32 Flight Travel Tips for First Time Travelers Flying to USA

Planning your Trip for USA is never going to easier.  Refer to the following articles.

Articles here will make your journey easier and hassle free.

I have shared them based on my travel experience and also written by readers who submitted their travel experience based on mistakes.

Following articles will provide information about Air Fare tickets, Packaging tips, prepare you for the flight travel to USA.
landing in amsterdam

Before Booking Flight Ticket

  1. How to book flight tickets to USA
  2. Check Transit Visa Requirements and Book Flight Tickets
  3. How Not to Book International Flight Tickets – $850 Mistake
  4. 10 Tips to Find Cheap Flight Tickets
  5. Flight Travel India to USA: Documents, Tips and Caution
  6. Traveling to US on F1 Student Visa – List of Documents to Carry
  7. 15 last minute tips for flight travel to USA
  8. 8 FAQs About Booking Flight Tickets from India to USA
  9. 25 Air Travel Tips  – India to USA
  10. My Flight to USA and Two Big Time Problems in the Airport


 Packing for USA

  1. List of Things to Pack in Two 23Kg Suitcases
  2. List of Items to Pack for USA (Woman)
  3. 10 Tips to Pack Suitcase Like an Air Hostess
  4. 15 last minute tips for flight travel to USA
  5. Do you need International Driving License
  6. TSA vs Regular Suitcase Locks
  7. Taking Laptop from India
  8. Flying in USA with Portable Hard Disk With Movies, Songs and Photos
  9. Is Travel Card Required?
  10. How much US Dollars to Take?
  11. Where to Text Books?

Travel Tips

  1. Steps: From Port of Entry to Connecting Flight in USA
  2. Airport Pickup (what to expect)
  3. What Happens Right After Flight Lands in USA (Port of Entry)
  4. New Electronic I94 Form – Sample, FAQ’s
  5. What to expect at Port of Entry in USA
  6. How to Avoid Jet Lag
  7. Terrifying Experience After Landing in US

Post Travel Tips

  1. My first month in USA – Part 1 and Part 2
  2. My First exciting and fascinating month in USA
  3. 10 Things to do Right After you land in USA
  4. First week in USA and $175 in Fines

If you have additional tips or question about air travel, post your questions below.

P.S. I took the above picture while landing in Amsterdam. It was beautiful.

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  1. Can anyone share their experience if you’ve traveled in Etihad and cleared immigrations in Abu Dhabi international airport itself? It would be really helpful. Thank you.

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