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Shared in comments section by Chitran Jha

Yesterday, my US visa was rejected along with my wife under 214(b).

I was going to the US for a buyer-seller meet where I was supposed to display my articles. This was organized by the US market cosul along with Council of Leather exports which is a Govt. of India apex body.

We had the relevant docs but the interviewer didn’t ask for it once she heard by salary was less.

Actually, I am a part of my family business which I have joined some time back and have not yet become the partner. I applied as the CEO and showed a salary of 40,000 INR/month. This is due to the nature of business and turnover and profit we could not show any more.

She asked : Why are you going to the US?”
I told :”Council of Leather Exports which is an apex body of the Govt. of India is organizing a Buyer seller meet in association with the Marketing Consul of US and we were going to display our articles there as we have booked a stall.”

She asked me where in US we were going to which I told NY.
She again asked me why we were going to the US and I told the same thing.

Then she asked my wife just 2 questions.

US consul: “Why did you go to Japan?”
Wife:”on vacation with parents.”

US Consul: “Your husband did not go?”
Wife:”No, we were not married then. It was some years ago.”

She asked me ” Do you both only stay together?”
I said “No, we live with my parents.”

Then she asked us if we have kids to which we answered negatively. Then she again turned to me and asked my salary.

I told her : “40,000 per month along with a new car and my fuel cost and my mobile and telecom bills are borne by my company”, but after the 40,000 bit she simply started typing and was not interested with the rest.

Then she typed something and told us to give fingerprints and returned our passport stating that she did not find we have enough ties here.

Do you think it was rejected as my salary shown was too low?

Now within the next month, I am supposed to become the partner of my family business.

I will be the 50% partner of the firm. The turnover of my company is not huge, but around 10 crores per year.

Now if I apply the next time with this updated fact as I will have the deeds and the balance sheet, which are correct do I have a chance of getting a visa. I will apply maybe after quite some time, and not immediately.

As for my wife, she was not asked anything at all, except why she had been to Japan to which she answered that it was for leisure with parents before we were married. She works with Wipro and earns around 73000 per month.

Will she face problem next time she goes for the interview as her visa has been rejected once? Or should she apply for a tourist visa separately the next time? Or should she accompany me as I can then show that I have a business here in which I have half the stake and I would come back. Please help me understand if all this will help.


  1. Pavan on September 21, 2012 at 1:37 PM

    I think as a CEO 40K was not the right answer.

  2. sam on September 10, 2012 at 3:30 PM

    since you are always planning to come back, why didn’t show good turnover/profit in business, they have nothing to do with indian IT department, so you dont have to worry. since you have gone through the process once, it is going to be very difficult to get visa this same financial year, you missed your opportunity for not clearly saying things in interview. you should have visite this blog earlier or asked some friends for help who had previous experience/ or in US. all the best.

  3. Amod on September 7, 2012 at 11:29 AM

    Another thing. when they ask you how much is the monthly income, just say the total income of the house and have your IT returns to back that claim. In this case, you should have told him that your total income for a month was 73k + 40 k + whatever comes from the business. You should have also mentioned a little bit about your business.

    The finance question is of utmost importance during the visa interview so give as much information as you can. Frankly in my opinion had you mentioned all this, you would have got your visa.

    Anyway better luck next time.

  4. Akshay001 on September 7, 2012 at 10:35 AM

    I think its Salary, your one month salary cannot buy even one-way ticket to US dude! I think its MAIN reason.
    Experts here will answer your question more precisely.

  5. munna on September 7, 2012 at 9:40 AM

    Well for B1/B2 visas, ties to the home country should be strong. Do you have physical office in india, past experience of holding shops/exhibitions in other places like Dubai, Europe etc., tax/audit documents of your company with your participation?. It seems it is not even your business, it is your family/relatives business and everything is in future tense, you will become partner, you will become CEO, you will earn 10 crores. He was not satisfied with your credibility-he thinks that you are potential immigrant. Many people use fraudulent documents from family companies. Add to that you are taking your wife software engineer with you and they fear she will apply to some consultancy for H-1B after reaching there and apply for change of status. instead of together, you should have tried for visa alone first.
    They are strict with B1/B2, show some credibility/strong ties to home country (India) otherwise next time also your visa will be rejected.

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