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10 Reasons Why You Will Not Get Scholarship

How many of you have asked the question, “Can I get scholarship?” when selecting U.S. universities right after taking a GRE exam even after getting visa.

Most of you may not know even some of the reasons why you are unlikely to get admission with scholarship at U.S. schools.

Scholarship – No Way

Do you want to know the reason why 70% of students don’t get admission with some financial assistance from university? [How to get admission with Aid?]

  1. If your test scores are less than the minimum required for admission
  2. Applying at schools with active backlogs
  3. Had many backlogs
  4. Not knowing the fact that only a fraction of students do get admitted with aid
  5. Copied other’s statement of purpose (and SOP with mistakes)
  6. Submitting applications after financial aid deadline (if universities has one)
  7. Not so impressive academic profile
  8. Applying at universities knowing that the chance of aid is close to nil
  9. Don’t meet all admission requirements
  10. Selecting university based on some stranger’s recommendations

Can you think of any other reasons why you are very unlikely to get admission with scholarship?

You might get some sort of financial aid in the first semester or beyond that during the program, but this article talks about receiving I-20 with some form of financial aid.

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  1. Hi HSB,
    I had 7 backlogs during my UG and my CGPA is 7.2/10. Does this nullify my chances of getting aid provided that I have good GRE and TOEFL scores and published research papers. For your information I had wrote a paper for national symposium and I am sure i can publish papers in national level conferences in future.
    Awaiting your reply!!!
    Siva Kumar

  2. Hello sir ,

    My Toefl mscore is 109 and academic percentage is 75 with no backlogs and i dont have GRE can i get the scholarship and can suggest me some good universities…..Am from computers science Engg

  3. Hello sir ,

    My Toefl mscore is 109 and academic percentage is 75 with no backlogs and i dont have GRE can i get the scholarship and can suggest me some good universities…..

  4. Hi,

    I am new to Happy School Blog. Presently I am in Final Year of my B.E.(I.T.) [Mumbai University]. My aggregate % in SSC was 82%, HSC was 81%. and in current course it is 61%(till 3rd year). I haven't started preparing for GRE or any exams; but I am very good in technical part. I have given 10-15 Certified Seminars and Workshops on various technical topics also presented 3 University level Paper Presentations.

    So, what I wanted to know is that when should I give GRE & TOEFL? and I already have Education Loan for my B.E.

  5. hi.

    i m doin 4th year B.tech and i will end up with 65% finishing my B.tech

    m planning to do MS in US.

    is there a way i get scholarship.?

    plz help

  6. @ above posts

    Getting an international paper publishing is not a cakewalk. Its going to be very tough.

    Do you think technical paper presentations or company internships help for the same ??

    1. Hi Muhammad,

      There are different kinds of scholarships. There are scholarships that are determined by academics, extracurricular activities, or both. Moreover, some scholarships are determined with admission, while some are determined after a student has been enrolled in the school/college/university for a while (after at least 1 or 2 semesters). The latter can usually be obtained by submitting applications to specific departments that offer the scholarships in a school/college/university. Keep watch for advertisements and postings about scholarships. They are usually posted in billboards and websites of a school/college/university.

      Jesus bless you,
      Andrie Tanusetiawan
      [email removed]

    2. Factors like work experience, research capabilities in terms of no. of international papers published contribute to chances of getting aid..
      and usually aid will be in the form of assistantship(TA/RA) and not scholarship(atleast for international students)..
      i have rarely heard of international students getting scholarship!..

        1. I have come across so many Indian students who were awarded scholarships…But, many times they were accompanied by TA/RA positions as you stated.

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