Masters in MIS vs Computer Science – IT Guy With 3 Years of Work Experience

Hi Guyz !! My profile goes as follows

  • 10th – 89% ; 12th – 95%
  • BE – CS – 78%
  • Work experience – 3 Years – Currently working as a Developer
ms mis vs ms cs
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My question is initially i was planning to do a MIS, the reason – Since i have a considerable technical experience, a wholistic picture is possible if some management or IS knowledge is added to it ..

But I contacted my brother-in-law i, who is working as a software developer in US after his MS in computer science. He said you will be better off doing computer science rather than MIS; the reasons –

  1. Predominant role for MIS graduate is Consultant – which is not suitable for a person who wish to travel a lot (Like me !!!)
  2. Job opportunities / Course content worth is more for CS than for MIS – He said if you need to have a MBA, you can do that later on..
  3. 3+ Years of my development experience will be useful if i take a development job again.
  4. Almost of the MIS grads end up as application developers – in which case, he said , you will be better off doing CS
  5. After working in any organization after MS, if you want to shift to management, you can.. So MS in CS is more versatile for my career.
  6. I am poor financially. His comment was GA/RA/TA s are easy to get in CS than MIS – He almost finished his CS degree which 10-12 lakhs .

And when it comes to my preference – I am quite above average in my development skills although not elite.

And i was noted everywhere for my persuasive, intercommunication skills(I am not boasting 🙂 ). So either way its fine for me … The only hiccup when it comes to CS is I am not the type of guy who loves algorithm – I am quite good @ application development – Will that be a negative.

Guyz the comments given by my brother-in-law was totally individualistic and it portrays his perception which may not be true. Please pour in your comments .



I have to agree to what your Brother in Law regarding Masters degree in Computer Science vs MIS (Management Information Systems).

I’m bit puzzled with your comment – How can you develop good application when you don’t love algorithms?

You have to read this – MS in CS vs MIS

If you have assumed that  degree in Management Information System will get you a Manager role, then your assumption is incorrect.

You don’t become a Manager just because you have an MBA, likewise you don’t get to escape programming world if you study MIS.

Having said that, you there is another false assumption.

Doing MS in Computer Science doesn’t mean you have to work as a programmer. You can still get the same job as MIS graduate.

Likewise, even after completing MIS, you can get a job as Software Engineer or Application developer.

Very likely you will be working as an application developer even after MIS. You have to deal with OPT, Cap-Gap and Unemployment period in OPT.

Under time crunch, you will be willing to accept any Information Technology  related job.



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  1. My name is utkarsh.. is it possible for a non tech backgroung i can go for mis…as i have completed my bsc and mba in operation management and i have a gap of 2 years between 12th and graduation due to major health issues..

  2. “1.Predominant role for MIS graduate is Consultant – which is not suitable for a person who wish to travel a lot (Like me !!!)”

    How does that statement make any sense? If you are a Consultant, you would be traveling MORE. I am surprised nobody corrected him.

  3. Hi,
    I have 3 years of experience in IT. I am whole hearted interested to pursue MIS . But main concern for me The time I would be Joining is 2017 Fall Intake. Is it wise decision to go for MIS after 4+ Years of work experience into IT.

    Thanks in advance.

  4. Hello,

    I am right now working for an MNC in Business Intelligence production support.I am working since last 2.5 years & my profile is as mentioned below
    BE in Electronics with distinction in last year & over all aggregate 64.83% from Mumbai University(Saboo Siddik just incase if you know)

    More than 2 years worked in IT ( Business Intelligence mainly on IBM Datastage)

    I am now totally confused & dont think this is what i dreamt of doing when i finished my engineering.Can you please guide me , If i should go for MS in CS or MIS ?? All i want to do is decent technical work as i think i might be good at it. My communication skills are decent enough i think but that should be icing over the technical thing.


  5. hi karthik,

    actually the choice is completely urs.. If u think that post graduation u want to keep research as an option for u.. Then ms would seem good
    but if u want to leverage ur business skills then MIS it is
    Im iplanning to do MIS.. Not bcoz i expect to land up in the managerial post but to get a knowledge of business skills as well. With MIS u wud have a BA line open for u.. Which is a lot diff than being a manager..

  6. Hi,

    I plan to study MIS in US (fall 2013). But I dont have a technical background. I am a and MBA. I have 3.5 yrs of experience in banking operations (1.5) and reporting automation & software testing (2 yrs).
    I plan to remain in BFSI sector after MIS also and look at business analyst/database analyst roles. I will take the GRE in nov.
    Will the non tech background rule me out ? I only see engineers applying.
    Any suggestions from the erudites here ??

  7. Hey

    I m not sure if I agree with ur brother..I had a similar career path as if not tat long work ex..yes mis is more suited for cobsulting, but there is a lot of travel in consulting too.. and if u get a good admit, u can tailor make ur course to shift the balance towards tech or management whichever u want too..mia jobs are on the boom and mis is the oly group which can apply and qualify for both techie and management jobs apart from consulting, ba and analytics roles which.aware easy to qualify for an mis guy…

    I m doing mis from Texas a n m’s a good school, affordable fee and with good amount of part time and ga opportunity..everyone in my batch seems to b in a comfortable n good situation right now

    At the end of t day, it’s ur call..whether u want to learn tech or walk the mid lane wit mis or a complete mgmt role wit MBA…

    Good luck!!

  8. Karthik, I am a graduate student in MIS. The reason i choose MIS because i have given 5 prerequisites when i applied for CS at my university as my undergrad is not in CS. So i have taken MIS so that i can apply for same software developer jobs but can have less pre-requisites.
    But i didn’t like our course work. All the courses are related to Business only. only 2 electives are programming CS subjects.
    Actually coursework varies with each university, some of my friends doing Masters in MIS have a very good coursework almost similar to CS but my university doesn’t have that.
    SO if you are very much interested in business and information system courses then go for MIS or if your are interested in programming CS subjects then talk to your program adviser regarding your coursework.
    And also some of the universities have MIS under Business code so you will not get 17 months STEM extension also so find out that also before you choose MIS in your university.
    GA doesn’t depend on MIS or CS major as your cousin told. In my univeristy atleast it doesn’t matter.

    1. swetha could u pls name those universities where ur friends pursuing MIS have a very good coursework similar to CS it would be very much helpful.

  9. Thanks HSB for posting my query.

    I always feel – When a complex logic is given to me, i take more time in solving it where as some of my friends crack it with ease. Hence the statement about algorithms. And moreover the main reason for me choosing MIS is the weightage given to the work experience. I dont know how much of importance is the workexperience for MS in CS admissions and post MS – for job opportunities. Can anyone elaborate on this ,??

    And i dont see MIS as a option where i could escape programming; but as a platform where i could leverage my interpersonal and persuasive skills. Any inputs on workexperience – MS in CS is welcome.

  10. i faced the same dilemma.

    for people who don’t have a natural aptitude towards programming, mis / is the best choice.

    i always wondered why i scored an A in statistics but bled with c++!

    you can find an interesting explanation here.

    i also want to know from hsb and other friends here that why there is no bachelors / masters course in mis / is in india?

    i would also like to add that companies evaluate masters = 2 years work-ex. so – look before you leap.

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