7 Reaons Why Studying Abroad is 100 Folds Better Than Studying in India

Ashish Arora, Graduate Student in Australia, wrote this guest post. Check out another great article by the same author –  10 Good Reasons to Study in Australia

Study Abroad


First of all Rashmi, great job! There are very few people in the arena who think that it is worth sharing experiences with people around; I believe your post has the accurate reflection of life in the US. However, if this is demotivating people here, let me give us some insights through my experiences.

I’m talking about Rashmi’s 20 Fascinating Differences Between Lifestyle in India and USA.

I have an IT career of around eight years in India and Australia at some of the very best organizations in both countries. I am not married so don’t have a richer experience to that level.

However, for all those who have big dreams and ambitions, please remember that “Dreams and Ambitions keep evolving, and so does the focus of a human being.”

Today you have a dream of studying abroad, tomorrow it will be a good job and day after tomorrow it will be a super-rich idea of being an entrepreneur. However, these dreams or goals are inter-related.

If you don’t take your actions seriously, these dreams will still evolve but you would be chasing only one dream or change over to something else. Here’s seven reasons why study abroad is hundred folds better than studying in India:

1. Perspective and Culture

It gives a different perspective on people, societies, countries and an opportunity to meet different people and share the experience.

Today not only I know about Australia, I know about China, Vietnam, Korea, America, and Mexico through various friends and roommates.

2. Value of Education

Education in US/Canada/Australia/UK is valued worldwide, so your chances of getting job globally will be more. Once you settle down in a country, the world does not stop neither India. You have better chances of coming back with far more saving than you would have in India.

I have come across so many people who studied and worked in the US and then they came back to India and grabbed super good positions (Vice President, Senior Manager, CFO).

Let me tell you the an incident in one of the companies I worked, one fine day I get a mail in my inbox about a new manager and I asked my colleague, “Hey! Who is this new manager?”

Colleague -”Some UC grad who has done MS and MBA in the US and worked for few years in the US. He will write emails and chill his a*s down the comfy chair while we work the whole day and night. And he will earn dollar kind of salary in Indian Rupees” – Truth be Told.

3. Money and Salary

One of my friends came back to India after working in the UK for around 5 to 6 years. He was having a real life there and married his girlfriend after having ups and downs in the family, but now they have started their own business in Mumbai. They managed to earn good money and saved for business.
You always have the option to buy a house in India while you are in the US and put that on Rent. Lots of people do that.

Benefit – Your mom and dad get stable income out of it for their old days. I don’t say buy a house on full down payment.

Buy it on loan and then try to pay it, I reckon it won’t be that hard to pay a monthly installment when you are earning in dollars keeping in mind all your expenses.

4. Skills Development

Come here and live independently, it is harder than living alone in India.

Here a student gets only a few hours to work part time, so you have to work those hours to earn and above to that study hard to get good grades, still this is not ended.

You have to do all household chores yourself because you cannot hire a maid to do stuff like in India where a student does hire maids and stuff, forget about families.

Remember this make you more independent, organized and develop time management skills.

5. Job Search Advantage

How many people know about graduate jobs and internships?

I don’t know what they call it in the US but here a student gets a super knowledge through graduate employment and internship. Keep in mind that you will end up working for years in an organization and never gain that kind of knowledge what you get in graduate programs and internship sometimes.

This internship and graduate jobs are not easy to get if you are an experienced professional and only students get the opportunity to grab these grad jobs.

I like say that based on my experience, not all jobs fetches you right kinds of knowledge and always evolving learning curve.

Like a tester keeps testing same test cases every day and a developer sometimes is either on the bench or keeps supporting software rather than developing a new code or working on a new project.

What IT companies in India are doing is merely collecting people and putting them on the bench. They want to show high statistics to clients of their manpower that increases their credibility to grab projects globally, but the situation is not like that here in Australia.

You can learn heaps, and you get a better opportunity. You don’t just check emails, chit chat and go home.

6. Life Experience

All those people who commented part time jobs as shit jobs are ignorant, uneducated or belong to a village because they have not experienced such things.

I proudly declare that I have worked in restaurants, bars, McDonald, taxi stands, being a radio jockey and a sales representative.

Does it change anything in me?

Well, to be honest, it changed my overall personality and compelled me to think why western culture is more progressive than any other culture.

I learned workplace ethics, communication skills, professionalism, small things like gratitude, honesty, ownership, time management skills, customer relationship, readiness and activeness both physically and mentally and finally respect and love for people of all caste and creed.

7. Living and Racism

All those people above have discussed about racism, let me tell you a bad truth here, “Racism is everywhere” it is in India, US, Australia, Canada, XYZ country but it lies in the minds of few ignorant people who malign the entire society.

Don’t you come across with some “son of soils” in Mumbai who thinks they took your job but never thought that a person called Dhirubai Ambani gave jobs to thousands of them and never thought that person like Raj Kapoor or some chopra give a new definition to film industry.

Have you never been come across people in Karnataka thinking that people from other parts are grabbing their jobs and polluting the city. Think over this and other issues in India before concluding anything about any country.

BTW, every person knows about Mahatma Gandhi here, His thought and teaching are part of their course curricular(I am talking about top university in Oz, NewZealand etc).. Nobody knows “Raj Thakre”.



Decison: Why Study Abroad

I think above listed reasons gives a different perspective about Higher Education abroad.  I spoke about 40 Complex Things Your Mon Never Told About USA.

Some comments said I’m exaggerating the contents. But, just like Ashish, I have faced similar situations here in America. Life is the real teacher. I’m much more equipped to face real life challenges today with experience of living and studying in the USA. Skills you pick-up while studying abroad will make you unique and prepare to face tougher challenges.

I have written similar experience in this post – Why International Students in the USA are Unique.

Are You on the Fence?

I hope this article will change your mind and give new perspective about studying abroad.

Get Education from Abroad. Pickup Amazing new skills. I bet you will get Stronger and become a better person overall.

What do you think about this article? Wold you now consider studying abroad?

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  1. Hello,

    I am Gursimar from Ludhiana (Punjab). I completed my Bachelors in Electronics & Communication in 2011, and Masters in VLSI Design in 2016. Presently, I’m working with Thapar University, and have a total of 3.5 years of work experience. Besides that, I had scored 309/340 and 4/6 in GRE. My GRE score is valid till October 2018.

    I’m looking for someone who can help me with getting admission at a good university in USA, or any other opportunity there. Since I have a valid GRE score, I wish to use it.

    I would really appreciate your help.

    Thanks & Regards

  2. This is really good and useful article for me. I am a regular reader of your articles. And here this one is the best one. You have covered everything. Thanks

  3. I m from India I m in my last year of bsc microbiology I want to do masters from abroad in forensic or food & dairy there is any scope for this…

  4. i m a student of regular . i want to complete my further studies in canada . tell me it will be good in term of a good job if i completed MBA from canada . is there any other course which is more beneficial ?
    could i get a good job position after done MBA from canada ?

  5. I am fro india and I had completed my in mechanical engg with 69% marks. I am thinking for GRE and Toffle test prepartion for in usa. I am thinking for loan But m getting negtive feedbacks like in USA is very difficult than india. If you dnt get job your all money will got waste. I want to know that if I dnt get job in my field there, would I be able to get any other job to recover my loan. How much time I will get to find job in my field after

  6. studying abroad is the first thing on my mind…but there are also issues in the family pointing out such as “the current scenario is jobs are not available for any international student in any top countries and because of that we cannot risk education and ending up as struggling person who is unable to pay his loans” although i insisted upon even i am wondering if the jobs are hard to come by..pls let me know if u faced dis kind of situation or u have seen anyone who faced such…I need help..

    1. Yes Jobs are hard to come by, but then it is the same in India also, good satisfying jobs are hard to come by in India also. But the difference is, abroad, if you are willing to hard work, you can do any kind of job till you can get a job of your field and thus survive. You get paid in dollars to make your ends meet. That opportunity is not available in India, in India you will sit at home or keep trying till you get a job. Do you think you can work in a store, petrol station or mall or as a taxi driver etc in India and earn survivable income ? You will forget what you learned in college and be a master of expletives and rough behavior. But abroad, there is dignity in such work, you earn to survive, you don’t lose respect and you gain experience which you can claim as points if it is in the field of your study. Yes, it will be a struggle to get jobs, average period is eight months to a year to get a job as per your qualifications, therefore be ready to slog at any work you get, you will survive, but it is worth it in terms of exposure, learning new cultures, experience, learning etc. So don’t let nay sayers stop your dream of studying abroad, if you have the funds, do go, it will be a worthwhile experience.
      Best regards.

  7. This article is the best till now.Nd really thanks for being so supportive and encouraging in ur words here.I’v been through so many pages but none was speaking a positive sense.Thanks a ton. I am a student of BDS but I want to pursue MSc in europe.All i want to know is if I get very good grades in my pg will i get a good job over there.Do they consider Indians equally for jobs?

  8. sir i have done 10+2 in nios ( national institute of open schooling ) now i have to do b tech in usa is that possible

  9. Studying abroad is a good idea .But dont thionk abt coming to bak to India and working in India with foreign degree.U study there n settle there.I see lot of foreign products wandering in India jobless with some degrees with strange names .I hav plenty in my family

  10. Hi,
    I’m planning to undertake my ug courses in aerospace engineering from the university of Singapore. Do I have scope in India for my carrer after my course completion. If no please guide me for taking up my ug course in any other field .

    1. Hi Dhruv,
      Well frankly speaking opportunities for aerospace engineers are less compared to students with CS/IT, ECE or Mech Engg. background. But if your passion lies in this, do go for it. Singapore is a good option for aerospace engineering programmes as you may find good opportunities after completing your coursework.
      All the best!

      1. Hello sir, I am from India and I want to pursue my masters degree in UK in Clinical psychology. I am just 18 years old so I have atleast 3 years to go.Can you suggest me some good universities and some tips on what to do to make my application look good. Should I learn a new language? If yes then which? I’m really confused. Can you help me ?

  11. Hi,

    I am actually planning to h1b in this year,i got 55% in graduation,61% in 10+2 and i went to study masters in Uk and returned not completing it with some personal problem,now my employeer says he will be applying for my H1b i have 2+ years of work experience in an MNC

    Please let me know

    Santosh Pisipati

    1. Santosh – So what’s the problem. This is perhaps good that your employer is filing H1B visa for you. There is nothing better than an onsite opportunity. Go like a tourist, earn money, have fun and then come back with money multiplied by 50 bud 🙂

  12. Sir my name is ismail iam studying btech in civil depatment now iam in final year as iam confuse to select a masters or mtech as my family can offord me and i wnt to study in california from fresno university my frnd who is american told me about this university so i want to ask u that can i do a part time job and earn some dollars plzzzz help me out

    1. Syed – You can surely earn money through part time jobs but don’t expect to earn money equivalent to your course fees. It is not possible. You can earn enough to take care of your daily expenses and that’s it. You need to have some source of money for your fees and living expenses before planning for studies. May it be loan or savings etc.

  13. hiiiii,,,, m Aman Dhand. M jst passd my BCA(bechlr of computer education) wid everage marks of above 55%. Nw i want to study in canada n wanna settle down dere. So pls tell me M I ABLE TO GOT ADDMISSION IN GUD UNIVERSITY OR COLLAGE IN MS OR ANY OTHR COURSE help by sharing ur experiance with me. so tell me Wht r the options for me to settle down dere…pls do rplt…. Regards

    1. You have good chances. Please do your research on universities in Canada that offer courses in IT and computer science and start applying!

  14. Hii… I want to do MSc in telecommunication… I m thinking to do it in Irland… Is it good country to do master’s ??? And what about germany ???

    1. Well my research and experience says, European countries are certainly a better choice for technical areas like telecommunication. Ireland does not have much scope in terms of jobs. Germany still seems to be a better option but why not US?

  15. Hi Raghuram Sukumar currently i am doing my MS in computer science from one of the Korean research institute which is also not too much famous. Now a days i am so confused whether i should move to the Europe for MS like Germany. What is your advice if i have completed two semester and now i try to move into the Europe. I also have a four years work experience in IT field as the software engineer. I will be very thankful for your kind advise.

    1. Depends on whether you wish to secure a job in India or abroad. Ofcouse if you do graduation from a university abroad, your chances are better to secure a job abroad. This does not necessarily mean that you don’t have chances to secure job abroad if you do your graduation from India but certainly there will be more competition and it won’t be that easy.

  16. i find it really amusing that after studying btech in ece for 4 years ,iam going to end up in some fucking MNC’S who’s only job is to do lip service to some american companis,THEN WHY THE HELL YOU STUDY ECE. “i am talking of the average indian student”.getting out of this trap is to go abroad and ur article reinforces my belief.

    1. Dear friend,

      This is true, the true application of the core domain knowledge has to be supported by the fundamental level RnD which doesn’t happen, or least doesn’t get well paid in india. Apart from this, every dollar conversion based job, not remind even clerical job like filling transcripts may earn more than what a core domain engineer can earn, will eventually prevail show casing even any idiot can do jobs along the side of intellectual in India.

      The bitter truth is instead of india evolving as dominant intellectual generator, it became just supplier of Intellectual to the world. It will never stop, and we all have to feel the heat.

      So, i completely agree with views of the writer, that it’s always better to study or work in Developed countries, as i can not see even in the distant future india will be called “A developed Country”.

    2. Hi Jones,

      There is no point in blaming organizations you work in, if you really have this question then you should spend time in figuring out what is the answer. Like in what direction you want to go after pursing your qualification in ECE. Do you really think that a career in VHDL can make a difference? Do you think you should be doing something related to semiconductors or nanotechnology or VLSI? If yes, then what did you do in that direction? Please find answers to following questions:

      1. Am I doing the right job? If no, then what is the field of study my interest lies? Is it some specific area in electronics like semiconductors, VHDL, Verilog, VLSI, DSP, programming or do I want to do a M Tech in ECE or probably a PHD later?

      2. Did I tried searching avenues how can I move into a particular direction, like if I wish to go for abroad studies, did I research for universities offering best courses in ECE in masters or PHD?

      3. Did I tried for jobs in ECE in India itself? If not then why? If yes then what was the reason I was rejected for those jobs? lack of technical knowledge? personality, attitude, academics? what?

      4. Did I tried searching for courses within India itself like CDAC offers some really good short term courses for ECE students so that they may align their career into domains they want to and it’s not that costly like spending a hugh amount of money. Please go to CDAC website and check for yourself. Did you even tried for GATE or M Tech i? NITs? If not, then why? If yes, then what was the reason for rejection?

  17. culture n all is secondary, primary thing is that getting into decent university would make sure that you are going to do real work. they are industrial nations, means the actual work happens. Working with machines, designing the systems. India is still a third world nation and industrialization has not even begun. all software engineers in india are like rice mill assembly workers.

    1. Ronny please don’t expect someone to reply to your query with relevant information. There are lot of factors which plays into where you want to study and you have not given me appropriate information so I am not in a suitation to give you any advice. Please research more on this website, you will surely get some answers.

  18. Hi,
    I am confused desi mom with twin daughters.They are in International school system thanks to our stay in europe and gulf and the main question is- after schooling where? Is it worth to send them for undergrad studies to US? I am not looking for traiditional courses like medicine and engineering. The areas where there talent lies is in humanities, languages and ofcourse one of them want to be a professional soccer player.

    Can you suggest some website/forum where I can connect with similar parents and motivate my youngsters accordingly.


  19. Hey i would like to congratulate for taking this effort of encouraging students here in India for studying abroad.I completed my from St. Xaviers, Kolkata in 2007. Since then i am involved in our family business. Studying abroad is always a dream for me. Completing a plain & landing up in family business didnt prove challenging to me & excite me as i indulged myself into a deep thought for past few days. I took a stern decision of pursuing an MBA from UK. i am applying for this Jan, 2013 intake. After completing the course & taking new immigration rules after Postgraduate in UK, will i fetch a good job here in India with the MNC’s.??

    1. Sudip before hurrying up with a decision and simply thinking that an MBA degree will fetch you a job, think again. I don’t really think that if you have a degree from UK, you can fetch a job. Management degree gives you knowledge and skills needed in the industry for a specific purpose and people who are really able to transcend skills into commercial aspects are those who really know why they are studying. The people with your way of thinking don’t have any knowledge about your set of objectives of doing an MBA degree. Securing a job is not exactly why people do MBA. Let me give you few examples.

      1. Few people who were enrolled into project management class were those who were engaged into projects in the organization and were really not able to figure out where project was going in the corporate environment because they were not able to meet deadlines, milestones were not met, scope creep happened, resources were not utilized and deliverable were not up to client’s expectations or those people who wanted to learn project management before a corporate can put them into client driven project, or they wanted to learn an aspect of organizational job structure and how projects run.

      2. Some people wanted to know about operational management because they wanted to learn strategies into running a business of their own or wanted to secure a job into operations. Some students wanted to learn how different corporate operates and what makes them so efficient in functioning.

      3. Many people wanted to learn IT management because they wanted to be a part of IT management whatever reason maybe less work or more pay.

      You need to figure out your set of goals and objectives and most importantly reason why you want to do MBA. Do a research on market in India, like India is known in the world for outsourcing. Most projects comes to it as an outsourcing giant. So what professions are in demand, I think most of the outsourcing and outsourced firms have security issues so perhaps a security professions in managerial aspect. Most IT organization have concerns about procurement like software buying so procurement specialist so that they can cut down cost on procurement. People into project management, IT management, outsourcing professions. Did you do any research into that. Do that and come up with a set of goals and objectives on why you want to do MBA.

      If job is what your concern is look for these factors:

      1. Campus placement cell in a management college.
      2. Standard of faculty.
      3. Most importantly course content and how they can be related to your goals and objectives.

  20. hii ,i m student of btech final year in information technology branch,,,and i wanna know how usefull for me learning German language and what will be future with this German language.

    1. Well you can always consider doing MS from germany it would be about half the cost of US and not much diff. b/w the standards. You could easily reside their as you know german. They are quite helpful and jolly people you just need to reach out to them in their language 🙂

    2. Arpit is absolutely right. If you are looking out for a career in Germany, the best tool that can make your successful is your communication skills in their native language. That will help you academically, professionally and perhaps personally too. Best of luck!!!

  21. hi, im doing my pre final year.. my major is mechanical…. where can i do my ms?… in singapore or usa?… which is of better standard?…

    1. Swati you need to do a research on your career before getting answer to this question. If I were you, I would first do a research on tourism as a career itself to seek answers. I think NZ is surely good in tourism industry but I have seen tourism to be very good in Europe. Did you had a look there? Sorry I don’t have much ideas and advise here because tourism as a profession is alien to me.

  22. Hii…

    I am marfas, 23 years old, single.. completed Msc.Biochemistry from University of Madras and Currently working as Clinica biochemist at a multispeciality hospital,kerala. I would lyk to study a PG DIPLOMA IN MEDICAL LABORATORY SCIENCE(1 year course and 1 year stay back) from university of Otago, newzland.

    Do u think that I can refund the loan amount (12 lakhs) within these two year by doin part time job..?

    1. Getting a part time job depends on your attitude and your passion. I think if you can get a part time job, you can easily get back that amount of money in a year. But this all depends on what kind of job you do and how smart and hard working you are. Because many of my friends got jobs with restaurants, McDonald but they have to work hard because maccas gives them night shifts and many of them are leading good life because they got job in really good companies(sales person, IT support guy etc). So depends on individuals and skills you already have. If you work for a restaurant who gives you like $8 an hour rather than maccas who gives you $20 an hour, you are not smart and likely to spend more time, money and handwork getting that amount of money back. Also if you don’t work really good they will stop giving you more shifts and you end up not earning really good.

      So a very high balance of studies and work needed with good focus on both of the things. You should be efficient, hard working, motivated and focused.

  23. Hii,
    i am Devansh Singh,completed my B.Tech in computer science in 2011 with 73%,now planning to do my masters in computer science from ireland or Germany.Doing a masters from ireland is worth or not and what about the job scenario in ireland for computer professional.because after doing masters getting a job over there is necessary for me as becuase i have to manage my financial things also.suggest me what is best between the two countries.

    1. Two countries, you mentioned, I don’t have much idea on either of them. Based on my research on internet, I think Germany has better opportunities in terms of scholarships and opportunities. I have heard not good things about job scene in Ireland so would suggest you to do good research on employment opportunities in Ireland before making a decision.

  24. I have completed my B.E. in ECE (9.2/10) and working in a MNC as a software developer. I am basically interested in coding and developing algorithms/logic, so I opted for Software field post B.E. I am willing to do higher studies. But I am confused about what to pursue, whether M.Tech in India or MS in USA. What about the courses offered in both these PG programs? Also, wanted to mention I have no idea of settling abroad. So my question is, 1. Which is better – doing MS in USA, work there for 4-5 years(until I repay my debts) and then come back and settle here. or doing M.Tech in India and find a job here and get settled? 2. What about opportunities for me (interested in coding and development) in research field? I prefer to move to the next level (other than coding what my managers ask me to) than being a one among the masses.

    1. KingKhan you are asking all those queries which have been asked 1000 times on this forum, please go back and do your research on this forum, you will get your answers.

  25. hey man thanks for sharing your experience i got a lot enough facts about going to study abroad…i m also thinkin to go for abroad study but as i have scored 61% in academic i cant get my position in universities for masters so only way left out is post graduation of 1 year so i am little bit confused abt to go abroad for it or nt???bt just little bit bcs m nt more concern about it as i read your article…but about getting chances of permenent residence , m totally confused ..whether i will get it or not as per 1 year of post graduation degree…bcs i wanna spend minimum 5 years over there to earn some money … and i ahve done be in electronics and communication enginnering field so i am also confused about where this field’s job requirement is more in canada or german ???btw i got enough info from ur blog but if u have any more idea regarding my situation then pls leave reply …i am very thankful to u…

    1. Jay one year course is only recommended in Canada if you wish to enhance some set of skills and come back and work for an organization in India or for more job opportunities in India. I don’t know much about Germany so I would suggest you to go through some of the forum post on this website on Germany. Chances of getting jobs after one year course can be good in US. I don’t think they are good in UK though UK offers really good number of 1 year courses.

  26. hey i have 60 percent in my graduation and 70 above in 10 and 12th .are there any chances of getting admission in gooduniversity of canada

    1. i have done in information technology and want to pursue MS in canadian universities .are there any chances of getting admission in gooduniversity of canada?
      i have 60 percent in my graduation and 70 above in 10 and 12th .

      1. Hemant do understand that percent in your class 10 and 12 are just a very small part of your application so they do matter but not that much. Try to be good in other parts of your application and you would be fine like SOP, resume, grad scores etc. Different universities can have different component of application so choose what university you want to go, check it’s application and see how you can improve other parts of application to improve your chances to gain admission.

  27. Hi,

    I completed BTech in Information Technology in 2011 and at present i am working in a reputed mnc in India as a Project Engineer, i have an experience of 1 year. I want to do MS in computer science from Canada. But i am not financially strong. At present i am saving what i am earning but its not at all enough.I would like to know about the studies and job opportunities in Canada. And i want to know as i have 1 year of experience in this field how does it help me in my Masters and also after Masters in finding a job abroad(in Canada).
    I would also like to know if the Canadian colleges help students like me with any kind of funds or scholarships? and also what about the part time jobs?

    Please help me out.


    1. Annie I don’t have knowledge to that much extend on canada, so best will be to just raise this question to someone in the forum or ask HSB to help here. I do know that Canada is a good place and does have a good scope of education in IT but as far as I know it should have same rules like jobs depending on PR so It is advised to have a look at immigration website and see whether your profession is in demand or not. If it is in demand, it is pretty obvious that there are jobs in that country and that’s the reason they listed that profession in the list(mostly some kind of migration skill in demand list) I don’t know what is the exact term, you have find out for yourself.

      Scholarships – best will be to visit website of various universities and ask them straight away, I am pretty sure they will help. Do understand that international student are big money for universities so they look at them as a business perspective and help you beyond all loops and bounds. Just visit some best Canadian university websites and ask them for scholarships or browse website for information.

      Part time jobs – you can ask this question to university representatives, what most of smart students do is ask for contact details for current students in that course and then communicate with them regarding job opportunities(part time, full time etc).

  28. Hi All,
    I have 2 yrs of exp in IT serice industry.
    My objective is to study MS Computer science from a good university and to get a job abroad. So I have some options as New Zealand,Ireland, USA. Please suggest your views on all these choices . And my focus is on return of investment as I will be doing all this on loan.

    1. NZ might have jobs but their immigration policies are very strict, stricter than AU. Ireland do not have much jobs as far as my knowledge goes so the only option I think will be good for you is USA. If you land up with good job, returns on investment will be taken care of. Try to enroll in a course where you are very much interested into and enroll in a good university to get a good job in US.

      Best of Luck!!!



  29. Hi ,

    I read te article and a lot of comments after that .
    Though it answers few of my questions but one which has been answeredpartially , i needed a littlemore explanation to that .

    I want to do my MS from US , in Computer Science . I know i need to be specific going further but i have time to decide that .
    What i don’t know is , because of some recent events i cannot work in the US .
    But i am willing to work in Canada/Australia/New Zealand etc.
    Now i read afew other posts nad you have told us that it’s possible.

    But i couldnot find anymoreinformation on it .
    If possible could you shed some light on it.

    I tired googling but it’s toomuch irrelevantinformation 🙁

    1. For finding job in Australia/NZ you need an employer to sponsor you because if you study in US, you will still be either Indian Citizen or US citizen. However, finding such an employer is very difficult because not many employer sponsor people from outside the country. If you find such an employer, you are really lucky!!!

  30. The article is very good and pretty well versed. But a good article also needs a good (or at least proper) grammar and punctuation to make it attractive and reasonable to everybody. I think the author should carefully look at the grammatical (technical) side of this article too. This is also very important.

    1. Alavi, when I wrote this article, I did not write this article with an intention to be published as an article but it was simply a reply to someone’s post so I did not give much attention to grammar, punctuation and spelling mistakes. HSB published it as an article. I take this as a valid critic and re-submit this article with corrected grammar and punctuation to HSB. Now it’s up to him to do required changes and republish this article.

      Thanks for pointing this out. I do understand that wrong grammar and punctuation can be misleading.

  31. very good article..

    i am graduate and currently working in FMCG firm and i am planning to apply for July-2013 to australian universities..I listed down deakin and la trobe for masters in accounting course which is 2 year course.

    Can you please tell me that is it worth as the fees is 30lacs and i am coming from middle class i have to take a huge loan to pay tution fees..

    How’s the job scenario in australia for international students?

    Thanks a lot!

    1. Hi, m also graduate nw m handling our dad business nd 1 school is also there nd i hv to improve that 1 also nd side i hv to do business.But prblm with my side is i lost my english vocabullary bcz we r lvng in small city so i hv to improve my knwldge so am planning to go for abord.wht u say is there any cource……

  32. i have completed BE in electronics and communication. I want to do post graduation abroad(mostly in america). So what type of exam I should give? What is the % requirement in graduation?
    please reply in details.

    1. Hi Aashish,

      Unfortunately, this is the most basic question and if you are asking this question that means you are not a focused student. You are a student having a very loose attitude about higher studies and sorry to say that your chances for success are very less because a student with real intent and focus will search this in Google and get the answers very easily. There goes your undeserved reply:

      1. Prepare for GRE and TOEFL(you can also choose IELTS based on what country you are applying for).
      2. Take test dates and give both the exams. Try to score somewhere near 90% for good chances to get into good universities.
      3. Create a best profile including Statement of Purpose which includes your resume, statement of purpose, any patents filed, any publications published, any pioneer work done.
      4. Apply for universities and scholarships.
      5. Choose best one based on suitability on your requirements and lots of other factors.

      P. S. Do more research to get into depth.

      Best of Luck!!!


  33. maximum comments are for the grad.s only.. wat abt som good suggestions for undergrad students as well???????

    1. Hi Aakriti,

      I really don’t have much knowledge on Undergrad courses and criteria so please ask HSB. Sorry about that!!!

  34. Hey frnd I am presently pursuing my BE course in mech.. i completed my 4th sem ths year.. i have a great interest to do MS which is my mom’s expectation from me..I lost my dad 3yrs back..So we are facing some Financial problems.. But inspite of it i am willing to go for MS..i know we can get loan from bank n also scholarship from universities.. I just want to know what would be the aprrox cost of MS with scholarship n widout it..Also tell me the expenses of hostel n dialy requirements in US …

    1. Hi Akash,

      You are asking this question to a wrong person. When I was applying to universities, this is how I approached:

      1. Researched on the university on CS courses which was my interest.
      2. One of the crucial part of my research was to look out for fee expenses on the website of university and then straight away write questions to university people through some kind of form available on university website. Wherein you can get answers to all these question like daily living expenses,
      3. Daily requirement in US can be more researched on this blog by using Google search at the top and also by asking university people itself.

      Different universities can be located in different places and can have different fee structure for different courses and according to what ranking they hold and how much scholarship they can give depending on how much funding they get from center or state. So expecting answer to this question from me is bit unfair.

      Best of luck!!


  35. I have completed my B.Tech and looking forward to do Masters in Computer Science in Australia.Can you please elaborate on the employment prospects for an IT graduate in Australia?Is it difficult to get a PR in Australia?Is a PR status essential for getting a job?

    1. Yes, PR is essential for getting Job. Sad Truth!. Getting job is easy if you have PR. If you have some experience that will surely help. Market currently is very good but economically Oz is very expensive for students.

      Getting PR depends on an individual’s profile. Go to the Australian immigration website and check for yourself if you meet criteria for getting PR two years down the line.

  36. Hi,
    Your post is very helpful and i thank you for that. My question is that I am having 3 years of IT experience right now and If I go for MS next year then IS it suitable for me as I have come to know that MS after 3-4 Years of experience is not worth.

    I am pretty confused and I would really appreciate if you provide your suggestion on this. Moreover, If I get a Job in US I understand i will earn more in monetary term but do I get a job profile that is in tandem with 3-4 years of experience I am having.

    1. MS after 3-4 Years of experience is not worth???

      People do masters and PHD for gaining knowledge and getting deep into that field. Money is not everyone’s criteria. If you think you have gained that kind of knowledge within 3-4 years of experience, go for something else. Usually MS has many units and courses and many specializations so you can choose in what field you want to go. You can even choose management subjects. It is baseless to say that their is no use to do MS if you have 3 years of experience. If you are looking out for money start a business or become an entrepreneur.

      1. Please let me know about the Job profile I will get after completing MS, will that be better as compared to a fresher Joining for MS right after completing his Graduation.
        Will be really thankful if u can clear my views on that.

  37. Hey does anybody hav any comparative idea between education in USA and education standards, job opportunities after completion of degree, exposure, degree recognition and stuffs like that…(post graduate engineering studies)

    1. Please VKKV…do a good research before just firing a question. Are you sleeping?? This entire blog is full of post which answers this question. Search for UK in this blog search and you will get answer to your question.

      US is certainly better and there are thousands of reasons I can give here but do not have time to narrate them all. Please go through blogs on UK education to get clear idea.

  38. @ anish, thanks for the nice article.

    I just completed my school this year with the percentage of 86% (cbse) . Its always been a dream of mine to study abroad. I really want to study abroad for many reasons, (like you have mentioned in your article) such as for becoming more independent and developing my skills and learning to see the world from a wider perspective.

    I belong to a middle class family and my parents aren’t very supportive of me studying abroad, because its too expensive. Also we are four sibling and i m the youngest, they have drained all their savings in raising my other siblings. I want to do my undergraduation in graphic designing, and I dont want to ever do it in India. Sometimes I feel so hopeless, like I am running after some impossible things. But I didn’t want to give up on my dreams so quickly, so I insisted on my parents somehow (that I want to at-least give it a try) and I managed to apply to some UK universities this month.

    The thing is, if i get selected then i would really want to study there. But my parents wouldnt support me with the decision. I would need 30lakhs for the whole degree and I cant afford it.
    The scholarships given by the universities are not at all enough.
    I have also talked to my parents about the educational loan, but i got a very negative opinion from them. They won’t allow it for sure.

    I feel so hopeless at times and wonder why education has to be so expensive.

    In my situation, I feel there aren’t many ways. In few weeks time, the result will be out and probably I may have to see my dreams crashing down.

    However, is there any way I can afford my studies ? in a more practical way?

    1. hey liana same situation here..i wanna study my bachelors abroad in robotics its available in UK and USA but i chose UK compared to the cost of education UK was a better choice for me…and it roughly costs me around the same price…as u need to pursue ur education…and my dad suddenly asks me “You, dont wanna study in India ryt! Dont tell me anything else..i understand..u dont wanna study here..”thats it…and i dont know what to tell.him….i was so frustrated…everytime he keeps asking me the same question and its like he says fine i will send u however i can whatever trouble i can take…gosh!!!!! my hopes are hanging on a balance now…and i really wanna chase my dreams…after my graduation…As a matter of fact….in India only two Institutes both in Punjab one is the Chandigarh College of Engineering and Technology and Gulzar Group of Institutes offer Robotics which they introduced this year and affiliated to Punjab Institute of dad asks me to choose one of these..i understand how he feels liks to send me abroad and the financial situation but i dont wanna sacrifice my dream by settling for this.No one’s sure what is gonna be my future like if i did my bachelors here.I don’t wanna argue with my dad am tired of doing it…i just don’t wanna make him feel that i am pressuring him and is there any way to answer this question that he raises….to me “You, dont wanna study in India!! Do You ?” help me out i wanna make him understand why its better to do my bachelors abroad and that too in a field thats so interesting and rarely available at the bachelors level!!!

    2. Hi Liana,

      It would not be fair to blame your parents just because they cannot afford your education. Not everyone who comes abroad is very rich and I have seen so many people working hard and making to it. Find out ways, where there is will there is way.

      I can just give u my example. I wanted to do higher education but never had money. Tried hard for jobs. Worked for around 7 years. Saved some money for living expenses. Took a student loan and came to Australia to Study. In that seven years also supported my younger’s sister studies. He did her MS from BITS Pilani.

      Here are some ways how you can afford your higher education:

      1. Scholarship.
      2. Onsite opportunities(if you really have talent, work hard and grab a onsite opportunity and save money for MS/MBA).
      3. Work in IT company to save money for Education.
      4. Education Loan + help from relatives and friends.
      5. Remember that you can also work in US/UK/Australia to support your living expenses at least if not education.

      If you combine all this, there would certainly be a way out. Try to figure out, you will surely get something.

      Nothing is impossible, even the word impossible says I M POSSIBLE.

      Best of Luck!!!

  39. hey .
    that was a really nice article…its my dream to study in usa. i am currently pursuing yr)
    in computer science.
    i wanna go for ms(computer science) ..but m unsure of the job prospects here in india after completing ms from usa..
    can you please guide me thru that..
    nd i also wanna know about whether the MS +MBA prog is better than just MS..?
    keeping in mind i restrict myself to state univ.. (as i am from a middle class family)
    can you please suggest some good univ which are affordable..?
    i plan to take the fall 2013 semester..:)
    thank you…

    1. Hi Sakshi,

      I will take up your queries one by one. Firstly, Job prospects in India are very bright after doing MS in US. Only thing that should take care is ‘Return on Investment’. Usually MS or MBA from US are very costly and if you don’t land up with job in US, it will be very difficult to pay back loan(When I say difficult, it means more time and more money out of your savings after you start earning money in India) so my suggestion will be if you want to come back to India after completing your studies, try to grab a job in US, work for some years and then plan to come back once you are done with your loan. To be honest, it won’t take much time to pay back your loan while you are in US, probably a year or two.

      MS or MBA or Integrated: The biggest thing what people lack here when they are deciding on education is the answer to the question, “Why do you want to study?” As HSB said many times, ASK YOURSELF, let me make you understand in a better way, first understand why people go for management education or why for technical education and remember that whatever education you choose, your profession and job will be very much aligned to what you choose. Management Education is not done ONLY FOR MONEY, people have just a simple concept in their mind that a Manager is paid higher then a technical guy so let me do MBA. Please ask yourself following question?

      1. Am I bent towards a particular domain in technical or managerial area or I can do anything for money ?
      2. Is there any specific field where I have very high interest that I can go to a level of research into that ? like Artifical Intelligence or Human Machine Interface, computing or multiprocessor. If yes, then you need to do your research on the universities which offer you best education and research oppurtunities in that field and take up your career in that direction. If you think you are interested into field like marketing, Human resources or even Arts or physcology look out for such courses and give it a go for universities offering best into it.
      3. What country is more suitable to you. US is ofcourse the best option because of it’s technological dominance but is there any other country where I can have better oppurtunities and maybe 100% scholarship like germany or europe.
      4. can I afford MBA ? A big question, please go to good management schools website and have a idea about it, Mangement courses are very costly in US. Top ranking schools range from 20 lakhs and go upto 80 lakhs to a crore rupees.
      5. What are the prospects of Integrated course, what kind of job I will land up with and will I be interested in those jobs ? Do your own research. Ask universities where you plan to apply, I only know some universities offer Integrated courses and most of them offer MIS which is like techno-managerial course. In India, scenario is bit different, sometimes an MBA grad gets same salary as an IT person with few years of experience so things boils down to a same level(IIMs and ISB is exception).

      I will always choose a managment course after few years of experience into management, that way I know what education will get me good position and salary in market and so I will be in a good position to seek for that knowledge from source who provide that knowledge.

      State Universities are always a good idea, much more affordable and more chances to get scholarship.



      1. hey thank you so much…that was a brilliant piece of advice….:)
        also i wanna knw the job prospects after MIS ….in USA….coz the above questions helped me trace my area of interest…and acc to me ill get more exposure by MS in MIS than MS in CS…

  40. Can you please tell me how can I finance my education in US or any other european country?

    I’m a 1st yr. agri- biotechnology student. it has always been my dream to study abroad specially in the US.

    I’ve been preparing for it since 12th. I have maintained a good academic record. I know I can crack GRE and TOEFL when time comes.

    I’m form a middle class family; I don’t think I can finance my higher education abroad. I’m losing my hope and its really disheartening watching my dream wash away like this.

    I know few university offer financial aid but its not gonna be enough. I’m gonna have to take a bank loan of at least 29 lakhs. I can’t possiblely afford it.

    Please tell me how can I finance my higher education abroad.

    1. Hi Atul,

      Good to see your enthusiasm there!!! I can suggest you some real good points to finance your studies.

      Scholarships: Look out for universities offering scholarships: I think you still have roughly 2 years to complete you bachelors degree before landing up for master’s degree. If you are keen in doing masters in biotechnology then research for all good universities offering biotechnology in the world. choose the right program and start writing emails to professor what your intentions are but remember my friend, you have to build really strong profile for expecting a scholarship, like super good grads, some internship, write publications and papers and more. You can also try writing to people who have previously got scholarship and professor of the course to ask him what you should do to get scholarship for that course. Put it down in a way that you are very highly interested. Target Europe and America, we have so many forum post recently on Germany.

      Education Loan: Look buddy I do understand that you cannot afford 29 lakhs bank loan, but are you in a position to generate that much of money yourself in a time frame before applying to university. Go to different bank and ask them how much loan they can give and try to think of ways you can cover up rest of money for fees and living expenses. Ask for all your relatives etc if they can help and you can pay them back once to get a job. Sometimes even rich friends help.

      Self funding: Buddy I do understand that earning such a huge amount of money is not possible in a small time frame, but trust me buddy I have seen many of my friends working day and night to accomplish their dreams. India has very good opportunities for outsourcing process, if you wish you can get a job in call center or a BPO process from where you can save some money within 2 years time frame. That money can help you with your living expenses abroad.

      I can only think of these points at this point of time, but buddy try building up the best possible profile in biotech and give it try for good number of university for admission. This could brighten your chances.

      Best of Luck!!!


  41. Hi Ashish, really nice post. I’ve read that Indian students face discrimination in NZ when it comes to jobs and are underpaid, many of them don’t even land a job after their masters is complete. Is it in anyway true?

    1. Hi Manisha,

      I might not be most appropriate person to tell you the truth because I have not worked in NZ but I have some really good arguments here to what you think based on my experience in OZ. Well I don’t agree with your statement, ” I’ve read that Indian students face discrimination in NZ when it comes to jobs and are underpaid”. Now just think over the reason why you think all those people are underpaid. Do you really think that those people are underpaid because they are of different color. Have you ever thought that this might be concluded because of some very wrong assumptions.

      Like let me give you an example, Person X who is Indian goes in an interview. Cracks interview pretty well. Come with flying colors, now he comes to HR interview phase where we have salary negotiations, please do understand that when you come to such a phase, you have to do a good research on what is the average of salary of IT professionals into that field? How much are they paid for amount of years equal to person’s X experience? Now person X did not do that research and interviewer asked him his salary expectations.

      Now there can be two cases here, person X told him salary less then the average salary what a professional in that IT domain gets, interviewers gets happy, hires him. End of story!! Person X goes out and does all his research, talk to people around to find out that he’s underpaid. Who is to be blamed ??

      Other case, he puts his salary expectations above than the average salary of IT professional in that domain, interviewer asks him the reason why he should be payed that much and if there is a scope of negotiations, X did not gives him satisfactory answer and says NO to negotiations(in many cases interviewer do not even ask for salary negotiations). X is rejected. End of the story!!

      Everyone please understand that hiring process is very similar to sales negotiations where you are trying to sell yourself on the basis of your knowledge and skills whose quality is determined by your qualifications, degree value based on from what university you have passed out, how much did you score, what profile did you work in, how much experience you have in that skill interviewer or company need and many other factors, not everyone is looking out for a perfect recruit. What most people are looking out is someone who is suitable to the profile needed and can be hired for best negotiated price. That’s what stands true when you go and buy something for yourself right. You negotiate and reach to a price which is best for the qualities in the product you need. ISN’T IT?

      “Many of them don’t even land a job after their masters is complete” Coming to your statement, I would again like to tell you that reason why people do not lands up with job cannot necessarily be racism or color, in NZ or OZ the reason can be Permanent Residency or Citizenship status. They do not land up with job because most of the organizations have to comply with government rules of security check for which person being hired must have PR or Citizenship. Other reasons can be no experience which is desired, not good grades in degree, not good performance in the interview, no knowledge of skills desired by the job profile etc. Did you ask all these questions to the person who gave you this information ? maybe he or she is trying to hide this to protect his social status or reputation with you. Think over it before jumping to conclusion.



  42. Really great article by Ashish. I learned many things from your article. Nice blog as well…thanks HSB for giving such good direction for people (including me) who are thinking to study abroad.

    1. Yes you can …the only condition is it has to be two years and you should do it in a time frame of two years or more. As I said earlier, usually these diplomas are less than two years but it entirely depends on the university that is offering so you have to do your research by visiting university website.

  43. i jus wanna know the difference between masters degree and the post graduate diploma degree which thy give in abroad (nz) , is that post graduate diploma is recognized world wide

    1. Usually Australian Universities have graduate diploma, graduate certificates, Masters by coursework and PHD.

      Well if the university is good then any diploma or degree from it is good, however, graduate diploma will not fetch you anything in terms of jobs. Usually how I see it is graduate diploma and graduate certificates are short term courses with less fees intended for domestic candidates to upgrade their skills but usually for international students they won’t fetch you PR because PR has pre-requiste requirement of 2 years of education in OZ/NZ. So, I would suggest you to go for any course for more than 2 years if you are looking forward to settle down. However, you can consider graduate diplomas and certificate if you just need to upgrade your skills and go ahead with your job, maybe it get you promotion etc.

      Please get in touch with nearest IDP center(Google it) for more information.

  44. I have never heard of anyone who values an education from Australia. In fact, most people I know would be surprised to hear that Australia has an education system.

    1. Did you do your own research before reaching to this conclusion? Do you have any facts that conclude or prove that Australia does not have any education system in place?

      Please do your own research before concluding any facts about education system of any country. You will find lots of people to advise you but at the end of the day, it’s you who have to pursue education not them. Weigh all your pros and cons, come up with a strategy to support everything that you think is most suitable for you. You can read some post of HSB, how he has put down so many facts out of different sources and his own personal experience to reach to a good conclusion.

      Best of Luck!!



  45. Thanks HSB/Rashmi/Everyone,

    I just posted this as a reply to some body’s comment on Rashmi’s article. Never knew that HSB will make it as separate post. Thanks for that HSB and I am glad that everyone liked it and it inspired few people. Best of luck everyone!!!



  46. @Anisha Totally agree with you on “travelling” point. More you travel irrespective of whact purpose of your travel is, more you get wisdom and all points mentioned by Rashmi.

  47. I agree with you to some extent, because INDIA is the only country which which has better culture, human relationships but the main problem is the culture and every thing is followed by other country people and NRIs but no Indian residents are. What about the treatment of women in today’s society(Acid attacks etc..) and more importantly increase in divorce rate, i agree that it is also high in western countries, but if we are well cultured and have good relationships that rate shouldn’t be more. Coming to corruption in other countries the corruption is done at higher levels and not in each and every day of a simple person as in INDIA(Hike of petrol,home needs etc..).
    One THING more important is return to INDIA after studies to look after our parents. Because are mainly responsible for our status.

  48. Dear HSB,
    My daughter is an engineer, 2010 pass out,her subject was EXTC.she also did one year diploma course in Business intelligence and Data Ware Housingh from NIIT Mumbai.Now she is working with an MNC in Mumbai.She has scored 310/340 in GRE ,New Format and 105/120 in Toeffl and 3 in writing.She wants to pursue MS in MIS from US.Can she get admission in Top 20 University ? If YES,then could you suggest some good Universities with scholarships.Kindly reply soon.
    With best wishes.

    1. Hi Mr Singh I’m not from HSB,but simply someone who is planning to study overseas just like your daughter.Your daughter should go through the various university websites to know what is good for her.It is a time consuming process, but still better than going to a consultant or HSB ( no offence).Applying to universities is a simple as well as it’s done online.

  49. See the fact is that the more you travel, the more you see of the world, the more people you meet, the more life experience you’re going to get. So it is but obvious that going abroad is going to help you widen your perspectives about others and yourself, regardless of whether you’re going to study, work or even as a tourist. Working in different jobs or living independently in India is going to earn you experience as well, but doing it abroad is going to be fruitful in a different, more eye-opening way, because you’re in unfamiliar territory.

    And I agree about the racism. India is actually a horribly racist country, except here it’s not based on the colour of your skin, but more on what your caste is or what class of society you’re from. The difference is that here we’re more likely to be the perpetrators rather than the victims, even though we may not realize it.

  50. What an amazingly good article. It is an eye opener article for those who might not know or appreciate the benefits of studying abroad, especially in the USA

  51. one thing i would like to add…..though we gain more money thourgh dollars r some thing means…..whats the use if we wont be with our parents when they become old , relatives friends…friends just think…….is it better to lead a life there abroad even after completing the education r come back to INDIA….my advice just come back..look after your parents…serve the country by giving ur valuable service to INDIANS………..

  52. hi guyz,
    i support you to some extent…but o say that abroad education is best there is no need to make INDIA cheap i think…each and every whre corruption is there..infaact the guyz talking about corruption in INDIA might have also give some bribe tosome one for their personal matters…this has started just because of the selfish people and now it turned into a religion…regarding education ofcourse i agree abroad education is best..but do remember our culture is far better than any other culture..dont compare like this and make other country people feel that INDIA is bad…this is my request…

  53. I totally agree wid u brother….I have always felt that Indian students should go abroad to study not just to broaden their pockets but brains as well..We live in dis one country and think that we know every thing.And we have least knowledge and respect about the culture of other people around the world..All these assumptions can only be cleared once you go out there and live like them.

  54. Great post Ashis. Thanks for your insights. There is nothing wrong in studying abroad and none of my comments indicate so. Global exposure definitely humbles you and teaches life skills. The part I liked most is about Mahatma Gandhi. “… BTW, every person knows about Mahatma Gandhi here, His thought and teaching are part of their course curricular(I am talking about top university in Oz, NewZealand etc)…..” He also had global exposure, in UK and South Africa. Can you imagine what would have happenedto India if he had decided to stay back in UK for a good life ?? Hypothetical, but food for thought.

  55. Good One !!!! I hope u keep on posting good articles which will be beneficial to every one ….. One thing for sure, I was inspired by u r posts and I am planning for fall- 2013 …. thanks for all ur posts they mean lot to me ….

      1. ohk….. I am with TOEFL I secured 92 and I am about to take GRE ….. I will post my GRE score … Please guide me in the aspect of choosing univ’s …. I am planning my major in telecommunications…

  56. @Ashish Thanks for your wonderful post. Your views on racism were awesome. I am waiting for your other posts.

    @HSB Sure, I am going to study in abroad specifically US.


  57. @HSB- Yet again damn good article. To add another point to this great article, Education system in India is marred with corruption. In most of the colleges, there is either no infrastructure or there are lethargic teachers, who dont know a shit (Not talking about the IITs,NITs, and some good other colleges/univs)… The need of good grades on ur degree is so much that there is no space for innovation or practical learning.

    One of my professor, who had done his MS from Univ of Utah told me that no matter how lazy you are here in India, the day you go abroad to some good univ, you will automatically learn and get in the required mode (if you dont, u r finished).

    1. I fully endorse your views. Apart from that, students of Indian Universities ( except IIT,NIT,Good colleges ) do find their higher studies in top US graduate schools very tough during first two semesters. If they want to earn and study it is even more tougher. Getting a job in a good company is like getting a decent role in a bollywood movie. If you perform well you are hired further. Otherwise you become an out of status immigrant and you have to leave US immediately. You cant stay there and search for a job. Be prepared for anything.

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