Here’s 9 Characteristics of an Above Average Students. #5 is My Favorite.

Idea to write this post came to me after I posted the earlier blog post – New GRE Exam Study Plan – Target Score 1500+

There has to be certain set of traits that differentiates above average student from average and below average students.

Some of you might not agree to the argument I’m going to present here, but that’s my view and I’m expressing it here.

I urge you to have constructive discussion on this topic.

Read the following blog posts before you continue reading this topic

  1. New GRE Exam Study Plan – Target Score 1200
  2. New GRE Exam Study Plan – Target Score 1500+

Did you read both the blog post above? If not, read them and come back here.


Above vs Below Average Traits

Study Plan shared by both readers are drastically different. Just by comparing the 2 study plans, I was able to identify following traits that differentiates Above average vs others (below and average).

  1. Practical Approach towards problem solving
  2. Organized in thinking
  3. Know his weakness and strengths
  4. Sets high targets.
  5. Aware of expectations
  6. Tracks Progress
  7. Open to Suggestions
  8. Willingness to Improve (Perseverance)
  9. Communication Skills

All the above 10 traits are visible with Below Average and Average students.

Extent and intensity of following the 9 traits will be inconsistent and less intense.

Example – How many times, you get motivated by after seeing a movie or certain instances, decide to get a fresh start, then motivation dies down gradually.

Even if an Average student (to my standards) has all 1 to 9 traits, but if they cannot communicate well, they lose the advantage in the real world.

In long run, to be a successful person in life, one should master all the 9 traits.

At any given instance, you will be able to survive, but if you want to go to that next level, you have to go to become Above average student.

Refer to the post How to be an “A” Grade student in “B” grade University.

It’s possible to become an Above Average student, provided your take determined effort to lift your potential.

Questions for you

Are you above average student? If not what can you do to improve your potential?

If this post has inspired you, please leave a comment.

If you have different view on the argument presented (opposing or supporting), let’s have a honest discussion.

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  1. Excellent………..I absolutely agree with the post.
    I believe its the urge from within (to arise and perform) which distinguishes an above average student from an average one.

  2. Can you please clarify what you mean by aware of it from self or others? Is it right todo things with expectations or to sincerely give it your best shot??
    I agree with all who have expressed their views regarding organized thinking and keeping mind stress free, these I feel is the key to achivieng results..

    1. Target Score – 1500
      Current Score – 1000
      1 Week to Go for GRE.
      If you are aware of your expectations, you should be in reality expect to score around 1000. But, you will be dreaming and hoping on the day of the exam, by miracle you can score 1500.

  3. As someone rightfully pointed out, “no procrastination”. And engineering students are known for their lack of initiative (I am one and have seen it around me). And as you mentioned, “perseverance”, I would rather frame it as “fire in the belly”. Someone was once kind enough to tell me that if you have a fire in the belly for something, you can go great lengths (and that has worked mostly for me).
    Another very important thing I would like to mention is “networking”. In this day and age, that’s a key factor, but you really have to know how to interact with people.

  4. The traits listed above are correct and are at the same time inspiring because any serious student would want to apply some after going through them.Thanks for this great contribution towards academic excellence.

  5. Keys for success for an above average student may be:
    1. Setting your targets high but also knowing how to get there
    2. Ability to deal with stress
    3. No procrastination, (as most intelligent students fall prey to procrastination, mostly because they set their targets high, and it becomes a big stress and burden for them)
    4. having the initiative to do any thing, no matter how big the assignment, that comes their way (this develops once one is used to taking big and demanding projects in life, even normal daily life routine things like going on hiking, doing all the house chores for one day per week etc.)

    Also one cannot be organized in thinking unless one is used to seeing projects to completion and in time. This automatically develops when one is in a responsible position, whether in office, or home, and fulfills one’s responsibility well, and instead of complaining finds new ways to solve the problems.

  6. All these traits may make you an above average student, but that does not necessarily mean, that you are all set for success.
    Even an above average student may fall for psychological pressure, as in most of the online testing sites you will notice most students’ progress average scores goes down, in first week, then after staying down, for about a month, it starts increasing a little bit, (may increase less than the initial value).
    then again if we gain a good average, the average starts going down, three to four days near the exams, and with each powerprep test, the scores lower, not beacause of lack of study skill but because of stress and anxiety, magnifying smaller mistakes into big ones and loosing confidence.
    A stressed mind cannot solve problems as it no longer remains open to options that a relaxed mind may recognize.
    Time stress during and exam also makes one loose more time than an average student, who appears relaxed. 

    1. totally agree! I have suffered this during my TOEFL. The section I was scoring a 28-29, I tried for 30 and ended up in 24. The small mistakes were magnified and I became overly conscious with them and started doubting my own self every now and then..

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