          I shall stop here. Enough controversy(and traffic :P) generated for a single post, methinks.

          1. Common Tripta… if folks like you don’t post the comments, how can I get the traffic 🙂

          2. Haha. I think I’d move on to the other posts now 🙂
            And nothing personal, really. This blog has been tremendously helpful when I wrote my GRE/TOEFL exams, so thanks! 🙂

          3. I’m in India, working/studying. I took the GRE/TOEFL last year (I wrote a post about it for your site, but I don’t think it got published), but I wanted to take a year or so off before applying for a PhD (I’m done with my masters. Doing a second one now.) Perhaps Fall 2013 would see me there 🙂

  10. HSB,
    These all 192 comments on this post is totally useless and waste of time,
    We (readers) should just read such posts, just see HSB views (came from some readers, or actually he want to know from all of us, more comments), and move on another work , if we have !
    HSB posts are average and normal to share open ideas, sometime will promote US sometime India,
    So conclude your vision from this website according the background you come, you fly to US if scene will be more good for you, if you are not willing, then dont move, i know lot of family moving india, only they get comfort here after living there 10 years, there is no matter of loving the land, if you are loving india, you do work in USA for the same, you share india smell to US, by your own personality came frm india, which will definitely imress them (whites),

    such cases in india, if you come to gujarat, UP, so many states call 108 ()emergency call ) it will take hardly 10 mins to come on spot, so things are changing, day by day, moment by moment.

    accidents safety is more in USA , but familiar life is worst, not in all ,

    I want to say, its upon “you” where you are comfortable according to your caliber of career, money and social attachment,
    just read posts on such topics, dnt take stress on mind, look two sides of each country, there so many countries where you have balance life, other than USA and india, go there !

  11. I think people like Ravikumar are jealous of people earning or living in the United States….I think such people had a dream of pursuing higher education in the United states but due some financial reason or other were not able to pursue their higher studies from the states…so they are completely jealous of indians working their and having high standards…so in such a case all Ravikumar can do is to abuse people in the USA just to calm his anger…so Ravikumar just…..**** ***!!

  12. you are talking about Very old 25 years old topic boss,which my grandpa used to tell me.Now in 2012 everyone knows what USA is and its vulgar lifestyle.take its Govt rules Or public life both are absolute vulgar.

  13. i think the blogger has no or very less friends, is a pessimist, really hasnt been round India, looks down to his country and more over cant be a something big atleast in this life

  14. Wow, this has certainly been going on for a while, eh? I don’t have too many original opinions to contribute here, so I’d just say two things which have come up repeatedly here.
    1) The two countries gained independence almost two centuries apart. Comparing them (with almost every parameter including area, population, degree of industrialization varying widely) seems a little unfair, not to mention simplistic. I take exception to the “treated like a human being” sentence. America has had its fair share of human rights violations, if not on its own soil. Pick up any newspaper and you’d know.
    2) I’ve stayed in India for 23 years now. I’ve had official documents made (including the passport) without ever having had to pay a bribe. I belong to a middle-class family with zero political connections. If you say this is a one-off incident and I can’t generalize, I request you to not do the same with your horror stories. Yes, the policeman who came home for passport application verification had coffee and biscuits. I do not consider that as a bribe 🙂
    Being an environmental science student, I am always amused to see the love being lavishly meted out to developed nations. I know this matters little at the individual/professional level (not that there’s anything wrong with that thinking), but you do know how much of current climate change is because of them, right? Food for thought, perhaps? 🙂
    India has many, many issues. I’d prefer to hope some of the more pressing problems can be dealt with over the next few decades. America has its own issues, and its own strengths. Squabbling over “Kaun achha hai” will never have an amicable resolution, anyway.

    1. +1 Tripta

      It all got incensed beacuse the post was sensitive. However americanized people may be after moving to USA, there is a deep under current of Indianness that runs in the blood of every Indian. It hurts when it is said “I am treated like a Dog” in India, which can actually be true in some cases looking at the separatist movements going on in India. But you can not generailze it happens to 90% of 1billion population. It is not true. Unfair treatment happens in all societies including US, just that you have not been a victim yet. It hurts more when you talk about “fair treatment” in US and support the attitude of “US is a great country and India is a piece os shit”. If you think US is all fair treatment, you have not seen enough yet. This is a blog for guidance for higher education abroad, be it US/UK/CAN/EUROPE. That is fine, but influencing/encouraging young Indian minds to immigrate to US (or any developed country) is not a good idea. Promoting US lifestyle by advertising only fair side of the country and berating India by showing only negative side is an indirect promotion/encouragement of brain drain and this is not acceptable. This becomes a personal problem for true Indians and they will defend it.

      1. +1 This blog post has reached new heights.Hsb has moved on and eventually reached a conclusion that we are all ‘idiots’ check the new post.I thought behind all the serious banter there was room for a healthy discussion and that’s what you get for being overly optimistic.

    2. No point explaining this to anyone Tripta. I earlier commented saying the coparison is grossly unfair but HSB being the simpleton that he is could not gauge that. Even if you explain it to him using analogies, he takes things in its literal sense. Being the writer of a famous blog, I m extremely disappointed by his views and intellect. He could not understand as simple a thing as an unfair comparison. Muppet …

      1. I am not even sure how this post got approved in the first place. This is a blog about education opportunities in the US (which at doctoral levels are admittedly better than in India). How is a social commentary about how the two countries work even valid? This isn’t a place for immigration tips, where this might’ve made more sense. Education visas aren’t supposed to be a ticket to a green card (“supposed”, yes). I have a problem with the motivation of the write-up, more than the actual post. That is just all vitriol and no balance, anyway.

  15. I dint get time to read the entire comments.For the incident…dont compare US and India.Both the countries are good @ their own stand.dialing 911 is easy in US and getting rid of speeding tickets is easy in india(unless you get caught)
    * you can conclude ‘TTREATING LIKE HUMAN’ in US based on single incidence.
    *If US is ideal and valuable country according to you….the only reason behind this is citizens follow the rule,encourage law for making mistakes and not complaining against and writing blogs.if you dont contribute to the success of the country(India)dont blame it cos you can survive in India under all circumstances….i tried to keep the para short but make a hell lot of understanding

  16. Lot of folks following this comments – Spread the News – Tsunami alert for the Indian Ocean – Spread the News. EarthQuake off Indonesia.

  17. @HSB you’ve got every right to promote US as an educational hub. you can talk everything about the benefits over there, but you have no right to compare and look down upon our motherland INDIA. There’s no doubt that people visit this blog to acquaint themselves with better career options at the best places and you’ve done a good job, but that does not necessarily gives you the right to make us Indians appear waif-like creatures. At least your comments supporting some of the negative tones suggest this.
    You have a lot to gain by attracting more people which means a rise in the number of hits but you have completely ignored the crap they have been writing against their own country.
    There are two ways to get ahead of your opponent , either you go faster or slow them down and i don’t see you going any faster.
    There are a number of places on the internet for guidance on education like edulix and i haven’t seen anything like this with them.

    You ll agree to this that some people have shown us wat fools look like; not by pasting their pics like a knight in the shinning armour, but by their stupid comments. Each one of us has every right to be here so that you navigate through agendas within your limits. Nobody has got the right to blame a country or its citizens. There are authorities in place to place censorship on this blog for allowing objectionable content against India and its citizens.

    1. You assumed that I’m looking down on India. In this post or any of my comment, did I mention I’m looking down on India. If thats the impression you got, then you are incorrect.

      1. That’s wat i am telling you again please don’t be dogmatic and draw inferences on your own. It’s obvious that you have a penchant for US but don’t support comments that criticise India or the people living in India.
        Now do i need to give you examples and explain you

          1. Please don’t assume that i am asking you to delete any comment, its your blog and your wish. There has been a tsunami and it would be better to ameliorate things rather than stimulating them.
            For now i can only wish for the well being of everyone , their families, relatives and friends .

    2. I agree with himanshu. Come on… It’s ur !! country for God’s sake. Look at japanese or chinese. They learn technology from bigger developed country and go back to their country to serve. No doubt, the grass always looks greener the other side. But think of your children growing up in a country where nobody, not even U! have control over them for their wrong doings in their teenages. Ur own children would one day go against u if u try to preach them. They’ll simply call 911 as u mentioned earlier my friend. Every democratic country is a prey of corruption and not only India. This implies, u know only about your country and not other countries. This is obvious as u belong to this country. Look at other developing countries. They learn technology, go back to their home country and as years go by, every problem say fear of goondas would automatically fall in place safe. It is all in our hands. Everything has it’s ups and downs. I don’t see any country not making protests against government for one or the other reason. If you do not respect or are not proud of your own contry, you certainely will not be proud of other’s country as well. If not today, sometime later. If you can’t be a good citizen in your own country, how can anyone expect any external to serve their country. Who knows- tomorrow if that particular country would turn out like that of his country, he might desert that and move to another country. All of their own gains and comfortness. This is my opinion and it goes on , HSB won’t be able to provide space for this debate 🙂 Let this site be only a means to spread knowledge about means to study abroad and not hatred for thier own nation which is happily sending their young citizens in hope for future 🙂 Sorry for any syntax err..

    3. Typing on a keyboard saying “NO. I WONT ACCEPT IT” is very much easy. And practically its impossible that everybody here is offered a green card. But ask yourself and don’t fuckin waste your time writing “NO. I WONT ACCEPT IT”. If you are that patriot than first of all unsubscribe yourself from HSB and go prepare for Indian Army rather than GRE or whatever which will help you to get out of this hell country….

  18. VERY TRUE.

  19. Do whatever you feel like doing. If you’d like to go to US and stay there, do it! I’m sure you have your reasons. If the admin likes US more than India, he sure has his reasons too. If you like being in poor India and find your peace, there’s nothing greater than that. As long as you are happy and doing what you think you should do, nothing else not matter. Just don’t f**king complain!

  20. The people who are so pissed off by the article.Can you please answer me a question.
    What the hell ar you ppl doing here on this website when you are not intersted in leaving INDIA??? What were you searching on this website if you are not interested in GRE???? Are you searching for some Railway Reservations and landed on this website accidently….. You ppl talk about Civil Services, IIT & IIM…do you knw how many years does ppl waste preparing for the exams in the coaching centers and living in rooms equivalent to hell and paying much more rent than the room is worth off and then getting rejected only cause he/she don’t have a solid reference or didn’t bribed the department from top to bottom …any why are you ppl opting for IAS & PCS coz you can also be a part of this curroption cycle and earn as much as you can….do you have any options of part-time jobs in India while studying….and how can you forget the best topic in every Group Discussion…”Reservation”…. the crowded streets…and green villages doesn’t give you lunches…as you say free lunches are not free….I live in Noida….the rich ppl here only has one buisness and thats Real state…..IT professionals only pay installment to the Banks…So if anything in US is much better than this we should go…there is a brain drain ppl…most of the companies have outsourced projects for US companies…and that to our so called brothers from our countries become our managers and pay only $500 a month where the company from US pay our company owners around $250 a day….. everyone who want to be IAS PCS..even you can’t buy a AUDI in INDIA…got that..coz you cannot show your original Salary…..all the best to everyone..

    1. +1. Awesome. “Are you searching for some Railway Reservations and landed on this website accidentally…..”

      Trust me, I haven’t written about Railways Reservation in HSB 🙂 But, I have written about flight reservation to USA.

    2. But Deepak you are totally misunderstood and therefore shooting loads. Who said going to USA is unholy act in the eyes of those who are defending India here? Whats the relation of GRE and railway reservation here? No one is opposing doing MS etc in US ! Point of the topic began with “what about parents when one goes US for education and decides to make it permanent home while his parents would mostly probably needing him in their oldage” which HSB stretched to “why he want to live in USA” to his misfortune he hit the wrong chord by comparing India’s situation and the treatment one gets, to that of treatment of america,
      calling a big trouble.

      I am not at all telling that situations explained about corruption/bribe/accidents etc. are not true under false patriotism of mine, point is why this comparison at first place?
      I personally can put forth 100s of very serious flaws of american lifestyle which are worst of its kind as compared to India to advocate why india is thousand times better place to live. But its a mud slinging game!
      Would you criticize your old ailing mother for a sexy young well built hot lady because you feel more warmth in her bosoms and array of comforts she can offer? Probably not, right? India is your motherland, spare some respect while criticizing her ruthlessly “especially” when you no longer wish to be a part of solution. Is that too much to ask for she has given you shelter, security, freem of expression and opportunities till the age of say 24-25? Criticizing is the abuse of abundance of freedom our generations have been enjoying without any obligations towards social responsibility.
      If you ppl have microscopic analytical ability to theatrically elaborate menace happening in India, where does your brains faulter when it comes to find solutions? Why you want to run away to US instead of bringing transformative change here? When you say in india “you get this treatment” you are in fact accepting how dead you are who cant change it on your own!
      Can anyone of you criticizers give few awesome points how to end corruption or change the situation one faces when he needs emergency help? As i said in my first post here, ppl have stopped caring for such non sense things. Its a “chalta hain” attitude we have cultivated the same point on which Mohan Bhargav in “Swades” gets angry at the night of Dussehara! Watch that movie once again if you still love criticizing india!

      Someone was telling here how indo-american community helps to citizens of india and her economy,
      theorotically statistically it looks impressive and true to some extent but just imagine if just half of all those who have successfully established themselves in USA, had started up companies in india and made them global how many million fold more india could have benefitted from them? Indo Americans who generously pour dollars in india are like a tip to a beggar, when their presencce in india can transform her fate forever!
      I now feel very sad to enlighten you guys as you have turned your sensitivities off towards your motherland and left no shame while criticizing. I know 2 colleagues who have abandoned american citizenship for other countries because they are fed up of americanism, but never found vomiting poison like this! Sorry to be so much strong in words!

      1. +1.00 Too Good
        ” Would you criticize your old ailing mother for a sexy young well built hot lady because you feel more warmth in her bosoms and array of comforts she can offer?”

        HSB while talking bout Flight Reservations to USA forgot that hes actually denigrating his own mother for a mere commission.

          1. Everything is explicit, although the reason you r provoking this Argument is not, let me ask again

            Is there anything to enlist US as a country not suitable for studying, working or living???

          2. Uff HSB do i have to explain you this?
            Old ailing etc Thats what ppl who want to whine about india are trying to imply.
            Derive only sense from my statement, dont infer word to word.
            Anyway Old= Tradition of corruption that continues from very old times,
            ailing= disease of i-dont-care attitude, chalta hain attitude, disgust about our own ppl, ppl leaving for greener pastures after enjoying 24 years of free “mehaman navazi” + criticizing while leaving her (without benefitting to society) and so on = dont you think these are the diseases she is suffering from?
            Now dont ask why young, sexy, hot, well built etc about America. Its a common sense!
            Btw am not raising objection on “your” thought process, dont take it personally. I am highlighting a very common attitude i have found in so many ppl who dream and one day go america.

    3. @Deepak This is the thing I was talking about in my previous comment. What you guys are trying to say is “EVERYTHING OR NOTHING”..and everyone here is this much intelligent to distinguish right and wrong! I think in Noida wherever is your home (or dont know), if your room messes up than you must be in the habit of leaving it all messed up and shift to your neighbour’s home because that is in better condition.. haa come on man, you don’t deserve to comment here even if you are an MS aspirant..What you are trying to say is “coz we have so many problems let’s run”..However the above post is for the people who really want to educate themselves and side by side can avail the other amenities in US. This is the only problem of this country..Everyone needs everything but will do nothing..

    4. All the 120+ comments posted here are by those who want to go to US or want to settle there. What bloody work you had to come to this blog. Why the heck have you suscribed to HSB if you love india so much, and you are being so over-patriotic??? All the guys who posted negative comments or anti-HSB comments are dreaming of US (either work or study or work for some time and return). They dont want to accept ground reality.

      Guys, grow up. Be sensible. There is nothing wrong to learn from other country. Be it USA or France or whatever. There is no shame in admitting that India is a developing country. Lets experience other country’s culture and system and learn from it. All those guys who posted negative comments have serious EGO problem. They refuse to accept ground realities.

      Moreover, its not a debate about about which country is greater. Its about experiencing cultures. Its about experiencing the difference. The world is a global playground. Our designs are done in india, validated in US, manufactured in China, delivered in Brazil and serviced in Czech republic.

      All the anti HSB fans, stop following this blog and go do your patriotism stuff.

      Rest of us would give a + 1 to this post and show the middle finger to all those who dont agree and carry on.

      I thought this post would inspire a lot of people and give them a new dimension in thier thinking. You simply carry on with your good work and dont bother about these idiots. They are not eligible to experience this great country.

  21. This is my second comment with the passion for my motherland
    Just think about the army men who leave their families alone and leave their lives for us.
    But we engineers administrators doctors etc enjoy the pubs dance mid night parties and finally approach foreign land by cheating(in the name of studies and finding a job and settling their land)
    my dear fellow Indian mate touch your heart and say that you heart-fully want your daughter to grew up in US culture
    you can’t put locks and cellotapes brother.
    I Love India and i want to die in INDIA.
    I know how to live in INDIA Safely and prosperously
    after reading this post i guess you was inside 4walls in your home rather than the round earth where the other INDIAN’s used to live

  22. Plz bear if you find my post weird because that’s the way I think. If someone says don’t watch porn because it’s not good, you will say I am a free man, I should be free to do what I want in my life and hey, I am not hurting anyone. If someone says don’t drink because firstly you are underage to buy it and also it;s bad for liver, you will say I am a free man, I should be free to do what I want in my life and I am not hurting anyone. But then if I says I want to spend 20 lacs of my dear parents money to invest in something which defines a human being i.e. education, because I am a free man, I should be free to do what I want in my life and I am not hurting anyone, I am a wretched creature?
    The thing is whether you deny or not our existence is at two levels, first where we are a part of a group or community or say Indian and have mob mentality: we would brag how best we are, how the Indian Culture is the best and how ungrateful are those who used Indian resources as a ladder to get a posh life at the US and how my country means everything to me. The second is individual level and here we are 100% true to ourself. I ask you one thing: If you are given freedom to choose one of the two future lives when your child is at age of 30: a middle class guy living at US and earning 60k$ (yes that is the median salary of middle class at US), who enjoys a comfortable life, drives a car, works 40 hrs a week, reads a lot and in pursuit of discovering and exploring various aspects(This may sound too rosy, but that is true. A common man at US read novels, take interest in different cultures etc). The second option is a middle class Indian with 5lac/p.a salary who is a slave to office politics and managers, who scolds his children for no reason, who has the habit of bribing and waiting in queues, who doesn’t remember when was the last time he did something creative and productive.
    I am not saying US is better than Indian and it is OK to ditch our motherland but can you forget one thing: In a great environment an average guy’s production goes high while in a pathetic ambience an excellent worker’s output goes average. What is wrong if I want to spend some awesome years of my life there instead of a place where even after working my ass off I can’t secure a seat in a respectable college because every other seat is reserved.And I do not even want to quote passport and railway ticket stuff.
    So what does it mean, Indian is running on negative energy? Everyone surviving by cutting throat of the adjacent? No we will improve by having a wider outlook.The people who leave to US always miss their holy motherland, but imagine after investing 20lacs he brings home 2 crore of rupees and excellent technological experience. Compare him to a guy who just writes on blogs criticising others for he is too weak to do anything creative but wants to release his poison.Even if one out of 10 people return India he is contributing more than 10 cryers. If you cannot do something good the biggest contribution is do not hinder others.Soch Badlo, Mulk Badlega. And read a LOT.

    PS: I belong to a top 10 university of India where Albert Einstein wanted to continue his research in relativity but wasn’t allowed by the silly stringent rules of my university.

    1. Some of the answers for you Suri.
      >Plz bear if you find my post weird because that’s the way I think. If someone says don’t >watch porn because it’s not good, you will say I am a free man, I should be free to do what I >want in my life and hey, I am not hurting anyone. If someone says don’t drink because firstly >you are underage to buy it and also it;s bad for liver, you will say I am a free man, I should be >free to do what I want in my life and I am not hurting anyone. But then if I says I want to >spend 20 lacs of my dear parents money to invest in something which defines a human being >i.e. education, because I am a free man, I should be free to do what I want in my life and I am >not hurting anyone, I am a wretched creature?
      [R] Being free also means being responsible about the freedom and learning how to use the freedom. Freedom of speech does not mean ranting nonsense. Freedom does not mean you can do “anything”. Here, you actually are hurting national investment. You used India’s infrastructure, a college seat, resources like real estate, food etc. You got primary and undergrad education in India. You should pay back something to the country. The money your father earned is in India. The health care you got, the vaccines you got as a kid was in India. You are actually hurting the country when you choose to spend your “capability”, “knowledge”, “expertise”, “loyalty” and “life” in USA instead of India. Yes, you are hurting the country’s growth by not paying taxes in India. You are the best creature God has made, but you need to broaden the horizon of your thoughts[R]
      >The thing is whether you deny or not our existence is at two levels, first where we are a part >of a group or community or say Indian and have mob mentality: we would brag how best >we are, how the Indian Culture is the best and how ungrateful are those who used Indian >resources as a ladder to get a posh life at the US and how my country means everything to >me. The second is individual level and here we are 100% true to ourself. I ask you one thing: If >you are given freedom to choose one of the two future lives when your child is at age of 30: a >middle class guy living at US and earning 60k$ (yes that is the median salary of middle class >at US), who enjoys a comfortable life, drives a car, works 40 hrs a week, reads a lot and in >pursuit of discovering and exploring various aspects(This may sound too rosy, but that is >true. A common man at US read novels, take interest in different cultures etc). The second >option is a middle class Indian with 5lac/p.a salary who is a slave to office politics and >managers, who scolds his children for no reason, who has the habit of bribing and waiting in >queues, who doesn’t remember when was the last time he did something creative and >productive.
      [R] I’ll start by correcting your statistics first. At 30, an engineer(BTech/BE) in India will be of appx 7yrs of experience. If he is a software developer, he will be a “tech lead” by that time in services companies or a senior engineer in product companies. The salary range is Rs 10L – Rs 16L per annum depending on domain. I take an average, Rs 13.5L = $2700 in India. It is comfortable. You can afford your own house and car. Home on loan and car without loan. You will get lots of tax benefits also.
      Your description of second option is weird and funny. What makes you think software engineers in India do not read novels at 30 ? Why do you think a father at 30 will scold his children unnecessarily and whats wrong in standing in a queue ? People in US do not stand in a queue ?? What makes you think engineers in India do not do productive work ?
      >I am not saying US is better than Indian and it is OK to ditch our motherland but can you >forget one thing: In a great environment an average guy’s production goes high while in a >pathetic ambience an excellent worker’s output goes average. What is wrong if I want to >spend some awesome years of my life there instead of a place where even after working my >ass off I can’t secure a seat in a respectable college because every other seat is reserved.And I >do not even want to quote passport and railway ticket stuff.
      [R] I already explained why one should give productive years in India, not in US. Actually you are saying US is better than India. All your description means that only. However, why do you think the working environment is bad for productivity in India ? Have you worked in India? Have you worked in US ? I did not see any difference in working environment, I have worked in India, US, Japan and Canada. I see a difference in working methods. Every culture is unique. In US, you will find experts in particular modules, coding since 15yrs. Of course they are great in that Job. In Japan, you will see people are very meticulous, they will not even skip one checklist item and follow process very diligently. Engineers from India surprise them with the speed, expertise in several areas of work and grasping ability. If you are actually working in US and you are working with Chinkis, whites and desis, you would know this.
      I am sorry about your not getting admission into govt college, thats the level of competition in India. Mediocre indian students can clear GRE and get admission to US/Canada universities. Imagine how many of the americans can clear IIT-JEE, AIEEE, GATE and IIM here :-D. I agree that they need not do that because even if they beat the competition, they will study in an inferior univ than a MIT/Berkley/Stanford.
      >So what does it mean, Indian is running on negative energy? Everyone surviving by cutting >throat of the adjacent? No we will improve by having a wider outlook.The people who leave >to US always miss their holy motherland, but imagine after investing 20lacs he brings home >2 crore of rupees and excellent technological experience. Compare him to a guy who just >writes on blogs criticising others for he is too weak to do anything creative but wants to >release his poison.Even if one out of 10 people return India he is contributing more than 10 >cryers. If you cannot do something good the biggest contribution is do not hinder others.Soch >Badlo, Mulk Badlega. And read a LOT.
      [R] Again, what makes you think an engineer from US is better than an engineer in India ?
      From my college, 7 quota students are in US (expecting green cards). Getting H1B and getting admission to a college in US(except top 20) does not make you a better engineer. If you really think so, let me know your domain and I will recommend few companies in India and you can work there for a year or so. I bet you will struggle to get a “star of the quarter” or a “best performer” award.
      >PS: I belong to a top 10 university of India where Albert Einstein wanted to continue his >research in relativity but wasn’t allowed by the silly stringent rules of my university.
      [R] This one is interesting. Which university is that ? I hope you will not make me google on this one. I am curious and will be thankful for this information. [R]

        1. +1 another +1 for you Rashmi. I am amazed to see so many ppl who have received superior upbringing and facilities to be eligible to go USA are carrying so much negative energy instead of becoming an effective problem solvers!

      1. India is my motherland, yes, but going to the states to pursue one’s grad/post-grad no way hurts the Motherland. An Indian does consume many resources here in India but his/her decesion to stay back in the states speaks in itself why he chooses USA over India.
        Moreover,modern day USA is a country of immigrants founded by the europeans who fled their respective homelands to make a free country, where research and science will never face hurdles. Hence, In the United States, you are a global Citizen.
        Moreover, who says that the NRIs don’t come back to India.
        Even after staying miles apart, they do positively affect our ‘Indian’ Economy. viz. Sending money home, Investing in India, Importing Indian stuff.
        Then there are some NRIs who come back to India and adopt villages, areas etc..
        Some who go back and raise awarness about variuos issues in India for global Understanding and AID….

      2. Rashmi – I understand you came back to India after spending time in US and are well settled here. It’s a different ball game competing among millions of hard working graduates willing to work for pittance and rise from there. At 7 years experience you would not be earning 13 lakhs per annum. The average would be 8-10 LPA. People who graduate from ISB are earning 12-15 lakhs, many of whom already have 4-7 years of experience.

        The mindless work people are doing in India makes them zombie robots and sucks the life out of them. That’s why they do not have other pursuits

  23. Hi it’s my first time to the us and I have experienced a lot of peace here.I love this country.Innitially I was depressed as I was missin my family and friends.I got time to understand who I am and make peace with my self on various issues that I did not know I was suffering from.This place is beautiful and all are treated equally like human beings.
    Fear of e ploitation is replaced with safety and peace.I am a loner so I did not have much of trouble being alone here as my family goes to work here and I am alone in the day.But I have taken to the regional library for which I did not need to pay a penny and I can borrow so many books.This place is beautiful and peaceful but I miss the one I love and given any day I would sacrifice all of it and my career to be with the one I love.

  24. Excellent ! So many posts, to supporting India, “including me too” ! 🙂

    But, I would ask, “If all of us were offered a GREEN CARD at U.S would you accept it or reject and come back to India? ” 🙂


      2. I will Reject .
        I too want to do my higher studies in US, get technical and social exposure and finally come back to India to contribute and serve my country.
        Please do read Rashmi comment below.

        1. I have see so many (not one or two) who say the same. I would appreciate if you come back after 4 to 5 years to say where you stand.

          1. Ok I will not reject it truthfully. I have never said that US is not a good country. Of course given a chance I will accept it. However,I have my own plans of living in some place like Dharmsala/Rishikesh etc after I reach 45. So it doesnt matter if they give PR or not. Besides, there is a difference between accepting the PR and disgusting my own country in front of others. I would always try to represent the positive points of India no matter where I am. How would you feel Mr.HSB if some American/Britisher etc says all the above said stupidity for India? Would you defend India or would you just say YES and let him disgust ur original country?

          2. Let us be plain, take land “A” and land “B”,

            These are the basic needs, right: ROTI, KAPADA, MAKAAN !

            LAND A :

            1)Roti : The food is not at all healthy, most of the items are adulterated, even banana which is available easily in this land , is being adulterated.

            2)Kapada(Retail): The regular items which we buy is generally ends up in 1000s, because the hard earned currency is not much valued internationally.

            3)Makaan: The value of land is very high such that, for a average earning person it generally takes till 50+ years, till the age of retirement to get a good own house. Though many buy some land for a better living, again furniture etc are at rocket high prices compared to the salary earned !

            LAND B

            1)Roti: “Healthy food”, best, no more words needed to say !

            2)Kapada(Retail): Every thing is of a high standard, internationally standardized products, and majority of the items end up in 100s, because the value of the earned currency with our hard work, so much high, even internationally.

            3)Makaan: The land value is high but it definitely dosen’t take a life time to buy a home. A average person earning here can buy a land easily if he handles money properly and the furniture etc are of best quality, again up to international standard.

            Which land would you guys choose, Land A or Land B ?

            If, for example, every 1SqKM of land, where only up to 10 people can live a good life, then only 10 people should be living, anything more than that, the place would become worse for living.When population density is low, it would be easier to have a good living, when population density is high, everything goes out of control.

            FYI: Even the educational institutions became worse, that is why, we want to go abroad and study, atleast to have a quality knowledge in life !

          3. Defintely Yes!

            But the people who said NO or reject would have have not stayed in US for a minimum of 1 year for sure

    1. Hey Adam! Adam Smith’s principles indicate when nation’s economy is booming and basic infra is developing fast with abundance of consumer goods, ppl will high probability reject GC-PR of the country whose economy is showing some symptoms (see i am not saying recession yet!). Given the attachment of Indians with their families + booming economy its good to stay back in India or return back!


  25. its hard to believe HSB is immature as some ppl say.

    Just received HSB newsletter highlighting this USA vs India debate. Suddenly some thought flashed in my mind, was this post was a predesigned publicity gimmick? Getting 120+ comments makes this blog popular no doubt, seeing this some sponsors might be stepping in! Really wonder how many posts catered this much comments!

      1. ok alright! Just trying to put some humor in here! I have started loving your blog,
        someday i might have enough money to sponsor it! (may be in dollars or may be in rupees lol)

  26. People who’ve written posts like this, denigrating the country they’ve lived in for the majority of their lives, do not deserve to belong to India! You should settle in the US, BUT oh wait!! They’ll never truly accept you as their own!
    Any slight terrorist activity in the other side of US, and they will point fingers at you. It is a highly developed country and they received independence in 1776, that’s way before 1947.
    And lets face it, you’re not goin to US because you’re not treated as a human being. thats BS. You seem like a young man who’s never really seen actual problems!
    The real reason you wanna go to the US is that you’re not smart enough to pass any competitive exam in the country, and GRE is easy, requires a few months of prep (unless you dont know english at all, in that case you should refrain from leavin the country) and even goin to shitty unis is ok with you as you are in the US (and that just makes you sound like a white person a**licker). You wanna meet loose girls, even though you wouldn’t want your sisters to be treated the way you treat women.
    You disgust me!

    and HSB, a little bit of respect for you just wore off. I agree with what happened to your child, but posting that comment was bad!
    A person who can’t be his own country’s really will never be anyone’s or any other country’s.
    I really dont this you’re gonna let me post this, but i had to say whats on my mind!

    1. the author is a pathetic failure as person and completely delusional, trying to run away from the problems.
      *******If your ‘house’ is messed up then ‘set’ it up************

    2. —–>” you’re not smart enough to pass any competitive exam in the country”<—–

      Anyone believing in that line, needs to wake up and come out of their disillusion .

      Indian education is a mess. Its made for mug pots and rich kids. Indian exams are competitive, but the universities/colleges are highly selective not because they are competitive, but because they are in the sweet spot of an f'd up demand/supply ratio, that they have to choose new students based on some scale. In India that happens to be crazy high exam scores or crazy amounts of money.

      Try opening an education institution (school/college/university) without paying bribes or using any political influence. I'LL FALL TO YOUR FEET IF YOUR CAN DO THAT.

      But, under current circumstances, its impossible to open one, because the politics-education complex (Politicians controlling the education system) works in such a way that Politicians get to maximize their profits (mostly black money) by keeping the supply artificially low. But, most of my fellow countrymen (from India) are so darn blinded by the glitter of "getting into top school/college" that they never stop to think whats the real problem, and are they really good at what they think they are good at?

      For all the things I disagree with Kapil Sibal, I believe his initiatives in scrapping IIT-JEE entrance exams are steps in the right direction to fix the quality of students entering IIT.

      Count the number of Universities in USA and India, compare that number with the number of students applying in USA and India. You'll see how horribly skewed that ratio is.

      The purpose of an educational institution is to provide education by way of improving your existing skills and developing those that you lack in. The purpose is never to become an "elite club" of rote learners and exam crackers, who learnt those skills by spending exorbitant amount of time and money on tuitions. Sadly, in India, we have only Elite Clubs of Exam Crackers. Not educational institutions!

      1. //Its made for mug pots and rich kids//

        rich people send their kids abroad, mainly for MBA. Those biyani, birla etc send their kids to do MBA from some crappy US university, and they fool us here.

        Then there were others who manage to get their kids into MIT,Harvard etc, though that’s something still better, as they were into streams like computers, or physics, still better than a MBA. But as far as I know, these Indian laws are not applicable to rich. Their kids won’t be competing with middle class kids for IIT-JEE, CAT. That’s for us only.

        And now, even Indians are opening some elite university, like Ashoka. But I am quite skeptical. Such universities won’t work in India, because, India still comprises of middle class.

        Unfortunately, education has become a big business.

    3. Happen to see this blog finally. This:

      // you’re not smart enough to pass any competitive exam in the country//

      In other post of HSB, I have explained in detail, the real attitude of Indias, ” I am superior, you are inferior”.

      And this is exactly how I too was raised up. “Not smart enough to pass any competitive exam in the country”. Do you know why India is the only country which not only has many entrance exam, but the level of difficulty also keeps on increasing as the years pass by. Before that, I will explain you about the Indian ration system.

      When India was socialist, it had to purchase lot of items not only from neighbouring states, but also from other countries. Now, India was not a rich country, but a poor, so, resources was also meagre, and their distribution too was pain ful. New Delhi, being the capital, was the place, where all type of crowd, elite, scholar, labour used to migrate, which meant more number of resources must come here. Now this is where the situation became worse. These rationing system was meant for those who were contributing to delhi’s growth, but, even the labors who were brought by the contractors also started ending up in ration queues. Then what happened? Government made it mandatory to obtain ration card. We all know, in fact, even my father also has it, still. But are you people aware that what brought the corruption of issuing of these ration cards? I have written above that how those labors? Why did the government made ration card mandatory? Because, those labors, who were not part of delhi, actually, started playing game, for their survival. Two labours would flock together, as they never had identity, and would siphon off the ration items. And these labours kept on flocking to delhi. And this is the reason that why we used to see long queues of labours in front of ration stores. And then, our socialist government came up with yet another brilliant idea? what was that? Giving out licences for private people? That was a stupid idea, because, these contractors designed a game. Majority of these contractors used to be from the areas where these labourers used to stay. Are you able to understand what am I trying to say?

      And now analogy with entrances? You must have guessed it. These entrances are more in number so that people can be kept out. And this is why the level of toughness gets on increasing, as India’s population is huge, and more number of people keep on applying. During my days, IIT were written by everyone, school kids who would be passing 12th immediately, 1 year drop, 2 year drop, even graduate who would be in 1st and 2nd year, those who were doing Engineering from non IIT till 3rd year. I have seen people who dropped for 5 years writing IIT. Do you call this any yardstick of measuring intelligence? Even if it gets cleared? This is like lottery, or getting the ration.

      I have managed to come out of this foolish mindset that clearing entrances == intelligence.

  27. P.S. And nobody takes drigs or gets in car accidents in India right….? all of that only happens in the U.S….. man give solid reasons na….

  28. Silly guy…. trying to fool himself along with the rest of the world that he wants to drain some technology from the US to make up for the brain drain…. and he talks about other guys bullshit…. 😀 if u really felt that way u wud probably think of studying in India itself…. we have many good colleges u know…. 😀 atleast most guys r truthful about their reasons…. HSB has been truthful too….

  29. Grow up man! You might love a country for all it is offering. But you don’t compare everything with it and hate everything else.
    Give India same history, geographic location, population and size as that of america, I’ll make India ‘the heaven’. Until then, stop talking nonsense and stop turning HSB into BSH(bullshit).

  30. The guy who posted this has met some accident here, or someone close to him did. None helped them at that moment so he generalized the issue. Even in USA or even in heaven itself, if the guy who did accident is son of some influential person, they’ll get away with it. Only they attend trail, manipulate truth, pay some fine and get away with it in USA – India, it wont even go there.
    I wish your parents disown you because they find some other IITan or IIM grad, who is better than you and promises them green pastures. Then you know what I am talking about.

    In India, at least people slap you and go, you know what I am talking about when you face a psycho with a gun in his hand, on a killing spree. Enjoy the beauty of country then!. That’s the line between life and death and that moment you wish you’d rather have slaps on your face than bullets in your body. At least we have arm possession control in India.
    And speaking of MNC projects, it’s all what people like us brought to India. Working as cheap labor; at least the part of economy improved here in India. If you feel that working in IT is bad, don’t do. none forced you to. There are other career options. if you REALLY aren’t interested in money, you can work in other sectors, go home at 5 only.
    And I guess and wish you never move back to India. We don’t need whiners like you here, eulogizing nazi principles. We want people who build the economy, not complain all wrong in this world.

  31. Hi,

    I would begin by stating that i am not a patriot, that said i do not have any particular love for the USA either ,I am a selfish bastard and I only love myself , so lets leave emotion at the door first.The above vituperative diatribe against India is amusing and i would like to make a few candid observations here :

    Its always about the money. With enough money you can have everything you need in India as well. The farmhouses of Delhi arent owned by politicians or civil servants and they life a most lavish life with all imaginable comforts.(I daresay that riding in an Audi makes Indian roads smooth enough)

    Life is no better for people who don’t do well in the USA. For all you know one day u might end up chucked out of your job without your fault(referring to LAYOFFS here). Also if you take a leave of more than 2 weeks (Ex. to come visit your parents in India);you will definitely end up losing your job, The world has no place for average people anymore be it India or The USA.

    Regarding corruption, are you aware of what the actual salary of a policeman or a bank clerk is in India? its close to 15000/- hardly enough to sustain a family .Can u blame him for wanting a little extra so that he may afford a few luxuries in life?

    Its NOT OK to work for anybody but yourself regardless of who pays you , that is the only way you are going to attain satisfaction and avoid frustration and discontentment from which the author above seems to suffer.

    @Mr. Ramkumar : I have already said that I am the worst kind of a selfish bastard there is and I have multiple horns on my head , so u may leave your offensive language out of the discussion ; my parents gave me what i have today , while they were being taxed for earning an honest living (income tax) ; my parents made me into a cultured person, and this would have occurred in any country and such was the case with their parents and so on, and i can safely say that this is the case with most of us (may be in your case the civil servants of this land had a hand in your upbringing . . who are we to disagree with you ) so i am forever indebted to my parents only.

    Regarding Love For The Motherland :
    swear on your mother/sister/children and answer me these questions :

    a) which one of you has served in our army ? even the citizen reserve force?
    b) which one of you has been a part of an NGO unless it was mandatory?
    c) which one of you is ready to give up an opportunity to earn crisp American dollars?
    d) what have you done except sit and criticize that you may proclaim your abiding love for the country?

    i may not have done any of the above either but at least i am honest enough to be forthcoming about it.

    Both countries have their own up’s and down’s as Prasad has discussed above , i wont rave on that. Take your pick and if you are so concerned come back to India once you are successful and have slaked your lust for personal advancement and start an NGO to help the people here.

    I am amazed that not one person here has acknowledged that their success is because of the efforts of their parents . . or am i the only one who lives off his fathers money all through undergrad?

    finally @HSB please take care to review such posts in future. as much as the ravings of a biased lunatic may ratchet up the visits on your blog it doesn’t befit your stature to have such post on a highly respected blog as this one

    1. Good reply dude! your not the only one who lived off father’s money, i did the same and i agree with all you have said above. i did live through my undergrad in the US on my father’s money, so yes i am successful now because of his hard work and support!

    2. Thats because there is so much close bonding among the family members in India that my money/parents’ money is not differentiated at first place. Its almost 100% probable that indian parents pay for education of their child at least till he graduates! I havent heard son paying off money he lend from his dad! (although in business families like Marvaris of Rajastan i know such cases, but no father will seek help of the court to get his loaned money from his son). So acknowledging success is not needed! We really dont live in “thank you so much” culture. But we try to pay back this by supporting our parentss in oldage, travelling them around the world, building a bungalow for them etc. In india we express gratitude by self motivated actions not by lifeless words!
      Each family in india is a perfect symbosis which acts as a protective system/shield to its members when any calamity falls on him/her. We dont hide anything from them nor there are hidden things about our parents in here. Individual’s business is everybody’s business in indian families. And member’s problems are considered as our own problems.
      So far its true in majority of families.

      In america children move out at 14 to explore their individuality and independence (and sex)! They had already seen their parents separating, experienced family violance etc.
      So its but natural for them to earn for their education on their own! In fact their individuality is so much emphasised that they lose loving sympathic bonds of relationships among parents/grand parents, siblings, brother-sister-in-laws, nieces. Grandchildren and so on. Even husband wife decide t&c between them!
      Ultimately they become more and more lonely, selfish and acquire psychological defects that lead to depressions/suicides/addictions/turning into antisocial tendencies etc.
      Sec. of State Clinton when visited India last year praised indian family system and raised concerns about failing it in america.
      They dont have closest friends like we do who knows when we are sad or go on helping out just with a hint of something amiss leaving their top priority work aside.
      American colleagues congratulate indian couples on their anniversaries in deep shock how they STILL manage to live together without a divorce after 15 yrs of marriage!
      Of course indian close knit families have some very severe drawbacks but its very much possible to correct them and still keep the close knit structure intact! In america its beyond repair in so many cases!
      And of course its not true for 100% american families.

      Finally one thing that i must tell you how one is lonely inside amidst abundance of material comforts!
      While in 2004 when i was in USA at my relative’s place, an old lady in his apartment approached to shift her some stuff from one room to another. After finishing that work she gave me dollar bills for my labor. I returned them and told her “you are like my mom, and why should i charge my mother for this help ? If at all you wish to pay back in some form, just give me your choicest blessings that will be with me forever!”
      before i finish this she started crying and gave me hug and said “you come from a great great country with great values and amazing culture. Never let it spoil with america.”
      her two sons and one daughter moved out many years ago, dunno her whereabouts of one son, another son who is well established has disconnected all contacts with her and her daughter has limitations how much she can help her. No wonder why 911 service is so much popular here!

      Of course i got my blessings from her when i told her how to place right hand over my head and ‘give’ them! 😉

  32. I have been reading few posts on HSB about how beautiful and comfortable life is in USA, and how bad it is in India. There are 2 school of thoughts here, (1) Life in US is organized, better infrastructure, better health care, better law-n-order, better money; on other hand life in India is stressful, no infrastructure, lots of corruption, bad health care etc etc; so moving to US is a great decision in life (2) What ever may be the difference between lifestyle, comforts etc etc, we should not leave our country aka patriotism.

    Now let me ask a simple question to all, what is important in life, relationship or comfort ? No diplomatic answers please, the question is very simple and imagine if you stand at a point where you have to make a “choice” and you cant get both.

    I’ll give some examples, the above question applies to all tough situations in life,

    Scenario 1: whether you will move to US or stay with parents (precondition: parents do not want to move with you).

    Scenario 2: Your girl friend’s family are going to get her married. If you fly to US you loose her. If you stay, there is a chance that you may convince both the families for marriage. Will you move to US ?

    There can be many scenarios like this. Nothing and nobody is perfect in life, your parents are not perfect, our sisters/brothers are not perfect, our wife/girl friend is not perfect, our friends are not perfect, we are not perfect and and our country is not perfect. Now, if our parents, brothers/sisters, girl friend/wife and our country accepted us (we are not perfect) , gave education (may not be perfect), food (may not be perfect), infrastructure (may not be perfect), health care (may not be perfect) and love (may not be perfect) to us, how can we dump them for another country ?? If you do, that is your character. For you, money/comforts matter more than your character. So be it. At least accept it.

    There is nothing wrong in getting education in US, working there for some years (to gain some experience) and learning technology, but settling down there for the sake of good/comfortable life means you are really selfish and opportunist. India (or any other country) will be ashamed of having a son/daughter like you.

    You can easily forget the primary school that taught you, the high school that taught you and the engg college that made you worthy enough to do a MS, your parents and your country. That is not the character India should breed. You are no different than the politicians who embezzle black money in swiss banks. You get educated here and pay taxes in USA ?? good thinking!!! How many US citizens think this way ??

    You talk about fair treatment in USA ?? Wait for a time when you are experienced enough to become a manager, if there is a white and you, do you think you will get the promotion ahead of the white in terms of merit ??? Ha ha, you will be lucky if you get that promotion. Does US accept all people when they want to settle down there ??? NO, you have to fight for GC. Now if USA is so strict as to allow only people who are best, its for the good of their own country. If we are one of the best in India why do not we stay in India, Work in India, pay taxes here, do our own bit for that 0.000001% development/growth of India ??

    I have worked in the US for 2yrs. I got H1B, but decided to stay back, for my family and today I am happy about my decision. I feel satisfaction about my value of contribution to my country. I can not change corruption, I can not change politicians, but I can be honest and do my bit for India. I will be happy that my kids will grow up with same values that I did. I carried the legacy that I was taught by my parents, and I am proud of that.

    One of my friends, who decided to stay back in US, asked me “Why are you going to rot in India? You could have easily immigrated to USA.” He caught me by surprise, I really didn’t know what to answer, I was never prepared for a question like this. Then the answer dawned upon me. I spoke ” You know, this question is similar to asking an honest police officer, Why he rots in police service when he could have easily made a million either by bribe or choosing any other lucrative profession?”. I continued, “Never ask a soldier what he gets by giving his life for his country, its like being in love, if you do not understand, you simply can’t.”

    1. Adding some more thoughts, I noticed now that teh post is from you, Mr HSB. I thought you were more mature than this. Anyway, as you said its your own opinion, so let it be.

      I just do not get one comment though, you mentioned that people do not understand the difference between patriotism and reality. What exactly does it mean ?

      Reality is you get a better life in US. Patriotism is you do not go to US. Is it what you are saying ? Please elaborate if I did not get the message correctly.

      In response, I have to say that, it is simple, reality is US is a developed country and India is a developing country. By definition, life as such is going to be of better quality in US. Accepted.
      Patriotism is contributing to India by whatever means possible. Working here, paying taxes in India and may be starting a start up some day in India. Going to US to have technical and cultural exposure is not bad, settling there for life is. We got to give back something to our country.

      1. well explained miss/mrs. rashmi….”Never ask a soldier what he gets by giving his life for his country, its like being in love” is the best line…i am proud to be an indian…

  33. HSB if i were you i would have deleted this thread by now!

    No point in boiling our blood on petty points you guys!

    Lets all get back to business now!

    Umm… HSB what were you telling about H1B cap for next year?

  34. No doubt you will be treated as a human being. Before that you will be considered as a vote. This is most unfortunate !


  35. @A: what u r talking about is an ideal answer to problems with emphasis on the word ” IDEAL” which in scientific terms means a state of perfection that dors no and will not exist in the real world or in practice….

    1. Yes my friend it might be a little ideal. But if we the young generations of India wouldn’t work for the country then who will? The perfect American life is also the result of so many reformations, efforts etc over there. So is happening in India too. What this post states is very true, no denial. But how can you like it when their opinion is based on the quality standards of bollywood movies? It only shows that the above person is in total hatred towards his own country and would even find flaws in the geographical map of India to prove his hatred. I am also going to Germany this year, I also feel that maybe I will be able to enjoy the systematic lifestyle there, still I wouldn’t say all the above stupidity towards India. Things change by action, not by whining.

  36. Lol the grass is always greener on the other side..grow up dude..if you are soo bothered then why don’t you do something about it instead of running away to another country?!

  37. Finally, when i finished reading this long Essay. I definitely feel that who ever has wrote this is a coward, selfish who is unfit to live in any country.
    I want to ask him two question,
    1) what if US does not turn up to his expectation then he may praise UK or Australia, Or any other country. Because the world has 196 countries so lots of options.
    2) Have you helped anyone up to this moment ? ( Help means not giving candy to kids.)
    So here is a person who enjoys luxury but does not want to contribute/pay to maintain that.
    Even USA has suffered a lot. They have connected their plus and minus pretty well. So this is what they are now.

    For future reference, whoever likes to post like this person.
    I have one solution and the person who has wrote this also stated that as respect,

    Write civil service exam and try to atleast pass in prelims. I think no person like this has or will have balls to atleast pass or make into final round.
    Become a IAS,IPS Officer or any other and change the country. And don’t keep whining and post some vague essay.

    If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude. Don’t complain.
    I love India.

    1. According to your view all Indians should become IAS OR IPS OR OTHER SOCIAL SERVANTS to live happy and pleasant life in India…….. so what about others ?? only some people can get it into social services…i am not blaming our country its in our system ….who ever comes to change changes himself here…..its more than 60 years of independence and as you said no one has or will have balls to complain to police about gangster because he is relative of some ex-minister…so what all we should is just face all the gangsters as cowards and allow him to do what ever he want and think that some one or god will come to rescue us from this shit… man it takes another 60 more years to understand the people and culture in usa…because they give ultimate importance to shit cleaner and a senate….is there any place in India who gives importance to the case filed my daily worker who earns less then 200 bucks…to a case filed by some ex minster cousins son’s friends girlfriend….definetly not….this is what differs life style and respect of people from india to usa…this changes when people start thinking about our country with some real heart and BALLZ…if they really tend to change the culture of the country with those filmatic politicians… those who are not changing any thing can simple sit at home and give lectures to change …BUT THOSE WHO TEND TO CHANGE GIVE COMPLAINTS AND OPINIONS TO CHANGE OR INITIATE FOR AN CHANGE…

      1. hey dheeraj, I am not saying that all Indians to come and write exam. I am saying to those who are sitting home complaining and showing their backs and running away from this reality.
        You only have said that “who ever comes to change changes himself here” Now its in your hand ,mine and everyone to change that sentence.
        I am not saying that its one and only solution , its one of the solution and their are lots and lots of solution .
        Changing this country doesn’t mean that you have to become a IAS,IPS officer. Search your own way and imply. Dont expect some one to give solutions for your problems.
        Now if you fail in your exam and complain that teacher has not corrected clearly, i was sick, that does not change anything. Finally when you are tired of complaining its in your hands to decide what to do.
        I know there are many things that need to change in this country.
        Let us all change it one by one.
        Finally 1 day=24 hr and not more than that.

    2. Just wondering , how people are infatuated by life in the USA. No doubt US is the best because they made it best !!

      Question to all who are bashing India :
      If everyone abandons there motherland to settle for greener pastures , who will make us best ?

    3. You don’t need to be in Civil Services at all if you wish to do something for the better. And for the facts, not everyone who gets into Civil Service will work for welfare of society. Similarly, not everyone who can work for good, can get into Civil Services. You cannot generalize, and link improving society with Civil Services.

      Yes, there are some good officers, who have contributed a lot, but not everyone’s like that.

  38. I just want to say that HSB’s arguments are all correct but
    The hidden tone might have angered some of the people who

    I wud like to add that the main thing most of the people arguing against have forgotten is that in Infia, just becoz there’s a law for or against something doesnt mean it gets practiced….

    Some people will keep on talking about others just leaving, and then talking bad about our country while doing nothing about it, but the reality is that the same people are saying that they are patriotic just becoz they stay back even though they also dont do anything about the situation in India, coz thats all u have done, stay back and u dare to ask people who have gone to the U.S. what have they done for India, i wud say ask urselves first….

    @Mr. Ramakumar: you r just a sh*thead who thinks too much of himself and dares to show everyone how ignorant he is becoz he doesnt realize it himself…. you dont know or do anything for India and yet u question others becoz u r very much frustrated by life in India and u cannot do anything about it so u cant bear to see others escaping the life you couldn’t and so you bitch about it with a lot of sh*theadedness…. 😀

  39. It all depends on individual preferences. As for me, I believe money can buy everything… including happiness. If you think I’m being selfish, I really don’t care. I know what I’m giving up, so it’s the other way around I believe. I’m fortunate enough to have come to the US and ever since I got here, I’m only focused on making every opportunity count because I know I’ll end up back home if I fail somehow. As one of my roommate says, “this is fu*king paradise” and I cannot agree more.

  40. whatever you say is totally agreeable.One thing nagging is, if you are talking about your country people,how can you stand outside and show fingers on others? I know the reality and no single man can make a change.But what was/is your part? Running away from your country?If your family members are physically or mentally ill,you cannot just abandon them and write a blog saying proudly that you left them because they were ill and you wanted a comfortable life. I know that,unfortunately the place where I belong is in bad shape.And I have some small responsibility to get it straight and I have my plans to contribute it to educational system. I am so glad that you will try to make a change whatever you have learned here in US.join the club.

    1. speaking about independence, i think india would be much more better in british rule than the corrupted rule of indian politicians.

      I bet british rule could have brought a very good infrastructure, a better education and a good quality of life. Most of the mountain rail tracks and roads were laid by british govt which is still alive but the highway road which was laid last years can’t last for a couple of rains.

  41. (Intention is NOT to offend anyone…) Let me just put a very simple but straight question to all those who have loved to hate their own country here…. “WHAT WOULD YOU DO…IF SUDDENLY ONE DAY YOU FIND OUT THAT YOUR MOM/DAUGHTER/SISTER HAS BEEN SLEEPING AROUND WITH SO MANY GUYS FOR LONG…???

    Will you leave/kill them…or throw them out of your home..or run away from them..??? OR.. you would put your best foot forward to bring meaningful changes to their lives? Today you are running away from your country..and cursing it; tomorrow, god forbid, chances are that if you persist with the same GREATLY NEGATIVE MIND FRAME, you may have to run away from your wife….next day from your children…and so on. Running away can never be a solution. Britishers brought us down from the peak of our glory days (remember few history lessons? we used to be the most prosperous country then o this same planet) to the days of doom. It took us 60 years to stand again on our feet, thanks to the bad governance and corruptions. ‘Running’ may take another 50 or 100 years, but it will happen for sure. May be with the time you would realize the beauty of one truth..that… No matter how much you may try, you can never detach disassociate yourself from your Maa & Motherland. I can even visualize that one day you would miss the same country and find so many utterly beautiful things about it. LIFE COMES A FULL CIRCLE, Honey… 🙂

  42. Those who have never visited USA will have strong words, those who just have tasted americanism will have moderate opinions and those living in USA for many years will have strong criticism against India. Whats going on?

    Why you ppl are trying to compare two countries over things which cant be actually compared?
    One country having no.1 population in the world, smaller in size, just experiencing independence after hundreds of years of british colonial rule => having immature-passive democracy, having tremendous stress on infrastructure, grippled in political dynasty, corruption,
    majority of illiterate citizens, majority of ppl living under poverty line in slums, suddenly shocked and awed by IT revolution which has made poor more poor and wealthy more wealthy, sudden emergence of new rich class from middleclass who dont know how to manage their newly acquired wealth ready to bribe notes of Rs. 1000s to get works done, and where there has emerged brutal ruthless race to acquire more and more money and material comforts giving shit to principles and ethics;
    with a country who has gained independence hundreds of years back, very big in size, very less in population, having awesome infrastructure for hundreds of years, have deep rooted-well grown participative democracy, majority of immigrant i.e. drained brains from other countries, place where many inventions took place?

    How you guys putting points forth and distinguishing and advocating them about both countries god only knows! It tells how immature you ppl are! (who are criticizing)

    Young blood, brilliant ideas, desire to implement them, tenacity to fight till end, not accepting defeat easily are few things that drives progress of a country. Democracy has to be participative, innovative and live my friends! Can any of those criticizers put forth how much they have done to change the system and have failed? They possess colonial passive attitude to give up and not fight.

    Be the change you want to see in India guys, if you start right now you might not be there to taste fruits but your children will for sure! But who has so much patience to even give it a thought? Today Everyone want breathtaking prosperity, effortless money, quick increments and promotions, highest materialistic comforts in less efforts etc.

    Personally i neither criticize indian ppl and the treatment they receive or their behavior under unique circumstances nor will ever praise inflated proud americanism under sheer stupidity. Both societies have extremely different backgrounds and due to which the resultant treatments/experiences one gets while living in these countries. They both carry merits and demerits being a part of these societies.

    I will personally never criticize the country which i have left for better pastures and advanced comforts because i cease to be a part of that country and those unique problems! And also cease to opine on them because only those who are willing to live in such situations AND find and implement solutions have right to opine or criticize. Rest are escapers!

    YES If i leave my country for better pastures and comforts i am “selfish”!

    But criticizing the issues instead of trying to be a part of the solution is not a proud thing to do.

    Indians who are not participating in the democracy, who have casual attitude towards things that are unethical, who refuse to change the society have no right to boast India nor to criticize USA, same way those who have left India for whatever reason might be have no right to criticize India whatever justication they have for doing such!

  43. It is difficult to say which country is better than the other. Obviously, each one does have its pros and cons.

  44. @ HSB – It doesnt bother me as long as parasites hate or love!!!
    @ SAM- Sam thinks he’s got two horns by being/trying to be in an alien nation of no good. How many of us would really come back to India for bringing that revenue exchange benefits (unless kicked off during a lay off)??

    1. I am a recruitment consultant. Everyone wants to come back to India when their Daughters are crossing 12 to 14 years and facing dating issues OR Problems related to H1B Visas extension.

      Indian HR Managers complete Telephone interviews and offer a Job. Out of 100 candidates receiving an offer 90 to 95 decide to continue in USA(They either find stability in their US Job or they are only FISHING for an opportunity and not serious in relocating). Only 5 relocate back to India. A lot of time of HR Managers gets wasted.

  45. kudos HSB..!

    Well articulated and excellence in your opinion portrait. We Indians realize the reality of dread and greedy politicians + film industry and their dirty services when times comes.
    As you said US services towards people is far more better than our country.
    I suggest to all those walking blind pose towards country’s system just pull up sock to know where we are standing.

    very cool post.!

  46. I would say you people doesn’t know to live in INDIA
    you guys say only politician and law people’s have a good life in INDIA then you turn out to be a law person don’t blame the country if you don’t know how to live in.
    and the amenities you are getting is not for everybody in US
    i have even read in HSB that one student was asked to pay 250$ for calling 911
    and you guys don’t have a single right to talk about INDIAN NATION.

    1. Student was asked to pay $500 for not calling 911 for for Ambulance service (in most cases its when you called Emergency when its not real emergency or health insurance related cost).

      And does anyone know how much Money India gets from folks living abroad?

      1. I bet you, the money will always be less then from what xenophobic foreigners have taken away from warm hearted Indians.

        1. India could have defaulted multiple times for the payments going towards oil (and other imported goods) etc. The Indians living abroad are as important to India economically as the citizens in India itself.

          Emotions aside, remember when India had almost defaulted in 1991? We import almost everything needed to progress in today’s world – from coal to oil, from raw materials to finished goods. We simply cannot survive alone in globalized economy.

  47. well the author in his post pressed on his point several times about not being over patriotic and facing the reality but i dont understand why few people cant read things properly.Its indeed a reality whatever is said being patriotic is gud but ignoring harsh reality is extremely harmful..scams,politics,waste movies ,and same old gonda attitude is the real problem.and that cant be denied ..face it or fake it thats the only options available these days in india.every report or data thats been made looks like a politicians promise…we will do ..they never say we are doing ..indeed we in india are still living in stone age..we cant even compare our cities to villages in USA or even China..than what are we proud of.deep shits happening across country are we proud of ..I dont see India going anywhere consider it 2050 or even 50years after that..we need to change attitude of people.but it may sound harsh and bad but i feel attitude has only gone bad and is getting worse in us(Indian’s)..

  48. What is this man?? How can you “abuse” your motherland for another country where u r nothing but A THIRD WORLD CITIZEN? You studied here, you grew ur balls(dont take it foul) here not in US. Ok the administration is corrupt here,police is a darned body here,nobody is sincere here. I agree man,even I am infuriated at times. But in reply what did you do,run to another country and vomit shit about ur country. HAVE SOME SHAME MAN. STOP DOING THIS. WHAT DO YOU THNK?? YOU HAVE BROUGHT OUT UR COUNTRY’S STATUS IN FRONT OF THE WORLD??? NO DEAR NO,WHAT YOU HAVE DONE IS THAT YOU HAVE PROVED THAT YOU DONT DESERVE TO BE OWNED BY ANY COUNTRY,NOT INDIA NOT US NOBODY MAN. U R A ILL SOUL. U HURT A MILLION HEARTS. U R A HUGE DUMP OF SHIT!!!

      1. you are a fool HSB ….we know all these reality and i dont know about others except of you and me …about you i can say stop telling these reality and do something good for your home country and then tell that to the peoples that do that…soo dont try to be oversmart or i should say a realist…..ILL GUY

      2. HSB dosent seem to realize that in reality he is promoting USA, even if it means demeaning his own country (i suppose him to be an Indian national).
        I tell you what next he’s gonna bring a post on the role of USA in success of slumdog millionare (even though danny boyle is english) .


        1. Silly guy…. trying to fool himself along with the rest of the world that he wants to drain some technology from the US to make up for the brain drain…. and he talks about other guys bullshit…. 😀 if u really felt that way u wud probably think of studying in India itself…. we have many good colleges u know…. 😀 at least most guys r truthful about their reasons…. HSB has been truthful too….

  49. This post is just pessimistic and escapist. You cannot go around bashing the country which gave you shelter , the country which you gave you free speech,the country which gave you the opportunity to go and have a better life in countries like USA(imagine African countries) in the first place !

    Not everybody in this world gets everything.It is not wrong for wanting everything ,but it is wrong for blaming others(in this case country) for not having life which you dream off.

    1. The country Which gave Shelter??? What are you talking about? The country’s govt which takes 9 months for issuing my passport if i didnt want to pay bribe? I got my licence in 6 months when i didnt pay bribe. The passport verification officer (police) says its a standard rate bribe of 500/- for verification.

      The country that does not realize your importance. The country which gives importance to reservation rather than talent. You dont have a single place in the country which doesnt bother you with reservation. Originally the plan for reservation in the Constitution of India was for 10 yrs. Its still there and is expanding, making little room for an OC person to actually LIVE in a country like this. No Matter how hard i work, No matter how talented i am, i will be snubbed by some SC ST BC OBC (the list goes on).

      For a person like me, To do my Mtech in my field (Aerospace), from IIT (which is the only inst in which u can learn something), I need to rank atleast among the Top 50 in the country which has got a population of 1 billion

      If you want to become a good doctor, Just for the fees, you need to spend 1 Cr which is terrible.

      You want to have a walk after tiresome work and you will find that someone is spitting on the road and you will be about to step on it. most cases, you will do it unknowingly.

      Traffic police will work at his best only during festival seasons or when he needs money (bribe). 90% of the money a person pays to the traffic police is bribe. and is the traffic managed properly? NO.

      If a girl wants to go home, she has to make it before 9. Otherwise it is a challenge for her to go alone. If you want to buy anything from any store, You have to wait till 11 am for the shops to open slowly.

      Accident issue has been clearly explained. But Accidents happen rarely but what about regular life? Where is humanity in making a man work so hard that he forgets how to live a life? Where is humanity when a man is surrounded by people who are ready to cheat him and loot him all the time and at the end, he too turns like that…

      1. Why do you want to be an aerospace techie when you clearly have so many concerns. If you have enough guts go break a leg. be the change you want to be.

      2. ‘If you want to become a good doctor, Just for the fees, you need to spend 1 Cr which is terrible’ Are you kidding me ? I’m from a family of doctors right from my father to sisters are all doctors who earned a degree from respectable colleges based on merit and believe me they did not spend more than 5Lakhs to complete their course.Get your facts right !

        I did not expect this from a student who has studied from IIT.The government lets you study at meager fee’s(compared to usa) ,gets you a good pay package and this is how you give back to your country ? .Can i ask why you did not take the easy way out ‘The solution’ to every problem and go to USA ???

    2. Hi Varun, you better watch your words!!! When you defend yourself you better not hurt someone. If we exchange some words in here it goes viral and the outcome would be unnecessary to HSB and all who follow the blog. Use such blogs for info sharing than kicking others back!

      1. @African I’m sorry if I offended you , It was not I intended.By african I was pointing towards the poverty and the lack of opportunity.


  50. HI HSB,
    I guess all the people opposing this post have a simple point to make- When you criticise something(anything), always mention what you have done to improve it, as well…So next time you criticize India..pls do add a few of your social services for India as well!! 🙂

  51. To the person who is saying we haven’t done anything for the country, let me add that we have been sacrificing 30% of our hard earned money so that the government can feed the poor, give us good infrastructure and services.. And frankly speaking, we hardly get any benefit of paying tax here.. Neither are the public schools improving their quality of education neither do we tax payers get any benefit from government hospitals.. Even in AIIMS, 90% of beds are given to rich and affluent ppl where as the poor have to wait for months to get a bed.. We have to pay money for passport.. The person who is saying that ppl who are idle pay money for passport must be from some small town(lucky you!!) coz i applied from Mumbai and it takes months to get a passport unless you decide to pay 6000.. in that case, you can get it done in 2 weeks.. see the difference? I hate the system.. Seriously. That’s the only thing I hate in our country. Any work that involves a government registration can not be done without paying bribes.. There may be exceptions.. But I pay tax and I expect at least some services to be done promptly in return

  52. Great Post! Its only 4 months since I have been in the U.S and I fell in love with this country for every reason that you have shared in this post. Kudos to your courage for sharing your thoughts. I pity all those who deny the facts in the name of patriotism or whatever.

    1. Most people have opposing views are those who never been to USA.

      They don’t understand the difference between Patriotism and Reality.

      1. Why do u disregard other people’s opinion just because they have not studied in USA or are not living there? I have so many people in USA who always keep telling that how shallow the life is over there… Besides the author of above post is telling his opinion based on the quality of movies in India? Its ok to criticize one’s own faults, but its not ok to insult one coz of their flaws. USA is a good country for sure (no doubt about its services), but it doesn’t that people living anywhere else in the world are inferior to the so-called US immigrants in any way.

        1. I’m not disregarding others opinions. I’m arguing in support of my statements. Just like they have opinions, I have mine. They can continue to argue in support of their opinions.

          1. That’s why I like ur reasons coz u talk sense.. However I really despise people who r saying they pity people who r not in USA and opposing this view? Who are those people? How can they prove they are better than the people who are not willingly going to USA? Tri-valley univ students also got the US visa and were living there. Flaws are everywhere (somewhere more than others). So many IITians, opt to stay in India… If Mr. APJ Abdul Kalam would have thought like that, he would have never been the President of India from a simple newspaper-seller. Its all about how people fight their way through the system. I also don;t like many things here, but it is what it is. I believe to be honest on a personal level n no I have not given bribe till date (Not for my Passport, not for my LORs for anywhere. ) . Its good that they love things in USA, but could any of these people( who are pitying others for not going/living to/in USA) dared to say all these facts in their VISA INTERVIEW? DID THEY? After all US procedures are transparent and more truthful, did they dare to tell this truth about their own country and their motive to go to USA in their interview?

          2. Im sure you will never get response from author or HSB on the below query: Its good that they love things in USA, but could any of these people( who are pitying others for not going/living to/in USA) dared to say all these facts in their VISA INTERVIEW? DID THEY?

            They will NOT?? Because they are true Patriots… And they only care about the Quality of their on life…..

            100s of Indian students are dead because of the racism and for many other reasons but still US is a safer place than India……

            We want only white collar jobs in India but we love to work like dogs in Gas Stations, Restaurants, Public Toilets, what no every possible place in US for dollars because they respect people equally there…..

            I Pity my country because it gives shelter for selfish people till their needs are fulfilled and takes back the insult and not respect which it deserves…..

            This Country is exploited by its politicians, policemen, la person, got employees and now kind people like this author…..

            Im worried how these third world public respect nor love thier on Mother….

            I think USA is not popular for its Services and Quality of LIFE in 1900s…. Else our freedom fighters would have flirted like our true patriotic AUTHOR of this post………

          3. I said that I pity those who cannot understand and accept the facts about India. Understand that nobody is encouraging you to give up your life in India and come to the U.S. If you are happy in India, so be it. Staying in India or U.S is a matter of personal choice. Good for you that you never bribed for passport. It took me more than 6 months and influence of a political leader to get my name corrected in the passport. You have your reasons to stay in India and others have their own to stay in U.S. Coming to your point of visa interview, we came to U.S for quality education and that’s what we said in the interview. The quality of life here is just an added advantage. Just because you are in India does not make you more of a patriot than the Indians in U.S and you need not speak as if you fought for the Independence of India.

          4. LMAO @ ^
            Well yes ma’am, I haven’t fought for the Indian Independence, I haven’t done anything great for India yet, THAT’S WHY I AM NOT COMPLAINING ABOUT THE SYSTEM HERE EITHER. If I am talking as if I fought for Indian independence, then you are talking as if you spent half of your life span in India trying to change the system and all the Indians spoiled your efforts and so you went away to US….. I believe if I havent done anything to improve the country, I dont have any right to criticize it for what it is. I would suggest you not to get personal. Moreover, US authorities have given you the visa for showing strong ties back at home, but when you hate/dislike your country so much, then probably you must have said “OHHH I LOVE INDIA,” in ur visa interview … You got no right to pity others, you haven’t won a Nobel by going to USA. If you are so patriotic/worried/in love about/with India, then do come here after your studies and do something for the country. Else stop whining that India was so bad and I have reached heavens… Good luck to u 🙂

          5. @A : +100, well said. yeah, everyone was crying out loud in Visa interview ‘ I Soooooooo love India’! Back stabbers… never can speak truth!

          6. many patriots are telling others to do something for your country and not leave it.I think everybody can’t afford to be Mr. Anna Hazzare and Arvind Kejriwal….to bring revolution you need to sacrifice your comforts…and for how long can you do that?you guys talk about patriotism because you afford to earn food for yourself…think about your poor fellow countrymen who sleep hungry…can you afford to help them …no because you have your own obligations…..there are many many NRIs who send money to india to support non profit organizations and contribute in many other ways….
            you guys talk about culture….only those kids get spoiled here whose parents don’t give time to their kids because they are busy making money or they initially themselves try to copy the modern culture of America…nobody is running from the current situation….but to make others happy ,first you need to be happy…..if you are so emotionally attached to your motherland then where is the love for your small villages and towns where you are born…do;nt you leave them and get settled in big cities like Delhi or Mumbai in pursuit of better education and living standards.How many of you go back to live in your villages….can you go back there and open your clinic if doctor or open a small company if MBA or teach in govt school if you are teacher.
            Before talking big ,either be ready for sacrifices yourself and start working for its upliftment else let the people find their own way of working for their country.

          7. +1.00 !!!

            I am eagerly awaiting a reply from HSB on this reality. (I am sure he ll ignore this post.)

          8. Its good that they love things in USA, but could any of these people( who are pitying others for not going/living to/in USA) dared to say all these facts in their VISA INTERVIEW? DID THEY? After all US procedures are transparent and more truthful, did they dare to tell this truth about their own country and their motive to go to USA in their interview?

            When I attended the Visa interview I spoke the truth and asked others to speak the truth.

            Specifically – What will you do after Graduation?

            I will work in OPT to gain experience from USA.

            Why as per OPT/F1 rules you are allowed to work. You will get to live and work in USA after that is not in your hands, but in the hands on your employer.

            Now you have answer to the question.

          9. Well i don’t see any need for HSB to mention interview questions and experiences then, if one is articulate (given that you appear for Toefl and Ielts) and has to speak the truth then why would he need to go through those questions.
            The only reason one looks out for these interviews is because they might not be sure which answer is most probable to help them get through, and it can be inferred that HSB is helping people fake Visa interviews.
            Now talking about REALITY there was no reason for me to bring this up, but i had to do it cause it all started from showing reality about India and living in India.
            Just making a point here.

          10. Of course I got my answer and I have known this answer following your posts since last couple of years. Its you who went to US with a thought to make a better career and do great in life, but my question was for the people/person who is going to US with a preset mentality full of dislike for his own country. People do work during their OPT period and its surely great. My comment was for those people who after getting the US F1 visa think in their minds for India -” Thank god I have got rid of this shit place. Now the heavens are awaiting for me “…. That’s the thinking we all are talking about sir. A good student (greater human being) deserves to go anywhere in the world to follow his dreams, but not a person who isn’t faithful to his own native country. The above post’s author has inferred his opinions based on the kind of TV serials/Bollywood movies etc made in India? Come on in US also teenagers are not as career oriented as in India/China. All they can think of is weed/sex/gals etc. Nothing bad in it, they have their culture we have our.

            What will I do after graduation? I have got offers from top universities of U.K. and Germany for my masters and I am contemplating if I should do job or studies.

          11. @A…

            Well Said…. I bet this famous author will never respond to these comments anymore….

          12. @ Vamsi- Ma’am I am really not trying to prove that the above author of the post or Ms. Shalini’s comments are wrong. Its just that we all have a difference of opinion.
            “Patriotism is a superstition artificially created and maintained through a web of lies and falsehoods, robbing us of our dignity and increasing our arrogance and conceit.”
            -Emma Goldman

            I started following HSB in order to get acquainted with GRE and it has helped me a lot. It is authored probably by some Indian guy living in the US. See, that’s the kind of contribution we all need from the people who are going abroad. Mr.HSB is helping so many people (that too free) for everything related to GRE/TOEFL and making decisions worth crores of INR. He isnt just helping the society but also people from all nations who are free to join here. Thats what we can call as a contribution to the society and to the nation. It doesn’t matter what country we are living, the thing that matters is that if one hasn’t done anything to improve the system/contribute to the society, he/she hasn’t got the rights really to say shit about that system(in an insulting manner I mean ). Just see the movie Swades (if you haven’t), thats the kind of patriotism we need, not the blind patriotism which just denies the truth and fights blindly.

      2. I love this country.
        For every reason written in the post, I hate India as much. You can not let the corrupt govt to exploit you just because you love your country. That’s not patriotism.
        I even had to pay to get recommendation letter from my own college to apply for studies in US. Lol….what a pity on them. I am in such a mentally relaxed state since I have come here and I dont think I am ever going back there. Perios.

        1. You don’t let govt exploit you just beacuse you love your country. You prefer to stand by your country and raise it’s standard, even at the cost of letting some selfish people exploit you and that’s how people rise – like ambani’s or ajim premji’s.

      3. I hope some of you are having a ball of time at the land of opportunities since now few can manage enough time to PITY people as well. No doubt it’s amazing in America.

        i though doubt that HSB did much work to find out about people having opposing views. If yes how? Anyways you have brand America to endorse and there’s nothing wrong since HSB is a one stop place which will always have words of praise for the place; else it would defy the very purpose of it’s being.
        For people who believe every comment of the moderator ” you will never find a post that ‘ll promote or highlight the negative aspects of USA”
        I really wish that reality does’nt come in a bitter way to those who are ignoring all aspects of making career in a foreign land, while rejoicing the benefits based on money gained through tyrannical impositions and wars.

        Look out people!!! find out things for yourselves and don’t rely too much on s/o or s/t

      4. For your kind information Mr HSB, I’ve been to USA (Chicago, Illionois).Please dont think you got two horns on your head by being in USA!!!

        1. This is your comment – Doing a part time job while studying here (India) is considered a sin and of low esteem, but you buggers readily lick the asses of americans there by doing all odd jobs for some bucks more!!

          You haven’t answered my question – Why its not OK to work part time while studying in USA when its ok for you to work full time for American client/Company/Project?

          1. HSB, you’re right. It’s perfectly okay to work part time while studying. In India, they let their ego’s rule their hearts so they don’t, In US they have no option.

      5. @ HSB : Patriotism and Reality might be different, but they go hand in hand.
        US will certainly deport you if you cease to add any value to their country, unless, you manage to get a green card. And even if you obtain a green card, you’re ‘american indian’ not just ‘american’. Even if you ditch your country your ‘paradise’ will not forget to add the word ‘Indian’!
        If you learn anything from americans. learn patriotism. They love their country a lot, wherever they go or live!

        1. yes. for a reason. not blindly. tell me WHY you love india so much? because of ‘cuture’ and ‘history’? what culture and history ? how much of it do you follow? whatever’s convenient for you? I am not even a US aspirant so i’m not really endorsing the US. but there’s no need to endorse or be ‘patriotic’ about India either. People should be individuals. Decide where in the world they fit in, irrespective of where they are born or which caste they belong to. And if that happens to be the US, so be it. If it happens to be India, good for you. but don’t say you’re here because you are ‘patriotic’. You are here because you like it better here. You are not ‘sacrificing’ going to the US so that you can stay here and ‘serve’ the country.

  53. I understand HSB’s feelings why it wrote this post but its not like that. I am not trying to talk like a typical Indian but the fact is ESCAPISM is not the ultimate solution. All the above situations are faced by nearly everyone in our country (except politicians as posted), so what about them(the common people)?You gave your vision for the aspirants only but this post will definitely intrigue negative feelings and hatred among anyone who will read this post for his country. What your post is suggesting (to me at least) is that you are asking us(the aspirants) who may belong to some privileged families that as we are having so many issues and problems so “RUN away” inspite of facing and fighting all the issues. We are born in this country and atleast we should think of serving it somehow if not doing man. I know you wanted to showcase the differences between two countries and showcasing the “actual India ” but the way is not correct. Blaming the things is much easier than finding a solution. No, seriously the words of the person posting this blog are self suggesting his thinking spectrum. ha!He doesn’t like his country because it doesn’t produces good movies !!

    1. @piyush: I completely agree with you!! ESCAPISM the word perfectly describes the above article.. I would have respected the person writing the above article if he had mentioned a few things he had done to improve the scenario in India!! If all the Americans had a similar attitude they would be in a similar state as us!!

      1. At least the original post should have used a right tone or euphemism. You need to be careful HSB when there’s a significant number of your subscription from INDIA (i hope so).

        Do you really care about the reality then why don’t you bring about similar problems faced in USA. I am sure you may have instances and people will know this ain’t a one sided argument on your part at least.

    2. Bhai, badi badi baate karne se kuch nhi hoga. Sab dekh liya hai. We will see, what difference you will make in India 20 years from now. Situation wahan pe change hoti hai jahan log change dekhna chahte hai. They cant even pass one lokpal bill for the fear they will loose authority over a common man.
      Here is a link

      And the parliament want this person to apologize . Why? Because he is telling the truth, thats why? Kuch nahi hone wala bhai…yahi sach hai aur ise maan le !!



  54. I don’t find the above post to be offensive.
    The author points out the flaws in the system,but not in the country or the people living in it.
    Its not about demeaning the country.
    Things can be better in the Country 🙂 .

  55. We have also seen the Police Brutality by LA Police on TV. People are afraid to move out of their Hotel after 6 PM in any city near Downtown areas (LA, Chicago, DC…). USA has not the population which India or China has and causing wars all around the GLOBE to help its economy. If people in India are talking about cricket persons in USA are only speaking about GAS prices whenever there is an increase of 5 cents in Gas prices or Weather. Daily conversations are not interesting Weather or Gas prices, We in India are pay USD 8.00 or more for adulterated GAS per gallon and very few talk about Gas prices even once in a month. China will be No.1 in 2020 and India in 2050 mentioned a report. I will not be alive in 2050 but probably your son will see India being No. 1 in the world in 2050.

    There are many things wrong in India because of corruption. Middle and Upper class can keep complaining and not Voting when elections happen. Media is trying to change things by reporting corruption among Politicians. Even FRANCE Defence Lobby trying to remove India’s Defence Minister. Even USA could have murdered many Heads of coutries if they did not toe the line of USA. We know how United Nations gets pushed around. Let us wait for 2020 and 2050 and then you talk about USA.

  56. I would say my reasons are also close to what you said.This country has offered me peace of mind and a belief that your hard work would not go waste.

  57. Great Post.
    I agree with most of your views.Yes USA has lot of respect for Human beings and everyone is treated with respect here.The services like 911 is amazing as I have personally experienced it.When I called it didn’t take 2 minutes for the Ambulance and police to reach my house within 2 minutes.What amazed me is everyone can get treatment without worrying about paying to hospital to get discharged( If you have Health Insurance), a very unlikely seen in India.
    What amazed me the most is the way they educate people.I am admitted to Yale and Michigan and I am planning to study after working for 14 years. Its amazing to see the infrastructure, the programs and the way they treat every student.I had apprehensions about my age ,but when I went to open house every student was so friendly and the faculties were so encouraging,I am now waiting to be ” Student” again. I wish India will soon realize and some progress will be made.I Love my country and contribute to its success in whichever way possible. I agree with you that Its a great place to study,inspite of certain challenges.

    1. do you know how many american patients come to india for medical treatment/surgeries?? You are naive about health insurance and costs. calling ambulance and going to hospital room will cost you so much that you can buy a new ambulance in India.

      1. That is very true. Health Care Cost is very expensive. One of the reasons is that hospitals treat each and everyone during emergency (no questions asked).

      2. If you are covered in Health INsurance you really don’t have to worry about any treatment.Insurance companies will pay for it.If you don’t have,Its hell.However the way the doctors treat patients here,Hospital system is incomparable to India.Even poor patients with government insurance are treated well here.No discrimination against anyone.
        I have worked for 13 years in Healthcare industry in India.We have lot of good things ,but need to learn from US many good things.

    2. I attended on my nephew who had a Brain Haemorrhage on 10th Nov 2010 at Richmond, Virginia, USA in Nov 2010. He was in ICU for 2 months. I lived in Critical Care Hospital VCU for 3 months. The Nurses attending in ICU are Good but the Nurses in the Ward outside ICU did not know to draw blood for blood tests even after 3 attempts. This comment I am making after observation over 3 months Nov 2010 to Feb 2011. USA does not have the good Nurses we have in India. Costs per day in ICU = USD 15,000 per day!.


        1. P.S. And nobody takes drugs or gets in car accidents in India right….? all of that only happens in the U.S….. man give solid reasons na….

    3. Yes Emergency it is great to get an Ambulance fast to your home.

      1) How many days you have to wait to meet a Spealist Doctor? Appointment possible within 30 days? 60 days?

      2) Feedback after Medical Tests have been completed. Possible same or next day?

      3) Nurses Appointment in Hospital – Anyone willing to become a Nurse seems to get appointmented. People until Age 50 have not worked as Nurses at all they have worked in some other profession. Suddenly they get trained and deployed as Nurses. They are only good in cleaning patients and changing bedsheets and administering medicines. Even injections they are not bothered how much paid it gives the patients. Drawing blood they 60% of the Nurses are not good. If the patients relatives are observing they panic and throw everything into dustbin and rush back to the Nursing station and want some Senior Nurse to draw the blood.

      India will become No.1 destination for Medical treatment. But this will be at the cost for we citizens of India. Just like Indians going abroad and working at lower salary. Foreign Nationals coming to India for Medical treatment would mean that Indian Middle class have to pay Rs 4.0 Lakhs for Heart Surgery compared to Rs. 2.0 Lakhs currently.

  58. Grow up Mr. whoever u r…..this is a very immature post,and the situations you described seems very much motivated by bollywood flicks,few things happened to u and u r blaming the country!Do u think someone gets well treated who doesnt have respect for his own country, you are surely living in a dreamland !

    1. Situations described is not just faced by one person. So, you are saying, you are your members of your family never had to bribe anyone to get things done in India? Having Love for the country vs hating whats happening in the country are 2 different things.

      1. i believe there’s nothing in America that can be hated enough to enlist it as a country not suitable for studying, working or living. Am i Right right HSB?????

      2. Hi all,

        I would like to give one small example regarding the emergency treatment for the poorer citizens in India, a fellow from the community had stab injuries was profusely bleeding went to secondary care hospital he was denied admission as it was a police case……he was taken three to four hospitals where the treatment was denied……… last they went to a tertiary care center………..he was admitted after FIR, had to bribe police with Rs.1000, and junior residents were treating him. There was need of emergency surgery but was demanded money of Rs.20k without which there was no sign of specialist……..after paying money surgery was done……..successfully……… total he had paid…………Rs.25k as bribe…….to get treatment that to in a government hospital………….this is one part on the health care services in India………..for the poorer cousins of ours……….This is not the story or made up lines………..this is from the field case study……….I have hundreds of case studies like this to prove the pathetic emergency service in India and health care services provided to the poor. No more to say……………

  59. may be true dude here no value fr a person wd high thinking and simple living ,ppl needs money the hell outta anything may be nt so low values btter people also thr but things nt upto the amrk more pessimistic and negative than optimistic

  60. It seems that author of this post is very pessimitsitc about India. After all its very poor country as I can infer out from his post. But I never seen in India that doctor denied treatment because I dont have health insurence. Such things always happens in US. If he/she dont know.

    The So called Great Country have federal debt of $15 tn almost 105% of their GDP and not of Govt Income. Plus 48 out of 50 states are under debt. Their politicians squabble every six months to raise debt ceiling. (if author dont know about this please read on web.

    In So called Great Country already hundreds of public schools are closed down, in California most of the public schools stopped school bus service. My onsite manger in Atlanta drives his kids to school every day because no school buses..Thousands of police laid off in last 2-3 yrs across US.

    There are people who discuss topics other than Cricekt for that person should have IQ and he should have such company with them. I also know how much intelligent american people are. Most of the americans dont know anything other than their county.

    If you had paid bribe to get passport then you must most idle man in India, because if you fill passport form online and if you reach on time at passport office alongwith sufficient documents, you even need not to pay rupee of bribe.

    With our taxes govt. is running schemes like NREGA, Sarva Shiksha Abhiyaan those are necessary to maintain equillibrium in society.

    Fortunately I am working with americans for last two years, you must be surprised to hear that most of the my american colleugues work for 12-13 hrs a day because they want to do progress in their life. There are some guys who work for exactly 8 hrs means from 9-5, but they’re still Software Engineers for last 10 years. Because if you take responsiblity on your own you prgress alot.

    With almost 40% of income tax India will also be able to provide emergency service like 911.

    1. If you are dying and taken to hospital, you will not be asked to go to Government Hospital or require police certification before beginning treatment.

      When you are dying, you go to hospital in America, you WILL GET Treatment, if you have insurance or not. They don’t say this is police issue or to to Government hospitals.

      What does IQ got to do with not knowing about other countries? People in USA can talk about how many Medals they won in Olympics or Basketball or Americna Football. What does that go to do with not knowing about other countries?

      1. Does Mr. Aditya Agashe really work on-site in an American company? Dude how did you get through with such a mediocre level of english? A country good or bad does not depend on the debt it has or whether the school bus services are available but depends on how the administration treats the country’s citizens, it depends on the fact that the stakeholders are working because they feel its their moral responsibility towards the country and not because “I do not have any other job” or “I am getting paid for it”. You might have a valid point for the passport case, however your other arguments are totally baseless.

        1. Regarding the Passport case :

          Even if you fill the online form and go to the passport office on time and deposit the form, you ‘ll have to pay some money (Rs. 200 to 500) to the local police as a FEE for the police verification. The police officers demand this fees and without it you cannot get your passport.

      2. And regarding the passport i had all the documents perfect and submitted everything on timings and there was a cop who came to my home for inspection and asked for a bribe to approve it and if i don’t pay him, do u think i ll be getting my passport without any issues. It took me 6 months to get a passport in India. It just took exactly 30 minutes to get a passport for a new born baby in US (obviously No bribe).

        and 40% of the income tax money in india is used to provide for emergency services like 911, (you got to be kidding). our president Mrs.Patel went to 23 countries in the past 2 years spending $20 million. i got no idea what goodness it brought to India. As far as i know, most of the tax payers are middle level employees ( they got no option, they get their pie only after the government byte) and do u think all the other rich peoples and politicians pay their taxes properly. and Most of the tax money goes to the pockets and swiss accounts of Industrialists ( who takes govt tenders) and politicians.

        What do u think apart from bribe, corruption and cricket.

        1. My o my.

          I was going to post the same. It took me 1 year to get my passport just for same reason. Took less then 20 mins to apply for passport via nearby US post office and there was no police verification and 1 year wait.

          I wonder why same system can’t be implemented in India.

          Someone would argue we need to 40% in taxes.

      3. Mr. HSB…I would advice you to write ONLY what is true, Dont assume things. Who said you need to get a Police report to get treatment? Who said that the person who admitted an injured person has to go through the Police stations??
        Go read about the Good Samaritan law in INDIA and we will talk.

        We all are cowards who ran out of our country. We caused Brain drain to our country. We have no moral right to say a word against my Beloved Mother land.

        1. I know Indian supreme court recently passed the law to prevent that. To save some one life supreme court doesn’t have to pass a law.

          FYI – I was born in the family of doctors.

          1. I think you are out of your mind HSB….blaming things is a very simple thing and if you feel that our country is lagging then i think you are quite educated to try to do something good for the country. Leaving the motherland is not the right way you are suggesting here to all of us..About corruption i like to say we are the one who takes bribe and we are the only peoples who works in govt offices so rather then suggesting peoples that you should leave , try to encourage them to do something good for the country.You self have’nt done anything gud for the country and if you cannot do good after becoming soo damn educated from your loving country usa then all skills you have acquired are useless.I REQUEST TO ALL THE PEOPLES OF INDIA THAT THIS MAN HAS LOST HIS MIND COMPLETELY SOO DONT HEAR TO HIM. NOTHING IS PERFECT WE ARE THE ONE WHO MAKE THINGS PERFECT.WE GO TO USA THERE IS NOTHING BAD IN THAT BUT WHATEVER WE GAIN FROM THERE WE WILL PUT THAT IN THE SERVICE OF OUR NATION .LAST I WILL SAY ATLEAST WE CAN GIVE OUR BEST TRY FOR THE COUNTRY BECAUSE GETTING AWAY FORM PROBLEMS IS NOT A REAL SOLUTION .

          2. Many people are talking that we must do something for India. But what they want to do and how they they want to do that is always the question. People are just talking to do something but none mentioned what to do and that’s the problem. None is the solution maker here, but everyone just want to speak to others fault. People who really do want to do something for the country need to be with atleast some point on how to do something. The man is himself out of his mind. These kinda people want to come on HSB dailt, read the posts, follow it and then claiming it mad.

          3. Everyone is saying that you should do something for our country to improve the scenario here. So all of you ( asking everyone to do something for our country) could please tell us WHAT HAVE YOU DONE FOR OUR COUNTRY ??

            It is easy to say things. So first tell us what have you done and then give us your suggestions.

        2. dear ankit and chaitanya

          it personally happened to me when i met an accident in india. i was bleeding and the doctors asked me to file an FIR to start the medication.
          we did not cause any brain drain to india. intact our brains are better exposed, utilized and mainly RESPECTED here. tell me if u come up with a new idea or project, do u think some one is going to hear you and implemend your work practically in india., ( think about lok pal, with millions of supported all around the country, it is still a failure).

          we are ready to do something good for the country, but do u think the corrupted politicians and gundas are going to let us live unthreatened. and obviously people have a poor memory and busy with their own world of surviving and making money for their kids. they ll forget everything soon.
          and tell me how many govt officials do their work properly. i bet you its not more than 15%.
          Most of the good and strict police officers were either killed or transferred.

      4. HSB you joined the ignorant’s list when you said you need a police certification for treatment in India. Things have changed but you still seem to be stuck in the mid-90s Bollywood era movies. My friend met with an accident a few months back at around 1 o clock in the night and people around him called an ambulance straightaway. The ambulance arrived inside 2 mins but my friend was already on his way to the hospital thanks to the same citizen you were cursing. The traffic police seized both the vehicles and and released my friend’s vehicle the next day. The police took consent of my friend and he decided not to press charges since it was a mistake from both parties. The hospital began treatment immediately without needing any certification. So at least care to update yourself before you speak sheer nonsense.

          1. I would like to believe my eyes rather than blindly believing one of the least credible newspaper in the country. Is it so hard to understand the point that I m trying to make when I said things are changing ? I always thought of you as a smart man HSB, but slowly that belief is fading. And the fact that you read TOI speaks volumes about your intellect. Do you even understand the vast amount of difference between India and USA historically culturally; politically; geographically etc. Comparison between India and Brazil or India and China is understandable to an extent since we are alike either geographically or population wise. At least educate yourself about the fact that USA got its independence 200 years before us and our population density is hugely greater than theirs and so does the challenges that come with it. Comparing apples and oranges and cursing one is neither intelligent nor amusing. You Sir are a muppet to do so.

          2. You said your friends was treated without any issues when there was an accident. One incident doesn’t generalize what happens in other places.

            I gave a report of what you claimed is not happening. What news paper do you trust, I can find a similar story for you. It doesn’t take long.

            Do read the other comment posted by Indrajith who was asked for FIR before starting treatment.

            When you come back with proof that 100% hospitals in India which doesn’t ask for FIR before treating emergency needs, then lets talk about who is smart and credible. Bevcause in USA you walk into any hospitals with emergency need, they will treat you.

          3. Please HSB act smart here and read my comment again where I mention the unfair comparison about India and USA. Surely you have the sense to understand what I am trying to say here.

          4. There is no right or wrong in this article. These are things that happen in everyday life, your experience is different than others and you are sharing your views and opinions. To compare if someone is smart is can’t be done from having arguments. My goal to run this site is different from your goal and why you spend time here. Likewise person who posted the comment shared his views, I shared mine and others shared their views. Just because you view is different than mine doesn’t mean you are smarter than me nor I’m smarter than you.

            And for folks who think this is unfair comparison, I ask have you been to US and lived few years to compare 2 countries? How can one say its unfair comparison when someone haven’t been to USA say comparison is unfair? things you see in sticoms and movies is not same as living and experiencing life in a country.

            For those who argued in support of India and never to been to USA, come back to this page when you had a chance to live, work or study in USA. Then I would like to know your views.

    2. dont talk about yourself ,an educated,financially stable citizen,think about thousands of poor indians who live in villages and slum areas where government scheme or policy work……

  61. Would also like to add the dirty politics here, literally at every level, colleges, workplace, communities. Hope its not the same there too.

  62. “Someday i ll go to my country and spread the good things i have learnt”
    This is what India need from us.
    U haven’t forgot India by living the american dream. Superb post

  63. great post HSB!
    We’d hope for the better India… The day when these dreams come true, we can declare India as a developed country!

  64. Very great post Mr. HSB. I really dont wish to disrespect any country or the social setup over there. However, the above post clearly shows the hatred/frustration/disrespect/dislike (whichever word one likes) towards one country and all praise for the other. But as a human being and as a person having little bit of nationalistic feelings, I feel that if one can’t respect his own country, then he is not worthy to be respected by the other’s country. Of course India has its flaws and major disadvantages, but does one start hating his own family if they are not up to one’s expectations? With due respect to the person who has vent out his hatred towards his own country, I would only say that USA is surely a great country with all the greatest facilities and best living standards available…… but it doesn’t mean India is a useless or crap country. I would love to work in USA/EU but I believe that whatever I am/ will be, its all because of India.

    1. yuppie people in INDIA shd change attitude , and cultivate the habits given by our ancestors not the things of jealous ,hatred ,meanness and illusions ………………wake up bros and set standards where everyone lives like a human beings and let everyone say ITS INDIA ITS ALWAYS BEST

      1. THe whole issue pisses me off!! You do not have the right to comment on what India is or would be until and unless you have not made any contribution to its betterment. You buggers are a parasite…you have imbibed all ther essential education, right from nursery to engineering, in this mother country and then you fart on her face by pursuing your higher education abroad and settle out there. If YOU buggers are really concerned, why dont you do your bit and try something which could alleviate the sufferings of all? Doing a part time job while studying here is considered a sin and of low esteem, but you buggers readily lick the asses of americans there by doing all odd jobs for some bucks more!! Even I’m an Engineer, infact a topper from a very reputed college in India and I’m settled in India without any hitch or itch. It is because of you buggers is that this country is still poor!!!!!


        1. So it’s ok to work for American client or projects for American company but working part time in USA is Sin?

          1. “Doing a part time job while studying here is considered a sin and of low esteem”

            I’d appreciate if you could read and underline ‘while studying’!!!


          2. So, according to you it is OK to work for American Client Project (I hate you your your language here) to get salary that pays your bills, feeds you, your family, pays your rent as full time job, but you can’t do that while you study in America?

          3. I think you should read it again; you completely missed what he said, that’s what being dogmatic does to you at times you start assuming what the other person is trying to say.

        2. or is it that you never got the opportunity to travel to US. Is bringing foreign revenue to home country not considered good ?

          I loved this post HSB, this is our confrontation with reality.

        3. Dude, you have some serious problems. Don’t pour in your hatred this way using such mean language.

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