Can I Write GRE Without Passport

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Can I write GRE exam with out passport and by using any government ID like ( driving license , pan card etc……)

GRE Registration

If you are located outside USA, passport is mandatory identification document to write GRE Exam. I strong recommend to register for GRE ONLY after you have passport in your hand. Don’t register for GRE and then apply for passport.

You can avoid problems with your name (GRE score report) if you register for GRE after getting passport. Some students register for GRE with a name and apply for passport with different name.  You can find more about common problems faced by students  when there is name mismatch between passport, GRE score report and certificates.


  1. Actually.. My passport have been stucked in my renewal process..and there fore now is it possible to write GRE??

  2. hi, plz tell me what is the overall procedure if i want to do ms from usa or canada.
    I want to know from where to start, when to take gre, apply for passport, select universities etc…?

  3. Please help me out.i have done the same mistake.i have register my GRE exam in Sept month and my passport is not yet ready.what should i do now?Can i rebook my GRE in Oct month or should i cancelled it..Lastly,by mistake in the GRE form my birth date is coming 6/Aug/1987 which i have filled up during registration.Please tell me if i can rectify it.

  4. can i writ e gre exam in malayasia with an indian passport??? because i have work there suddenly

  5. i read somewhere that passport is checked only to verify
    the nationality so we may use a driver's licence or voter's iD
    instead, is that not true??

  6. prometic wont even allow you without passport

    In Instructions it is clearly writtern that all test takers in INDIA, BANGLDADESh and PAKISTAN must PRESENT THEIR VALID PASSPORTS

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