Got Visa (F1 +F2 for family) at Taipei for UCLA

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Read the F1 Mock Interview by  for UCLA.

Here was brief detail….I appreciate HSB’s help and to support that i am writing my experience.

I found to apply for visa outside India may be much easier due to general trend of peoples like

  • less application compare to india
  • honest application and document percentage is higher (i.e. May be at Taiwan 100% case with proper and true document).

Above can help or at least reduce some of questions.

I did not ask for any document other than I-20.

No single question related financial. May be he calculated indirectly from the fact that i am working in Taiwan since 5 years

For me and my wife & Kid, document were prepare by staff of embssay (i.e. we have to pay 200+ NT$ for that) and they keep all process clean up like what document and guide what to do until finger print taken and final interview. I mean basic guideline so it will not waste others time.

me: Good afternoon!!

VO: Good afternoon, how many peoples?
me : three. Myself, my wife and my daughter (while passing my passport, I-20 from window).

VO: Which degree:
me: MS in Electrical engineering

VO: Which university?
me: UCLA, wellknow and USA top 10 engineering institute

VO: How long here in Taiwan
me: 5 years and 6 months, working for same company

VO: which countries visited last 5 years?
me: Tourism purpose Singapore, HK, Thailand, India and Taiwan

VO: Have you been to USA OR any other place to work?
me: No. I was at China/HK for 6 month onside from my 1st company

VO: You have B1/B2, but why not used?
me: i applied in last DEC2009 at same Taipei with intention to visit USA during chinese new year but later i got busy in work so cancel that plan and further i did not get time to visit

VO: Do you have any relative at USA?
me: My elder brother is there at USA

VO: What he do at USA?
me: Cashier

VO: Is he citizen or what?
me: He has legal permanent residence.

VO: What is your last education?
Me: I have done BE from NIT surat, India

VO: (My wife had UK visa in her old passport) why he go UK?
My wife: I was sponsored by SPADAN dance group at Ahmedabad for Dance competition.

VO to my wife: What education and plan to do any job there at USA?
My wife: Bachelor of Commerce and i am house wife.

VO: What is your plan after graduation?
Me: There is tie up between UCLA and Taiwan IC manufacturing company TSMC, so i like to do my intenship at TSMC, Taiwan

VO: So, you returned back to Taiwan?
me: Yes

VO: Congratulation and enjoy your Study
Me: Thanks…Thanks a lot…Bye…


  1. shasha on June 16, 2013 at 7:49 AM


    I have got the admit for Phd and planning to take interview along with my husband. Since I have got RA from university and liquid funds to support my family, we are thinking to take the interview for F1 and F2 together, is it a good option.

    Raghu sir please provide your opinion on this .


  2. Aslam on June 18, 2012 at 9:39 AM

    Congratulations! I had read your answers in a previous post (I guess when you were preparing) and they are convincing. Good luck in the US!

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