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5 Things About College Admission, Financial Aid and I-20

Through an email, Usha asks about financial aid and admission. Here’s what he wrote

I have received an admit from Missouri University of Science & Technology, Rolla and Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago. But I have not yet received any news about the financial aid to be offered. When can I expect any information on financial aid which will help me in deciding which university I have to choose?

Most international students applying for graduate school admission at US colleges and universities don’t have 100% information about the entire graduate school admission process. The questions from Usha help validate that fact.

Admission, Aid and I-20

You have to understand the following things:

  1. If your profile don’t meet the minimum requirements, the graduate school will reject the application without forwarding the application to the particular department.
  2. The department (that handles the academic programs) decides about admission matters.
  3. I-20 is issued if you have enough funds (bank statements)
  4. I-20 will say if you have been given financial aid (scholarship, RA or TA)
  5. If you received I-20 without financial aid, most likely you will not receive a new I-20 with financial aid.

In your case, you need to decide between Missouri University of Science & Technology, Rolla and Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago.

I suggest you must read the interview with Harish, an avid HSB reader, from Missouri S&T, Rolla about Financial Aid and life at Rolla. That post can likely give you some good pointers about the college.


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  1. Hi,

    I want to know that if i had sent a lower GRE score to graduate school and then i re-conduct the exam and send higher school to graduate school, are they going to consider higher score or going to consider the average of to scores.

    Please help me in this context.


  2. Hello sir,i got a different problem which i couldn't found in your articles even though i was regular reader to your blog,me and my friend going to apply for PhD in chemistry in US and Canada for fall 2o11(for different streams in chemistry),and coincidentally we both did summer research in IASc,and my friend published paper in XX journal,which adds to his credits.My doubt is-If we both apply to the same universities will there be any problem to my application to be considered ?,will universities choose the applicants based on the stream/field of interest in chemistry or whole as the same to each department(chemistry).

    i know that my problem sounds different but after going through many hurdles if we make a small mistake that may effect a lot to the future,i sincerely request u to reply to my problem,,please. thank you.

  3. I have found much financial help after researching grants offered by private organizations…. Scholarships too, bu these were very difficult and I did not get accepted for all the scholarships I applied for.

  4. hai iam dileesh

    i applied for fairleigh dickinson university at new jersy…

    how is the tution fes

    pls anybody tell me…….

  5. i m cs engineering student…………i hv 1410 gre score…………and 800 score in subject test……….but my percentage is very low(55%)….what chance i have to get admission in top university….also pls specify wat university can aceept me?

  6. hi,

    i want to know whether i have to convert my %age into GPA and mention that in my transcripts or the normal (indian) scoring will work.If i have to mention the GPA kindly mention the conversion for 75.2% and 77%.

    1. @Anne , try using WES GPA conversion system online. As per that system, your GPA should be around 3.9 – 4.0 ! No kidding. They ask $8 for conversion. You’ll have to enter the marks secured in each subject and also mention the maximum marks possible and cut-off marks.

  7. usually us universities do not provide any financial aid to foreign students

    whre else can i apply to get financial aid or scholarships??

    thre r organizations which provide scholarships right?

    the consultancies which help in applying for the degree also help in getting scholarships but i do not want to hire a consultant. where do they get us the scholarships from??

    can u please also tell me aome ways to obtain a scholarship

    i am doing my in biotechnology and my gre score is 1390(590 vrbl + 800 quant) nd 3.5 on awa.

    nd my toefl score is 112

    i have a gpa of 7.1 till the 6th semester of my engineering

    please also tell me about the chances of me getting a scholarship from any of these organisations


    please reply as soon as possible

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