best ap united states history books

Here  are the Best AP United States History Books for Advanced Placement Exam.

United States History AP Courses was taken by more number of  high school student compared to any other AP Exams. 

  • AP U.S. History exam was taken by 387,416 times in 2010.

There are several books available to prepare for United States AP Exam. Here is top 3 APUSH books.

Let’s look Best AP United States History Books

Best AP United States History Books

Several APUSH test takers have recommended to buy both AMSCO and REA. But, majority of them have used both the books to get 5 and 800 in SAT2.

AP US History – AMSCO Book Review

(AMSCO) US History: Preparing for AP Exam incredible. It’s disappointing that this book is hard to find and buy because it’s so much better than the other review books. A lot of people say REA is the best, but that’s just because they haven’t seen this one.

First of all, this book is organized incredibly well. Everything flowed into the next section nicely, but you could also skip around easily if you had weaker areas that you needed to review before the test.

REA AP US History Crash Course

I read this whole Crash Course for the APUSH test and I got a 5 on APUSH test.

This book, I swear, has most definitely earned me a 5 on the 2009 APUSH test.
I personally was probably one of the hardest studiers in my APUSH class (ours wasn’t taught well at all), and thus, I developed my own way of taking notes and such. Turns out, I never looked at those notes again seeing as I’m one of those types of people that outline EVERYTHING.

This book definitely prepared me very well for the test and I would recommend it to anyone that needs something to review the material. I never even took the practice tests, because I didn’t have the time and that was still enough, so an Crash Course for the APUSH test.



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