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Is Online College Degree Right for Me?

The term online college degrees refers to college degrees that can be earned by studying, taking courses through Internet. Its not required to attend colleges and visit campus. Improvements in technology and the increasing use of the Internet worldwide have led to a rapid growth of online colleges.

Bachelors, Masters, PhD degrees can be obtained via Online Education. Many students prefer online college degrees, because it is convenient and works around one schedule. But, is online degree right for you?

Online College Degrees

If you are used to traditional settings of attending classes, talking to professors, interacting with other students, online degree might not work for everyone.

You have to find out answers to following questions, to determine if online degree is right for you.

  1. Do you prefer face to face contact with your professors or lecturer and other students?
    1. Not very important
    2. Somewhat important
    3. Very Important
  2. Would you be comfortable in taking, listening classes, discussing courses with other students online?
    1. I am already comfortable, as I correspond online with colleagues, friends, and family.
    2. I am not comfortable with the idea of discussing topics with students I never meet or see
  3. Do you have self-discipline to allocate few hours per week?
  4. How is your day to day schedule?
    • Predictable: I can plan in advance for coursework.
    • Generally predictable: Sometimes last-minute meetings might come up.
    • Unpredictable:  I cannot set aside time for online coursework.
  5. How do you complete home works?
    • Figure out instructions by myself
    • Will try to find details, if not I will ask for help
    • I usually ask for help before starting assignments.

Online College Degree Worth : Time and Cost

Online degree will be right for you if you have selected the following answers

  1. Not Very Important
  2. I am already comfortable, as I correspond online with colleagues, friends, and family.
  3. Yes, I have self-discipline to study online.
  4. Generally Predictable to Predictable
  5. Will try to find details then ask for help to Figure out self instructions.

As you can see it takes commitment and dedication to get online degree. You might have driving urge to get enrolled with online degree, but will you have the same drive or next few months to years?

If you think online college degree might be a challenge, but you like to give it a try. Try to select a university where you have an option to get online college degree and also take classes visit on campus.

This restricts the number of programs and options you may have. You are forced to pick the online college that is close to your home. Such college might not have the desired programs and degree you are looking.

Think all the above options while considering online college college degree is right for you.

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