My Life is Complex and Rewarding – Madhuri

Did you read some of the comments for the post 40 Things Your Mom Never told you about Complex Life in USA?

It scares more than actually providinng a solution for these problem.It would have been nice if also posted solution for these.Definitely no MOM’s will allow her son/daughter if they read this post. – Ravi

Madhuri posted her experience about her complex life and how she is leaning day by day. Complex Life post (link above) was intended to show the facts about life in USA. Think what would an American would feel about life in India?

Word Complex would be an under statement. Lifestyle in USA in general is well organized and thats the  difference between developed and developing country.

Last year over 120,000 students from India came to study in USA. Several thousand visitors in H1B, L1 come to USA and they have to go through the same process.

If everyone felt that life is complex, so many students and workers will not dream about coming to USA. Life is a learning experience, you will not grown in life without overcoming complex real life situations.

My Real Life Experience – Madhuri

Happy to see some of the problems i am facing on this blog page.

Well to start with the cellphone case is similar to all but guys don’t go for expensive phones initially because you will have to save your money for other things like getting rides from Indian friends and using cabs.

There are certain networks which do not need SSN like TEE, virgin, cricket etc but at&t surely requires SSN so i advice to buy any of this mobiles initially until u build your credit history or something like getting your SSN.

Most of the Indians of course bachelors have problem with their apartment. Its true that you need to find a room mate to share the rent or a room already rented.

Now finally the drivers license.. its really good if you know driving or learn driving in India (I used to drive myself in India) or else you need to learn freshly up here and pay for it!! If possible get international drivers license.

Well if you stay in places where the transportation is miserable like having cabs then i am sure you need to get the car.

But after all this complex issues at the end of the day i always feel satisfied with the thought that i have learned something that i don’t know before. You need to maintain a family for yourself right from purchasing groceries to paying your bills.

I never ever know how my dad used to pay the bills and how my mom used to get the groceries but now i am learning everything!! of course when i call up my home and tell about all this stuff my parents feel glad that i am knowing the responsibilities of my own life.
And now……. rock up man we are living for ourselves !!!

Your Experience

Can you share your experience just like Madhurai? She posted above experience in the comments. If your comment is above 150 words and informative, we can publish in the blog.

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  1. Dear HSB,

    I’ve got admit from Georgetown University for MS in Biotechnology for fall 2011 and looks like I will be joining there however they do not have in campus housing for graduate students. This is a problem and specially for girl students. Please suggest how to search safe and reasonable places for accommodation within a mile from my campus. This has become a real issue at my home as we don’t know anybody in USA and my parents are getting worried about my accommodation and safety.

    Please do reply if anyone is searching for a girl roommate for Georgetown university, Washington DC.

    Please Help!!!!


  2. yes this is very helpful for me i think.

    i have applied for fall 2011 any suggestions please.

    i need email ids of those students who are studying currently or went recently to america so that i can know their experiences and it may help me.

    so please kindly tell email ids plzzzzzz

  3. Who cares about the numbers!!

    btw, thanks Aarti for the awesome post once again. I like your posts. Even I wanna write something like this, but due to complex life in US, as you said, I never got time for this. But I will write something like this very soon. I just wanna thank HSB as I was reading all the posts here right from the day 1 when I applied for universities in US. It helped me alot to gain my confidence during the whole process. Now I am here for about 6 months now. And I really love US as well (obviously, India is my 1st love). Anyways, keep posting.. 🙂

  4. That is good but i guess the number of fresh students coming to USA each year is around 35,000 and 120,000 are the number of total students currently in USA. I have read it at opendoors who are the ones to publish the official report.

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