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Is it Mandatory to Take SAT Subject Tests?

College Board offers SAT and SAT Subject Tests.

High School students applying for colleges in USA take SAT or ACT.

But, who takes SAT Subject Tests? Is it mandatory to take SAT Subject tests?

According to College Board, over 500,000 students take SAT Subject Tests.

What is SAT Subject Tests?

Extracted from College Board Site –

SAT Subject Tests are the only national admission tests that measure students’ knowledge and skills in particular subject areas, and their ability to apply that knowledge. They are closely linked to the high school curriculum and have a proven track record of providing colleges with a highly reliable, objective assessment of student readiness for college-level work. The SAT Subject Tests give students an additional opportunity to distinguish themselves and showcase their skills in a particular subject area.

That’s lot of students taking the test in a given year.

Do you want to know what so many students take SAT Subject tests?

  • Some colleges require SAT Subject tests for admission ( now other way, you have to take the test).
  • Improves academic profile while applying for colleges.
  • If course grade doesn’t show their full potential,  SAT Subject test should reflect their potential.
  • Some colleges gives course credit for SAT Subject tests

When colleges are using SAT subject tests to evaluate students profile for admission, having SAT Subject test (even if it’s not mandatory) should give an edge among other students.




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