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10 FAQ’s on RFE on STEM OPT Extension with Attorney Bashyam (Video)

Do you want to get 17 months STEM OPT extension approved without RFE? Then you have to watch this video interview with Immigration Attorney Murali Bashyam.  This interview will help you if you are and will be applying for OPT, 17 months STEM OPT Extension and others who want to learn about OPT in general.

Here is a brief  background about who can apply for OPT  (Optional Practical Training) so you can better understand what we are talking in the video.

  • Have you been a full-time F-1 student in good standing for at least 1 full academic year?
  • Did you maintain F-1 status?
  • Is your proposed work directly related to your major area of study?

If above 3 conditions holds true, you are eligible to apply for initial 12 months OPT. Graduates from STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) are eligible to apply for additional 17 months in OPT. That’s when USCIS is requesting additional evidence from students to check if you have maintained legal status during your initial 12 months OPT period.

Did you receive RFE on STEM OPT Extension from USCIS? Then you have to watch this video before you respond to your RFE.  Sample RFE on OPT  Extension letter from USCIS.

Video :  RFE STEM OPT Extension

Click Here to Link to Attorney Murali Bashyam

Overview about the Interview

  1. What is 17 months OPT STEM Extension
  2. Who qualifies for STEM OPT Extension
  3. When to apply for OPT Extension?
  4. What is the reason for RFE on STEM Extension?
  5. What is typically asked in RFE?
  6. Is there a time limit to respond to RFE?
  7. What happens if one doesn’t respond to RFE?
  8. What is OPT is denied after responding to query?
  9. Do you provide help for responding to STEM OPT RFE queries?
  10. Pros and Cons of Responding to RFE personally or via an Attorney

OPT Article Series

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  3. FAQ’s on RFE on STEM OPT Extension with Attorney Murali (this article)

What Next?

Share this post with your friends attending school in USA on F1 visa. I have seen increase in RFE for OPT. These tips can help you avoid RFE’s on OPT application.

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