7 Reaons Why Studying Abroad is 100 Folds Better Than Studying in India

Ashish Arora, Graduate Student in Australia, wrote this guest post. Check out another great article by the same author –  10 Good Reasons to Study in Australia

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First of all Rashmi, great job! There are very few people in the arena who think that it is worth sharing experiences with people around; I believe your post has the accurate reflection of life in the US. However, if this is demotivating people here, let me give us some insights through my experiences.

I’m talking about Rashmi’s 20 Fascinating Differences Between Lifestyle in India and USA.

I have an IT career of around eight years in India and Australia at some of the very best organizations in both countries. I am not married so don’t have a richer experience to that level.

However, for all those who have big dreams and ambitions, please remember that “Dreams and Ambitions keep evolving, and so does the focus of a human being.”

Today you have a dream of studying abroad, tomorrow it will be a good job and day after tomorrow it will be a super-rich idea of being an entrepreneur. However, these dreams or goals are inter-related.

If you don’t take your actions seriously, these dreams will still evolve but you would be chasing only one dream or change over to something else. Here’s seven reasons why study abroad is hundred folds better than studying in India:

1. Perspective and Culture

It gives a different perspective on people, societies, countries and an opportunity to meet different people and share the experience.

Today not only I know about Australia, I know about China, Vietnam, Korea, America, and Mexico through various friends and roommates.

2. Value of Education

Education in US/Canada/Australia/UK is valued worldwide, so your chances of getting job globally will be more. Once you settle down in a country, the world does not stop neither India. You have better chances of coming back with far more saving than you would have in India.

I have come across so many people who studied and worked in the US and then they came back to India and grabbed super good positions (Vice President, Senior Manager, CFO).

Let me tell you the an incident in one of the companies I worked, one fine day I get a mail in my inbox about a new manager and I asked my colleague, “Hey! Who is this new manager?”

Colleague -”Some UC grad who has done MS and MBA in the US and worked for few years in the US. He will write emails and chill his a*s down the comfy chair while we work the whole day and night. And he will earn dollar kind of salary in Indian Rupees” – Truth be Told.

3. Money and Salary

One of my friends came back to India after working in the UK for around 5 to 6 years. He was having a real life there and married his girlfriend after having ups and downs in the family, but now they have started their own business in Mumbai. They managed to earn good money and saved for business.
You always have the option to buy a house in India while you are in the US and put that on Rent. Lots of people do that.

Benefit – Your mom and dad get stable income out of it for their old days. I don’t say buy a house on full down payment.

Buy it on loan and then try to pay it, I reckon it won’t be that hard to pay a monthly installment when you are earning in dollars keeping in mind all your expenses.

4. Skills Development

Come here and live independently, it is harder than living alone in India.

Here a student gets only a few hours to work part time, so you have to work those hours to earn and above to that study hard to get good grades, still this is not ended.

You have to do all household chores yourself because you cannot hire a maid to do stuff like in India where a student does hire maids and stuff, forget about families.

Remember this make you more independent, organized and develop time management skills.

5. Job Search Advantage

How many people know about graduate jobs and internships?

I don’t know what they call it in the US but here a student gets a super knowledge through graduate employment and internship. Keep in mind that you will end up working for years in an organization and never gain that kind of knowledge what you get in graduate programs and internship sometimes.

This internship and graduate jobs are not easy to get if you are an experienced professional and only students get the opportunity to grab these grad jobs.

I like say that based on my experience, not all jobs fetches you right kinds of knowledge and always evolving learning curve.

Like a tester keeps testing same test cases every day and a developer sometimes is either on the bench or keeps supporting software rather than developing a new code or working on a new project.

What IT companies in India are doing is merely collecting people and putting them on the bench. They want to show high statistics to clients of their manpower that increases their credibility to grab projects globally, but the situation is not like that here in Australia.

You can learn heaps, and you get a better opportunity. You don’t just check emails, chit chat and go home.

6. Life Experience

All those people who commented part time jobs as shit jobs are ignorant, uneducated or belong to a village because they have not experienced such things.

I proudly declare that I have worked in restaurants, bars, McDonald, taxi stands, being a radio jockey and a sales representative.

Does it change anything in me?

Well, to be honest, it changed my overall personality and compelled me to think why western culture is more progressive than any other culture.

I learned workplace ethics, communication skills, professionalism, small things like gratitude, honesty, ownership, time management skills, customer relationship, readiness and activeness both physically and mentally and finally respect and love for people of all caste and creed.

7. Living and Racism

All those people above have discussed about racism, let me tell you a bad truth here, “Racism is everywhere” it is in India, US, Australia, Canada, XYZ country but it lies in the minds of few ignorant people who malign the entire society.

Don’t you come across with some “son of soils” in Mumbai who thinks they took your job but never thought that a person called Dhirubai Ambani gave jobs to thousands of them and never thought that person like Raj Kapoor or some chopra give a new definition to film industry.

Have you never been come across people in Karnataka thinking that people from other parts are grabbing their jobs and polluting the city. Think over this and other issues in India before concluding anything about any country.

BTW, every person knows about Mahatma Gandhi here, His thought and teaching are part of their course curricular(I am talking about top university in Oz, NewZealand etc).. Nobody knows “Raj Thakre”.



Decison: Why Study Abroad

I think above listed reasons gives a different perspective about Higher Education abroad.  I spoke about 40 Complex Things Your Mon Never Told About USA.

Some comments said I’m exaggerating the contents. But, just like Ashish, I have faced similar situations here in America. Life is the real teacher. I’m much more equipped to face real life challenges today with experience of living and studying in the USA. Skills you pick-up while studying abroad will make you unique and prepare to face tougher challenges.

I have written similar experience in this post – Why International Students in the USA are Unique.

Are You on the Fence?

I hope this article will change your mind and give new perspective about studying abroad.

Get Education from Abroad. Pickup Amazing new skills. I bet you will get Stronger and become a better person overall.

What do you think about this article? Wold you now consider studying abroad?