Travelling to US on F1 Student Visa – List of Documents to Carry

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Question from Rajarshi

For students from India, who will be pursuing higher education abroad ( be it any country ), do you suggest that we travel with all our previous academic documents ( school and bachelors degree mark sheets and certificates )?

Will it be wise to do so so that they can be offered instantly if asked by any academic departments later on?

Do the employers who come via career service ( here again the discussion is not restricted to USA ) demand the student’s previous academic documents?

There are many incidents of burglaries in student halls and one must decide before traveling whether he or she should leave the documents back home or not.

List of Documents for Students

Lets dive the documents into 2 categories

  • Required Documents
  • Other Documents

Mandatory Documents

  • I-20
  • Passport
  • Admission Letter
  • Flight ticket printout

Other Documents

  • Academic Documents
    • Degree certificate
    • Course completion certificate
    • Provisional
    • Original Mark sheets
  • I-20’s from other universities.
  • Extra copies
    • Recommendation letter
    • university transcripts
  • Any other documents, like certifications, paper presentation reports, ..

How to Take care of your documents

  • Carry all the documents in with you in the carry on baggage (one you take with you)
  • Leave copies of your documents at home ( passport, USA Visa, I-20, transcripts, passport size photos,..)
  • Don’t laminate  your I-20
  • Don’t pack the documents in the bigger suit case that you will check-in. If the checked-in bags is lost, you will lose the documents.
  • Leave couple of  signed papers (empty) with your parents, if in case they want your signature for Bank or other needs.

At some universities, you will be asked to show the original Mark Sheets after completing orientation.

Extra copies of Recommendation letters and transcripts (signed and sealed) will be required of you want to apply for new set of schools.

It will be huge hassle for you to get recommendation letters from India while you are in USA. So, get few extra copies before you leave India.

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