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How to Find US University Giving Scholarship for PhD

In today’s Q&A section, Tia inquires about scholarships, U.S. universities, and how to find the schools that give scholarship for international students.

You gave very good information about aid.
Can you tell me how to know which university is giving how much scholarship?
And if I am applying for PhD in biology, then how shall I find the right university and apply?

Applying for PhD

Applying for a PhD program is not the same as applying for a master’s. In fact, you can find answers to related questions here – I need 5 Universities that give Scholarship for PhD.

I’d like to highlight the same fact again. If you are applying for PhD for the sake of getting aid but at the same time you’re planning to graduate with a master’s degree after 2 years, then please don’t apply for PhD.

To do research, it requires commitment and lots of passion. Usually, all PhD students will get funded by the university or by the supervising professor.

So you have to select the school based on your research interest. If you are not sure about research and the time involved, I suggest that you take time to read and learn from this great article – Life of PhD Students.

University with Scholarship

You are not the only person trying to find definitive answers to the above question. Almost every international student applying to US Colleges is looking for some form of funding (aid, scholarship, fellowship, etc.).

According to the Open Doors study, only 30% of international students receive some form of aid, and 70% of them pay from their savings or from their parents’ money.

Having said that, you have to try to get aid, it’s not given to you as gift. You have to work hard and earn it.

If you have good academic qualifications, a university will give it to you. Usually, most PhD students will get some form of aid along with admission.

If you don’t receive aid after you come to the U.S., you have to impress the deciding professor. After one or two semesters, you can get financial support.

Above all, you need to find U.S. schools that have research areas that interest you. Don’t just go to a school where your friend has said is giving aid to all students.

The satisfaction you get by selecting schools on your own is much better, compared to having some consultant doing the work for you.

So these are the things you will need to do:

  • Read the research article using the above link
  • Decide if you really want to do PhD
  • Search for schools that offer PhD in your research area of interest
  • Apply to the PhD Program
  • Enjoy your research and commit yourself to it
  • Scholarship and funding will come to you.

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  1. my name i ADEJUWON MORUFU ADEOLA,i gruduated from university of lagos and i want to procced for my master either american or canada and i need scholarship,i will be so greateful if i will be given the opportunity .thanks.

  2. Hi am a student from kenya and would really love to go to u.s for further studies but we cannot afford the money to the university,humbly asking for a scholaship-warren bunyali

  3. I am a student of class 10. I am from India. Its my dream to study in USA. I am good in academics but my parents cant afford my studies in US. Looking for scholorship for class11 or after inter. Plz. Help

  4. Hi,i just finished secondary school in nigeria and i need to go abroad to study international law and i need scholarship.what overseas school should i apply

  5. hi, am Dr. lemma from ethiopia. iam looking for USA university that give free scholar ship to make my speciality, please would be glad get that and help many rampant disease we people re suffering from, thanks alot !!

  6. Dear Sir,
    My age is 23, but i want to study abroad.
    Kindly let me know about the admission in undergraduate’s and some affordable universities.
    Thank You.

  7. Hi, I’ve been given an appointment for Visa interview at US Embassy in Nigeria in June 2012, but I’m a little bit confused now, because I wasn’t there where that appointment was booked on my behalf by an expert. My concern is that, is there any information which I need to fill in the application form which the VO might ask me during the interview, Although I gave him my I-20 and International passport?

  8. Hi,I just completed my degree in B.Sc Biochemistry in Nigeria and i desire to have a second degree in medicine and surgery abroad.I will appreciate it so much if u can suggest universities with financial aids for my course of study. Thanks.

  9. i need a scholarship in order to study in good condition and for lack of money, the scholarship is going to help me.

  10. Hi all!here’s my profile,10th grade-77.5%,12th grade-77.1%,bachelor in civil engineering(2.69 out of 4 or 58.5%).My gre score-Ist time-(Q-780+V-450,AWA-2.5),2nd time -(Q-760+V-520,AWA-expecting over-3),Toefl-expecting over 100,I have taken my degree from best university of my country but problem is I’ve backlogs(11), though only three of them are engineering subject N I got good grade when I second time take this subjects. I’ve a work experience of 4 yrs one year are with one international japaneese company.Now,please can anyone suggest me whether I stand any chance for texas austin,texas A & M or clemson university?with or without funding?I wanna pursue master in structure.Can anyone suggest some good university where I can pursue my MS with funding.Any kinda suggestion will be greatly appreciated,thank you,all.

    1. Hey, you gotta know about GRE which means Graduate Record Examination. And if your Toefl score is really good, i mean over 100, you should expect to take a good score on GRE, and then you can find your school and subsidy, generally speaking, there’ll be a good and too many school which can give you scholarship, from wherever and whenever you can apply n it’s called rolling-admission, to wherever u can apply such as Califronia, Massachusets, Texas or whatever state…

  11. I grajuated from Addis Ababa University ,College of Social
    Science,Department of Sociology and Social Anthropology.I am
    eagerly tring to get a university in US which offers free scholar
    ship releated to my field of study. Are you ready to help me achive
    my dream?

  12. I have accomplished B.S.S and M.S.S major in anthropology from a reputed Bangladeshi university.I would like to know details information about Masters program and PhD scholarship in various universities of USA.How can i get it? what conditions apply?

  13. i want to take masters in biomedical me with names of some univ in USA that provides scholarship!!!!!!help!!!!

  14. I wanna know whether this website is true or trying to make money. If its true then prove through some reality facts. You all here are just giving as ideal thought but not practical.

    And if its true tell me about the US universities that gives Master as well as PhD degree in Biotechnology, with aid or without doesn't matter !!

    1. What information displayed in the blog do you think is not practical?
      Trying to Make Money – Are we charging you to read the contents? Are we forcing you to apply to any universities? Are we forcing you to apply for admission to any consulting company? What aspect makes you think we are trying to make money from you?

  15. hi,

    i am a student from bangladesh. i have completed my masters in economics with four years of bachelor degree. now i am taking preparation for GRE. i want to take admission for ph.d in a university in USA with funding. pls suggest me some universities where i can get admission with funding. my cgpa is 3.72 out of 4.00 in honors and 3.70 out of 4.00 in masters. pls help me.

  16. i want to do the p.hd in physial education and sports . frm us university . plz tell tell me which university offer this course and can i get the funding .

  17. I am international student currently doing my Undergrad in US. Now I want to transfer to a good and affordable engineering school(chemical engineering). Can anyone please suggest me some schools that give financial aid to students like me.

  18. hi i have just completed my mba now im looking for further studies from us with some aids that i desprately need so pls tell me about the suitable university that will offer phd program with aids


  19. please i need information about life at New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology.I mean information on funding,living expenses,internship,placement after completion of studies.Thank you


  21. Sir,
    I would also like to know United States under-graduate colleges/universities that provide courses in compter science and where the fee structure is affordable. I heard some thing like community colleges. Will studying there be beneficial. Kindly tell me more on such community colleges?

  22. i have completed my B.E in Electrical engineering and want to do my masters in Electrical engineering in USA.I want to apply for the Jan session and i heard that there is very less assistanceship in Jan session.Is it true?And how can i get assistanceship and how to search universities with assistanceship as very less college mention about the aid.

  23. hi!

    i'm pursuing B.Tech in biotechnology,currently in 3rd year. i wish to know if a B.Tech graduate can apply for Ph.d in US universities. Is there some cut-off that i need to achieve in my GRE score to be eligible to apply for Ph.D? if i can apply for Ph.D, then could you please suggest some good universities that i can look forward to applying, seeking my area of interest?

    i'd be obliged if you could help me.





  25. i am currently pursuing biotechnology,last sem.

    i m totally committed to do Ph.D. but for me it is not possible to do it without any financial aid in US.i dont hav any reserch paper published, so what other things are landmark for getting doctorate.

    i have selected some univ, but i m not getting the way to know about their gre, toefl cutoffs, scholarship and other imp criteria.

    can you give me some suggestions

  26. I want to do graduate study for PhD education in US universities. I found very hard to get admission and call from university and professor. I don't know what they seek from those of indian subcontinent student.Although, I have scored 1180 in GRE general test and 80 in TOEFL, but I am very much reluctant for about success. I try PhD assistantship in my first priority field molecular biology and microbiology. Please make some suggestions and good tips for these

    1. @Pankaj – Can you explain in detail the sentence – I found very hard to get admission and call from university and professor. does that mean you applied and admit was rejected or you still waiting to hear from schools? Also, provide the list of schools you applied.

      1. I mean I have applied to Univ of Wyoming but can't succeed. Now, I am waiting result from southern illinois univ. Actually, I know more about good chances and strategic plans to get admission in some US universities.

        1. I'm bit confused here. You are saying you know more about strategic plans, but at same time you are saying I don’t know what they seek from those of indian subcontinent student. So, I have to assume that your plans are not working?

          1. Excuse me I mean I want to know more about strategic plans and possibilities for me regarding application to get admission with any sort of financial support for PhD education. If possible,please mention some suitable US and canadian Universiites accordingly.

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