17 Really Simple Reasons Why I’m Not Going Back to India

Following article was written as comment by reader Vish at 20 Fascinating Differences Between Lifestyle in India and USA.

I have been in the US for a substantial amount of time and am staying here not just because of lifestyle, but because of what India has been becoming lately.
Why do people who promote India don’t comment on any of these:

1. Road rage

Being a law abiding person and not used to fist fights, I am scared that if I was to get in an accident in India, I may never return home (morons may just beat me to death there).

2. Crime

A million Rapes in Delhi and around every day.

3. Cheat and criminal politicians

How do I trust people with about 40 murder and rape cases to bring growth.

4. Customer service / Return policies

When I went to India last in 2009, we went to a store called lifestyle and my girl friend bought a piece of jewelry from a brand called zaveri or something. 1 week later, the necklace was nearly all black and when we took it back to the store.

They said they will replace it and we got a replacement in 1 week (were promised 2 days) which went bad again in a week. We went back and demanded for a refund and were told NO REFUNDS, we could exchange that for something else but with the same f**k*** brand.

5. Electricity

Power Cuts are part of life. I knew the value or 24 hours Power Supply after coming to U.S. It shows the efficiency of power grid.

6. Water

I don’t have to wait or wake-up at 4 AM to turn on the motor to get the Fresh water once a week. At times, it maybe once every few weeks.

Here’s we drink the tap water right from the pipe without water filter. Can you imagine drinking tap water back in India without boiling or filtering.

7. Security

When the government can’t punish people in power or people electing criminals, where;s the Justice Systems? There’s Crime in U.S. but I feel safe and justice system works here.


Inconvenience when shopping. I absolutely hate the idea of leaving my bags with the security at every store in a mall or having to remove the shoes when entering a shop.

Go to a store/shop in India and tell the guy that you are not planning to buy anything, just browsing around and look at his face.

9. Reservation System

This is absolutely ridiculous.

10. Legal system

Have a good laugh, legal system in India is a joke.

11. Driving

It’s so much fun when guy on a motorbike behind you on a sidewalk honks and swears at you.

12. Cell Phone Cost

You talk about cost of phone, but forget that the phone cost is also included in that cost (+free M2M, nights & weekends & NO Long Distance/Roaming), in addition if your sim goes bad, you don’t have to pay for those things. If you were a family and had multiple lines on your phone, the US cost is a great deal. In addition to this, try to get your security deposits back from any cell phone company in India. May be it’s my fault but I failed to get my deposits back from reliance.

13. Internet

About internet, you pay 800 for 2MBPS in india, I pay 25$ a month for 30 mbps. I think I have a much better deal.

14. Satisfaction of government letting militants free everyday.

15. Attitude of public servants (or so called).

16. Police

When you pull over your car on the shoulder on a road in the US, and a cop pulls over behind you, you feel comfortable that you got help. In India you are scared.

17. Medical facilities

India is OK as long as things go smooth; people are killed because of negligence all the time. I have been reading news of dozens infants dying in hospitals in Bengal.

If India had anything better than mediocre medical facilities, why every sportsman or politician goes to US/Europe/Australia for treatment?

You can have a good life in India as long as nothing goes south, the moment you have an argument or problem with someone, the deciding factor is not who is right or wrong, the decider is who is powerful.


By now, your feeling will be boiling hot, either in support or against the above reasons.

Post your thoughts below in the comment and keep it clean.

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  1. I highly doubt that a lot of these things don’t happen in the country in which you live. Yes it may be frequent in India but then, where is it not? I’ve lived in the US my entire life and moved back to India and I don’t think I have had to change my life style drastically. I am Indian. I can assure you of how many people I have heard of complaining of the health care system in the US…or the crime rates in many metro cities in the US. You can’t rant about a place without considering that some of these problems exist in many other places too, it’s just the way we perceive it.

  2. No offense but the person above is too negative about India. Yes there are problems and many of them genuine problems especially reservation, security, law and legal system. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t live in India. In fact, if you have money you can live like a king in India. And there are few points I don’t agree with at all:
    1. Medical facility: India has one of the best private healthcare in terms of cost and facilities. Yes, public healthcare is not accessible to everyone due to sheer size of population and low doctor to people ratio. But you can have a round trip from US, have a heart surgery here, yet it will be cheaper than heart surgery in US. Also read about Dr. Devi Shetty and his Narayan Hridayalaya, a micro health insurance innovation.

    2. Phone: Oh come on, 1p/sec call rate. Where else you will find it? You can write another HSB blog on the offers by mobile companies in India. No need to explain on this.

    3. Shop owners attitude: The sales people at showrooms or the shopkeeper will cooperate. How on earth will they run their business if they drive customer away? I have no problems with salesperson explaining about an item even though he knows I won’t purchase it.

    4. Shopping: Well, its an individual opinion. You don’t like leaving your bags at store gate, I am okay with. So its personal choice.

    An I have some of my own points about things you won’t get easily in US of A.
    1. Child care: Finding a baby sitter or nanny is way expensive than in India.
    2. Manual labor: Getting a carpenter, plumber, electrician, painter, maid servant, chauffeurs easy in India because the cost of manual is cheap(real cheap).
    3. Family support: Of course, family ties are part of human civilization. But parental support even after you are earning for yourself is evidently greater in Asian communities as compared to west. How grand parents in US will stay with their children to take care of the new born and mother for 2-3 months?

    I know the convenience and orderliness of American life will make people feel that India is a shit-hole. But actually its not.

  3. i had a good laugh after reading comments on the blog…come on guys lets get bit mature here…everyone has their own priorities in their life. People moving from developing country to developed country is never a wrong decision per say. In India there are millions of middle and lower middle class people who are working hard but denied opportunity and dignity of life due to reason galore. Mostly these sections of people are hell bent on moving out cause they see the luxurious life style of high & mighty in India which is hard for them to replicate in India and hence the easy option to have it all is to move to a Developed country. Now coming to jingoist and patriots…guys take a chill pill…be in your country and try to make it best…don’t give sermons to other…do your deed and make India the best country…why to lecture somebody who knows what to do with his/her life…now coming to advertising your country problems at open forum….whts d big deal man…first step to correct a problem is to acknowledge it…i can tell you from my experience…m a north indian guy where becoming IAS/IPS is big deal not staying in USA. As i am born and brought up in India i was use to Indian way of living (read substandard)…but when i stayed in US for couple of years and came back…i could see the stark difference in living standard…and i am very vocal about it…and why should i change things…is their not a system in place to correct those things…as a citizen i have a right to protest and my form of protest is to highlight the issue and state should listen to me….d biggest problem of Indian state is she doesn’t listen to her citizens…any ways moving out of your home country has lots of drawback which people realize as their life progresses and i know lot of people who commit that material gain is not the only thing in life…but than this is LIFE…its gives some and takes a lot…

  4. yup i totally agree with d article,
    adding few more points-
    1) the tax-income tax, tax if u buy or sell property,
    2) the metro rail in hyd- they have stated long ago, and have not completed yet, i wonder if it will be done in next 3 years.
    however, it is we , residents who are facing the problem.

    and the rtc buses, omg……government can’t even provide comfortable transport.
    no good roads, no good rail, air transport.
    every thing is coorupt-
    importance is only given to filmy and politician people,
    common man suffers, no botheration at all.
    and also, beggars, child labour, sexual harrasments.
    india is hell.
    it is sin to be and indian.

  5. At the end of it, I believe that most of you have less experience with the US and that means you have less chances of seeing the worse parts. You might have spent 21 years in India and 2 years in the US and thus the difference in how you look at things.

    Except for Seattle and a couple of other cities, I have always feared walking at dark in US cities. In India, I have never really feared walking the roads of Mumbai, Chennai, BLR and Delhi at any time of the day. There are stats to prove that. In the US, the per-capita murders are thrice as India and per-capita burglaries are 10X. I lived in a great neighborhood in Seattle. My car’ music system was stolen just from outside my door in 4 hours since I parked. The cop came, noted and he effectively said “Meh”.

    Then talk about transportation. Except for NYC and DC, public transportation suck. In India, I can get from Mumbai to Chennai at $20 in AC and $4 in Sleeper. An autorickshaw costs $0.2 for most short trips and I have already sold my car in Mumbai. In the US, I have taken Greyhound during gradschool and they were terrible. Thus, when my folks came they felt terrible with no flexible movement and having to depend on me for going even to grocery shop.

    1. Thanks for your comments. What you said is true. Couple of questions to you.

      1) Why did you take Greyhound while in Grad School?
      2) Did you travel by Greyhound after joining Microsoft and why?

    2. Crime in India stats are offcourse great coz the cops don’t even write reports. I know that everyone I know in Delhi has their Cellphones snatched or stolen atleast once but the copy don’t even register a complaint. Not writing complaints don’t make it safe.

      When was it that you last walked in Delhi? Its virtually impossible for a female to walk 100 steps in Delhi after 6 PM. If you did you have 50% chances of getting raped (oh yes and the people have the audacity to defend the rapists saying why did the girl have to wear revealing clothes, its her fault).

      Have you ever had an accident? How many times in an accident in the US have you seen someone being beaten to death? In Delhi, have an accident and the chances that you will come back alive are pretty slim.

  6. I got my Masters for Univ. of Maryland and worked at Microsoft for about 4 years before returning back to India. Built my startup here and going back to the US for doing my MBA now. I agree with most points in the article, just that I don’t see it as complete. Do you know why you have to go back to India?

    1. You don’t have to deal with an idiotic healthcare system where a simple fever could put you back by $500. My grandad visited me while I was there, and he was running short in one medicine after 2 months. Even with a valid prescription from India, it was a hell to even get a capsule. I have had a lot my share dealing with US hospitals for various things, and believe me it is worse than hell.

    2. You don’t have to deal with a crazy credit scoring system that you have to watch like a hawk. AMEX closed my card for no activity, but tagged as “sent to collection agency” even though I had 0 balance. No amount of arguing with the rep helped. In a single shot, my credit score came from 780 to 650. Now, I won’t be eligible for most loans.

    3. When you have kids, you don’t have to slog it all by yourself. US makes it very hard for your folks to get there during delivery, but even then there is nothing like having kids in India where all your folks support during the -/+ 3 months of delivery.

    4. You have to deal with a broken education system, where the choice is between a public school with bullying and a private school with “stealing your bank account”. While, it is great for grad students, it is not so great at the school level. You also have to worry about gun totters and shootings when you are sending your kids to school.

    5. You miss the temples, relatives and everything else that is important to you. You won’t be there for most weddings in your family.

    In short, US wins on the micro and India on the macro. Darn it, if you have a slower Internet connection or unclean roads. You can atleast afford a doctor where you want, when you want it and with no red tape. You have your parents and support system. You can visit the beautiful temples and other things that make our heritage.

    I loved US and have backpacked end to end in most national parks in the 6 years. But I love India more, because for all her faults, she is awesome when it matters.

    1. I would like to give thumbs up to this post! Thanks Mr. Balaji! We need more people like you! I would love to see the comments of people who are so backing this article! @HSB: haven’t heard from you ever since morning! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. I just have to say this, every human being or species in the universe has the freedom of free speech and expression in the interwebs. Regarding patriotism and the rest, it is a choice, freedom and liberty of every individual to choose what they want according to the situation. There is right/wrong and morality is subjective. I only wish people can read this book and understand the notion or illusion of patriotism

  8. All of you posted your bad experiences, U complained and insulted the system but none of you looked into your own lives and tried to stop yourselves from doing wrong… Remember INDIANS, the system will not change unless we change. Stop bribing officials, stop stealing water and electricity, stop submitting false income tax records… If India is bad its because WE are the ones who make it that way. you might have a thousand different explanations but unless people start doing the right thing nothing is gonna change.

  9. I totally agree with the points my friend has mentioned here, these are just facts…. just have a read on my experience which happened just 2 days before on the road…

    time is 9.15 , i started to office from my home which is 5 kms away in my car. I had a lot of plans for the day like completing many of the pending work for the week. I have to cross the
    DRDO defence area on the way to reach my office. In the middle of the way inside the DRDO area while I was following the main road in a curvy road one zen car dashed on to the back side of my car. the Zen was coming in the opposite direction and wanted to take the right in the corner of the road. Instead of stopping the vehicle and taking right he straight away came and hit my car on the right side rear wheel.

    I really got angry and stopped my car and got down and went to the other car driver. To my surprise it was a very young fellow and his father and mother was there in the car.I really got angry and asked him who gave you license to drive the car like this. His head was bent and he had nothing to say and suddenly his father got down from the car and was raging against me saying I only hit their car. Suddenly a crowd speaking the local language formed there and all started blaming me and supporting the localities. I got pissed of as nobody was listening to me and I told the young chap to accept his mistake as he has a long way to go in life. accepting mistake will give you a value for life I told him. His head was always bent and his father and mother was planning for the drama. they called all their relative staying nearby and all came at once there and some guys wanted to hit me straight away. Somehow I managed those wild dogs for almost one and half hours.
    Mean while I tried to reach the police in 100( emergency number in India !!! stupids it was not working only) and tried 103 { traffic police help line which never answered my call!! but luckily was ringing). Then I called one of my friend and asked him to get the nearest police station number and i got Bypanahalli police station number and called, but some cop took it and I explained the situation and he told to call some other number , while taking the number from him the wild dogs ( I want to mention like that about the relatives of the young zen driver) snatched my mobile and threaten to break it if I do one more call.

    By that time they started asking rs 8000 and one wild dog who identified himself as the brother of the young zen driver became very aggressive and wanted to hit my car and he threatened to blast the car if rs 8000 is not given in 15 mins. Fortunately one of my colleague who was passing by saw me in this weird situation and came to my help…and by that time some defense officer came that way and asked everybody to disperse as it was the defense area.

    We decided to go to Jeevan Bhima Nagar police station from there and the other party also agreed and started from there. Myself and two of my friends(who joined me from the accident spot) were there inside the car and immediately coming out of the defense area those wild dogs created big drama and stopped us and was hitting all over the body of my car in the middle of the road and one wild dog( that aggressive brother of the driver) came with a big stone to hit my wind shield. Ohhh…my god it was going in a different direction and my friends started calling the security of our company and they all came with in no time as all these incident happened very nearby to my office. So we escaped from their hit and rest of the scene my company security people handled and i had to spend the whole day in the police station. Stupid police station and no help from their side. At last I had to pay rs 3000 to the wild dogs to end this.

    They dashed my car, they were trying to hit me and my car with stone; and shameless people they wanted my money also. This is India.

    Please dont come back here if somebody is planning to come back.

    1. People who are arguing with high patriotism will now vanish after reading your comment.

      That moment when you were desperately in need of help, no one answered the phone 100 or 103. Hope things will work out for you. Thanks for sharing.

      1. Sigh. The reason I wasn’t commenting any more on this was because I thought this post has gone on for too long, already. I sincerely sympathize with Ratheesh, how ridiculous to be blamed after an accident has happened! (Sounds like Bangalore to me?). I am sorry, I really am. And I won’t deny that this is a fairly regular occurrence.
        But as I have been going hoarse with the need for balance, let me add something about my experience.
        We’d gone to a restaurant for dinner. While returning, we couldn’t get a cab. We did get one, the driver was misbehaving (technically, you can’t refuse a passenger, and he wanted extra money to go where we wanted to go). My father has an extremely low tolerance for nonsense, and he got into the cab. The driver drove on without waiting for the rest of us. We were frankly scared out of our wits. We immediately called the police, put through a complaint. By then some young guys were standing around and they offered to accompany us to the nearest traffic police kiosk. The traffic police made sure Dad returned safe and sound, found us a cab and accompanied us home. The guys stuck around till the thing was sorted out. I still feel guilty about not thanking those young men properly, because I was too light-headed with relief.
        This, too, happened in India. People who were perfect strangers pitched in to help. In my opinion, that really is something worth appreciating ๐Ÿ™‚

        1. @Tripta: I am sorry about what happened to you. If you look at my post, you are indicating you were a victim of a roadrage or lawlessness.

          Think of this, you were just plain vanilla lucky, not every one is.

          For emergencies: My cousin had an accident on a foggy morning in 2008 on one of the most important highway GT Road about 5 miles away from a major city called Karnal. Ambulance arrived in more than an hour and by the time they arrived, he died. I wish he was in US where ambulance arrives much faster.

          One of my friend works in a company at Noida, her friend had a small fracture after having her scooty skid on the road. She got her to the hospital and was walking home at about 7PM in Noida when a car pulled over next to her and the guys tried to pull her in the car. She just turned lucky to be able to get her wrist free and run away. Luckily she could run into the streets and vanish. 100s of people on the street no one cares. Police declined to even file a FIR.

    2. No, you fool! This can happen in any part of the world! Its just an unlucky situation you got into! There are so many of them out there, even getting mugged in US, I know of a couple of my friends. As for HSB, no way..this post or experience is still not enough to silence those idiot patriots hogging on your blogpost!

      1. Getting mugged in USA is different from cops not answering the phone call in India. You can say whatever you want, cops didn’t answer the when someone is surrounded by mob of angry people is not going to change. If you are patriotic, let me see if you want to call the same police station as ASK why they didn’t answer the phone.

      2. As you said.. unlucky.. cops are thee to handle such situations. thats why you pay taxes. accidents are unplanned.

  10. One has to understand author in this post has only mentioned issues we face day to day in INDIA. Why is it people are thinking we are defiling our motherland, the political system is to be blamed not country. Every department in india is dependent on politicians, because of which politicians take advantage of there power. A politician gets ticket to fight election even if he is charged with 50 criminal cases. And a good leader who sincerely wants to work work for his country is not allowed to work. Then we blame common man for choosing such leaders, but a common man is struggling day and night to just earn two time bread for his family. Its a deadlock state wherein we are left with only choice to live under corrupt leaders. INDIA our motherland is still waiting for a revolution.
    I totally agree with one issue mentioned in the post CRIME, the crime rate in INDIA is really very high DELHI is not only capital of INDIA but also capital of Asia in human trafficking. I got placed in MNC company in Pune as a fresher this job is very important for me. But to join i have to relocate to pune from hyderabad. My dad is very happy for the job but he is scared to let me live alone there. He says there is so much crime in our country how shall i let my daughter live alone. I am still trying to convince dad to let me work there. There are many compromises a indian girl has to make because of crime rate. Now for this i am not blaming our motherland this is an issue which need consideration.
    Instead of arguing on what is happening and comparing good and bad about two different countries we must focus on issues in INDIA. What can we do to make our country better and better. I hope my grand children doesn’t have to wait for real free INDIA. I love INDIA ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Hi Pooja! Congratulations on the job. Pune’s supposed to be a safe, vibrant city. I do hope you can convince your father. Good luck!

  11. am convinced with just one.. CORRUPTON-POLITICS-POWER… this one fuels everything else…
    otherwise… akmost all people in India want to be better… It is only this CORRUPTION of Government people that brings other 17 things that have been brought here…

  12. HSB must understand that you are holding a mirror to these hysterical crowd and they dont like to face the ugliness of what they see
    Now you know why we have to live like we do-how many here said-yes it is a problem and I am going to do something about it.?
    None-so much for the love of this country.
    WE know nothing about this country called India-all we can do is create a ruckus when someone criticizes us

  13. This blog is a good time pass blog without any purpose. HSB you are serving us very well with your good for nothing posts ๐Ÿ˜› Keep up the good work we cannot expect anything more from someone who don’t have any respect for his country and selling her name just to popularize his faltu blog.

    ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

    HSB please come back to India stay there only. We don’t need **** like you. ๐Ÿ˜€

  14. The article written by VISH is highly biased.Where from he collected the information that a million rapes being committed in and around Delhi everyday.There are some other such sweeping statements in his article.My two daughters are staying abroad( USA and Australia)Many of my relatives are also settled abroad.They long for India visit as and when feasible.Ours is a very big country with very large population.Our problems are also many which can only be solved democratically.This takes time.HSB WILL LOOSE THEIR POPULARITY IF THEY PUBLISH SUCH HIGHLY EXAGGERATED AND BIASED ARTICLES.

  15. hi… i am really shocked by this post… Everything that u have stated in the post could be correct but just because India lacks resources and is economically backward how can u leave it and choose a better choice.. its absurd.. Just because ur mom or ur dad is wrong or bad we don’t leave them right, we still love them… Though India lacks all this .. America can never give the joy of independence we have here.. Being inside four walls adhering to a particular lifestyle s not life… Even i wanna pursue ms in us keeping in mind tht when i come back to india ,i would have a little amount of stuff to devolop my own country.. JAI HIND

  16. Hey HSB gr8 job man! You now know the secret of how to popularize this website to earn more dollars! Post at least one such article every week, your website will really be visited by millions! (nonsense overwhelming population of pathetic india will be vomiting their inflated patriotism by getting irritated by such articles and your cash bag will be overpouring in USA!) Because even negative publicity is THE publicity!

    For those who feel this blog is a free-charitable service pls read “privacy policy” and terms and conditions. HSB’s blog is NOT a free social service. HSB caters funds through different resources like newsletter sponsors, career fairs’ sponsors, making some content available on his blog for some charges etc etc. its explicitly mentioned in Privacy Policy. Therefore those who are thinking HSB is charitably helping US aspirants selflessly is TOTALLY WRONG! Of course there is nothing wrong in earning money by creating a useful blog.
    What is wrong is you know by now! Cheers!

    1. In a country where a its a citizens value of Vote is 500K for 4yrs for the govt being elected its fails across the board to provide potable drinking water,emergency services etc.How can you expect things to run for free over internet.To host the website and maintain a domain it has to make payments

    2. He could write all lovy dowvy articles for you and remove all sponsors,advertisement and all sponsors if you could please pay for the poor admin’s server fees and all the other fees incured to create and maintain the blog.

      By another poor guy

    3. i dint know a guy cant make money for doing a great job. HSB is a smart guy, you can be smart too and make money online. No one is stopping you from going to other sites for info. He has helped a lot of people including me through his blog and guess what it dint cost me a single dollar and if you think HSB doesnt have the right to make money then you need to pull your head outta your ass.

  17. Hi HSB

    I am a big fan your blod.But frankly speaking this article is pathetic.
    M not saying its incorrect. Its true.
    But Article as whole lacls content and is not informative .


    1. I have been following this blog from long time. India is the place where lot of crowed act foolish though they did their PhD’s(in India) when it comes to these kind of discussions.

      People want a change in the nation but they don’t change.

      Government employees are blood suckers I had to pay 4000 Rs as a bribe to get my birth certificate, if not you will not get it I can bet on it. What about poor people who can not afford to pay. We work hard, earn money and we pay taxes from our salaries in return not a buck will be spent for us instead politicians eats away the whole sum.

      I don’t expect a change in our nation, if you do for god sake you are just irrational human being. Some generations should die that’s when we can expect a change. Educated or uneducated they think and act in the same way.

      I was working in an Indian company. I couldn’t work for 4 months. Later I joined an American company in India I feel bit better but you have to deal with the same typical Indian mentality. They expect you to talk in their mother tongue like Hindi, Telugu, Tamil etc I don’t know a single word of Hindi or what ever the language is. No one understand no one properly. If we start talking in English It ends in an argument or a dispute.

      Hell lot of politics in every office, its is an Indian company or it could be a MNC. If an Indian try to talk in American Accent Indian people will kill your desire makes it withers away. We act as if world has learned English from us.

      Example: a politician ate way a lakhs of crores I have asked when there was a small discussion with a person who did his MCA and a corporate employee, that why will you vote to the same person, he said every one is does that whats wrong in it. I swear to god I was speech less.

  18. Hi ! I was and am a great fan of HSB, and remain very grateful to HSB founder for turning this blog into a mega info powerhouse for students like me who dream of pursuing higher education from world class universities if US. But i am very deeply hurt by the way this blog is going for past few weeks, what i mean to say that the main thing we loved about this blog – providing and sharing info on higher education, visa- interviews, about life in US and all those things have taken a backseat against a useless debate initiated by some people who i call “country bashers”, please i request you as an old fan and follower of HSB to stop this nonsensical debates. Once my dad told me that only one who respects and loves his mother can know how to respect someone else’s mother. please for God’s sake go to America, live there your whole life, respect that country for giving you education, respect, money and all the things you get there , but remember to keep a place(albeit small) for your motherland and 120 crore of your own people who live here and love it and respect it though it may be poor and has thousand more fault than US.
    please do this or after some years in US you would be similarly bashing US for its faults and you would never know the joy and happiness it brings to love someone with all its faults.
    I would sincerely and humbly request HSB to please think about it or you would lose at least one of your fan(though it would surely not affect you as you have millions).
    A HSB fan and well-wisher

  19. Hi! I would like to contribute to the article why should I go back to India. How do I send you the article?

  20. Dear HSB ,

    Theres no doubt , that your portal is informative for aspiring MS student with lot of relevant articles , and i have been following it for quiet some time.However lately your/users posts; you as an editor select ; are cynical , immature , trifling .

    As a responsible editor of a portal which is visited by a large number of masses across the globe , you posts and especially your ‘replies’ have been extremely callow.

    I dont want to comment on how you show india , but it is expected that you dont come up with something like this.

    Shape up your blog with constructive ideas, motivations rather than cynicism.


  21. Hello to all,

    I completely agree with the points that has been mentioned over there. But if we don’t take steps to help our country to be free from these things then how can a country grow.

    Every country has some problems that the country has to deal with but that doesn’t mean that the country is bad.

    Even country like USA has certain problems that we students have to deal with once we go there.

    I am not debating anything but just sharing my points.

  22. Hi all,

    I think there is nothing wrong with the post. It is presenting us the true picture. I have a question to all those ppl who are against this post ” If your are so patriotic then why don’t you stay back and study in Indian Universities”. You say you are patriotic but want to settle in U.S and earn in dollars. Why can’t a person pin point the failures of the administrative system in India?

    I would like to pose a challenge to each and every person arguing against this post, go to a government office and try to get your work done in a single day without paying any bribe. I bet either you will come back without getting your work done as you refused to bribe or will happily bribe the government officer and feel satisfied as you got your work done.

    Right from registering a property to even getting a birth certificate, nothing works in your favor if we don’t bribe.

    Sorry to say but, this is and will always be the scenario of our country.

    1. Hello Mr,
      I do not understand the cause of your so much frustration about our country. The person with ordinary prudence and minimum culture will not like this type of discussion and compare the system of one country with other.I think you do not have any bad experience about USA as you may be fortunate to stay and settle in USA before recession. But after recession there is separate story of standard of living in USA. All the roads in the metro cities of India are not as bad as described..
      If you are an Indian ,try to love your motherland with all the difficulties exists in our system .USA government always like Indian brain,intellect for their own cause and trade with India.
      Social crimes ,huge unemployment, thousands of homeless people also exists in USA.
      Do not make any controversial issues diluting our growth of development comparing with other developed countries of the world.

    2. who said we need need to bribe for everything? i got my birth certificate, driving license, pan card, passport without bribing. Dude if you really feel bad of our country why don’t you try to change the scenario instead of running out of it as a coward

    3. who says that if you study at a university outside India you can not be patriotic?
      MAHATMA GANDHI studied abroad, JAWAHARLAL NEHRU studied abroad, RAJEEV GANDHI studied abroad,SAROJINI NAIDU studied abroad…and many more.
      And i have and will continue to get my work done without paying bribe,it is not impossible. It is because people don’t bother to complain and take the matter further and instead find it easier to pay and get the work done.
      And i have no doubt that the scenario you are referring to will not be the same always.

  23. HSB
    Yah whatever bla bla bla anyone says — all those stuffs you mentioned are correct and undenyable but you made it sound so scary. People still live here with all those stuffs you mentoned , accepting it , fighting and living in great happiness ๐Ÿ˜€ . We INDIANS grew up in a system that you mentioned — corruption in general .There may be more stuffs that you will point out good or bad -I think we must take these experiences in a positive way. Dont compare india with a very developed country like the USA. However hard you try you will stil miss your home INDIA.Thats what i think.

  24. Just imagine even with so much difficulities INDIA is proving herself.Just yesterday INDA tested AGNI V.Do you know how hard that is in a democratic country with so much language,religion,corruption etc.But still INDIA is standing.Why don’t you write F**ing good things.

    1. Instead of saying why don’t you write good things, why can’t you write and send it to me. I will post it here.

      1. This is your “PRIVATE” blog.You write,post,manage,edit things.Why don’t you take time to write agood article about INDIA,instead of asking others to write for your blog.Read this post first

        “How to make time that you don’t have” ๐Ÿ™

        1. Did you read the first line of this blog post? It was user generated content. You are the one who talked about there are so many good things happening with searing words. If you were patriotic, by now you should have submitted the post.

          1. You write about your mother…………………… ..just to drive traffic and make extra money with google ads?

          2. There are news papers in India right? They write about all the things in this topic, tv programs has ads, don’t you watch cricket match on tv and ads between overs? Did you call BCCI and complain why there are ads during the match?

          3. HSB is well within their rights to do whatever they want with this website, my dear fellow. Nobody forced you to come and read the stuff given here. I don’t believe that taking all the help you want from this website about overseas education and then trashing it is the way to go, man. There are other platforms to discuss the pros and cons of an Indian life. Lets just stick to education related posts, shall we?

          4. Hi Ravi,

            I’m not from India, but i happen to read your comments & I am been educated in a way, if anyone wants their own country to look good, they should start with the citizens. It start by giving a good impression to the World that you are:
            1) an educated person
            2) one who knows how to control yourself
            3) respect & accept others views reasonably

            You want Others to tell, u that India, produce Great people, instead of commenting they have create more trash, by showing rage with rude remarks. Nobody will respect u if u don’t know how to respect others.

    2. Haaa..haaa many reasons and i can also add to it which is most important thing than all other reason given ..”you will reduce the burden of Indian population by minus one “..

  25. Idiot !! HSB that’s the way democracy works.You just want to write something to make you post interesting.Don’t tell some one send it to you.Liar.Even if some one send it you you can’t charcatersize india like that.It happens even in US.In daylight 2000 people were killed (sep/11).
    Every month there is a shooting in univerities/colleges.Why don’t you mention that here.

        1. Also remember that India is the only country on the planet which can not punish any of the criminals even though they have been convicted years back. Kasab, Afzal guru, Rajeev Gandhi’s Killers, Beant Singh’s killers…

          When we don’t punish people like them how do you expect things to ever improve, there is no possible way to improve things as long as the Indian government promotes terrorism by not punishing them.

          1. Really vish? and where do you get those statistics from?? I would like to know the situation about other democratic countries in the world.

          2. Can’t you clearly see that the terrorists can not be hanged in India. What has the government been doing with the murderers of Rajeev Gandhi & Beant Singh. What have we done to the guys who attacked the parliament or the guy who attacked Mumbai.

            Do you know how old those cases are?

          3. I am not interested in data from other democratic countries. Why will that matter, if you wish to be super happy because someone is even bad than India, then that is your choice.

            I repeat, I never said I dislike India. Neither did I attempt to degrade India.

          4. @vish Don’t waste your time responding here. I moved on and no more comments to this post.

  26. Dear HSB,
    After going through your blog and the debate you start in your BLOG and get support by people like VISH i would like to know your age first ?If you are young then your arguments can be pardoned, calling your articles as immature but if you are a mature person then, what you are writing repeatedly against INDIA is completely uncalled for and also very degrading.In my last reply i had supported you when so many people were using abusive language but when I read your clarification that you write such low and extremely degrading BLOGS to engage people and stick to your BLOG i was shocked!How could you,WHO CLAIM TO BE A TRUE INDIAN,be so selfish and cruel. if you are a true INDIAN then you must know that we basically are very emotional people particularly towards OUR MOTHER LAND AND FAMILY so please stop playing this dirty game further and at least refrain from airing bad vibes and malice among our own children?

    1. Can you deny and say outright its incorrect about any of the reasons listed in the post above?

      1. Dear HSB, am monitoring your comments. and back here again. As I earlier wrote, no one can deny what you wrote coz they are all facts. and we all know that. Nothing amongst those things comes as a surprise to anyone. If you want to settle in the US and never return to India, you are free to do so.
        Your life your choice. Who is calling you back? What most people here are saying is that stop maligning OUR country on such a popular blog post that many people used to look up to.

        1. Are you serious? Why its not ok to talk about think that happen in real life? There is 4 to 8 hours power cut in my parents home everyday and water comes once every 2 weeks. Each and everyone posted comment here should have encountered each and every of 17 reasons listed above.

          Why is it not OK to write about when its OK to face all the reasons and live with it?

          1. Surely asking for balance isn’t asking for much. Why can’t the same discussion be tempered with the progress India has made without us being labelled patriots, as though it’s a terrible thing to love one’s own country and be conscious of the goodness along with the flaws?
            Again, HSB, forgive me for coming back to this again and again, but have I entirely misunderstood the point of this blog? Is it not for encouraging/helping us go to the US for higher studies? Or have you widened the definition to a socio-political commentary on pitting one country against the other, and I didn’t know about it?

          2. HSB, It it good that we are arguing here with words. Imagine, if you spoke in person with all of us in our country!!!! Stop now. There is a proverb ‘not to argue with an idiot, he will pull u to his level’. That’s what happening.

          3. Because you are not writing about all these problems as if you are concerned about them. You wrote them as reasons for you to stay away from your own country. I hope you see the difference. Cowards write such stuff all because they want to sit at home, enjoy good music and read what other people are commenting all over the world on their GENIUS article. From your blog, it really doesn’t look as if you are so much as concerned about the fact that you are abandoning your own parents since you got the pleasures elsewhere. Stay where you are! People like you can do no good to the country.

          4. 1. You haven’t even know who I’m
            2. you don’t have any clue about our family
            3. you have No RIGHT to talk about my family or my parents.
            I’m going to stay where I like and how I like, you have no say in that.

          5. Also, anyone can note in the comments, who is shouting and getting abusive. When people don’t have a valid argument they start shouting and swearing, that is what everyone opposing me or HSB are doing…

          6. lol..! First of all, you must admit your English is not that good! I am not talking about your parents, read the comment properly again, its only pointing at you! Of course, you ought to stay where you are, I seriously wonder if you reveal your identity and write such crap on your blog, people are not going to welcome you back home as well!
            And one last thing, I would like to mention here is, just the mention of your parents from someone makes you so angry because you know they are your own and can’t bear someone talking about them! THEN HOW THE HELL DO YOU THINK THAT PEOPLE ARE NOT GOING TO STOP YOU FROM WRITING SUCH SHIT WHEN THEY HAVE BEEN LIVING IN THEIR COUNTRY SINCE SO LONG AND CONSIDER IT THEIR OWN? Its obvious for them to be angry at someone who doesn’t even have respect for the country they were born in and is maligning its image for the entire world or their shit blog??? Answer me HSB!

          7. It seems like you have no answer to my question which only proves my point. All this is just to increase traffic on your blog, right? Stop using such low-level tactics for the sake of money. If you can’t do any good for the people of your country, at least don’t disrespect it and learn to correct your thoughts!

          8. I asked you this simple question . Can you deny that any of the reasons listed is not happening in India? If you answer is Yes, none of the things are happening, then such posts will not be posted in future. If I use your reasoning, there should be no News TV, there will be no other news papers in India.

          9. How is the article different from a newspaper in India writing about an accident, rage, crime, and even all the papers have an Opinion column.

          10. FYI – Less than 15% of this blog’s income equates to Traffic from India and I’m still writing for Indian audience.

    2. This post was actually “17 reasons why he’s not going back to India”. No one actually said India(My mother land) is bad or degraded. Its just a discussion on “Why people doesnt want to come back to India”

      1. You know people here just want to write something to show patriotism. So they are writing without reading post or thinking what they want to say. I am still with author.

      2. Er, no. This post maligns India quite thoroughly. I’m sorry, but this defense simply doesn’t not wash.

  27. the above post shows a few realities in India and most people should agree to them but we have to understand some key points here. when some people without proper knowledge are becoming politicians there are a few who hinder for development. when some people are becoming corrupt there are a few to balance the system and achieve a status for India only achieved by developed nations in area of defence. when some group of highly talented persons striving to survive and settle in some other country and comment on their motherlands distressed status, well with such perfectionists and geniuses gone out of the country who’s gonna change the system, its easy to comment on the defects but its difficult to change and commenting on a useful blog about some useless things you are not willing to change is useless, sorry for my English

  28. Dear HSB,

    Instead of having articles like why anyone doesn’t want to go back to India..We can have “Why you to need to go back to India” articles to inspire people to do something good for the country. Instead of cribbing about bad things..,we should strive to fix it.Articles of such kind would inspire students to take up higher education and help the country. The articles which you are publishing these days might cause lot of ppl to think about having a luxury life by leaving the country and not about doing anything good for the country which is the need of the hour.We need to make our country a developed country and not desert it.

    1. I will be more than happy to post if someone writes an article on the topic “Why you to need to go back to India”.

  29. Most people ignore the fact that you have a job in IT consulting in India is just because of Projects from USA and other countries.

    Why is it ok to have a job in India because of Companies in USA, but is not Ok for someone to live in USA share his opinions on realities in India?

    So far those who commented against these reasons haven’t given one single solution to what can be done to fix.

    1. You think the US is doing us a gigantic favour by giving us jobs? Or are you entirely unaware of Indian companies with holdings abroad? BIG ones? It’s called a global economy, and one reason the world’s in deep shit is because of the profligacy of the economy you want to worship. MNCs aren’t doing us a favour. We’re providing smart/cheap labour.
      I stay here. I refuse to pay bribes. I write to newspapers when something doesn’t seem right. I vote. I save electricity and water by turning off everything when I don’t need it. I volunteer my services. Anything else?
      If you WANT to fix a problem, it probably can be fixed. If you don’t, sure, don’t. Just don’t crib about it ๐Ÿ™‚

        1. @HSB : There you show your roots..when someone is really making efforts to improve things aroung them, and how do you know, @Tripta might have been able to make her own small difference, people like you instead of encouraging them and applauding them, show your colors by firing back on them! Good job!

          1. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you. I was expecting the same reply and I intentionally posted that open ended.

            All I said was Good Work man.. what is the outcome of your efforts so far?

            You assumed I’m questioning him who is making the difference. I did not imply I’m belittling him. I said Good Work Man. but, you didn’t pay attention to that.

          2. Dear HSB, why are you trying to create a web out of your own words? Be careful you yourself might get stuck badly into it. I did not assume anything, there is nothing here to assume. I read and replied to what you wrote! What’s so good about sarcastically saying good work? I agree with Tripta, all this is just to increase traffic on your post. And henceforth, I will shun it and mean it and would advise other people to do the same.
            If maligning your own country’s image and sying shit about good people, gets you you page hits, I will totally stop visiting your website from now!

        2. and well that is also one of the reasons such people don’t get support and their efforts die away. Coz the ones in US want to prove themselves superior and stay away from getting muddied in the mud!

        3. I’m female. Get the gender right. I’ve had a good life, and hence I’m not complaining. I’d be interested to know how many of the people posting here have been raped, robbed, left for dead on the road, arrested by the police for no reason, and sundry things mentioned in the post, with the implicit understanding that the US, in contrast, is a land of milk and honey. Clearly, I’ve been very lucky!
          If you could meet people halfway and admit that US has its own problems, just like India does, this entire volatile topic could’ve been avoided. Be honest HSB, you’re pushing this topic for the traffic, aren’t you? I’ve never seen such concerted efforts to malign India in the past, and I’ve been subscribed for a while.

          1. And also, I notice you address none of the points I made in response to your argument abt IT cos in India. I know only basic Economics, and even then, the interconnections seem pretty clear to me.

          2. I agree with Tripta. I am a female too and I have been following HSB since quite a long time now. I never came across such posts earlier. @HSB: you do agree you said all that intentionally and what Tripta wrote makes sense too.

          3. Yes USA has its faults,yes every other country has their own faults in them. But tell me what number of people who went to USA have complained either be the life style or the sense of security they get or in any case they havnt been treated how “Human Beings” ought to be treated. How many road rages do you see?, How many goons do you see thrashing up the innocent in broad day light in front of the 100’s( while here in india its 1000’s). I had an experience where at night the cops came to my house and no one was there in my house and they extorted money for keeping my lights on saying there has been a complaint against me for that reason. How many literate politicans do you see in India? What growth have they bought to india. Do you know how much money do the politicians pocket from teh tax payers hard earned income.
            Do you know how much times does it take for an ambulance or a police to come to an accident spot or where there has been a fight of any kind..Have you ever come across news paper article which exposes cops refusing to lodge an FIR?

            COME ON MAN! When there is a big apartment given to you would you still say that you will clean up your shanty and stay in it..

          4. Sigh. Stay there. Do! Spare us all your soliloquies about India since you’re doing squat to change things.
            As for the shanty/apartment comparison (while it’s insulting), the shanty is MINE. That’s the difference. If you’re blind to the beauty of belonging, you and I are clearly not on the same page so it’s futile to continue this.

          5. Same old story by people who’d play armchair critics ๐Ÿ™‚ Everything is a two-way street, wouldn’t you agree?
            My objection is simply that posts with this slant has come up time and again in the last few weeks, with almost no balance. Correct that, and we’re all good.

          6. Yes you are right! And the discussions were mostly about Why they don’t want to come back to India and not about discussing and arguing and sticking to a point that India is “BAD”. No, not at all.

  30. The post is badly written. From the topic, the poster is trying to answer the question – “Given a choice, would you stay in USA or go back to India?” The audience for this question should be Indians living in the USA. But while trying to answer this question, he forgets the original question and manages to offend a lot of Indians by putting forth the point that India is basically unlivable. That is definitely not true.
    A lot of people live in India and happily so.
    Yes, there are crimes and ills in the country and Indians themselves are aware of them. It is discussed everyday in the newspapers. They don’t need it pointed out by an outsider who is
    1. comparing India with USA.
    2. Failing at it and actually launching into a rant about India.
    Common mistake made by Indians who talk about India after they come to USA. You might like the USA and you have the right to say so. But you can’t point out every little thing about India and say that makes it unlivable (Shopping and Internet are points? really?)

    Really, it seems to me that this post is just a way for this guy to tell everyone the kind of comforts he enjoys in USA, and that he is not ready to leave them. Good for you. Till then Indians will keep their head down and continue to work hard.

    Minus points to HSB for choosing to point out this inflammatory post.

  31. Please go away to the US. And never, ever come back. Thank you. If you’re already there, even better!
    Also, it might be a good idea to have a better grasp on English. Might be helpful there ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Yeah agreed! I was thinking on too many points at a time so yeah there were mistakes.

      1. Wasn’t for you ๐Ÿ™‚ It was in response to some guy whose comment I can no longer find.

    2. And you should always remain in India and never think of going to any other countryโ€ฆand as this blog is all about how to study abroadโ€ฆyou should leave this tooooโ€ฆ..

      1. Precisely the point I’ve been trying to make. It’s about STUDYING abroad, not a forum where people bash up India.

        1. @ tripta……..i can understand the feeling…..i am also a true patriotic Indian….but the facts mentioned in the post are not incorrect and I have the guts to say that these are true and one of the reason for me to study abroad besides good education and research opportunities.

  32. There might be a thousand reasons why India suck but only one reason why I should go back and that is because its my home. When your house is dirty you dont go somewhere else and cry that its dirty. Instead you go back and clean it. Those who dont want to go back, its their choice but remember that you will always be a second grade citizen in US. I prefer to live in a place which might be messy but my own and I do whatever I can to make it better.

  33. HSB trust me you are degrading yourself every other day and please don’t cover your back by saying that you just post some knowledgeable info and it turns into hatred debate because of emotions. By posting this kind of posts you are instigating hatred!!!

    And for the people who are criticizing and cribbing about India, what if I abuse your mother will you take it, NO!!! So please stop this and concentrate on your future in USA, we don’t want you in India so better don’t comment on India. We are happy with the current state of India and India has given me everything I wanted in life. Peace!

  34. Yes, I agree with the points which you tell in the article. But, it does not mean that you should leave the country when there are negative sides. We should be shameless to discuss like this. I even can say many negative aspects in the USA. There are positives and negatives in every state. When the negatives or problems dominate, it is the responsibility of every citizen with brain to change it, if not, atleast be silent without blaming. If you feel that there are many advantages in the US than being in India then go back and change it. Never think that ‘it is not my headache’. People like us only are reasonable for India being powerful or being destructive. Feel proud for the diversity, for the culture, for the traditions, for the natural resources that we have in India. Corruption, untidiness, reservations, bills are all human created, that are created by you, by me, by everyone, who are not feeling responsible. Rather than adding fuel to the worse situation, please try to add some water which will atleast stop the growth of dishonesty.
    Imagine, one day if all the NRIs, all the aliens living in the US are sent back for any reason, it is our own country India, which will welcome you. If you really wanted to blame India, go and become a responsible person and live, teach your way, which will be a lesson to others. Then you can leave with pride that ‘this is me n this is my country’, instead of depending and following a false culture, which you are not actually from. Be proud to be an Indian. Help Indian flag to hoist always with pride. Jaihind.

  35. Yes, I agree with the points which you tell in the article. But, it does not mean that you should leave the country when there are negative sides. We should be shameless to discuss like this. I even can say many negative aspects in the USA. There are positives and negatives in every state. When the negatives or problems dominate, it is the responsibility of every citizen with brain to change it, if not, atleast be silent without blaming. If you feel that there are many advantages in the US than being in India then go back and change it. Never think that ‘it is not my headache’. People like us only are reasonable for India being powerful or being destructive. Feel proud for the diversity, for the culture, for the traditions, for the natural resources that we have in India. Corruption, untidiness, reservations, bills are all human created, that are created by you, by me, by everyone, who are not feeling responsible. Rather than adding fuel to the worse situation, please try to add some water which will atleast stop the growth of dishonesty.
    Imagine, one day if all the NRIs, all the aliens living in the US are sent back for any reason, it is our own country India, which will welcome you. If you really wanted to blame India, go and become a responsible person and live, teach your way, which will be a lesson to others. Then you can leave with pride that ‘this is me n this is my country’, instead of depending and following a false culture, which you are not actually from. Be proud to be an Indian. Help Indian flag to hoist always with pride. Jaihind.

  36. If there are only 17 reasons why someone should not go to India I have news for them.
    100 Reasons why we should go back to India.
    First the myth that US is clean is a lie.regarding road rage,rape etc I can confidently say that they happen in thousands all across USA everyday. The strict Iron hand censorship of US news hides everything.If some film maker can go to towns (forget countryside) and post videos on you tube US is worse than 99 % of countries in the world. Regarding corruption,police please do not tell to people who live in USA (Indians in USA know how we get fleeced with things like Taxes,Insurance etc,etc).Regarding water please (spend some money and get a water test of your tap water) to know the facts . Only electricity is better(keep in mind sky rocketing Inflation)and worst customer service.Remember in India “We would have a shoulder to cry at times of trouble &great food,culture & family).

  37. Well and of course, I forgot to mention..The author here says why do people not comment on these if they are the only ones who are responsible for all of that. I can expect a person who has migrated to US from India to adopt the American way of thinking, i.e. to say, being selfish and individualistic.
    Dear Author, you and I are lucky enough to be born in families that had traditional Indian values brought down from generation to generation, that helped us in migrating to the US. It was because our parents saved theri hard-earned money for us without giving a thought for their life.
    Well, but what about the millions in India who were born that way and lack the basic necessities because of all those corrupt politicians out there who cannot even ensure that their country’s people get one square meal for a day at least? I agree its difficult for a country with such an immense population and the reserves in our country are few. But is that the ‘FAULT’ of those who take birth in India?
    If you are now thinking, I am astraying from the point, then think again. My point here is, YOU ARE NO TRUE BLOOD OF YOUR PARENTS . COZ YOU HAVE BECOME SELFISH TO THE CORE and thinking you have made good life for yourself. Keep it up! Think about your kids now or don’t. Everything that goes around will come around to you.

  38. I read this post and all the comments. Different people, different mindsets, different thoughts. I would like to ask just one question to all who commented here, including HSB and the writer of this post himself, irrespective of whether you are in the US or in India: How many of you are up for another freedom movement like the one for independence, only this time, its freedom from corruption? Since I believe that is the only reason behind everything going bad around in India.
    I am currently in the US. Gather the masses, ask for their opinions and support and I will join you in getting rid of those corrupt people. Won’t that be like another beginning for a better India?

  39. HSB: For god sake understand this is HappySchoolBlog not Why US is better than India blog.

    I am tired of reading same type of posts here where you post articles on why US is better, why people come US blah blah blah..

    Be a little sensible and stick to the purpose of this blog which got you so many readers else you will loose them.

    I cannot say about others but I am tired or your US vs India crap and will unsubscribe to email updates if you keep on posting good for nothing topics.

    1. I am agree with you Aryan. This is a blog to help student in prep for GRE/TOEFL and visa interview. Moreover, it is helpful to all of students.

      Don’t USA with India. India is not USA so that you can compare. If you are comparing it then you are not in your sense. Every country has it’s good and bad side. Why don’t you say about USA culture. How students treat their parents?

      Sometimes I laugh like anything, when I saw a NRI student in USA. They want to look like American, but they still wants to have Indian Culture inside their heart. They can neither be a totally American nor an Indian.

    1. I totally agree with you that INDIA is INDIA. I have and will always love INDIA. Its for my love for INDIA that I feel bad about bad things in INDIA, I don’t feel this strongly about other nations.

  40. I am deeply interested in what the author told the VO when he appeared for the interview. Evidently, he lied, unless he has legally emigrated? So, he lies to go to a more developed country, and that’s A-OK. Politicians lie, police lie, and the country has gone to the dogs? Yes, a difference in scale, sure. But wouldn’t you say that’s quite a neat example of double standards? ๐Ÿ™‚
    And I am sorry, but I laughed out loud at the point about keeping bags at a security counter. Stuff gets stolen, people get screechy. Security measures are taken, people get screechy. No right answer ever, is there?
    And before you ask, I stay in India, so I can say whatever I want ๐Ÿ˜€
    Dear HSB, a slew of these kind of articles are beginning to leave a bad taste. I admit, there are many other helpful posts, but perhaps this topic and its variations can be given a rest for a while? Just my two cents.

    1. I am deeply interested in what the author told the VO when he appeared for the interview. Evidently, he lied, unless he has legally emigrated? So, he lies to go to a more developed country, and thatโ€™s A-OK. Politicians lie, police lie, and the country has gone to the dogs? Yes, a difference in scale, sure. But wouldnโ€™t you say thatโ€™s quite a neat example of double standards? ๐Ÿ™‚
      What makes you think, I had to lie to the VO. I am legal in the US and yes I firmly believe that our (Indian) political system is one of the worst. Scams are insane now. I can’t even remember half of them. The government kept eating money out of CWG and could not deliver the stadium until the last day. Look at Olympics in China or the upcoming London Olympics, they have the stadium ready atleast 100 days in advance.

      And I am sorry, but I laughed out loud at the point about keeping bags at a security counter. Stuff gets stolen, people get screechy. Security measures are taken, people get screechy. No right answer ever, is there?
      Our own merchants in India don’t trust our own people, isn’t it? It may be extreme, but once you see that you could actually have an environment where you pull over your car in front of the mall, get in (without having to go through security and handbag scrutiny, we din’t know they will search my girls handbag, and it was pretty embarrassing as we had stuff we dint want to show everyone).

      And before you ask, I stay in India, so I can say whatever I want ๐Ÿ˜€
      Please say what you want, you have all rights to.

      1. I have repeated this point ad nauseum in a previous post, but comparing a country which got independence in 1776 and one which got it in 1947 is just plain silly. I am NOT excusing the corruption. NOT the political classes. I am saying that impatience for the country to change and yet doing ZILCH to help it change is incompatible. You’re already in the US. You’re planning to settle there. India is of no concern to you any longer, anyway.
        And the VO question had reference to your post topic.
        And people worse than you would be…?

        1. OK, if you talk about year of independence, then what will you say about Singapore?

          Off course, you can now say, Singapore is so small.

          I believe that if a country can not punish the biggest criminals like Afzal Guru, Kasab etc, then we are virtually giving people an impression that they can get away with criminal activities and that to me is the biggest reason behind everything, not population or years of independence or size.

          1. You do know the population growth rate of Singapore, right? 1 plus billion against a country which gives a bonus to people for having kids?
            India has issues. Many of them. You, admirably for yourself, have opted out of the mess and made a better life for yourself. Yay for you. The moment you’ve dissociated yourself from the country, in my opinion (of course, you can ignore it), the right to criticize is also severely diluted, since your contribution to fixing the problems has dropped to nil.
            Again, it’s my opinion versus yours. I suppose I am just TIRED of these posts coming up everyday.

          2. if we try to find or focus on negativities of any country the we will get lot to talk with,it is absolutely the way we think we experience the same way.
            Many countries over the world came flourished and diminished one day and even its name is foresaken,but over great mother land exit lot before them.thought the civilization was also their in those diminished,demolihed countries,so it is written nobody can change.
            Indian American take privelage also in being kicked by americans.
            we dont abonden over mother when it is sick…this is within us…in our soul

      2. “It may be extreme, but once you see that you could actually have an environment where you pull over your car in front of the mall, get in (without having to go through security and handbag scrutiny, we dinโ€™t know they will search my girls handbag, and it was pretty embarrassing as we had stuff we dint want to show everyone).”

        You know that Mumbai and Delhi and several other cities in India have been the victim of terrorist attacks in the past few years. These are merely security measures. I don’t see how you can complain about them. And “everyone” doesn’t see what’s in your bag, only the security does, as they’re supposed to. Even frisking is done behind screens. New York City has suffered terrorist attacks and security is super tight there too, like in the Empire State Building or the Statue of Liberty. Heck they have helicopters flying around doing surveillance the whole day there. You don’t mind being stripped of half of what you’re wearing at a US airport (in addition to what I mentioned above), but you have a problem with bag checking at a mall in India?

        I love India and I plan to study in the US. Both countries have their pros and cons. What it comes down to is what factors you give importance to. So please, end this India v US discussion now.

    2. It seems to me that once you go outside of India, write is thinking that he is American. Dude you will be Indian even if you will say bad things about India.

      You born and brought up in India, if you don’t even have respect to your mother country. Then I think you don’t have respect for anything.

      1. Nothing deserves respect as is.
        Not by virtue of age. Not position. Not “tradition”.

        Respect has to be earned.

  41. I’d like to rectify Venkat in a small area.You wrote ”There is corruption in every country but not like INDIAโ€ฆ..” which is a very common mistake.Pakistan,China,Nigeria,Bangladesh and many African countries have got way much more corruption than India.


    1. When I was a kid, I was taught that there is no point comparing yourself with someone worse than you.

      1. Yes,that’s true and nobody is comparing,if you see the post again with attention.It’s just Venkat’s thought which got rectified.No comparison or nothing of that sort.

        1. I am not contradicting, I just said that we should have our sight set towards better. I now realize that you are not comparing with countries worse than ours. I apologize for misunderstanding and appreciate your thought.

    2. Pardon me Andy …. I am not against INDIA ohk…. Well if u saying that pakistan,china, etc are worse than INDIA in aspect of corruption…. I hope u are aware of swiss bank details which was released by assange, most of the members are from “INDIA”. Even though the govt knows the details of the people who have invested their money in swiss it’s not taking any action… If all the money is retrieved from swiss bank then poverty will vanish but it won’t happen …. I hope this clarifies u….

      1. Venkat, you wrote this earlier.โ€There is corruption in every country but not like INDIAโ€ฆ.” so if my English knowledge is correct then this means corruption WITHIN a country. The example you have given (Swiss Bank) is unfortunately true but not applicable in the context we are talking here,I am afraid.

        And don’t be in a fighting mood.I didn’t imply you are against India and all those stuffs.

        What I can tell is a simple personal experience as why I say China,Pakistan,Nigeria,Bangladesh has more corruption than India.I have co-workers from China and Pakistan,had friends in the uni who were from Nigeria and Bangladesh.From Pakistan and China,it would take nearly 2-2.5 years to get you a passport.That if you know whom to bribe and whom to ‘oil’. Even if you are from a rich family with lots of connection,in Pakistan they can’t have their passport within 1 year of their application.Each step has to be cleared and bribed.In India,I guess you get your passport within what,7-8 days now?

        And yeah,from Pakistan/Nigeria if you want a student visa to come to UK,your visa processing takes 18 months itself,cause US/UK officials are aware of the corruption within country (in this case fake transcript/documents/reference letters).

        I hope this clarified the stuff I was talking about.

        1. Common I wasn’t fighting at all, I described few points regarding what actually going on in INDIA and wt steps are being taken…. I think u dint see my earlier comments….. laslty, when I commented I wasn’t in fighting mood, if I was in that mood then my outcome would have been different….. U are conveying that there are few countries where the corruption is worse than INDIA …. I am right ?

  42. I totally disagree with this article…… The reason stated here are THE ACTUAL REASONS for which EVERY INDIAN is RESPONSIBLE in some way. And its our duty (moral/ethical/national) to return India or at least do our bit for getting rid of the things said above……

    1. Well if a person is giving fake GRE and TOEFL then INDIA is responsible for that, is that right? I think it is not right.
      People just want to come to USA either with hook or crook. They are trying to defame INDIA.

  43. What r u talking? India is waste in everything of the facts stated above. Mainly Leslie Dmello is totally wrong. He has some love towards India because it is his birthland. It is not worthy ifn’t you did any splendid,well-said thing in the country which makes other countries say that “Whoa what a country? great!” but what did you did to the country….nothing. The main thing India sucks because of Politicians. People who are over-aged are only eligible for the posts of politicians. If they are more than the age of 30 according to human science people who are above the age of 30 aren’t able to think well their thinking ability decreases they tend to think foolishly,then how can they built a greater country how can they help the people. Moreover 40% to 50 %people are murderers and jailed. Such bad persons just think about how to loot money not to help people okay.
    while coming to the 17 facts……..HSB is awesome he got the correct thing
    He is right and someone told about the food…………….. lol who the hell did say that food is good in india in America there are thousands of varieties while coming to india we having our old traditional things only…… what is this? and crime rate yuck!! even the politicians the leaders of the people are doing crimes in the country then why the common people stops for things like that ……………………

    1. I guess this person first needs to learn to write.
      “Such bad persons” do you mean “such bad people”?
      What a nuisance argument, people above 30 lose their thinking ability or there is decrease in their thinking ability, so as per this human science or whatever, you mean all of us should retire after 30.
      And please no body can make any argument whatsoever about the variety and quality of food in India (PERIOD). We absolutely have more variety of every type of food especially the traditional food than the population of USA. Well, before you take it literally, I was just making a point that we have a lot of food to chose from and if you implicate that traditional food is not good but the so called American food, which I believe you are taking of fast food then anyways its bad food, But yes we have that too and way damn better than fast food here in US.

  44. Why didn’t you tell these 17 reasons to the visa-interview official, when you attended the visa interview ? ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. Every one has right to express their opinion ohk…… If u really hate this post don’t look at it because u keep seeing on dark side ….. No offense !!! ๐Ÿ™‚

        1. Yeah seriously, tell those reasons to VISA interviewer. VO officer will give you a better reply for your visa stamping.

  45. It is really hurting when Indians in US compare good things in US to bad things in India. Why not compare good things in India to bad things in US. Let me write a few for you.

    1) Imagine getting mugged by an African American. He can shoot you just for 20$ cash in your pocket Vs Do you think in India, anybody would even dare to touch you in your area?

    2) Do you like to live in land of strangers , where you know that everyone is racist but they dont show it on face and be nice to you. If you succeed , they are Jealous. In India , our society backs us when we do good things.

    3) You say that 100 ppl getting killed in Mumbai. But do you even consider that America has Canada and Mexico as neighbors and we have Pakistan.

    4) I dont support much to politicians , but I have heard some good things they have done about security. But in the land of over a billion , some things are just impossible and you have to just live with it. Instead of blaming anyone else, you should enter politics and change things. Thats a challenge to you.

    5) How about food you get here in US vs food in India?

    6) How about all restrictions they put on you. Your options are so limited here in US still you manage to compromise and say not a word about it , but when it is India, you say every damn thing.

    How can you simply forget that it is our birth land.

    A man is nothing without a nation. Soldiers die to protect country, so you have no right to say anything bad about the country.

    We all know that above things are somewhat true and bad….. but what have we done about it? Simply run away to US and then say whole lot of crap about India… YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO DO THAT.

    I never say that India do not have problems or US is not good. But atlease have some pride about nation and dont say anything bad about it. You might not have that feeling , but it hurts others.

    @HSB, it is ok when common ppl say this, but when you agree with them and support it, it is even more disappointing. You are representing so many ppl here. Make sure you are aware of that. It is okay to have your own opinion, but not a good thing when you are an authority.

    1. Very well said. All these points are facts.
      Especially the point about security. Thanks to the democratic structure in Indian government, people are not forced to serve a compulsory term in the Military forces like most of the countries.
      Good job here.

    2. well said……I totally agree to your comment and its really dis-heartening to see such kind of people who for betterment of their own self goes to foreign land and start abusing or criticizing their own country land……there is famous saying in India “Dhobi ka Kutta na ghar ka na ghat ka ” which goes with this kind of behavior !!!!

      1. Yo…MAN….

        Sahil , ur right….about this street dog, who just lead his life for himself.

        At least, this duffer must think about our Indian soldiers. Those are on borders for the sake of our country. They never think to lead their life like this cowardice street dog.

    3. FYI, I am Indian in US and I just love India more than anything in the World……

      1. +1
        Count me in.. I am a little more patriotic than the rest for a fact that I served in the Indian Air Force in the Short Service Commission before coming here.

    4. I agree and support because I agree to most of the points listed, but my experience is different from others. I’m agreeing to him doesn’t mean I hate India and having an authority doesn’t mean I shouldn’t support someone argument.

      Read the reply I posted to Malavika.

    5. Answers:
      1)Yes, People in India also can shoot for anything.
      2) You will get kidnapped.
      3) Not sure what you want to say about good.
      4) Politics is very dirty in India. It’s like entering in coal mine. If a clean person will go inside, he/she will also get dirty.
      5) We may not get good food outside, but we can prepare good food at home.
      6) Nothing is to compromised.

      1. Definitely, you have very limited knowledge about India and society in India. Crime knows no boundaries. You can get mugged or killed anywhere on this earth. Do you or the original author or HSB have any statistics from a credible source to support that crime rate is less in USA or anywhere else on earth than in India. The original author mentions something about rapes being rampant in Delhi and everywhere in India, again can you corroborate your claims. When it comes to security, yes we have millions getting killed in a blast not just in Mumbai but everywhere else but that is because we have very radical enemies (I am not referring to any country or religious groups but people who just think radical). When it comes to politics, then politics is worse everywhere not just in India. I know we have been plagued with corruption and incumbent leaders but yes I believe we can change the situation. Now obviously you or other will question me, that why am I in USA then. I have a simple theory, learn whats best from others and apply for your own good. That is what I am doing. I am studying from USA (PhD) and going to use the knowledge gained for my and my country’s betterment. So why didn’t I continue studying in India itself, again because its so easy to get an admit in some university here in US than in a good institute in India like the IITs. Seriously i don’t have the caliber for IITs, or IISc, or NITs, or B-schools or DU or BARC or TIFR or AIIMS or i can go on and on but it is easy to get in here.

    6. Why didn’t you tell these 17 reasons, while you attended the visa interview ? ๐Ÿ™‚

    7. My thoughts:

      1) Imagine getting mugged by an African American. He can shoot you just for 20$ cash in your pocket Vs Do you think in India, anybody would even dare to touch you in your area?

      Find me one person who will agree with this point. Offcourse unless you are a so called bhai.

      2) Do you like to live in land of strangers , where you know that everyone is racist but they dont show it on face and be nice to you. If you succeed , they are Jealous. In India , our society backs us when we do good things.
      I can guarantee that the racism in US is much less than what you see for North Indians in Mumbai who are killed every other day just for no reason.

      3) You say that 100 ppl getting killed in Mumbai. But do you even consider that America has Canada and Mexico as neighbors and we have Pakistan.
      How does that matter?
      4) I dont support much to politicians , but I have heard some good things they have done about security. But in the land of over a billion , some things are just impossible and you have to just live with it. Instead of blaming anyone else, you should enter politics and change things. Thats a challenge to you.
      I am sorry, I don’t agree with the population thing, India had a much lesser population in 1950, why did politicians not take alarm of it then and take measures to slow down the growth. China controlled their population long back

      5) How about food you get here in US vs food in India?
      More or less, you get good food in US

      6) How about all restrictions they put on you. Your options are so limited here in US still you manage to compromise and say not a word about it , but when it is India, you say every damn thing.

      Totally disagreed, I won’t dare to speak a word in India, you draw a cartoon and you are arrested, you say that some ministers are corrupt and you may get arrested.

      How can you simply forget that it is our birth land.
      I never forgot it’s my birth land and I LOVE INDIA, if I did not love India, I wont be writing all this, I write this coz it hurts that my country is in such shape today coz of bad governance and politics

    8. Disclaimer: Comments are not against India

      1. Big cities like Mumbai, Banglore it is really possible.
      2. 85% of people if you conform their lifestyle they wont bother where are you from. And please dont say i am an Indian and wont change.
      3.No relevance. And if you say terrorism drug trafficking from Mexico is worst part.
      4. If you want to do something for country (which only 0.0001% of Indians really do) u need not to go in politics.
      5. Only thing is your taste buds are adapted to Indian food but you talk about hygiene US food is way much better.
      6. What restrictions are you talking about?? US is so liberal than any other country in Asia.

  46. This is inappreciable.
    Problems are faced by every country. Leaving the country just because it has problems is cowardice. I have to make a mention about some of my friends who have come from parts of Africa where a variety of problems are rampant. But the only one thing they say is they dream of making their country competitive on a global scale one day. In this issue. Its a pity that people in India, a country which seems to have fostered civilization longer than any other part of the world think this way. There is a road rage because there is no education among people. We still elect bad leaders because people choose small incentives over long time welfare. We do not have electricity or water because our economy is poor. If you look at these problems, you ll see that you can make things much better if you can bring your talents, your experience and your knowledge to the table so that some change can be hoped for.
    Our country is the only legitimate loyalty you can have in the age. Not your religion, not your race, not your caste. And its disheartening to see people becoming so self centered about their own welfare that they forget their responsibility towards their country.

  47. When you were in India , you were responsible for all 17 reasons you stated…….how about that?

    1. Amen to that! I have seen people change because “they’re in US!”… Where was this change when they were in India? You were just another loser bribing the police officer and then blaming the cops for that. One person blaming a country of 1 billion people for every wrong thing he has come across clearly says his maturity. I’m wondering if education has ever done anything good at all to them.

  48. Well…which country doesn’t have problems? and yes we agree that we have problems… we are concerned and would like to change it rather running away to some other country which has similar problems covered by the citizens who do not ‘complain’. if u really wish to change something… be a part of it and please…stop blaming your own country!! i’m sure nobody would leave their families if they someday become unable to manage finance, relations, etc….what would you do? a wise person will get involved and help ‘the family’ rather than sitting back at some other place criticizing and blaming. i’m sorry if i have been rude but i dislike reading such things from someone who is not the part of the system he/she is criticizing about.

    1. There is a lot difference between a developed country and a developing country… Nowhere you want to look at things as it appear here everywhere else… Americans or for that matter any country it could be with better life than India must have came to such situation only after going through all those phases, The person above who posted there shit of reasons or be it anyone are little fortune to be having a smooth going life… Things change overtime and cycle of life has to go upside down… So i suggest the person posted these reasons to reconsider his thoughts and act matured than acting mean.. God Bless and All the best.. Liked your post Malvika ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. Most of the points above can be implemented and followed in developing country. I don’t buy the argument that country is developing means good service cannot be provided to customers or other reasons listed above.

        1. HSB, you must be forgetting the day spent in India may be. I belong 90’s so i will speak about it. In 90’s customer service in India was the least thing one used to think. When there was no Dish and people used to reply on cable TV’s happen to face immense problems, poor service. Though initially everyone were excited to get a cable connection at homes and everyone got attracted then it all started, then came up customer service that to retain a customer there is a need of better service and causing no interruption. The rest is self explanatory, you know how things started improving. this is a very cheap example but this should help you buy the argument of good customer service and bad customer service.

    2. I partially agree to you. Take this situation – Someone has a road accident and fighting for life and slowly bleeding to death on the road. That persons patriotism is NOT going to help him at that time. Its the people around him and how fast the person can get medical help.

      Its easy to say you can’t complain when you are not part of the system. What is the use of being a part of the system, if you have an accident, have family at home, but its not guaranteed that you will make home in single piece? Accidents do happen in USA, but help will arrive before you even realize you are in pain.

      I have witnessed accident in India and USA. We were in the hospital within 10 minutes of having the accident.

      In India – my friend who was hit by a bus in front of my eyes, had broken hip, both legs were torn apart and it took us 4 hours to reach the hospital, because folks who are driving in cars dosen’t want to take him to hospital.

      Even one such life saving instance can give a different perspective about life style in a country.

      I’m trying to say is that blaming somone just because the person is not part of the system doesnt mean you have to curse him.

      1. Help??? India is not even as big as Texas geography… Tiny country with huge population and illiteracy among people, lack of awareness, crime rate was high… at the moment the system has changed, i dont know where you belong to from India but in Hyd at this stage, if you meet with an accident just a call and couple of ambulances appear at the spot in that 10 mins.. in 2010 i myself has called a emergency number and i ended up with numerous call back inquiring about the spot in no time and while attending calls itself i saw Ambulance arriving at the spot.. Even after we having so much traffic and such narrow roads we are managing well and doing the best to resolve such unusual situations

        1. Raj – People have accidents all over India right? Such facility should be available to all nook and corner. It will happen but takes time.

        2. I am a huge fan of this blog, am following since 2010, great information on various things………I would like to comment on Indian health care system that to in emergency situations, me and my friend were travelling on NH…..there was an accident happened five minutes before we arrived to the spot………it was a busy road…..100’s of vehicles running, and at the same time 100 of people were watching the guy who was bleeding profusely with head injury(I have photographs with me as proof). It took 20 minutes for the police to arrive but the irony was there was a health post adjacent to the highway for emergency when contacted the driver had gone to have tea so no response and it took another 15 minutes to get the ambulance with lone driver without siren on the ambulance. Totally 35 minutes of precious time wasted……..the man was picked like a sack and thrown literally in ambulance and was taken to hospital. we followed for a little distance to see the drama…….to our horror the ambulance driver stopped the vehicle after 200 meters to buy gutka packet, when we questioned him why don’t he hurry the inured guy to the hospital.. the reply was amazing…” we see hundreds of patients like this it wont make any difference to us……..and we cannot cry for the persons who die on daily basis………” great answer……. I have few questions…..Is there any value for a life here in India? Why do we have such a pathetic emergency health care system which does not respond in time……? Hello dear friend it is in Hyderabad it is good for you..have you ever thought about rest 64 percent of the population who stay in rural India(Bharat) ……No more to say

      2. i am really sorry if HSB thinks i was blaming someone but i was trying to convey the person to stop criticizing his own country or any country. it’s good to have discussions that can end up in solutions and where conclusions are concorded for the development. i know the facility may not be great here like in USA but hey…the recent development of 108 ambulances and other medical facilities are turning up and they are doing pretty well too. look when few pioneer Indians like Jamshedji Tata and many more were building up the assets, people at that time must have never thought of 24 hours electricity, water, easy communication mode,etc. and today thermal power plants that have undergone significant progress after Independence by 12%..and well rest have progressed too. Those geniuses had patience and knew development will happen soon. we all need to be responsible individually…accidents do happen in front of us and we can step ahead to help inspite of waiting for the ambulance to turn up. an individual can change atleast one person and the cascade of development shall follow. we need to have ideas and faith and we will develop soon. maybe i am too optimistic but that is how the world goes for me. i help one and i get help from hundreds.

  49. Beginning to hate this site.. This has become a “I hate India” site.. This was supposed to help people trying to go to US for studies. You really think an article like this would help anyone at all? Shame.

    I can give out several points why India is better than US but I won’t belittle any of these countries cuz I have dignity and I respect both the countries for what they are.

    1. strongly agree with you, I’m hating it too…
      Americans have hell lotta patriotism and they do it for themselves as well as for their country, They never let their country pride go down. But morons like this who posted the above 17 reasons for not going back India or passing indecent comments are not fit to be anywhere in the world where humans live… Best fits to be in some other planet.

      Whoever has written the above reasons, Sorry for you Bro/Sis… You just looking things very badly…

      1. Even if they say it’s not about patriotism and it’s about the truth and reason, why post it here? Will someone EVER benefit anything at all from such an awful post? I have followed this site for more than a year. It used to have good posts about GRE, TOEFL etc and some useful statistics too. Now I feel the standards of HSB going way down. I’m not ranting here but I feel so bad that HSB has come to this.

        1. Absolutely, well i would say we all realize that nothing remains the same. As we age, we look older so are the rest… HSB have posted numerous information that is most useful for students and made life easy. Now to keep the site running and for the free service provided by HSB overtime, there should be something running the site active. Not supporting to post blogs like these but to reconsider and paraphrase things for betterment. HSB should give serious thoughts over its blogs being posted, at the best, we are more than 90% Indians here and were raised there… we should have some respect as we will have on our ownself… Let us hope HSB works well on such heating up blogs..

          1. I have posted over 2500 articles. Unfortunately, readers are willing to comment on articles where you compare lifestyle and post controversial topics. If I write about Best GRE Books, those who took test don’t care about it and those who are going to take the test don’t know what to post and how to post comments.

            So, to have readership engaged I will be posting such posts, unless everyone decided to become active commenters for all post types.

          2. yes, thats what I was about to say.

            In fact, I also read and comment this way and thats bad.

          3. whoa…genius HSB!! i liked the idea but i had asked you a question regarding GRE long time back and i never got any response. hope i don’t have to wait for you to post such controversial topics again to get answers to my queries:)

          4. Malvika

            HSB is more to business rather than education; i was recently provoked to comment on few of his posts, of a similar nature where he targeted specific audience and their sentiments.
            He would never engage in a useful conversation where theres not enough audience, he would never reply to posts until unless theres something to make him look bad (in which case he d always be humbled to reply).
            This act is bound to get attention from more and more people, so he could patronize products and brands. i am sure he would in near future.

      2. Well !!! As u see present scenario of our country u think we can make a change. For an instance, Anna hazare has been fighting against corruption since a year and many others have joined him in this revolution but sadly the bill made by him or his organization dint pass…. Govt has amended the bill and passed it which was supportive to govt not to middle class person….

        She isn’t degrading our country pride, she was telling her opinion ..I think everyone has right to express there feelings u can’t confront on this one…… India is developing country and it will be a developing country even after 2020…. Corruption is one responsible if u can eliminate it then INDIA will be on the top …… So ask u r self can we eliminate corruption and corrupted officials from our country ??

      3. There is really no reason to call some one moron just because he shared the opinion current state of things in India. Just like you have right o express your thoughts and feeling, person has the same rights. By swearing you are the one who is looking bad and proving (kind of #11 Driving).

          1. Don’t speak about corruption anywhere, people just have to smile and skip away.. India has corruption, America even has corruption, for one’s own benefit its just a tool to operate. If you’re speaking about US being a corruption free country then you’re absolutely wrong. Like organs in your body is so corruption is for every countries position. CORRUPTION cannot be ELIMINATED at any given point, you can just minimize it but cannot expect it to be faded out forever, you yourself wont survive if that happens. Such words are very good to hear and makes one proud to speak about supporting but in reality it never works, So better we balance the discussion but not take it one way

          2. I dint mentioned regarding US being corruption free country….. I mentioned abt corruption this has been the worm that has been infecting us from a decade…. There is corruption in every country but not like INDIA…..

            @HSB this topic is going too far ….. Most of the people are seeing the dark side of this issue but not on the bright side…..

          3. I know. Reason for posting such articles is to show what it would be like living in another country. But, emotions run high and that results in negative comments. Think about me, I have to read all the comments ๐Ÿ™‚

          4. Corruption is everywhere on the planet, but what matters to me is how it impacts my life. I have spent tons of time in both India and US. Lets take it this way, if I had to go to a government office in India, it scares the living daylight out of me. While if I have to go to a government office in US, say RMV or SSN or any, I am generally confident that if I read their site properly and go all set, I WILL GET MY THINGS DONE

            I must say, I never meant I hate India or anything like that. I love India and will always keep doing that. Pointing problems does not mean hatred…

      4. Who the hell are you to call me moron?

        There is no point saying I am a moron based on your emotions, talk facts and truth. Everything I said is a fact (doesn’t matter if you don’t like the facts).

        I have read all the comments against my thoughts and almost every of them is only emotions with NO ground.

  50. Excellent !!!!! lastly in a simple sentence INDIA is sated with corruption, that is one responsible for the destruction of our country………:(

    1. so you run far away where you are safe and sound and let it destroy. If something is broken, try and help fixing it, not throw it away.

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