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Flowchart – Masters Degree Timeline and Milestone

Before selecting a university to attend in USA, you need to know the Masters degree timeline.

When you make a degree plan flowchart for all the schools, you can compare the degree plan visually.

Following flowchart from Texas Tech University gives an overview about Masters degree Milestone and Timeline.

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Masters Degree Milestone Flowchart 2


Masters Degree Milestone Flowchart

Masters Degree Milestone in Words

Sequential Process:

  • Be accepted into MS Program (IE  or SYEM)
  • Begin graduate course work (non resident alien must go to the Office of International Affairs before the term begins to get important information about registration, University ID
  • account, etc.)
  • Select Thesis Topic and minor area (if applicable) for thesis major; non thesis major do not need to complete this task.
  • Select Thesis Chair
  • Select course work for each semester (this must be approved by the Graduate Advisor)
  • If non resident alien, must request the release of hold from Office of International Affairs
  • Submit preliminary plan of study to Graduate School (must have the graduate advisor signature + minor area advisor signature, if required)
  • Select Committee Members and get sign off by selected Committee Members on plan of study (Thesis option only)
  • Complete core course requirements
  • Schedule MS Exam (start and end dates) with the Graduate Advisor (Non Thesis option only)
  • Successfully defend
    • MS Exam (Non thesis option)
    • Proposal defense (Thesis option)
  • Work on Thesis (Thesis option)
  • Schedule Final Defense of MS thesis with Committee Chair and Members
  • Submit intent to graduation to Graduate School on the final semester (term)
  •  Hand in final draft of Thesis to Committee Members 2 weeks prior to Final Defense
  • Successfully defend Final MS Thesis
    • Get Committee members signatures
    • Generate proper documents for Graduate School
  • Complete changes required by Committee to get the final document for MS Thesis
  • Obtain Committee Chair sign off on final corrections to Thesis (Thesis option only)
  • Turn in final MS Thesis document to Graduate School
  • Commencement Exercise (graduation)

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