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Q&A: Can I Apply in March; University Deadline is in July?

Dhrubo Asks:

Hi, how are you doing? I will be applying for fall ’09 for MC in CS. The universities I will apply at have deadline of june or july, so can you please tell me weather there shud be any problem if I send my packets at the end of feb or beginning of march (as I have a backlog whose result will be out in Feb 1st week,so can apply before)?

University Deadlines

Majority of U.S. colleges and universities have 2 deadlines. There’s the early deadline for considering students for financial aid and there’s the regular deadline.

If the regular deadline is in June, the early deadline should be some time in November to December of the previous year.

Also, each department might have different deadlines than what the graduate school has. So make sure you check both the department and graduate school deadlines, if they’re the same or not.

Applying early is always better in all cases. It saves you time and allows you to know the results much faster, if the schools have rolling admission.

Applying Early?

It’s always better to submit application documents as early as possible. This provides enough time for you to prepare and complete all the required documents.

This also gives ample time for the school to process your I-20 and prevent the hassle of last-minute processing.

And because the computer science department might require additional requirements than those required by the graduate school, some documents must be sent directly to the department and some to the graduate school.

But this varies from school to school. Make sure you read all the admission requirements and send all the documents on time. Sending incomplete documents will delay your admission process.

For example, if you miss one letter of recommendation and just send it 3 weeks later will delay or complicate the entire thing even if you sent the other docs earlier.

The graduate school must first get your LOR to properly file your application. Then it will forward your late docs to the concerned department.

They have to find your file first and insert the LOR. If they misplace one LOR, then the department will inform the graduate school for missing documents, and then inform you about it.

So, in order to avoid all the confusions and unnecessary delays, send all the documents together on time.

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  1. Can oneapply for admission with Higher National Diploma,HND as undergraduate to any university inUS being a non-us? Additional qualification include GRE Score -1550.

  2. Hi friend.. Pls do help me.. My gre score is 1080 (Quans-730 and Verbal- 350). I have 80% in BE and i planned to take toefl by the end of Nov 2009. My 10th and 12th marks are above 90%. I would like to apply for US Universities to take up my graduate degree in MS. I would like to apply for fall 2010. Can i apply by third week of Jan 2010. Can i get admissions at least in an average university? Also suggest me with a list of universities for which i can apply considering my gre score? I will be thankful to you if you can mail me.. Expecting your reply..

  3. Hi HSB,

    Its great blog, really there is lot of help. Thanks

    One more doubt about the application process.

    Lets say that Application deadline is in April and for considering for financial aid deadline ends in Feb (just an example). Now that I am awaiting my M.Tech last project viva, I have no idea when my viva will be scheduled (depends on external examiner), So I have to wait for those results because it will boost my Percentage significantly. But deadlines are fast approaching for application with financial Aid, now do you think its better to apply for university by paying application fee ( now in december)and then send all my documents in feb after I get the results in January.

    1. Do they still consider for financial aid as I have already paid application fee within specified deadline for financial aid?

    2. Will they consider expected percentage in application as I don't have final sem results. I can mention M.Tech 3 semester results but I don't want because final sem marks will increase my percentage?


    Ajay R

  4. Hi

    I will be applying for MS in March. Do you think there is any way that I can get the financial aid now as m already late?

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