Success Story : Internship at Large Hadron Collider, PhD & Researcher in US Army

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I am Sarthak Dasadia, a PhD student at The University of Alabama. My story involves many ups and down of my life. Here it is …

After a depressing result of 12th science, the best option left for me was to choose further studies in pure science.

I was completely unaware what my life had to offer me.

Completing M.Sc previous (1st year) I join Physical Research Laboratory (PRL) as a summer research student.

Accepting what life had offered me, I decided to focus on my M.Sc. I found my science subject very interesting.

It was the second day of my M.Sc final exam. I was checking my emails before I went to bed.

Surprise !!

No email in inbox, and around 25 emails in spam ! I was having a look at those funny subjected emails.

I suddenly found and email with .ch at the end.

When I looked at that email, it was from

CERN is one of the biggest institute working on Atomic and Nuclear physics.

That email was a notification that I was chosen to spend my summer in Switzerland.

I couldn’t believe on what I was reading. I immediately called that number to verify my selection.

God ! it was. I was going to work on world’s largest experiment i.e LHC (Large Hadron Collider).

I was so happy and meanwhile I also got approval from The University of Alabama for PhD in Physics.

I could believe that life had something totally different for me.

Having a Swiss VISA and an opportunity to work at LHC, my US Visa interview at Mumbai was less than 50 seconds.

I am not joking, it was just a friendly conversation with VO.

She approved my VISA saying , “You deserve it !“.

I was offered no funding when I got F1 Visa.

I spent my summer working on LHC experiment in Geneva.

It boost my confidence and also gave a professional touch to my career.

I arrived in US directly from Switzerland to focus my education in the direction of a doctorate degree.

I got full funding within a week. My experience earned me an another great opportunity.

I was selected to work for US army.

US department of energy with the co-ordination of Oak Ridge science institute awarded me a fellowship this summer. I will be working on some interesting astrophysical system which may have great military applications.

I have a message for those who are reading this. Please never underestimate your self. Life has a lot to offer you. All you should is accept failure and look for success. Best of luck !

(A message to HSB, I don’t want 250rs coupon or $5. This is for the first time I am sharing my story, hoping somewhere in the world there is another Sarthak waiting for some boost up !! )


AMAZING Experience.

I certainly hope more people like you come forward to share such motivating experiences.

Thanks for sharing your experience. I’m sure several others reading this will get motivation and encourage to pursue their dreams.

What if you hadn’t checked your SPAM folder? Life would have taken a different  turn right?

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