17 Really Simple Reasons Why I’m Not Going Back to India

Raghuram Sukumar Lifestyle

Following article was written as comment by reader Vish at 20 Fascinating Differences Between Lifestyle in India and USA.

I have been in the US for a substantial amount of time and am staying here not just because of lifestyle, but because of what India has been becoming lately.
Why do people who promote India don’t comment on any of these:

1. Road rage

Being a law abiding person and not used to fist fights, I am scared that if I was to get in an accident in India, I may never return home (morons may just beat me to death there).

2. Crime

A million Rapes in Delhi and around every day.

3. Cheat and criminal politicians

How do I trust people with about 40 murder and rape cases to bring growth.

4. Customer service / Return policies

When I went to India last in 2009, we went to a store called lifestyle and my girl friend bought a piece of jewelry from a brand called zaveri or something. 1 week later, the necklace was nearly all black and when we took it back to the store.

They said they will replace it and we got a replacement in 1 week (were promised 2 days) which went bad again in a week. We went back and demanded for a refund and were told NO REFUNDS, we could exchange that for something else but with the same f**k*** brand.

5. Electricity

Power Cuts are part of life. I knew the value or 24 hours Power Supply after coming to U.S. It shows the efficiency of power grid.

6. Water

I don’t have to wait or wake-up at 4 AM to turn on the motor to get the Fresh water once a week. At times, it maybe once every few weeks.

Here’s we drink the tap water right from the pipe without water filter. Can you imagine drinking tap water back in India without boiling or filtering.

7. Security

When the government can’t punish people in power or people electing criminals, where;s the Justice Systems? There’s Crime in U.S. but I feel safe and justice system works here.


Inconvenience when shopping. I absolutely hate the idea of leaving my bags with the security at every store in a mall or having to remove the shoes when entering a shop.

Go to a store/shop in India and tell the guy that you are not planning to buy anything, just browsing around and look at his face.

9. Reservation System

This is absolutely ridiculous.

10. Legal system

Have a good laugh, legal system in India is a joke.

11. Driving

It’s so much fun when guy on a motorbike behind you on a sidewalk honks and swears at you.

12. Cell Phone Cost

You talk about cost of phone, but forget that the phone cost is also included in that cost (+free M2M, nights & weekends & NO Long Distance/Roaming), in addition if your sim goes bad, you don’t have to pay for those things. If you were a family and had multiple lines on your phone, the US cost is a great deal. In addition to this, try to get your security deposits back from any cell phone company in India. May be it’s my fault but I failed to get my deposits back from reliance.

13. Internet

About internet, you pay 800 for 2MBPS in india, I pay 25$ a month for 30 mbps. I think I have a much better deal.

14. Satisfaction of government letting militants free everyday.

15. Attitude of public servants (or so called).

16. Police

When you pull over your car on the shoulder on a road in the US, and a cop pulls over behind you, you feel comfortable that you got help. In India you are scared.

17. Medical facilities

India is OK as long as things go smooth; people are killed because of negligence all the time. I have been reading news of dozens infants dying in hospitals in Bengal.

If India had anything better than mediocre medical facilities, why every sportsman or politician goes to US/Europe/Australia for treatment?

You can have a good life in India as long as nothing goes south, the moment you have an argument or problem with someone, the deciding factor is not who is right or wrong, the decider is who is powerful.


By now, your feeling will be boiling hot, either in support or against the above reasons.

Post your thoughts below in the comment and keep it clean.