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F1 Visa Interview Experiences

F1 Visa Interview Hyderabad 2017 – Shortest and Weirdest

You must be wondering why do I have a picture of a car for a blog post about  F1 Visa Interview Experience in Hyderabad 2017. Trust me, there’s a very good reason.

Over the years I have covered several F1 Visa interviews, this one is really different and I have seen others like: Shortest F1 Interview  and F1 Visa with Application to Just One University.

I think Sri’s F1 Visa interview would fit into following categories – Shortest and Weirdest.

Hey Raghu, long time follower of your blog here. I cannot thank you enough, as your F1 VISA questions list helped me a lot in preparing for my interview (though it ended in a different way).

It’s my third month in New jersey, and its an absolute joy here. I’m literally having the best times of my life. I’m also interested in the Skype interview stuff that you do with some students, so let me know if you’re down for it!

I wanted to share my F1 Visa interview experiences like everyone, and throw in my 2 cents about USA VISA interview in general, so I’m writing all of this to you. Here goes nothing!

F1 Visa Experience – Hyderabad – 2017

  • Slot: morning 9.30
  • University and major: Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey, Industrial and Systems Engineering
  • Consulate: Hyderabad
  • Status: Approved

Reached the consulate by 8.45, somehow they let us inside. I waited for a bit, then came the fingerprint part, again waited a bit after getting done with that part. I was assigned counter 13, VO was an American guy who looked like an Italian to be honest.

He rejected a whole family’s visitor visa, I don’t mean to sound judgmental here but the father’s answers were a bit ridiculous, even the VO was hardly controlling his laughter and I hid my face behind my file and had a chuckle.

Then he gave 221g to a Biochemical PhD candidate before me, asked me to come and here goes the interview:

VO: Hey
Me: Hey
VO: So, Rutgers university, does your family own a car?
Me: Yes we do, want me to go into the specs?
VO: No it’s fine, alright I’m approving your visa, have a nice stay in the US.
Me: *inside: what the* thank you very much, have a good day!

And I walked out of the consulate. Done. No financials, no immigration question, nothing. One question, it was over.

It took me a while to come to terms with it, days of prep only to end with one question. I was happy nonetheless, but I was caught off guard just because it came in a different package.

For people wondering if this is fake, I’d not have disclosed this to Raghu and stir up a hornet’s nest given the current situation, I mean the fame ain’t worth it, and I won’t get any award for fabricating all of this.

Tips to Prepare for F1 Visa Interview

Moving on, my advice to future aspirants, and whoever needs it in general. Please note that this is what I believed in and it reflected in my face and my body language, so you can take it any way that suits you:

A VISA interview is like solving a jigsaw puzzle, you just need the right kind of piece for putting in the right place to complete it. So take as many pieces as possible with you, and PUT THE RIGHT PIECE IN THE RIGHT PLACE. That means have as many answers as possible, understand the question and answer appropriately.

No apple polishing, no persuasive attempts. The VO isn’t your gf/bf’s parents so you shouldn’t be trying to impress him/her (some people might disagree with this, but when your answers do not back up your charisma, its gonna end up bad).

Open your mouth once per question, and open it right. #F1VisaInterview

One single answer, boom. And its okay if you talk a bit slower than the normal pace since that’s how Americans speak and are used to hearing, but don’t just speak at a recital phase and raise unwanted suspicions.

Did I mention no fake stuff? Yeah, that too.

Finally, just because my interview went that way, doesn’t mean yours will. Aim for the best, expect and be prepared for the worst. All the best everyone!

Comment from Raghu about Sri’s F1 Visa Interview Experience

The moment you have this sort of understanding in life similar to what you have described, things will fall in place. I don’t think you can write it any better than the jigsaw puzzle comparison.

I worked with complex F1 Visa Interview situations and have worked with students who I knew deep down that they are not going to get F1 Visa approval.

Some students fall into a category, where they have the potential and with proper guidance, they were able to get F1 Visa after rejections.

Some students appearing for F1 visa have unrealistic expectations, when they don’t have the skills and ability to understand what’s required of them, how to answer and maturity to process the information, they fail in the students visa interview.

I can’t stress the importance of preparation in the F1 Visa Interview.  Reading other F1 Visa interview experience without processing them or knowing how to process them is nothing but slippery slope.

I: How are you preparing for F1 Visa Interview?

They: Oh, I’m reading 100’s for F1 Visa Interview experience

I: Super Cool. Tell me why you want to study in this university?

They: “It matches my interest, It’s Ranked X in XYZ News, Professors are Super Cool”

And there are people who would argue that it’s the Worlds Best Answer. Why does the answers look the same? That’s what they are reading. So, now that’s one piece of jig jaw puzzle. When other pieces don’t align, then you would see F1 Visa Rejection.

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  1. I don’t have any GRE score but have 6 in ielts I have my interview 1st July, will you give me some advice I have sufficient money traveling history Singapore Nepal nd also graduation without backlogs nd got admitted in two universities going for Westcliff university, will you give Mr some guidance please?

  2. Hi raghu ,
    Hope your doing great for visa viewers . thats why I need some suggestions regarding visa interview. Becoz I have a visa interview on October . but iamn’t thorough in this. Give me some advice how to answer and how to prepare for visa . and suggest me is there any coaching center for visa near Hyderabad .

  3. Hello, I have been rejected once on 214b meanwhiles I was not asked by the visa interviewer to show my bank statement and families ties he just asked how many schools I applied to? and I said 4 he flipped my passport which is empty asked if I have traveled before and I said NO looked on my i20 and said we are sorry sir and he gave me the 214b just like that and because it was my first time I didnt know ask anything like why 214b because I have a good statement from my dad savings. I want to join your visa rejection review but I can’t so if you could please help me because I have to re-apply and go to school this august.
    Thank You.

  4. There are a lot of reasons for your successful F1 visa interview
    1) Most students who apply for university, which are costlier than the average universities get their visa in real time..
    REASON– You spent a lot of money in USA which obvious helps the US economy

    2) You had a very good financial statement to impress the visa officer.

    3) Your previous visa (B’s) helped you.

    4) You got lucky. 😀

    5) You impressed the visa officer
    and many more….

    1. I have been rejected my visa for a very strange questionnaire,
      Visa officer asked me question out of my syllabus and I honestly said I have never encountered it before , He gave me 214B

  5. Hi Raghu,

    Hope you must be doing good.

    I have been admitted to University of Arizona- Tucson, MS Agriculture Resource Economics (Applied Econometrics & Data Analytics) Fall 2017. Two previous attempt rejected in 2016 for Saint Joseph University, MS Business Analytics. In my first attempt I declared my school funding coming from my cousin based in Dubai (at this time my family didn’t had funds in liquid form) In second interview I declared in DS160 that my funding is from my father but was not asked anything on funding during interview but just limited to question why Saint Joseph University over Depaul University ( I answered because of good blend of technical and management curriculum at SJU – a vague and incomplete Answer)

    This time for Fall 2017 I have taken education loan of INR 27,56,000/- plus savings. Co-sponsor my wife, Government Employee, Officer at India Oil Corporation Limited. Prepared affidavit. Kindly advise, is my profile strong if my wife is sponsoring me whereas in general, application is most strengthen if funding comes from parents (local ties).

    Chemical Engineer
    5 year work-ex in Agriculture crops farming and trading in India & Tanzania.

    1. Hello Rajat, I sent you an email with link for F1 Visa Coaching. Info you have given here is not good enough to give a suggestion that would get approval during 3rd time.

  6. I had a similar interview at New Delhi Consulate.

    Officer: Which university?
    Me: Gave the name of the university.
    Officer: I see that you already have a B1/B2 visa. So you’ve been to the US before to have fun?
    Me: Yes.
    Officer: Alright, your visa is approved. Have a nice day!

    So now I hold both B1/B2 (10 year) and a F-1 visa (5 year) in my passport.

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