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The Best F1 Visa Mock Interview Questions & Answers – UCLA

You need to know what questions to expect during your F1 Visa Interview.

Then practice the answers.

Here’s is how a student practiced his answers for attending UCLA and you can see the answers to common F1 visa interview questions.

I follow Happy Schools since more than one year and i daily read your all post. I appreciate your support if you can post my Mock F1 visa interview.

I admitted in UCLA with TOEFL 101/120, GRE:304/340. I am having 9 years professional exp.

I already got B1/B2 for me and my family at same Taipei US Consulate and going to apply F1/F2 this time.

1. Which university and degree?

Well-known and US Top 10 Engineering college UCLA for M.S in Electrical Engineering field.

2. Why did you select this university? OR Why the specified university? OR Why do you plan to do MS?

The major reason is to advance my carrier further with MS degree from reputed UCLA, which is having direct collaboration with Taiwan TSMC, the giant IC manufacturing company.

This tie-up between UCLA and TSMC allow me to learn the latest IC design knowledge at UCLA and TSMC practical implementation of such future technology.

This includes the latest 22nm and future coming 16nm & 11nm IC fabrication technique and related electrical engineering work.

Hence, once I finished my MS, I will have direct internship option with TSMC which has 90% results to convert internship into a permanent job.

3. How many universities did you apply and list them OR which universities did you apply to and Where did you get admission?

In USA, I applied to UCLA, UC Berkeley, San Diago and Santa Barbara and got admitted in UCLA.

For the safe side, I applied to Calpoly and I am no longer waiting for its admission result.

In Taiwan, I applied to NCTU/NTHU and I admitted in both.

4. Did you get any scholarship?

No. From my close friend who graduated this year from UCLA, I was quite aware of scholarship current situation for MS international student in UCLA.

GSR scholarship mostly awarded to Ph.D. candidate and for MS student TA is offered at 2nd year based on ESL Exam result at UCLA.
Hardly professor hired MS candidate for project work.

Though, I had no serious intention for TA since I wanted to focus more on learning new things, knowing I have enough fund by myself.

In fact, I got 100% tuition wavier with 10,000 NT$ scholarship from Taiwan NCTU and NTHU but I still select UCLA since there is no compromisation for study.

5. Why USA or Why do you wish to study in the USA and not in India?

Simply, USA education quality and flexible system are not comparable with any other part of the world. Though I got admitted in Taiwan NCTU/NTHU, I would still prefer UCLA considering global brand & competency. At the end of the day, UCLA fall in world’s top 10 Engineering Institute. There is no comparison with quality.


6. These subjects are also taught in other universities but why this university?

The major reason is the collaboration between Taiwan giant IC manufacturing TSMC and UCLA. Though Taiwan student also gets chance to join TSMC brand of UCLA will give global competency considering future aspect.

I also admitted in Taiwan NCTU/NTHU but if we talk about globally, we have a chance to do master once in a lifetime then why should I not go for best especially I have already enough fund for my education. Also, UCLA is a publicly funded university with reasonable fees.

In case VO asked more: Based on my profile, if I choose Ph.D. instead of MS then I may be able to admit in MIT OR Stanford but only on MS basis due to high admission competency, I did not select those. Still, I tried UC Berkeley but as I expected could not impress my profile at least for MS due to tough competition.

7. How do you know about this university?

I am having professional experience in IC designed and closely follow Taiwan TSMC. Through a wide professional contact, I met xxx, who did MS in electrical from UCLA and did her internship from TSMC. Since we share a common interest in same IC design technology, she introduces and recommended to prefer UCLA and get touch with my adviser Jason C. Woo at UCLA. Then the result is here that I am interviewing now.

8. What is your fees in I-20 for first the year?

Tuition fees come to US$30000. Total amount on i20 is US$56500.

9. Who is going to sponsor your education and how?

I had enough savings from my 10 years professional work carrier. From my last two years savings itself, I am able to cover my Tuition fees.

In current global economic turmoil, I see spending on MS for the latest IC design technology as an investment for the future.

10. What will you do after graduation? OR What do you expect after returning back?

Immediate short term goal is to join Taiwan TSMC since TSMC has direct collaboration with UCLA for an internship which has 90% results of converting internship into a permanent job. Since TSMC is pioneer to use latest 22nm (now) & 16nm (future) IC manufacturing technique, I will like to take another 3-4 years experience or more at TSMC depending on how it goes.

This TSMC experience with UCLA Degree will make me in the front row to work further in Taiwan OR my home country India which also rapidly grow in IC manufacturing/verification..

11. Why are you leaving you current job?

There is nothing wrong with my current job since I am financially and technically satisfied with it.

But if I have to work on 22nm or future 16nm IC design Technology then it will take years for my current company.

It is a matter of further challenge in life to achieve a further goal. Without the challenge in life, it will not produce enjoyment at least for me.

I worked almost 5 years and 6 months for my current company in the wireless embedded domain and I also gain IrDA organization co-chair post in this young age.

But the thirst for new learning never fulfill.

12. Tell me how you can prove that you are going to come back? OR You look like a potential immigrant or I don’t think you will come back?

My whole intention to study in UCLA is to gain the latest IC design technology knowledge which will give me chance to work on those technologies in TSMC.

Further education of UCLA and experience of TSMC will put in front raw to secure my position in anywhere in India.

From the current job market situation, one can easily foresee that next decade will be of China and India and I have close tie up with both the nations since India is my home country and china/Taiwan, I worked for 6+ years.
US education system is worldwide recognized and really depth with flexibility, so why can’t I also not get benefit from it.

In conclusion, I did not see any reason to continue further in the US after my MS. At least, now the trend is get reversed that most of the brain returned back to India and china.

13. Your bank pass book shows large transactions recently been deposited? How do you explain that?

That amount was transferred from Taiwan by me during the last 4 years. I have each & every amount transfer record.
After investing in bank FD and life insurance, I had left much more amount in the bank, so I thought to invest in my close relative business on %basis. Since now I needed them so I ask them to return back. However, I have enough funds in my Taiwan bank to support my first year education.

14) How much do you have in savings?

My current salary package is xx0N$ x14 months fixed + variable pay of quarterly bonus and profit sharing. On average, I did get one month salary as profit sharing and half month salary in quarterly bonus. I earned around 6 million NT$ in my last 5.5 years job from Taiwan and I was able to save around 3.5 million NT$.

15. How many brother and sisters do you have? Do you have any relatives in USA?

I have two brothers. Younger brother working in India MNC Company and elder brother is in USA.

He is handling cash counter at some utility shop. His wife has US citizenship and he has Legal US permanent residence.

16. Tell me more about your brother?

My brother did under-graduation and after that, he joined my father’s business. He was average in the study and more interested in doing business. He got married with my father’s close friend’s daughter who has US citizenship.

17.  What does your father do? Where do your parents live?

My father and his brother started the family business of ready-made clothes and he is running this business since more than 30 years. My father actively runs this business till date today in India.

My mother is house-wife.

18. What is your father’s income?

It is business and income varies from xyz to xyz Lac INR/annum depending on profit.

19. What will you do if your student visa is rejected?

First of all, I am more than sure to get visa knowing my interest to study in US is genuine. Furthermore, I admitted in TOP 10 US engineering college and have more than enough funds to support my education.

In case, I am unlucky to secure the F1 visa, I may need to think on whether to applied next year again or join already admitted Taiwan NCTU in same Electrical engineering.

Best Mock Interview

I don’t come across students who spend so much energy and time to prepare for F1 Visa.

Writing down your answers is one of the best way to prepare for F1 Visa Interview.

I read your mock interview questions and answers. I don’t see any flaws in your answers. Good luck with your F1 Visa interview and do share your F1 Visa Interview Experience.

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  1. Hi,

    Thanks for the details, it’s really helpful.
    I have similar background as your’s (work experience :10+years in vlsi backend and also circuit design) and want to pursue PhD in US. I am basically interested in the foundry process, DFM, IR etc and the trends to improve these for lower technologies.
    Presently I am going through, research being conducted various university in US (university selection and proffesor) .
    Since you have already done this activity could you give me some pointers, which universities according to you are involved in these types of research and proffesor whom I can contact.

    Thanks & Regards

  2. HI all,
    I do need your help. I have my elder brother & sister both in USA. They both have acquired US citizenship. Now, will this have negative impact on my Visa decision?

    I have gotten admission in Arizona State University & George Washington University. They both live in DC.

    Waiting for your responses. Hope to get them soon, because I have scheduled my interview on 28th june.

  3. my gre score is some what good(310)… am having 15 back logs. does it effects me at the time of visa? and i worked for 6 months in a company as a internship.is it helpful for me…?
    pls reply for my question

  4. though my fre score is some what good(310)… am having 15 back logs. does it effects me at the time of visa? and i worked for 6 months in a company as a internship.is it helpful for me…?
    pls reply for my question

  5. hi Lakhani, u allready have b12 and high earner achiver. your kind of people (gates, mark etc) dont go to uni they hire grad from ivy league. the VO will regret that guy like you waisting time in uni

  6. I have just done GRE and scored 296/340. Is this score good enough to get me in top 50 ranked PHD chemistry programs? My GPA is 4 and I have 3 years experience with no research publication. Please HSB what are your suggestions.

  7. Hi,

    I have read through all the 100+ experience posted here and come out a list of 20+ different questions for my interview. You may want to prepare some other questions

    1) tell me your career plan like what will you be doing in 5/10 years?
    2) Why do u want to go 4 MS when you are currently on a job? (may be similiar to what you have said)
    3) what research is going on in the department?

    BTW, you means you also admitted to MIT with your GRE scores of 304/340? surprise

    1. Hi Ater,

      Thanks for your kind suggestion…question 1 & 2 partly cover in my question list with alternative style question…

      question 3 is specific to candidate so i did not include in post but i have answer with some document printed like professor profile, relevant paper and my plan to work…not sure VO can understand technical so i feel better to carry those document incase he asked in detail or proof for verification….

      No, i did not applied to MIT….i wanted to do from UC campus UCLA, Berkeley (dream) or San diago.. and got admitted in UCLA…i was busy with office work so never seriously talk with any professor else it can be different result…i encourage to talk with professor before admission result come…

  8. Thanks HSB for your quick post. I was bit late to post since my interview is on 7th June at Taipei consulate. Still i have 3 days to hear from HSB reader.

    Really appreciate HSB support and your kind review. Normally, there is no free lunch any where but the kind of service HSB offer to candidate is marvellous.

    I encourage fellow HSB reader to give return favour to HSB whenever needed.

    Though i am more than confident to ensure visa but i always consider worst case scenario and prepare accordingly. Try not to draft but also record your interview. I am sure you will noted where you need to improvised….

    Hopefully, will be happy to get some comments from other reader. Also will be happy to answer if anyone has any question, may be little late reply for critical question since i am still gathering relevant financial document

    1. Hi,
      Good article. I dont know why you are trying to give lengthy answers for all questions..It can be brief.


      1. Yes, it should be brief since we can not cover detail in single answer….i wrote considering worst case, incase VO want to hear more on specific question. OR VO may interrupt part of question soon after we spoke…

          1. Yes, i got visa for me and my family…i got damn busy so post just now as promise before

          2. I wrote my detail and try to post but i do not know my interview QA post did not appear in blog…looks like i submit but website did not take it…i will try to attempt over this weekend

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