Student Visa for USA Interview for UTD for Masters in Electrical Engineering.

1.Which university and degree?
University of Texas at Dallas, MS in Electrical Engineering.

2.Why did you select this university?
Out of the 3 admits i got, UTD scores high on many factors like internship opportunities, career planning, specializations, locality,affordability and faculty profile. It is now a tier 2 university as far as research expenditure is concerned and it has spent around 85 mn dollars across various fields.

3.What is your fees in I-20 for the first year?

4.How many universities did you apply and list them
Total 8
Admits- UTD, SUNY-buff, UUtah
Pending- Vtec, MSU

5.Who is going to sponsor your education and how?
*My father is my sponsor and through educational loan and savings.

6.What will you do after graduation?
*The most pragmatic step would be to work for a while in the US or any other country for that matter to pay back the loan and then with a masters degree and the global experience finding a job in India shouldn’t be an issue. (or)

I always wanted to work for my country’s defense research and DRDO has a special scheme for NRIs with masters degree. My interest is esp. towards their UAVs division. So, I would be very glad to avail the opportunity to work for the benefit of my country and hopefully make some significant contribution.
( I am not sure abt this answer as defense is a sensitive subject and i dunno if its advisable to answer the Q in this perspective. Despite US and India being diplomatic allies, this could well be booked under some section. HSB pls help out! What could be the best answer for this one? )


  1. Lakshmi Wasekar on May 23, 2011 at 2:02 AM

    i think the first option would be better….as the second is too tricky…

  2. ramnivas on May 22, 2011 at 2:16 AM

    even i am heading for UTD(EE)……whats your specialization?

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