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8 Best LSAT Test Prep Books 2013

Looking for Best LSAT Prep Books for 2013?

LSAT test have changed over time. So, start your LSAT preparation by buying the best LSAT test prep books for 2013. Start with LSAT Actual tests from past test editions.

LSAT Test Prep Tip  –  You want to take older tests before you take newer tests because the newer tests are harder.

Learn the fundamentals on the old tests so you don’t “waste” the newer ones until you’re ready to take them.

Best LSAT Prep Books 2013

Official LSAT Books

  1. 10 New Actual LSAT PrepTests w/Comparative Reading [52 to 61]
  2. Next 10 Actual, Official LSAT PrepTests (Lsat Series) [29-38]
  3. 10 More Actual, Official LSAT PrepTests (Lsat Series) [19-28]
  4. 10 Actual, Official LSAT PrepTests [7,9-16,18]
  5. Official LSAT  Super Prep

Power Score LSAT Books :  Best Sellers

  1. LSAT Reading Comprehension Bible
  2. The PowerScore LSAT Logic Games Bible
  3. LSAT Logical Reasoning Bible: Reasoning Section of the LSAT

Other Best LSAt Books

  1. Kaplan LSAT Premier  with 6 Practice Test
  2. Getting To Maybe: How to Excel on Law School Exams

10 New Actual LSAT Prep Tests

Review from Amazon.

10 New Actual LSAT PrepTests w/Comparative Reading is a great book. But don’t start here. Because this book has 10 very recent official LSATs, you want to take all these tests timed before you take the official test, but not before you take some older tests first.

For example, I’d suggest getting Next 10 Actual, Official LSAT PrepTest , which has PrepT ests 29-38, and take those. Also, get the individual PrepTests 39-51.

10 More Actual LSAT Test Prep

LSAT Superprep

  • The Official LSAT SuperPrep book actual tests from Feb – 1996, Feb-1999 and Feb-2000.
  • Includes complete explanations of each exam.
  • Usually test makers don’t publish books that contain answer explanations.
  • If they do have such book, then its MUST Buy.

LSAT Logical Games Bible

  • Review -PowerScore’s methods has reduced my time per game from 13 minutes to 8.
  • Provides clear suggestions and best way to create diagram for any games
  • The PowerScore LSAT Logic Games Bible

LSAT Logical Reasoning Bible

LSAT Logical Reading Comprehension Bible

  • Amazon  Review – If you’re already scoring decently on Reading Comprehension, this book will repeat much of what you already know. It won’t do much to help you get those last few questions.  If you’re struggling on Reading Comprehension, this book will make this section much more manageable.
  • LSAT Reading Comprehension Bible

Best LSAT Prep Book 2013?

So, which is the best LSAT book and how many to buy?

  • Buy 2 Actual Books (10 New and 10 More)
  • Buy SuperPrep
  • Buy all3 bibles if you have to improve your scores in 3 section

Also, don’t forget to download the free LSAT test prep study materials from LSAC website.

In addition to LSAT test prep books, there are several LSAT test prep courses (instructors lead) and online LSAT prep courses. Based on your test prep style, you have to decide the right course of study plan.

LSAT test questions fall under 20 different question types, but there are 1000’s of LSAT  practice questions. Key to higher test score is practice and attacking the weak areas.

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