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10 Good Reasons Why I Choose to Study in Australia

Well, I am not here to promote education in Australia. I have some experience to share with people who are considering Australia as an option for education.

Let me give a bit information on my background currently. I have done MS in Computer Science from Australia National University(Rank #20 this year) and Rank#1 in Australia. I have past experience of around 7 years in Information Technology in India. After completing my education, I got job with CSIRO, a research organization in Australia.

Australia can be one of the most amazing and lovely destinations for further studies, especially for people looking out for more options and less competition. Let us looks at benefits of studying in Australia compared to other countries especially the USA.

Pros of Studying in Australia

study in australiaI see the following advantages to studying in Australia.

  1. Immigration
  2. Job Certainty
  3. Competition
  4. Economy
  5. Skill Gap
  6. Global Opportunities


Jobs usually in Canada or Australia are dependent on your permanent residency status(PR).

If you manage to get PR, it is really easy for you to get the job in Canada and Australia and getting PR in these countries are not as difficult as getting Green Card in US.

Job Certainty

Once you get a permanent residency, you have full right to live in Australia or Canada.

So let us consider an example that you lose your job at a certain stage in your life, still, you can stay in the country to look for other job and in the meantime survive on the basis of your savings or a part-time job somewhere.

However, in the US most of the jobs are based on H1B visa which is granted by an organization’s consent so if you lose the job, you may have to leave the country or keep looking for other company to provide you the H1B visa which is a very tough situation.


I think that competition in terms of jobs is not as fierce in countries like Canada and Australia as compared to the US.

Because US is a free economy so people from all the background, ethnicity and countries come here and work here and I have seen so many people getting job in the US on the basis of their experience through service-based companies like Infosys, Wipro etc and they never felt the need to invest so much of money on higher studies (such people increase competition for people who gained higher education and got jobs).

However, Canada and Australia have straight rules that unless you don’t have a PR or Citizenship 90% of companies don’t hire you at all.

So people doing higher education have greater chances of landing up with PR and thus jobs.

The Australian Economy

Economies of Canada and especially Australia at this point in time is doing better than the US.

The economy has a great role in you landing up high paying jobs and doing better in life further.

Skill gap

The US is a technology hub where you have so many jobs, educational institutes etc so it is a great idea to do a homework on the what is skill gap of profession you wish to pursue education.

Some skills are in High demand in the US where others are not.

I don’t know how does it work in the US but in Australia it pretty much stated in MODL list on the immigration website, I am pretty sure that immigration website of Canada must have listed that too.

Please check that before deciding to go for a course at a university.

Global Opportunities

Well, one of the distinguishing fact of getting educated in places like Australia or Canada is you can be eligible for more jobs globally.

Like my chances for getting a job in India, US and Australia are more if I do a degree from Australia then from the US.

The reasoning is simple, you can get a job in the US on the basis of a degree in Australia or in India but getting a job in Australia and Canada on the basis of even talent and degree from US is not that great because these countries have straight rule of having PR or citizenship condition on getting jobs.

Cons of Studying in Australia

There are disadvantages of studying in Australia as well. Let’s look at some.

Education System

The education system in the US is still top notch in the world.


The number of jobs because in terms of technology companies, jobs etc, the US is a bigger and wider market.

Education and Experience value on the longer term

Education from US universities are valued more throughout the world and also many technology companies are not found elsewhere in the world is not in Australia.

Similarly, Apple is not in India. But all these companies are in the US, perhaps because started in the US.


One of the very important disadvantages of studying in Australia is No Scholarship.

So forget about the Teaching Assistant and Research Assistant, because those things are only for PhD students. Here MS students hardly get any kind of scholarships. So be prepared to pay fees for the full course.

Getting PR

Most of people has pointed out in various blogs that getting PR these days is getting really hard, as I said earlier, PR depends on individual profile and how much a person can be productive to the country.

As discussed earlier, PR is related to skill storage and skill gap, your credentials, your degree, your age, experience.

There is a point system which defines all these factors and you get more points if you have a higher degree, appropriate age, more work experience and you are into the appropriate profession required by the country. If you suffice those points system and secure more points then required you are generally granted PR.

If you have really a strong profile, you may get PR easily. if you have a weak profile, it may take time for you to get PR. Since most of the people come without experience and are very young, they do not land up with PR easily and have to struggle.

Overall, rules for PR changes every year and thus sometimes it is very hard and other times it is very easy.

Many people say that if I need to get PR I need to score IELTS 8 but again that is wrong. There are people who are getting good points on Age and Experience which can compensate for IELTS.

So this is bit debatable and hence I won’t categorize in PRO or CONS.

Why I Chose Australia:

  1. Affordable Education(US turned out to be very costly in all the universities I applied).
  2. Lots of my relatives living in Canberra where ANU is located including people who have been living in Australia since 1984 so it is easy to get lots of advice and good tips for living and help in the country.
  3. ANU being one of the top ranking university located in the same city where I have my relatives that helps me in thick and thins.
  4. All Pros above.

Information About Studying in Australia

Australian Government has done a great job here. You can simply Google it.

Oz government has awesome information for you listed down in a website: http://www.studyinaustralia.gov.au/

Remember, IDP Education, is run by the Australian Government for promoting education in Australia.

If you look at business point of view, Australian Government has invested money in putting down IDP Education centers who will there to help you with any kind of information regarding Universities, Admission, Ranking, Field of Study etc. and remember all FREE OF COST so please don’t pay any consultant money for seeking advice for Australian Education.

Disclaimer: Don’t give me all that rubbish about racism and education in Australia, I am not here to defend the whole country and their education system. I am only here to help people who are interested in further education in Australia and help them make their decision. I will not reply to stupid comments neither argue people with a strong negative opinion.

Following article about Higher Education in Australia is written by Ashish Arora.

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  1. Hi! I was wondering if I get a bachelor’s degree in computer science in Australia will it be easy for me as an Indian to get permanent residency or a good job in Australia. If so, can you please tell me some good universities in Australia for a bachelor of science in computer science and their acceptance rates for international students. Can you also tell me if a degree from Australia will help get me a job back in India in case I come back after my bachelor’s. And mostly some people tell that Australia is good for a ms but I don’t see any thing about a bachelor’s. Will there be jobs for computer science students in Australia in 2030, Is it enough to get just a bachelors to get a job or is ms also necessary. Thank you!

  2. I am currently studying in Chandigarh Group of Colleges Landran and after completing my graduation , i am planning to study masters in Australia. Your article has now given me a strong reason to study in Australia.

  3. My wife in Aus subclass 500. Me nd my 5.6 year old son we lining in oman now we want to join her as we are illegible for dependant visa my ques is that can my wife apply from sydny . Idp
    She is in UTS uni. She .ca show her father bank statement for funding as she granted visa about that only . Thanks in advance

    1. Im planning to study master’s in data science in Australia… is it worth studying? What are the job opportunity there?

  4. I have done b. Sc(eco),m. Sc(maths),b. Ed. Which country is beneficial for further study and which course is helpful to get permanent residence in Australia or Canada.

  5. Your Comment *please how am I going to apply and how to apply, I an willing to apply this year in order to gain admision this year, pls I need a guide line, remain blessed

  6. Hi,

    Thanks for quite an informative article. Is it a happy environment of study in undergraduate Computer Science course at ANU for Indian origin students? How big are the classes? Are people friendly? Thanks. Rajeev

  7. Hi,

    I have 6 years of exp with TCS and leading testing team and also working as Business Analyst (partially). I am in dilemma of choosing between higher studies or PR. Have given IELTS and scored pretty well. Though am not sure about the job requirements matching my profile. Will you be able to help me here to know if I should go higher studies or PR directly?

  8. Hi bro..I have two questions to ask you.. I’m planning to do Masters of engineering management. I have studied B.E EIE and currently working with TCS for the past 28 months.. Your valuable suggestions on this course? And which university did you study?

    1. hello sir , my name is anika sharma ,i am 24 years old and i am from india . i have done B.Sc computer science , M.Sc physics and right now am doing bachelors of eductaion . sir i want to apply for australia to do P.hd over there but i have some financial problem . please can you guide me ? so taht i can pay my fees by my self and can study as well and finally get settled in australia?

  9. Hi, My name is Yemi from Nigeria and I have already enrolled for my masters of engineering at WSU Australia and presently awaiting their email for further progress.I have just one inquiry to make;
    I graduated in 2012 with BSc in Chemical Eng and completed a mandatory country service called NYSC in 2013. I couldn’t secure a job in 2014 and in 2015, I own and run a registered freight forwarding company as a source of income. My question is can I include in my GTE or visa application form that I own and run a freight forwarding company as an answer to the question of gap between or what I’ve been doing since 2014-present.?

    A well explained answer will be appreciated.Thanks.

  10. I completed my bachelors in Civil Engineering but my interest is always with Computer Science (IT). I am planning for masters in Australia so is that problem by switching specialization in future for PR.

  11. Hi, I have completed B.A Economics and am 31 years of age with over 10 years of experience in the BPO/ITES industry with experience into Banking, Sales, Training, Customer Service & E-Commerce. I was told that as per the 2016 skilled list that I would not stand a chance to apply for a work visa rather education is the only way to get into Australia. Can you please suggest of any courses you know that could help me out in this regard and would jobs be a constraint for me considering I have experience into a completely different industry.

  12. hi I m keyur. m 21 yr old. right now m in 8th sem. in Mechanical engineering and I want complete my Master degree in MBA in Aus. I want to know is it good to do MBA in AUS.? because many people told me that in business aus. is not so good and it is totally dependent on china business. and I want to come aus in next year. so can u help me is it right choice to study there and is it good for future jobs in MBA? and is it really hard to get jobs in MBA without PR in AUS? is it correct that without PR I will not able to apply for my MBA field jobs?

  13. Hello Raghuram, am in my final semester of BTech in electrical engineering. I am planning to go for the course Mater in Project Management. Please aware me of the job prospects and permanent residentship. And can I manage the tuition fee on my own by working part time and others. Thank you..

    1. I’m not sure about PM job opportunities in Australia. Please find someone who have been there to find details.

  14. Hello
    I want to do MPA in Australia from ACU. I’ve recently completed my MBA and waiting for transcript. I’ve 1 year and above experience in banking field after bachelors degree but while pursuing MBA in my country there is a gap of around 6 months between job and masters degree. Will it harm while applying in ACU? Is the course that I choosed good to get PR after my study? Is the course and university that I choose is accredited or not? Does the course falls under skilled job list? what happens if my PTE score is not so good? Does it harm me in selection procedure by ACU or while applying PR in Australia?

  15. Hi,
    I am too planing to do my MS in computer science from AUS. I have been working in IT (as programmer) for last 6 years and will be travelling to AUS next year mid. Kindly share below details : Institution applying for is Australia National University .
    1) How to apply
    2) Entry requirements for course and visa
    3) Course fees
    4) Steps to apply for PR.

  16. Now I am Studing BE civil engineering in India, I am in 8th sem. Which country should I prefer to study for master and for getting PR easily ?

  17. I am from Nepal. I am planning to go Australia for bachelor degree. I have 58% aggregate in+2 and ielts score 6 what should i study, in university or TAFE for IT.

  18. Hi
    I’ve planned to do MBA in Australia i don’t have a great bank balance. I’m going to take a loan for paying my tuition fees. I’ve planned to recover my expense and come back to India by getting a post study work visa.
    Is that possible to get a job there? I understood you told about getting a job if I’ve a PR. So is there a chance to get a PR over there for me?
    My work experience here is more than 2 years. Your reply will add more value and helps me to take a decision whether to take MBA in Australia or not. Please help by your timely reply.

  19. 1. What is the scope of mechanical engineering in australia? If i do masters in it.
    2. On comapiring mechanical engineering and engineering management whicha has a better scope for a fresher.
    Some search i made about automotive engineering is that its scope is almost dead in australia for engineers but for mechanics or technicians there is a scope.
    I have made my search on almost each n every university in australia and what i came to know is that all you need is the ability to do hardwork and dedication and widout these u are only moneycows for them.
    People who are dedicated in there studies should only go there nd the people who are in the lust of just earning money, datswhy opting masters and moreover who r not dedicated in studies should stay in there home country and look for d better jobs and also support can be there from ur parents in ur country which will not in australia. Or u can do pg diploma in easy field most preferably in newzealand or canada for better pr options.

    2nd thing is donot go for such big brand universities lyk in go8 they will not guaranty u pr instrad go for good average universities as u will save cost, study burden, and try hard to top in these uni u will definitely gain success which will be difficult in the big brand universities. Higher ythe university lesser the tym for doing part tym jobs and more the study burden ultimately resulting in demanding money from ur parents for ur survival. Think!!!!!

    3rd thing is donot take stress or burden once u go australia make sure ur plans and goals are translucent, u will do better than ur home country after couple of yrs.

  20. Hello Ashish.

    I did my bachelors in electrical and electronics with Aggregate of 65.4%. Toefl-82
    I would like to go for MS from Australia in CS or in IT.
    Please suggest me some good universities for both fields.

    As earlier you said that it is very hard to find jobs for those who don’t have PR. Will it be difficult too to find jobs in CS or in IT field without PR?

    Thank you.

  21. Hi
    I am ayushi
    I have completed my bachelors in pharmacy and am planning to go to Australia for my masters.
    Do u think there is more scope for pharmacy in Australia as compared to US?
    And are there many jobs available in australia

    1. Hi Ayushi, I have also worked as BDM for a pharma company and now m planning to go to Australia for my Masters.. It has a great potential.. Bdw wen r u planning to go? Which university have you planned to take admission? My contact no is +91 7678080788.. Take care.

  22. Hi Raghuram Sukumar,
    I’ve completed my bachelors degree (BEIT) with a CGPA of 3.37. I’m working as iOS Developer from Feb’15. Now i’m planning to go abroad for Masters degree. I need your kind suggestion weather to choose Australia or Canada? I need suggestions in terms of Fee, Work during Education, PR and Job opportunities in my field.

    Waiting for your kind response.

    Thanks a lot in advance.

      1. USA is too expensive i heard. In Canada work is not allowed for first 6 months. Is it right? What about job opportunities during studies and after studies. One more thing, what about Germany?

        Thanks a lot for your kind response. I really appreciate that.

      2. Hi raghuram
        I am currently working in Indian space research organisation as an electrical engineer. I have a work experience of 3 yrs .
        Got an offer from anu for ME in digital systems and telecommunication .i am a bit confused weather to go for it or not seeing the pr rules . what are my chances for pr and and u being an anu alumni ,what are the job oppurtunites from thier in my feild which i mentioned above .

    1. Hi.. I want to pursue masters in global management from Canada. I have completed my btech in information technology from India and has two years of work experience as well.. Please let me is getting PR and citizenship of Canada all through lottery system?

  23. I have done btech in electrical with 75% .my ielts score is 7.5 (min in each 6.5 ).i m confused whether to do masters in electrical or electrical and computers or electrical with business or electrical and electronics or energy engineering .and also in which university Uni of melbourne or monash or rmit……can u tell any site on which I can check that which course is in demand ..I mean in which I can have better job opportunities ..moreover you are telling about regional areas ..plz suggest me whether I go to regional areas for studies or I go to melbourne as some knowns of mine are there

  24. Hello Ashish,
    Thanks for all the information. It was really useful for me. But I have two doubts.
    I completed my Bachelors in Engineering last month. And I’m planning to Masters in Australia.
    I don’t have any experience.
    1. Will I get a PR if I dont have any work experience after completing my two year course there?
    2. Is doing a dual degree (MBA Mtech) in Australia a good option. If so can you suggest some medium range good universities?

    Thanks Ashish..:)

  25. Its surendra from nepal. I hav three years of gap after high school. Can i apply for student visa in australia?
    Can i get visa in case of gap??

  26. Hello ,

    I have done my Bachelors in Electronics and Telecommunications. Got a offer letter from ANU for Masters In Photonics. Is it really good…? and what are its job prospect

  27. Hi,I am currently in my Final year of Btech (ComputerScience),I am totally confused whether to choose which country for higher education whether to go for australia or canada ,Kindly help me compare the jobs opportunities and education cost etc

  28. I am a mechanical engineer with 2 years of experience in EPC business in Oil and gas industry.Well as for i know… getting a PR in australia you must have minimum 3 years of experience…in engineering…However by the time u get the PR u will have 4 yrs of experience. But will it be difficult for me to get a job in Australia after all this struggle.. if yes then i think i should drop the idea of getting a PR all together.

  29. This is completely old story. There are only few professional jobs(IT, Engineering, etc). Most of the jobs are cleaning, factory jobs and other hard jobs. Now a days it is very difficult to settle down in Australia due to no jobs for PR holders also. Now, there is no special value for Australian degree also. In India, No one cares about Aus degree. Finally, Studying in Australia is not wrathful if you are a middle class guy. You can not even repay your educational loan. Think carefully before take decision.

  30. It is hard everywhere, in fact Australia is becoming as difficult as the UK. They do not want immigrants here. In Canada, it is actually easier compared to Australia and the US or the UK. In Canada you will be employed whether you have PR or not especially if you know people, they rarely discriminate. BUT in Australia?? You best have PR in order to get a good job.

  31. you mentioned this in the competition “However, Canada and Australia have straight rules that unless you don’t have a PR or Citizenship 90% of companies don’t hire you at all.” and under the global opportunities you mentioned as “The reasoning is simple, you can get job in US on the basis of degree in Australia or in India but getting job in Australia and Canada on the basis of even talent and degree from US is not that great because these countries have straight rule of having PR or citizenship condition on getting jobs.”

    Now tell me is it true if you dont have a PR it’s not easy to get a job in Australia as well as US or only US. You confused me totally.

  32. Hello there,

    It was nice reading your blog…I am student from Nepal. I recently filed my dependent VISA application for Master of Accounting (CPA Extension) at Macquaire University in Australia. It’s been nearly 20 days and I have not received any updates from the Australian High Commission. I am tensed regarding the visa processing time since its taking too longer and my orientation date is 18th February, 2014 and the classes starts on March 3rd… Do you have any idea how long it gona take more?

    1. Visa for any country takes time to process. If you think you were running out of time, you should have applied early.

  33. hello! i want to know that undergraduation (B.tech) in mechanical engineering is better in which country??australia or india ??in australian good universities like univ. of melbourne ,university of sydney, others or indian average university or should i opt for btech in india then masters in australia ..and how much additional funding is approximately required in aust. for this if i am willing to do part time job there

  34. Hiii I have applied for MS computer science in University of Woolongong, UTS, and RMIT can tell me which university is good according to you please let me know and yes I have got the offer letter form University of Woolongong …Should I go for it or wait others to respond.And the most Important question is What are the Job opportunities after the completion of the course

    1. Depends exactly what are your expectations are out of a higher degree. If you are looking out for good course content and better job opportunities, UTS and RMIT are surely better choice. University of Woolongong is only good if it lies in regional area(I am not sure, I know that UoW lies in NSW but whether it comes under regional area or not I am not sure, best will be to confirm with university authorities) so might fetch you few point for PR but won’t really help you with jobs and your area of IT expertise because UTS and especially RMIT has really good course content and job prospects. RMIT is in the heart of Melbourne and UTS in the heart of Sydney.

  35. Hi ashish,

    I have 3.5 years work ex in IT after doing my B.Tech in coumputer science.

    would it be a right decision to do MBA from australia ? I have heard from some that though MBS /AGSM are in top 50 but still MBA grads are not in demand in australia. Is it so ?
    More ever what are prospects of getting PR or work permit if we do these 1 year programs ?

    1. This question is asked so many times in this blog, please read back. 1 year programs won’t fetch you PR. AGSM and MBS are certainly good business schools with good ranking throughout the world but dude getting a job, getting good business education and getting residency are different things. the way you relate them is absolutely wrong. You need to do more research and go through my articles and advice I have given to different people in the blog. You will get your answer.

  36. hi,
    my name is bhargava,
    i have written my final sem exams in may.
    i have an active backlo which is in dec 2013,
    i want to do a m.s from australia,
    so which intake is feasible for me.

    1. Well most probably second semester of 2014 but if you manage to clear your backlog in December itself and get your mark-sheet, give it a shot in semester 1, 2014. There are many university whose application dates end in like Jan end or Feb and classes starts in March. Now you know your home work. First find out your desired universities in Australia(Make a list) and then check when is the last date to submit their application for First semester 2014. Then go to college authorities and ask them if you can get your results before that date so that you can apply for those universities. It is wise not to mention about your backlogs until you are asked and apply for scholarship still(be hopeful)

      Best of Luck,


  37. Hi Ashish,
    A very good article on Australia! Thanks mate 🙂
    Just wanted to ask that can I get a job if I do only a one year master’s course in Australia. I understand I will not get the desired points in PR but I am already scoring 65 in points based system which makes me eligible for PR. The only reason I wish to one year course is that I feel local education would have higher weightage for jobs than Indian Education. Any help in this matter will be highly appreciated!
    Thanks, Dhwani.

    1. Dhwani….golden advice to you…if you are already getting enough points for PR then simply apply for PR and wait for the results. If you are fortunate enough to secure PR, you can come here and then enrol for a course. This will have two benefits, you will have PR so you have better chances to get job and secondly, course fees charged by universities to citizens and permanent resident is less as compared to international student.

      1. Thanks Ashish, Sounds perfect! But studying would add value right? or should I just start looking out for jobs! Thanks 🙂

      2. Thanks Ashish, Sounds perfect! But having a local degree would add value right? or should I just start looking out for jobs! Thanks 🙂

        1. Australian degree will surely add an advantage in securing a job in Australia especially if it is from good university. But every employer basically looks for academic marks, what courses you have taken in degree, how much prior experience you have and how this experience relates to their job requirement. If all of this is very much aligned to their job requirement, they will hire you. If you are keen in securing an Australian degree, I would suggest you to enroll yourself as a part timer and go for one year degree. Stretch this degree over a duration of 2 years. This will have multiple advantage. Firstly, you will get more time to study and work and therefore, you can perform good academically and sustain a decent lifestyle(basically survive in a very expensive country). Secondly, you can keep searching for jobs. Lastly, once you know the job market well here, you are in a better position to understand what courses or unit you should enroll yourself. Like project management, requirement elicitation etc.

  38. Hello All,
    It was really a great post regarding the opportunities outside the US. But the above post and the following comments gave some perks in my minds, can someone please answer them.
    As many of the students who aim for their Masters have a default aim in their mind of doing it from the US, and the final result expected is to land up in a decent job. Also this falls true not only to the US but to any other country, but US being the most preferred destination.

    Q1 > Can a student complete his Masters in the US and then look for a job in some other country (for this instance Aus/Canada).
    Q2 > Does the Aus Govt grant a PR to a experienced (4 + years) guy after completion of his masters (MS) from Aus University.

    1. Q1 > Can a student complete his Masters in the US and then look for a job in some other country (for this instance Aus/Canada).
      Yes certainly, but my logic says it is not worth. Reasoning is most of the Australian and Canadian organizations only take people who have permanent residency or citizenship. However, if a person is very much talented and is MIT, UC or Standford grad, ofcourse he can get a job and an organization can get him a work visa(which is hard to get in these countries because organization has to prove government that there is no local replacement for a skillset required by the position). But mate if you are standford, harvard or MIT grad whole world will be after you. Why would you care about Australia or Canada. Think over it.
      Q2 > Does the Aus Govt grant a PR to a experienced (4 + years) guy after completion of his masters (MS) from Aus University.

      PR depends on many factors not only experience. You profession must be in demand(must be in the current MODL/SOL list), your education and profession must be aligned(you should not be a civil/chemical/mechanical/electronics engineer with a 4 years of experience in IT). If education qualification is aligned to profession and you have experience in the same profile as in demand in Australia and you get an approval from right assessing authority, they will grant you 5 points for overseas experience. Please go to immigration website or contact a migration consultant to know more about it.

  39. Hi, I need your advice about this situation:
    option 1: finish my undergrad in 1 year at FIU (florida international university) in Miami – USA.
    option 2: do a masters degree in Australia and finish it in 1 year.
    for both of my options I would pay aproximatelly the same (24.000) just for tuition. and graduate at the same time.
    my question is, which one should I take if my goal is to work in the US after finishing my studies, which one will give me more opportunities on the job market in the US. I appreciate your help, I have to decide in 2 days

    1. If you are planning to finish master’s degree in 1 year, don’t come to Australia. US will be best for your future goal because with one year course, you won’t be eligible to apply for permanent residency in Australia so your chances to get jobs in Australia are very less and if you want to work in US then it will be better to choose a US university than Australia.

  40. Hi Ashish,
    This is Chanakya.
    I have got admission into Master of Engineering(Telecommunications) at ANU and Master of Telecommunications Engineering at UNSW. I do have a work experience of 2 years as a systems engineer from TCS. I am confused on which University to choose. They say Sydney has better opportunities than Canberra, but ANU seems to be having better reputation. So please advice on the same.
    Awaiting you reply.
    Thank you.

    1. UNSW and ANU both have good reputation so it won’t make much difference. I would suggest you to choose Sydney rather than Canberra. Canberra is good in two ways, first government jobs and second casual jobs. There are plenty of casual jobs and very attractive government jobs but it’s very hard to grab those government jobs because everyone wants gov jobs. Less tiring, more money, good family life, more benefits etc. Even Aussies like to work for government. However, government jobs requires citizenship and various level of security clearances which is very hard to get.

  41. Hi Ashish,
    Your Article is very helpful, thanks for sharing it. I have a query.
    I am planning to do Masters in Computer Science/Information Technology. My profile is:
    B.Tech. in C.S.E -80% (U P Technical University)
    TOEFL ibt – 98(24R,25W,26L,23S)
    GRE – 305/340 (Q-160, V-145)
    I have applied to some Australian and Canadian universities. Frankly speaking I have little(very-little :)) inclination towards Canada, but I will join a University in Australia if I got better opportunity.
    The thing messing with me right now is that I got offers from Australian universities:
    1. Monash- with A$5000/semester
    2. Univ of Technology, Sydney- most probably A$2000/semester
    3. MacQuarie- no scholarship
    4. Univ of Tasmania- no scholarship
    5. Queensland Univ of Technology- might be getting 25%
    on the other hand I have applied to Carleton University,Canada I am still waiting for their decision. I am expecting admission from Carleton, but funding is hardly possible.
    My question is because I am getting admit in Monash with partial funding and monash indeed is a good university, should I choose Monash or being inclined to canada should I choose Carleton.
    P.S.: major criteria for me is better future, opportunity (by that I mean PR and other stuff 🙂 ), Specialization in both the countries is same.

    1. Dude Monash is very good university and is in the heart of Melbourne so good job opportunities after passing out. Other good option can be Queensland Univ of Technology because of two benefits. Firstly scholarship offered to you and secondly because QLD comes in regional area, you will get 5 points for studying in a regional area. Now decision is yours.

      BTW, Rupesh can you give me more information about Monash university’s scholarship. Is it $5000 every semester or is it only $5000 one time. What is the full fee of 2 years course after scholarship?

      1. Hi ashish, this is mentioned on my offer:
        VALUE: A $5000 per 48 credit points of study, for the minimum number of credit points required to complete the degree. Typical full-time enrolment for one year of study is 48 credit points.
        CONDITIONS: – Conditional upon your enrolment in the course in the Faculty of Information Technology at a Monash University campus in Australia.
        – You Must maintain a minimum of a distinction weighted average mark(70 %) each sem, with no failed units to be eligible to continue receiving contribution to the following semester course fees.
        It is a 1.5 years course but I am thinking of extending the course to a 2 years program.. by the conditions I think it is per year offer.
        FEE: $29680 per 48 credit … 72 credit points are for 1.5 years course…

        1. Australian degree will surely add an advantage in securing a job in Australia especially if it is from good university. But every employer basically looks for academic marks, what courses you have taken in degree, how much prior experience you have and how this experience relates to their job requirement. If all of this is very much aligned to their job requirement, they will hire you. If you are keen in securing an Australian degree, I would suggest you to enroll yourself as a part timer and go for one year degree. Stretch this degree over a duration of 2 years. This will have multiple advantage. Firstly, you will get more time to study and work and therefore, you can perform good academically and sustain a decent lifestyle(basically survive in a very expensive country). Secondly, you can keep searching for jobs. Lastly, once you know the job market well here, you are in a better position to understand what courses or unit you should enroll yourself. Like project management, requirement elicitation etc.

          1. Hello Ashish,
            My offer letter says that this course is a 1.5year Masters, some people told me that when you pursue a 2 years course then only you are eligible for 2 year work permit and PR… is it true?
            how many years work permit can I get if I did a 1.5 years Masters… and should I do this 1.5 years masters or should I contact Monash to change this to a 2 years masters.. please help

        2. Ignore my previous comment, it was intended for Dhwani. Rupesh , Monash university is good and their fees even after scholarship is expensive but compared to other universities, it is still better. As far as my knowledge goes, most probably, Monash university must have units or course every semester. Like 4 units or 4 courses every semester. Therefore, every unit/course gives you 6 credit and therefore after taking 4 units/courses, you get 24 credits in a semester and 48 credits in a year. Hope you have understood what I am saying here. So this $5000 scholarship is for one year mate. Now you can compare with fees of other universities after deducting $5000 from $30,000 which comes to be around $25,000/year. ANU currently is I think $27,500/year so better than ANU.

  42. Hi
    I have a masters from UK in mobile computing. Looking to pursue phd in Australia in mobile application development. how are the opportunities in this field specifically in android development.. how is the percentage of me getting an admission and funding?

    1. I would suggest you to ask same questions to RMIT, University of Melbourne, University of Sydney, UNSW and ANU people. They will have a better answers because your questions is very much specific to course curricula. I would suggest you to fire these questions to university’s computer science department.

  43. Hi
    I have a masters from UK in mobile computing. Looking to pursue phd in Australia . how is the percentage of me getting an admission and funding?

  44. Hi Ashish,
    I’ve done B.tech in IT from India and planning to do masters from Australia, Melbourne.
    I am keen on doing MBA as I have 3 years of experience working as a technical recruiter. Really not sure whether I should do masters in IT or MBA (HR) or dual program i.e. MBIT for better PR chances. Will i get admission in good university (please name few if you can) with the work exp. I have gained or GMAT is compulsory.
    PLEASE SUGGEST, need your help…

    1. Hi Sakshi,
      Yes you can go ahead with a dual degree programme if you come across a suitable programme. Else going ahead for an MBA in HR would suit better considering your experience in recruitment. You can share your detailed profile in the forums section for suggestions on Universities you can consider. Take GMAT and share relevant details for us to comment upon your admission chances.
      All the best!

  45. Hey,
    I have few questions regarding the university which is offering me Masters(by coursework) in IT with specialization in networking . The university which is offering is University of Western Sydney.
    so I wanted to ask few questions
    1. what is the reputation of this university in australia ?
    2. is is worth doing this degree in terms of return of investment ??
    3. what are the chances of getting PR after completing from this uni. ?
    4. in issuing PR for Aus. , will they also consider my bachelors degree marks (completed in india)
    thanx in advance…

    1. Dude I don’t know much about this university. The only advantage I can see is Sydney as a location, please do more research on university, it is not a high ranking uni to be honest.

      In issuing PR, they don’t consider your marks what they consider is how much is your studies aligned to profession you choose for applying PR.

      PR does not depends on from which university you do your degree. You just need to complete 2 years of study and study needs to be enhance your skills in the profession you choose for applying PR.

      1. “PR does not depends on from which university you do your degree” …sorry a bit change here. Yes, it does not depends on from which university you did but immigration does a check on CRICOS code of university and only certain university courses are considered for PR. You can refer immigration website for more information.

        1. i checked my CRICOS code is a valid one.
          but i dont know about the PR status of this code…
          can you please provide me that link(url) where we can see the status of PR for the CRICOS code….

  46. Dear Ashish
    Thank you for your good information
    Please let me know more about UPC collage .I am planing to study for childcare course in UPC collage,but my main goal Is getting PR ! What do you think is it possible ?? Will i find a good job???will I get PR after 3 or 4 years ???
    Best wishes

    1. Mina – Well Mina I can’t predict and tell you whether you’ll PR or not. Even a migration consultant or a migration official can’t tell you whether you’ll get PR or not. Things change every year, no one knows what rules will be passed next year. When you reach a certain stage where you have finished your studies and are ready to file PR, you can refer immigration website for information on current rules on PR and calculate your points and based on which you can guess what are your chances of getting PR. No one can tell you in prior whether you can get PR or not. Keep checking SOL list to get an idea whether childcare is in demand as a profession or not. Most probably it is.

  47. Am a dentist in india with one year of experience..Am planning to move to australia may be on a student visa and take up Masters in health care administration which is a 2 years course so i could apply for an PR if i get a job…So my question to you is how hard it is to find a job in australia after doing masters in health care administration and with having a dentistry background since i have heard most of the jobs requires you to have an PR??Please answer this ..Am really confused since its an big step for me to take a risk to come to australia and leave dentistry and do a 2 year study and then look for a job to apply for PR

  48. Hi Ashish,

    Chanakya again. Recently there has been an australian universities fair held in chennai. I have attended that. The thing is while in the fair,
    I have applied for an MBA with University of Technology Sydney.
    I have got an offer for the spring 2013 admission. Could you please suggest me whether it is a reputed university or not. And also any job acquiring chances after i complete my degree or not.
    Awaiting your reply.

    1. Chanakya, did you tried looking out for best MBA colleges in Australia(Google), Mate? I don’t think you did your research. You just went into fair and applied and they gave you admission. This is not how you decide. As far as I know few good colleges to go for MBA in Australia are AGSM(Australian Graduate School of Management) and Melbourne Business School. It is not easy to get through these colleges mate(700+ GMAT Score + Good Profile) so try hard and get admission to any one of these. Also it will be worth to check for ranking of colleges on world level to get an idea. AGSM and MBS lies in list of top 50 MBA colleges almost every year.

  49. Hi Ashish,

    This is Chanakya from chennai.
    I have gone through your article. Its really helpful. Thanks a lot.
    I have done my B Tech in ECE from Sastra university, Tamil Nadu. I m a 2011 passed out.
    I have a GPA of 7.5 out of 10.
    Right now i m working for TCS as an assistant systems engineer.
    I m taking ielts on 5th of jan.
    I m planning to do MS in electrical or Telecommn.
    I have been aiming at the foll. Universities
    University of Melbourne
    University of Sydney
    University of Queensland
    I have been going thru few of the universities websites. And what i found out was like MS in electrical is a 2 yr course where as telecomm is a 1.5 yr course.
    I have few question regarding this.
    1) does the study visa given depend on the duration of the course or else will it be something common like 3 yrs or so?
    I did ask this question bcoz i wud love to continue working over there after doing masters
    2) how about part times ashish. Is it really tough to get the part times so that atleast i can fullfill my monthly needs instead of getting bucks from home?
    3) what exactly is PR. I mean when am i good to apply for a PR?

    Please do advice on the abov questions.
    Thanks in advance.

    1. 1) does the study visa given depend on the duration of the course or else will it be something common like 3 yrs or so?

      Yes it does. your student visa duration will depend on your duration of course so probably they will give you few months after completion of course.

      I did ask this question bcoz i wud love to continue working over there after doing masters

      For that you need to file PR or permanent residency or temporary residency.

      2) how about part times ashish. Is it really tough to get the part times so that atleast i can fullfill my monthly needs instead of getting bucks from home?
      It is not that hard but it also depends on individual, some people are very good, hard working and pick up work easily. Others are slow and reluctant to work at certain places and profession, they go through hard time.

      3) what exactly is PR. I mean when am i good to apply for a PR?

      Permanent Residency(you can stay in the country forever). Please browse through immigration website to know more about it.

  50. Hey,
    I wann to my MS after BE do u think that its gd to do MS
    I m asking coz i didnt complete my graduation from AUS
    Its from india
    So wat would u suggest to do
    I m from the a well middle class family…
    I need some suggestion how to do MS in aus
    And and i m also desperate to do MS in abraod after reading ur whole article..
    And does it worth to do MS in aus
    Do i get the PR or apply for PR after finishing my MS there….
    Can i extend my visa after finishing my study….
    Will I get the GDP job meanwhile study n after study …
    Here is lots of confusion between austrelia and Canada …
    Which one is better for study
    What would be the cost in INR if I go for Australia …,
    Would u help me out
    I m the Be student from Gujarat I m pursuing my last year of BE
    do u think I should start preparation of IELTS
    DO THINK THAT I CAN CRACK this exam after reading this

    1. Brijesh you are surely not in best state of mind. Please raise your confidence towards yourself. You can do it! As far as all the questions are concerned, it will be best for you to read all the articles on Australia on this forums(use Google search at the top of this page and type word Australia). I have answered all your question in various articles, I won’t repeat myself again and again. Lastly, think over what you write on forum, I can’t say just after reading your forum post whether you an crack a exam or not, I can simply guide you.

      1. Ashish I have got offer letter from uni of sydney, uni of new south wales and australian national university for masters in IT. Iam planning to go with unsw. What will be the job scope? I have no work experience as I have just finished my BE in CSE in june 2015.

  51. Hi Ashish,

    Kindly indicate who is the best person to answer my question on pursuing PhD programs in Management courses(Mainly Marketing/Advertising)………And what all it takes(as in Test/Finance/Scores etc etc) to do PhD in Australia.

    I would eagerly look forward to your reply.


  52. HI. Nice article. I am thinking of applying to University of Adelaide (masters in petroleum management program). I am in my final yr of petrochemical engg, if you could give an idea of job opportunities in the petroleum sector , also how is the reputatiion of UOA , the program and the city Adelaide.

    1. I think Mining is really in demand and I am not pretty sure about petrochemical engineering, it would be wise to check immigration website to confirm though. UOA is a good university for sure. UOA is one of the oldest university of Australia and it is in regional area so you get few points of studying in regional area.

  53. Hello Ashish.
    First of all thank you so much for such a nice post. I appreciate you.
    I am thinking of studying in Oz too. Currently I am pursuing my Bachelor of Computer applications (BCA) from GNDU.
    I would like to know about affordable universities in Oz for Master’s in IT or CS.
    I researched a lot (about 2 months) about this and found two universities (according to my budget.) Charles sturt university (Study centre in Melbourne only as Master’s in IT is only available at the study centers. Other on is in Sydney.) The 2nd university I shortlisted was USQ in Toowoomba,QLD.

    Are these universities good for Master’s in IT? Please suggest me some more universities if you have any in mind especially those located in regional cities as you know it gives us 5 points required for PR. I am leaned more towards USQ because it’s in a regional city.

    I also researched the immigration website and found that I can fulfill 60 points threshold for PR.
    I calculated my points according to all factors like age,qualification,regional Asutralia etc..and I got 55 points. I can get rest 5 points either by getting 7 each in IELTS or by doing a professional year in IT(Brisbane) I don’t even need a job to complete my points.

    Can I get a work permit after graduation> If yes, for how long? I am just asking this because I need a couple of year after graduation to complete my professional year and to look for job(even though I complete my points without job)

    As you are familiar with the education system and universities in Oz, I would really appreciate If you could help me out. Please let me know what city or state would be the best for IT jobs after graduation since Toowoomba doesn’t have any IT jobs. Not even Brisbane. How about Canberra? I was thinking of Melbourne and Sydney but would like to have your opinion too.

    Please reply to my query as I really need your help.
    Thanks for reading my long question.
    Best Regards,

    1. Tarun first of all very good research. I think people on this forum, especially one seeking free help surely have something to take away from you, your focus and willingness to pursue a great career. Here are your answers.

      Are these universities good for Master’s in IT?

      Tarun if I have to see which university is good, I would surely look at G8 University and university ranking but to be honest if you what you are really looking is core education then look out for top ranking universities like ANU, Uni of Mel, Monash etc but if you are looking forward for a job which I think is the case(pretty much reflected from your research), it is wise for you to choose a good university in regional area.

      Also when you ask if a certain university is good in IT, it is perhaps a very difficult question. According to me a university is good in IT are those who have:

      1. Course content aligned to corporate job demand in the country.
      2. Good research going on in the field you are interested in.
      3. Good faculty and good infrastructure.

      Course content, research fields and infrastructure can be read through website but knowing more about faculty is essential. Also think more before choosing any course, do a research on courses offered and what is their demand in the market and are they aligned to your interest level or not?

      Sometimes faculty is not so good, like in University of Canberra, you will find many lecturers from other countries who are very sharp and intelligent in terms of knowledge domain but their communication skills are very poor. Some of them are barely understandable and others are simply pathetic. you have to inquire all this from current students in the university. Write them an email and ask them to provide you contact details of some current student in the university or try to look out for such people on social networking websites and try to give it a go.

      Please suggest me some more universities if you have any in mind especially those located in regional cities


      So dude University of Western Australia, University of Queensland and University of Adelaide. I am not sure about University of Adelaide just check if Adelaide comes under regional area or not. Perth is surely there.

      Can I get a work permit after graduation> If yes, for how long?

      There is nothing called work permit, after completing your graduation, you are left with few months of student visa wherein you have to decide what to do next, if you wish to stay in the country and do a job in the field, apply for immigration visa. Visas are categories into TR and PR. Temporary visas are for 3 years and permanent visas are for forever. If you are on student visa you are only allowed to work for 40 hours fortnightly, if you get TR, PR or bridging visa(situation wherein you have applied for visa and result is not allowed), you can work for unlimited number of hours, stay in the country forever in case of PR, temporarily in case of TR and for the time till result is out in case of bridging visa.

      Please let me know what city or state would be the best for IT jobs after graduation since Toowoomba don’t have any IT jobs. How is Canberra?

      Once you get PR or TR, it is alright for you to move to any place and gauge your options for job so don’t worry about studying in regional area. The best job opportunities are in Mel, Sydney so you can move to these places once you get PR or TR. you chances of getting job will be more after getting PR or after studying from Sydney or Melbourne.

    2. sorry error in last sentence. Your chances of getting job will be more after getting PR rather than studying from Sydney or Melbourne so it is wise to choose regional area for studies. Also remember all these things are subjected to immigration visa rules and regulations which change every year so you can never predict what is next so it is wise to be good and fast decision maker.

      1. Greetings Ashish,
        Thank you so much for your kind words. I am so pleased. Yes, I know the universities I shortlisted are not that great but as I mentioned before, I chose them according to my budget and keeping in mind the regional Oz factor. I am pretty familiar with G8 unis but they are way out my budget. You won’t believe but I researched each and every university in Oz except Northern Territory before choosing the two I mentioned above.

        Also, I asked a local guy from Brisbane about USQ (as he was familiar with it and had some friends studying there and he told me that USQ has pretty good IT rankings.

        Yes,I am ok with average unis (in regional areas) as long as I can grab a job afterwards. As I am more leaned towards USQ, I got in touch with Student relationship officer (SRO) of USQ and also with the international recruitment team. Above all, I also made a list of ICT occupations from SOL and CSOL and sent it to the program advisor (Master of Computing Technology as it is called) to know what major should I choose to grab most of the occupations from both the lists as they offer two majors; Software and Web & Network and Security. I am thinking of Software and Web as the occupations related to Software and web are on the SOL which is more important to me (as I won’t have any state sponsorship, so I can’t nominate an occupation on CSOL) They gave me all the info about the course and stuff. They didn’t give me the contact details of current students (as you suggested) due to privacy laws of Oz.

        You are right, Adelaide comes under regional area, in fact, the entire South Australia is regional, so is WA and NT. In fact My bro-in law went to study in Adelaide (He is a Dentist BTW) but he couldn’t get PR so he managed to get PR in Canada. He gave me all the insights which other people never share with anyone. you know what I mean. No offense to you though. He helped me in understanding the education and immigration system (PR and stuff) of Oz.

        I would like to tell you that bridging visa no more exist. I am still concerned about the second half of my journey i.e after graduation. I would be left with few months.

        Can I extend my student visa as i want to do a professional year in Brisbane huh?
        I just need one year after graduation (or just 6 months months to see If I could score 7 each in IELTS) to complete my professional year. Once I am done with it, I would be all set to apply for PR.

        I couldn’t agree with you more. Most of people think that they would land a job pretty easily if they’d study in Melbourne or Sydney. What a pity! Yeah Mel and Sydney have the most opportunities, that’s what I thought.

        Thank you so much for your help and suggestions. I agree that the rules and regulations change every year so I will watch out for them and act accordingly.

        I have a request though. It is inconvenient for me to talk here on the blog so I was wondering If I could have your e-mail, just in case, if you don’t mind. If you can’t jot it here, you can mail me at [email protected]

        Once again thank you for everything and reading this giant reply of mine. You are really doing an awesome job here. God bless you mate.
        I’d really appreciate your reply.
        Hope to hear from you soon.

        1. Hi Taurn,

          I think that will be unfair for other people on the forum. Just shoot me questions here. I am happy to reply you anytime on forums because that will help other people with similar queries.

          1. Hello Ashish,
            Thank you for the reply. Well if you say so then could you please answer my questions above. Starting from Can I extend….
            It’s really important to me. I’d like to tell you that I received my IELTS results the other day. Guess what? I scored 7 overall (6.5 in each section) I can’t believe it.
            I expected 6 overall and 5.5 each (which I needed for admission)
            I am so glad today. Yay!
            Hope to hear from you soon.
            Thank you so much

  54. Hi, I have heard that people who complete PhDs in CS doing the safe stuff as people with just degrees. Do I need to have some industry experience? In the AUS business world, are PhDs pay more or same salaries?
    Please reply as I’m thinking of doing a PhD in AUS but bit concerned about jobs afterwards.
    Thanks in advance.

    1. It is always good to have industry experience. Qualification definitely matter but it should be aligned with knowledge and skills required by the job or industry. This applies for any location in the world. I have seen that usually scientist are payed pretty good but if a software professional is skillful and experienced then he can get similar salary but it is difficult to be on par with that kind of salary.

      If you are applying for a scientist position, you profile will be entirely different, like they will see a different set of skills, knowledge as compared to what they are looking out for a software professional so both of them can’t be compared. Summarily, I would suggest you don’t weight things with respect to money but try to make decision taking into mind what you really like and where you interest lies. You will get money in either profession but chances of you doing well will be only in the profession where you are very much interested and therefore, can put more time and efforts.

    1. The scope is good but it will be nice to go through MODL list of past few years to find out if this profession was in demand in Australia.

      Please do a bit of research on immigration website.

  55. How is Australia (specifically Melbourne) for masters in computer science ?

    Also is RMIT a good uni to purse masters in comp science ?


    1. Melbourne is the best place to go ideally. More jobs, more developed, more resources. Apart from that people and student like Mel more as compared to sydney and canberra. Canberra is isolated and Sydney too crowded. Melbourne also is a very good place in terms of good places to go and night life. I have heard a lot good about RMIT, so say that RMIT has best computer course content but not sure about faculty and stuff.

      Sydney and Melbourne are places where you can land up with jobs easily.

  56. Hello bro, first i appreciate your work that you are partly helping the socity. My que. is that if a course duration is 1.5yrs only is there chance to get work permit/ TR. And other que. as you said that to hold a job in aus they prefer PR candidates ok , to get PR a job in hand and experience is requird how these two things you interlinked …could you explain me in detail

    thank you.

    1. My que. is that if a course duration is 1.5yrs only is there chance to get work permit/ TR.

      No you cannot get TR with 1.5 year course, it has to be 2 years …work permit has nothing to do with your education in Australia.

      And other que. as you said that to hold a job in aus they prefer PR candidates ok , to get PR a job in hand and experience is requird how these two things you interlinked …could you explain me in detail

      Please check Australian immigration website for answer to this.

  57. Does Australia have a good future for mechanical engineering and automotives?What is the recommended ielts score for a good college admission??

    1. good future for mechanical engineering and automotive?

      If you ask me about demand of that profession in Australia, I would say yes it has a demand of automotive and mechanical engineers for sure. If you ask me for future, I am not pretty sure about that. Best would be to do some research on internet about universities where there is good research and work going in automotive engineering. Germany is known to have good scope in Automotive related studies and research. Please search more post on this blogs on education in Germany.

      What is the recommended ielts score for a good college admission?? 7

  58. quality means best placement options for me..i just want to earn very good..and most imprtantly i want best suitable conditions for extension of my visa dere so tht i dnt need to come back india..so plz suggest me between ireland and australia keeping in view tht im fresher&tht i want to earn maximum money wid good possibility of country to grant visa.

  59. hiii…i want to do my ms in australia..i had 5.5 ielts…is it enough for to get into austrlia…..n how is the job options…n the fee ranges frm?pls provide info abt dis?

    1. There are some universities which may accept 5.5 but 5.5 score is less, try for 7 or at least 6.

      How is the job option??? what do I answer to this question. This is a very generalized question. My answer is job options are plenty and job opportunities are good.

      Fees ranges various from university to university. Best will be to visit website of different universities and get an idea about it. If you are feeling more excited visit IDP, they will provide you with all the information with brochure etc.

  60. can any1 suggest me best way to do MBA being fresher??country isnt an issue..i just want quality MBA degree which gets recognised if in worse case i need to come back as visa isnt eztended..im thinking of ireland as best option bt still ur comments will b valued.

  61. Ever since australian dollar has increased its value, cost of education in australia has become expensive. If you follow some agencies like IDP, they will guide you in whole process and getting visa/admission is not difficult. I have some questions still:-
    1)Some years ago when I was planning to go to Australia, I was told that student has to show whole amount of fees in bank account and then that account is frozen so that you cannot remove that money. in pther words, you have to commit towards payment of total fees.
    2)no chance of tuition waiver/in state fees for international students.
    3)one has to return after finishing course and can go back only if he/she has job offer. Then job offers are possible only if you have PR. then again, if one has PR so why will a student go for studies. so its a merry-go-round situation.

    1. 1)Some years ago when I was planning to go to Australia, I was told that student has to show whole amount of fees in bank account and then that account is frozen so that you cannot remove that money. in pther words, you have to commit towards payment of total fees.

      2)no chance of tuition waiver/in state fees for international students.

      Already mentioned above in my post, usually some students get some scholarships or student waiver but those are very bright and get fees equivalent to like 5 grants out of 28 grants of whole fees.

      3)one has to return after finishing course and can go back only if he/she has job offer. Then job offers are possible only if you have PR. then again, if one has PR so why will a student go for studies. so its a merry-go-round situation.

      You are utterly and entirely confused. I mentioned this earlier that for retaining full time job, you need PR but it does not means that all doors are closed for you. You can apply for temporary visa or TR temporary residency after completion of your studies which gives you permission to stay in this country for 3 years and find job and you are allowed to work full time(casual jobs) to earn money.

      1. Temporary residency is not easy to get. Do you think every student who completes 2 year Masters degree course is eligible for TR???? One has to qualify on the basis of age, IELTS and the course should be in skills set list. and that list is revised every year. Suppose a student do masters degree in chemical engineering, it is possible that course is not there on the skills set and TR is denied. So that is a risk which every student should think before going to australia for higher studies.

        1. True!!! Don’t you think we are here trying to mitigate those risk. I have put down earlier that you have to do research and that research itself involves doing a check on all professions in demand in countries like Oz or Canada. So keep a check on immigration website’s MODL list.

    1. You can even get a job without studying in Australia but chances are very less. If you can spend money for 1.5 year course, what’s wrong in going for 2 years course? Ideally it will not contribute any points for PR if you will go for 1.5 years course so it will be better to go for 2 years course.

  62. thanks ashish for the mind blowing piece, can one use TOEFL in lieu of IELTS., can you suggest some good schools offering masters in biotechnology in austr, on the average how much in oz currency is required for one to pursue a masters degree in australia. looking forward to hearing from you soonest.

  63. If anybody wanna continue to live in Australia post graduation, doing MS PhD in Australia is a very cool option.

    Australian dollar is at par with US right now. Life is very comfortable and compared to India, Australia is very clean, less crowded, lots of parks, best infrastructure, etc etc.
    Getting visa to USA once you become Aussie could be easier as compare to india.
    However US degree is US degree its unparalleled and uncomparable to any other country’s degrees.
    We in india are so much facincted by IIMs and IITs but when we see their global exposure, world rankings, research etc. we get disappointed (it has lots of reasons lets not go there.) same applies to degrees offered by top schools worldwide when compared to USA, some ppl might take this negatively but it holds truth-you wanna believe or not. Best universities in any country are best in that country only.

    However, currently US’s immigration laws are outdated, restrictive and inconvenient to immigrants when compared to other countries like Australia, Singapore, Canada etc. Some US senators have introduced bills to give visa extensions or simply give green cards to foreign students immediately after graduation, but God knows when this will be reality. Currently, Its much much easier to get PR in Australia, Singapore, canada.
    If you ppl are aware of so called theory proposed by global economists called “Asian Century”, you will realize how asian countries gonna prosper thousand fold, while US economy gonna decline for next 50 years. We already know US economy is in worst condition.
    Indian immigrants were never in such fix to decide whether to make US their permanant home or return to India. So far so good, thats it.
    US needs immediate overhaul of outdated immigration law to begin with.
    Generally US aspirant is so overwhelmed to get admits from US schools he hardly thinks about real life beyond MS, his future etc. One should think about these things before even applying for MS.

  64. Thanks a lot for replying. ..

    Can you pls suggest me some gud college/institute where only IELTS score is valid and nt required ney other exam to be given?

    I am having one more dout…how much approx cost i need to spend if i want to do my MBA OR MS from aust or frm canada??

    Kindly help me..

  65. thanks for the post…its really helpful.

    My que is which exam is required for taking addimission in aust??
    I am having my IELTS exam in month of oct this year..so on the basis of IELTS can i take addmission in aust or in canada??

    1. IELTS that’s it!!! GMAT may be required by some universities for MBA. For more info, please visit university website where you intend to apply.

    2. The top 2 universities, such as AGSM and MBS and the ones that follow them, definitely require a GMAT score along with work experience(average is 5 years). I know this information because I have been preparing for the GMAT for quite some time and researching schools globally.

      1. Yes Kumar, absolutely true. BTW, AGSM is considered to be best B-School in Australia and their course content is aligned to Asian economy and business so even one can go back to Asia and grab super good job. Melbourne Business School is another good school in Australia but difficulty with both of them is, it is hard to get into either of them(Really Good GMAT scores and high IELTS scores and good academic background). If anyone of you get admission to either of them, don’t hesitate to invest your money. They are worth it!!!

  66. Practical and thoughftul piece with many good insights, Ashish. There is an interesting tension in your advice:

    On the one hand you note that getting educated in place like Australia or Canada renders you eligible for more jobs globally given that you can get a job in the US on the basis of a degree in Australia or in India… But getting a job in Australia or Canada on the basis of a degree from the US is more difficult on account of PR and citizenship conditions that apply to job applicants in those countries.

    And yet you note also that the education system in the US remains “topnotch” and that a degree from a US university is “valued more throughout the world.” International applicants are thus left with a challenging analysis.

    As to your second point, it is true that an American degree may have more universal cachet and legitimacy. But as you have experienced a degree from a highly ranked institution in Australia will serve as an amazing credential in ASEAN, for example, at a minimum.

    We actually see a microcosm of this within the United States. Going to M.I.T. will open any door in America. But if you plan to make a career in the state of Texas then going to Rice University will open most of the same doors within that particular state. Students may wish to consider this angle as well.

    You were savvy to choose Australia given the presence of relatives who had already paved the way. For those fortunate to have such contacts this may be the paramount consideration in selecting an education/career destination given the challenges involved in starting a new life in the West.

    Again, great article that will help many.

    1. Very True and thanks Gunnar for comments!!! I agree this is actually very challenging for an individual to decide study destination. This article specifically points out a very important aspects of decision making which is called “Individuality”, “Suitability” and “Personal Preferences”. Students have to decide what to choose based on their individual situation and that comes from research and analysis and perhaps taking tough decisions based on what suits best for their own interest. This is contradictory to what I have seen among Indian students who have typical mentality of doing what next door guy or gal did because he/she is successful now.

      To be honest, I am always a fan of US as an education destination, it has been a dream for me but still I did not choose US as study destination because at the end of day, it is not all about career, it is sometimes family and people who play more important role. My relatives being in Australia never let me feel I m socially alienated or home sick. But I still feel envious of people comparing Oz with America in terms of friendliness of people and more social and diversified culture. I will surely like to work in US for few years to feel the difference. Hope to meet you guys some day 🙂

      1. Hi, Ashish. The wonderful thing is that having built a solid career foundation in Australia you can put yourself in a position to transfer to America permanently or semi-permanently, especially if you work for a multinational. Perhaps you will even bring family with you on that journey. I wish you every success!

  67. its always better to have higher education anywhere abroad than in india. Indian higher education sucks big time except IITs, IIMs and other institutions of national importance. However Indian govt has introduced cast based reservation which irritates real talented ppl.

  68. If I send my daughter to study in Australia what are the tests required by the universities before admission.In the US,since we come fom the Phils and English being the medium of instruction,SAT 1and SAT 2 were the only tests taken.From your test score you can determine which school to apply.In fine,what is the procedure in Austrslia should one wish to tke undergraduate studies.Thank you and much power on you

    1. Elsa I am not very sure about undergraduate procedure. Can you please get in touch with local IDP center near your city. I have to give IELTS and GMAT for applying to MS and MBA courses here in Australia. I was counting on University of Melbourne for MBA and ANU for MS(for MS we do not require GMAT, just IELTS). I know this does not answer your question very well so please go to IDP education. Google it!!!

  69. Hi. Thanks for this article. I want to pursue my graduation in australia. I have applied for a MENG course in EEE in Charles Darwin University. I need to know the job prospects for an electrical engineer in darwin.

  70. Until you get PR, cost of living headache is on you . After that you have to search a job ,which may take some time. In total , you may have to wait 3 -4 months to get into a job. That is the case, only if you have work experience.
    I believe, cost of living in Australia is high.
    At the end of two years, do u think students will have a lot of money to spend for cost of living?

    1. Doing higher education is full of headache and pain, you should have determination and strong will to pursue your dreams and no country is different for that matter. US and UK won’t give you job like a piece of cake with a happy b’day candle on it.

      At the end of two years, do u think students will have a lot of money to spend for cost of living?

      Depends on individual. If you are hard working, organized and studious(very sincere) in studies yes you would have enough money. No sure about procrastinated and unorganized attitude. I myself have fall into problems because of insincerity and loose attitude to be honest. What could really be problematic after end of two years will not be cost of living but getting money for buying car, giving IELTS and apply for TR or PR which is very costly. Surely it won’t be easy!!!

  71. Thanks for posting. Just an important point to add to above. Though studies are not as expensive as US but cost of living is higher in Australia these days and also dollar exchange value to rupee. It’s higher than US , Canada or Singapore.

  72. well well this is best post i have come across on australia.My qs is what happens after completing MS in oz means way to get visa extension and job………..

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