Here’s Why You Need a Life Coach if You Don’t Have One

why do you need a life coachWhy do you need a life coach? Before getting to that let’s talk about who is a life coach.

Job of a Life Coach is to support you. Help you make progress. Understand your dreams and help you get there. It’s like they dream with you, make plans with you and push you to get there.

I know what you are thinking now – “I have a dream and motivation. What do I need a life coach?”

How many of you have a dream and know what should be done to get there. But, can you actually do the things that are required to make your dream come true?

That’s when Life Coach will help you. There are several types of Coaches

  • Life Coach
  • Business Coach
  • Career Coach
  • Fitness Coach

They will help you find what you’re capable of when you get out of your own way and embrace the magic of who you are. 

In this article,  you will learn the following

  • Example 1: Why I have a fitness coach
  • Example 2: Why you need a guru?
  • Do you need a coach?
  • Reasons to have a life coach
  • Discussion/Comments

Fitness Coach (my story)

Everyone knows that exercise is MUST and good for health to stay fit. It’s easy to set goals with exercise but it’s not easy to go to the gym.

That’s when having a  personal trainer helps. But when you have a personal trainer, it’s a whole new ball game. When you have someone waiting for you in the gym to train you, then you don’t have a choice.

That’s exactly what I’m doing now. I have tried to run and do home based work out programs. Nothing worked. My goal is to get fit and gain weight. So, I hired a personal trainer and I have been training for last 3 months. Results are AMAZING.

Remember what I said about Coach at the beginning of this article

They will help you find what you’re capable. They will help you get out of your own way and embrace the magic of who you are.

The biggest obstacle for me to workout in the gym is myself. I have removed myself from the equation now. Once, I removed myself from the equation, I’m making real, targeted and measurable progress.

It is expensive to have a coach. But, if you want real results, having a coach definitely helps.

Why we need a Guru

Second example – Why do you need a guru?

This example is coming from a book I’m reading about spirituality.

Devotee : What do I do next?

Saint : You need to climb the mounts you can see from here.

Devotee: How do I get to the top?

Saint: There are several paths to the top. There are tigers, wolves and ditches.

Devotee : I don’t know which is the danger free path to the top.

Saint : You can take a guide with you. You can avoid the dangers and reach the top or you can climb without the guide and run into dangers on the way.

Devotee: Alright I will take a guide with me.

Don’t you think same example applies to your life and career? Just think about the exposure and guidance that you will get by having a coach? This is true for most students where parents, relatives and internet are their coach.

Let me give an example with situation for two kinds of coach.

  • Life Coach : I want to become a Millionaire in next 3 years. I have a plan, but need extra push and guidance to get there. Life coach will help you get there.
  • Career Coach : I’m new to USA and I’m anxious about resume, job interview, job search, etc. Career coach will help you get the job of your dreams.

Do you need a coach?

It depends on you.  If you are motivated person, but lack something that can make you really shine and bring out the best in you, then coach can help you.

If you are unable to identify the what is that you lack to be really successful, then YOU MUST  get a coach.

You can read tons of free advice, but nothing comes close to having a real coach. It’s always GOOD when you INVEST in YOURSELF.

Why do you need a life coach

  • Stay Focused or Create Focus and Target
  • Identify and Remove Obstacles
  • Create Clear Thinking for Better Results.

Questions / Comments / Feedback

  • Do you agree to the reason for why do you need a life coach?
  • Do you have a coach? If so, who?
  • If you don’t have a coach, are you planning to have one?

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  1. Hello, I plan to study PHD in Business & Management in USA, can I get ur advise for easy going university in term of requirements, passing grade, assessments. but has recognized certificate. also I am asking about GRE& GMA is required?

  2. of course I need a life coach.I’m a badminton player and I know the value of a coach pretty’s not sth you should discuss about!!the real problem is where to find him/her?my friend and I have a lot of plans for our academic future and we have come a long way with a lot of disappointments and obstacles to reach where we are now and we still have a long way to go but in this way we never found anyone to help’s always been easier for them to say “it’s not a part of my job…go ahead and find for yourself!”
    now plz tell me how would you find a life coach?does such a thing even exist?????

  3. Yes, I agree with you. I had a coach to improve my running speed. She always was on the back of me, telling me what to do next. That’s essential.

    It’s been a long while since I had any coach. But, in the near future I believe, my professors at my future university would be my coach on how to master my field of study.

      1. Glad that you were a sprinter in college!

        I was essentially a long runner. But, in school days, it was easy to win short runs ( 100 m) where I gave my full energy at that short period. I even bite my teeth when running 🙂

        But, later I developed stamina for long runs(1500 m) and got into it. In my long runs, I usually mingle among crowds while running and don’t show myself. At my last lap, I sneak out from crowd and surprise everyone with full sprint.

        I am not a great runner, anyway. I gave up running, after my 10th standard. Hey, Raghuram. Did you continue as a sprinter during your Master’s program in USA? I am curious…

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