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F1 Visa Interview Accra – Ghana

Thanks to Kod for sharing his Student Visa to USA interview experience from Ghana. I had my F1 visa interview today 7th January. My i – 20 had expired and I had no SEVIS receipt because my payment hadn’t been received.

VO: Good morning
Me: Good morning mum

VO: Put your thumb on the scanner
Me: I did
VO: Thank you

VO: How old are ?
ME: Answered

VO: Why xyz university
ME: Answered

VO: What do you plan to do after graduating with a degree in XYZ

Me: I plan to work at the xyz institute in accra.

VO: As what
Me: A researcher or assistant

VO: What will you research into
Me: Malaria Please

VO: The date on your 1-20 is expired do you have a letter to cover that.

Me: yes i do. showed an extention letter from the school to her.

VO: YOur visa has been granted come for it two days time
Me: Thank you.

Its good to see students from Ghana is using Happy Schools Blog to get information about Studying in USA.

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  1. hi kod, am happy to see visa experience from GHANA, any way i completed my SSSCE in 2008 and then completed Tamale Polytechnic in 2002, am in Caribbean at moment and am preparing to go for F1 VISA, what are the necessary requirements i need to gather? also possible queStions i might be ask?. for the 1 time am going for visa interview please i need your answer(ASAP), best regards,

  2. Please am applying for F-1 Visa as an Undergraduate Student here in my Country NIGERIA..My Appointment date is February 2nd,2011….I have been given an Undergraduate admission for the Summer Term at University Of South Carolina ( B.SC Computer Science )with FULL TUITION SCHOLARSHIP..I have a 1423 in my SAT Critical Reading & Mathematics… Please sir am in need of all the likely Interview question and how to answer them correctly…

    Best Regards

    Teju Oye


  3. hello friends!,

    I really want to apply for work and travel this summer to the States.What are the dos and donts at the embassy and the questions I should expect?.please I would be happy to get a reply.

  4. Dude ask them to write what answer they actually told the VO for questions. What is the use of posting

    "VO: Why xyz university

    ME: Answered "

    If they mention university name its good for all. Atleast some people may get to know about the university too if at all its mentioned in the individual's answer.

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