10 Golden Rules of Writing an Email

Writing an email is an Art, which has to be learned. Writing email is not same as chatting with someone.

Last week we discussed about Email Tips – How to Write Your Name.

10 Golden rules of writing an email

  1. Use proper spelling, grammar and punctuation. [Always do Spell Check before sending]
  2. Do not write in CAPITALS [ All Caps = Shouting]
  3. Read the email before you send it (Use Gmail’s Time Delay – 5 Seconds atleast)
  4. Subject should convey meaning
  5. Answer all questions, provide answers to expected questions
  6. Attach Files only when required
  7. Be kind when you write
  8. Know when to use Reply to All
  9. Take care with abbreviations and emoticons
  10. Differentiate between formal and informal emails

Bonus Rule – Use active instead of passive voice.

Additional Resources – Top 10 Email Writing Tips



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