GRE Score – 890 to 1450 in 12 Days with Borrowed Laptop

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Apurv shared his Magic Formula to Score 1410 in GRE in 30 Days. Following experience by Shree will touch your mind and heart.

I took my GRE on 3rd June and my previous GRE score is 890 (580Q+310V). Since my GPA is very low I decided to take my GRE again and  I got 1450(800Q+650V).

This is possible by everyone, I am saying because, me being a Tamil medium (Tamil Nadu State)  student and having no computers I had done it.

I know that my grammar and vocab are really worst but my advice is basically for the Tamil medium students that please don’t leave your mind.

My preparation is only 12 days .

GRE Study Materials

  1. Power prep (ETS)
  2. Kaplan book
  3. Barrons GRE book

Top GRE Test Prep books and Reviews

GRE Prep Steps

  1. First start with barrons test 1 and Kaplan test 1 given in CD and note the marks u are getting in the first test
  2. Now find ur greater mistakes and concentrate first in those groups by starting first in Barrons and then Kaplan and then have a power prep practice test those 3 test given for each heading.
  3. Learn the root words and group word s given in Kaplan
  4. Learn all the grammar tactics given in Kaplan
  5. Take a full length practice test given in Kaplan book for both quant’s and verbal
  6. Learn how to write a issue and argument for examples read given in Kaplan.
  7. For Quant’s both Kaplan practice test and barons test is enough
  8. Last 1 week have the power prep software and practice test given and make possible to finish all the test before the test
  9. CAT -2 test given in power prep is very important such that u should have the test the last night before the exam. This gives u a clear idea of what marks u are going to get in GRE.

No one is less qualified than others if one have a mind to finish we can finish.

If poor guys don’t have the computer u pl ask the college professor their laptop to lend for 10 days and practice for this we should have a good relationship with the faculty.

Actually I borrowed a laptop for 10 days for about 30 Rupees per day. Pl don’t mistake me for my grammar and vague writing.


  1. congrates shree…..
    really u did the great job .hats off to u . am gng to take my gre in the month of september . will u plz guide me to get good score like u and am a science student . i need ur mail id plz

  2. Most inspirational blog on HSB.A huge warm wishes for your future dear shree.really u did a commendable job within 12 days.i m speechless………..
    all the best & 1 more thing i like to mention here u told u took a borrowed lappy for some days forGRE prep.i appreciate your attitude towards life that talented person can get success in worst conditions as well without any resources & u proved it.coz u deserve.i am hugely inspired from your blog.actually my GRE on 1st july 2011,i was so depressed & worried what will happen coz my power prep score 1030(350-v,680-q)i thought what i do in 15 days,but after reading your blog i get motivated & planning acc. to your schedule.dear shree plz do 1 favor if u have time.i am a agricultural student,also have same problem like u coz a student from village always have weak vocab.My subject required average GRE 1200.verbal should be more than 400.plz guide me to score 450-500 in verbal,700-750 in quant within 15 days.plz help shree……….i need your email id as well.plz dont ignore my message coz i bliv u will help me & i have a great expectation of students like u.

  3. Thank’s to HSB for them to encourage me by providing free consultation for University Selection. How can i contact you, any phone number?
    1.My sincere thanks to all people for their comment’s.
    2.My thank’s to shivang for his comment . He is true.
    But in my case it is not a child play.
    3.My thank’s to Vignesh Ravi.
    4.My wishes to gowda and thank’s to “P” for his comment I will learn all the techniques.
    My original name is shree vignesh.

  4. Congrats Shree and KUDOS HSB for the assistance you have led to him.

  5. Hi HSB,
    Do you provide free consultation for University Selection, SOP Review, F1 Visa Guide + Access to University Piceker Ebook for free to ALL OF YOUR BLOG MEMBERS?

    1. I have only 24hrs per day with 400,000 students visiting per month and a family to feed 🙂

  6. I am not convinced and would rather caution against guys here drawing an analogy. Nevertheless, I would extent my congratulation to Shree for the results, I am certainly spectacle of reproducibility of such result in most cases. My view is that overestimating this exam is a bad idea. I would avoid any complacency considering an analogy that so an so could do it with so little, so it must be easy.

  7. kudos shree… that was exceptional.. congrats 🙂 my hearty wishes for ur future… 🙂

  8. Shree’s achievement is a testimony to d fact that when a man is determined to succeed, nothing can stop him. What this portrays is that u must essentially say “I can” before u can experience “I win”. A big congrats Shree!

  9. Hello HSB.

    What we have read above is inspiring and heart-touching. Its the perfect example of hard-work and determination. This guy definitely deserves a salute. Its very kind of you to extend him a helping hand. Do consider me for any kind of assistance required.

  10. Awesome… exactly 12 days left for my GRE .. hope this works for me too…

      1. When are you planning to take the adm and which univ r u going to select at the end of the test?

  11. Awesome story. You are gonna find success all the way if you keep up this confidence and hard work. I used to prepare for GRE during my night shifts for about a month and manage my work too. Though I ended up getting just 1010, i realized something which would have boosted my score above 1200 at the least. Its Time Management. It doesn’t matter how good you are in vocabulary or math, if you don’t know to manage your time well, you are screwed. Quants was the first section in mine and I ended up wasting too much time on one tough question which spoiled my weekend. Otherwise it would have been a big bash.

    Strong determination, Hard work and Time Management are the life saviors.
    Well done Shree. This will inspire people a lot.

    I’m doing my Masters in RIT. Do contact me if you need any help on your admissions. ATB!

    1. hi.
      i ll be giving gre in 20 days. i want to know how is the research aspect of RIT in electrical engineering and the funding scenario. how about the placements…

  12. hats off to you man!! kudos!!! determination and good will always pays!! keep up the good work 🙂

  13. well what can i say……. i have no words to express…………..wish u all the best for a bright future

  14. Good job Shree.
    But you know what, I think you have just studies all of the material in 10 days, some study it in 1 month or some more;
    the point is you have to study, learn it, learn the techniques.

  15. wow! thats great.I am inspired from this article. i am also from kannada medium.I am still 4th sem ece.Now I got confidence that i can also do well in gre.

  16. Thanks a lot Shree for sharing your views.
    And it’s very nice of you HSB as your providing free consultation.
    It really motivated me.
    Good luck Shree for your future .
    God bless you!

    1. what crap is this . Its like Gre is child’s play , anyone can just come and score above 1400. why would he has stated 12 days , he would have said he just woke up , went to center gave gre nd scored 1450 . They can’t expect us to believe everything they say.

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