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Here’s My Passport Name Change Experience in India (Not Easy)

Following procedure to change the name in Indian Passport was shared by Akshay.

Indian PassportOverview of the procedure to change the name in Indian Passport in India

  • Change the Name in Gazette
  • Newpaper Ads
  • Apply for  Name Change with Regional Passport Office
  • Police Verification
  • New Passport Issued

Change the Name in Gazette

Name change procedure is really simple at gazette level.

You fill out the form available at the counter, attach ID & residence proof, pay the requisite fees and it’s done! It takes around 4 weeks to get your info published in the govt. gazette.

Once your changed name is published in the gazette, you need to collect gazette copies from the Govt. press.

Three copies are given for free on showing the receipt, for extra copies you gotta pay Rs. 20/- per copy (as per the rules).

I took 10 copies including free copies, coz you dunno where u will need them in future.

The guy at the press took Rs. 100/- from me instead of 140/

  • Rs 100 (India) about USD 2.14

I was so surprised!! Since when Maharashtra Govt started giving discounts?

I asked where shall I get the receipt for the extra copies?

He got angry! He said u got ur copies na? now go!!

Only then I realized he kept all 100/- for himself, and gave me copies illegally as there was huge pile of copies lying nearby!!

How many copies he gave away that way, for so many years who knows?

He had very expensive mobile, I observed!!

Now guys!! I really wanted to complain about him right there, but 2 other staff workers said “just go!”.

I was extremely angry and cursing myself why I didn’t video recorded this episode?

I usually do such things when I hit public offices!)

{Corruption Occasion No.1…I was helpless!!}

News Paper Ad

Anyway, Once Gazette work is done, what you gotta do next is make an affidavit, put advt.s in two newspapers, one local newspaper published in ur mother tongue language and one national daily preferably English newspaper.

Real pain begins from here!!!

Passport scrutiny is now made so tough and stringent u kick yourself in ur a*s every now and then why u changed your name!! basically what has changed is only the formalities have increased but not the vigilance.

Everything is fine until you submit online passport application form & take an appointment.

Passport Office

When you go to passport office to submit the required documents, fees and form, you begin to realize what mischief u have done!!

When my token number announced I went to the designated counter. Read on!

Passport officer (Lady): renewal huh? Ur passport expires in 2013 u have 1 more year!
Me: Mam, applying for a change of name too!!

PO: Name change?? Why? Ur name looks nice? It’s a Lord Ganesha’s name!! why u r changing this beautiful name ur parents gave u lovingly?
Me: (Duh!!) Mam! My new name is also given by my parents only, everybody knows me more by nick name rather than my actual name, so decided to change!!

PO: is that the only reason u wanna change ur name?
Me: Yes Mam!

PO: do u have any criminal cases pending against you or have u been jailed etc?
Me: !!! ( I really lost my cool here!! Man I am decent and very innocent 21 y/o student, thinks 5 times before even killing an ant!!) ( and BTW, It was not her duty to ask or verify my background, it was the police job!)
Me: Not at all mam! All Qs related to this are answered in my application only!! You can check them!

PO: (I think she took is as an insult!!) Please wait I will call ur name!!
Me: Ok mam! (she returned me my entire file!)
(Waited for 2 Hrs in that small cubical, interrupted PO 2 times, 1 st she said “I will call u”, me: OK!, 2 nd time: didn’t I say I will call u??

Me: ok!! I was so sleepy, I was thinking of leaving the Passport Office and change back to my old name and reapply just for the renewal)
After 2 hrs, Now I almost lost it!! I went to her counter and asked her;
Me: Whats the matter Mam? Why u have kept me hanging while u r clearing other cases? Shall I see the Head Passport Officer?

PO: Ok! Show me ur file!
Me: Gave all the documents.

She kept reading everything , gave me 2 stares which made me recall my past to find whether I have any rape cases on my name!!)

After 10 long minutes, she said ok!

I accept your application, visit the local police station after 7 days, pay the fees to the next counter!!

I paid the fees took my receipt, thanked PO profusely and ran away!!

U might think that’s it!!


Visit to Police Station

After 7 days I visited Police Station, only to find my application was not arrived! I said ok! It might take a bit longer so waited for another week, visited Police Station again!!

Guess what!! The lady at passport office literally yelled at me.

Why are you coming everyday? We will inform once the application is reached to us!!

(Wtf??) as per the procedure one has to visit the Police Station and present himself!!

I said I want to meet the DSP, that DSP was out so waited for 1.5 hrs.

When he arrived, I stormed into his office and told him that I applied a fortnight ago and lady saying my app has not arrived yet.

He summoned her, she brought that register, applications of ppl who had applied after me were already there but mine!

Only my application was missing!! DSP asked me to check next week.

I kept on visiting the Police Station every week for next 5 weeks!!

I was so tired to go to police station, once I called the phone No., asked for passport deptt, that lady picked up!

Me: Mam my name is ABC, I just wanna know whether my application has arrived or not!
She screamed at me that we don’t give any info on phone, u come in the evening at 6pm!!

I urged her I am visiting since 5 weeks, just let me know if application is arrived or not!! That’s it!! (it was so easy, inwards register was in front of her, all she needed to do was look into it and reply!!) But she blatantly refused!!

So I visited the PS for 2 more weeks with the same disappointment in return!!

Finally after 9 weeks, my application arrived at the police station!!

Reason for the delay as DSP told me, after the Kasab episode, name change is taken very seriously and CID checks all the records to verify claims of innocence are true!!

Now the Best Part !! the Climax!!

There were 3 people at the passport office all were entitled to do the same duty i.e. attend the applicant, check his entry in the inwards register, fill out the necessary forms of police clearance, and let him go! Just a 5 min procedure all in all!!

Guys it was my birthday on that day!!

I reached at 11:30am there!! The guy took out my application and started talking to his colleagues about whatever was coming to his mind, giving least attention to me!!

40 mins were passed, and no progress!!

He was looking at me, cracking general jokes etc etc. finally after half an hr, he took my form and yelled at me!!

You haven’t filled the witness application!!

I had submitted witnesses already in the original form!!

He told me, after Kasab and Company’s high profile visit to India, we have prepared a new application, 2 witnesses in the same society needs to fill that form and attach their ID docs only then I can get my application proceed!!!

He handed me a poorly readable photo copy of the application, asked me to get him 20 photocopies (for the office stock)

{corruption incident No.2, where I was totally helpless as my work was at stake}.

Within an hour huffing-puffing me got the photocopies, went back to my apartment, got the necessary signs and documents and rushed back to Police Station!! It was 2:30 pm, I had not eaten on my birthday!!

Torture continues guys!!

Once again I found myself sweating with racing heart sitting in front of that guy!!

That guy had a smirk on his face how he made me run for my life!!

He again started passing the time for 30 mins!! At 3:00pm he finally started filling the Police Clearence form!!

A very short form, nothing big to fill in it!!

One clause was, what is the intention for applying the Passport.

I answered “for MS in US”. Now!

He started lecturing me about brain drain etc!!! I kept nodding !!

He was sitting on that clause for 60 min!!! his colleague even interrupted twice to finish my work fast!!

But he kept telling story after story, all time pass!! It was 4:30pm when he went to fill next clause, my DOB!! And it dawned on him it was my birthday!! he proudly told me its his 3 rd time attending a birthday guy for passport application!!

I said “Great Sir!!” (in mind I told myself “if this guy continues teasing me like this for one more Hr I gonna have a murder case on me on my b’day!”

How helpless we find ourself in front of worthless govt. servants!!!)

Now he wanted party from me!! (I was almost about to ask whether he needed bribe to fill out my application, I had decided to pass 500/- or even 1000/- to him to get rid of this nonsense, I wanted to rush home-I was hungry, suffocated, tired!!)

I told him to come to my home, I will give him party!!

Finally he send me out to buy sweets!! ( I wanted to add strong laxative in those Burfees!!) I came back with that box of sweets, he made me give those sweets to all the staff there!! He took the bigger pie!!

I was so exhausted, wanted to call my area Corporator now!! But anyway, he completed that one page form finally at 7 PM!

I asked his permission to leave, he surprised me that I have to wait till DSP signs on it!!
DSP arrived at 8:30pm…I was waiting OUTSIDE the police station for 1.30 hrs standing on my two feet, my head numb & dizzy!! he put my form at top priority for the signature!

That DSP signed my form and at 8:45pm I was free to leave!! I reached my home at 9:30PM straight went to my bed buried myself under the mattress and passed out without any food or drink!! (literally!!!) finally 10 HR long nightmare came to an end!!

Passport arrived after a month, even today when I look at that booklet, I get nightmares like I am denied passport!


YOu have read how to change your name in the passport in India.

It was easy to change the name for a kid, but it took this person 10 months to change the name in Indian passport and other documents in USA.

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Note – Above experience is published with minors edits ( slangs and typo’s).