While at NAFSA, I meet Dr.Lokesh Shivakumaraiah Interim Manager of International Education  from Mississippi State University.

We have had exchanged few messages over Twitter few months back and I was able to meet him in person at NAFSA conference in Houston last month.

After the events, Lokesh asked if I can write about a blog post about Study Mississippi.

What is Study Mississippi?

Study Mississippi is a consortium of accredited educational institutions in the U.S. state of Mississippi which connects international students and professionals with quality education and training.

Members include high schools, community colleges, public and private colleges and universities, and professional English language schools.

Study Mississippi institutions offer a variety of degrees from which to choose, and are found in rural, suburban and urban settings. StudyMississippi is supported by the Mississippi Development Authority, U.S. Commercial Services, and the Mississippi World Trade Center.

Why  Study in Mississippi?

The state of Mississippi is located in the Southeastern U.S. and is a leader in the growth of this region.

Mississippi is located midway between Atlanta and Dallas and is in the heart of one of the nation’s fastest growing areas.

There are currently about 2,500 international students enrolled in schools located in the state of Mississippi.

International students and their parents have found that studying in Mississippi is significantly more affordable than many other U.S. states.
This state has consistently attracted both domestic and international students to its top-of-the-line high schools, community colleges, four-year colleges and universities, and English as a Second Language programs.

Mississippi colleges and universities are known worldwide for their academic excellence and educational innovation in a wide variety of fields such as
Agriculture, Aerospace, Engineering, Management and International Business, Law, Pharmacy, Arts and Sciences, Veterinary and Medical Sciences, Nursing, and more.

Consequently, local and multinational companies collaborate with Mississippi’s higher education institutions generating increased career opportunities through research and development.

Checkout universities in the State of Mississippi.

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  1. Ibukunoluwa on August 2, 2012 at 12:37 AM


    Thanks for this post.

    I’d been studying schools in mississippi, particularly, mississippi state university.
    I discovered some appaling research works that interest me in applied environmental biotechnology. I am a BSc holder of microbiology from a reputable school in Nigeria.
    My GRE score is 297
    I have not given TOEFL
    and my grade is 4/5 as an undergraduate.

    I want to school as a research or graduate assistant.

    So, i need a link to a research professor in that field.


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