7 Best SAT Vocabulary Books

Continuing the series of  best books for SAT test prep, today we are going to review 7 top SAT Vocabulary books.

Building vocabulary is not an easy process and improving them just for the purpose of taking SAT test is very tough, but with use the books and words remembering strategies, it should be easy to memorize high frequency SAT words.

Best SAT Vocabulary Books

  1. Direct Hits Core Vocabulary of the SAT: Volume 1 2011
  2. Direct Hits Toughest Vocabulary of the SAT: Volume 2 2011
  3. Hot Words for the SAT – Barrons
  4. Barron’s SAT Flash Cards
  5. Vocabulary Cartoons: SAT Word Power
  6. Vocabulary Cartoons II: SAT Word Power
  7. The RocketReview Revolution: The Ultimate Guide to the New SAT

Pretty much every SAT test takers who used Direct Hits Volume 1 and 2 and have seen many words appear in actual SAT tests.

Direct Hits books do not include many words, but they are very well-chosen and accompanied by interesting tips to help you remember and memorize the words.

Everyone who takes the SAT should know the words in these books.

How to Remember Words?

To help with remembering words, you can always use SAT flashcards.

Barron’s have an excellent SAT vocabulary flash cards.

Create a study plan, buy the best sat vocab books and start your preparation to get high score.

If there are set of words, that you have hard time remembering, then follow this technique.

Take that set of cards with tough words with you.

Associate the words with things that you see around when you are revising the words. Things that are unique can be related to specific words.

By associating with unique events, remembering words become easy.

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