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Average GMAT Scores for Universities

Average GMAT Scores for Universities of admitted students or minimum GMAT scores required for admission from particular university will help prospective students streamline their preparation based on the target universities.

For instance Average GMAT Scores for Class for 2011 in Yale University is 714 and 80% of GMAT score range is 660 to 760. If  Yale is your target university, then plan to get over 700 in GMAT.

Average GMAT Scores

Lets looks at Average GMAT Scores for several universities in USA required for admission (or admitted students)

  • Yale University – 714 (2011)
  • North Western University Kellogg- 713 (2010)
  • Baruch College – 510 to 710
  • University of California Berkley – Fall 2010 718, and 80% of the class scored between 680 and 760.
  • Georgetown University – Class of 2010 was 678.  Mid-80 percent range was 640 to 730.
  • Carnegie Mellon – The average GMAT score for last year  690, most successful applicants scoring 600+
  • Wharton – Median GMAT score for recent entering classes is approximately 720

More Average GMAT Scores will be added to above list. If you want Average GMAT Test scores for any particular university, post the university names in comments below.

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  1. Hi,
    I have currently finished my mechanical engineering. My GMAT score is 480, May I know the top universities which accept this score.

    1. balaji,

      No top school accepts a 480, especially with no work experience. In fact, I highly doubt any tier 2,3, or 4 schools will accept that score. Take the exam again. You will need a 650+ to even start thinking about a “top school” and a 550 to look at respectable schools.

  2. hi,

    I would like to know the average GMAT score required to get into University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee!

    thanks for the help,



  3. Hi HSB,
    can u pls tell me the recent Average GMAT score (PhD) for Purdue University, Indiana?

    & is it possible to get Average GMAT score for a particular department/subject/ discipline?

    Yeasir Arafat Shurid
    University of Dhaka
    Dhaka, Bangladesh

  4. Please tell me avg gmat scores of the following Universites

    University of Washington, seattle
    Seattle University, seattle

  5. Hi

    I want the average GMAT score of these universities:

    1)Pace University (Lubin School)

    2)NewYork Institute of Technology

    3)Newjersey Institute of Technology

    4)Stevens Institute of Technology

    Thank You

    Best Wishes

  6. Hello HSB. I need to know average GMAT scores for french universities like Essec , Edhec , EMLYON , HEC. Thank you

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