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Would you consider writing a Statement of Purpose like read like this  “I found out the night before the final exam about my father’s affair with a 23-year-old prostitute” and then dare enough to submit that as part of your application?

Most Indian student’s statement of purpose has a structure that looks like the following

  • Starts with a Quote
  • Talks About Childhood dream
  • Why he/she went to a specific college
  • What happened in the college
  • What projects were done in the college
  • List few extra-curricular activities
  • Reason for applying to specific U.S. university

I have always advised prospective students to original and have a story that’s emotionally moving and speaks about your personality.

A Great admission essay is Hard to Write. 

But, if you knew how your college application is reviewed and accepted, would you consider changing things up?

The following video takes us inside the “College Admission Decision Room”.

While you are watching the video, pay close attention to the impact of your life events and it factors into the college admission decision

Now you know to an extent what it takes to convince the college admission committee.

You might wonder, does it work? Can I speak about my personal problems in my life?

Here’s the of College Essay that got admission into 5 Ivy League Schools all by talking about her shopping experience in Costco Super Market with her mom.

Here are the key takeaways from this process

  • An honest effort is required to craft a true story
  • Please don’t copy. Plagiarism Checker will disqualify you (Copied Essay, Admit Revoked)
  • If you want to stand-out, find ways to differentiate yourself
  • Share an inspiring story, an accomplishment that you are proud of
  • The essay should be expressing yourself if that happens to be just a shopping event

It can take months to write a college admission essay. It’s the most important factor in the admission document that you have 100% control over.

Plan it well and get it right.

Get started with 60 Tips to Write Powerful Statement of Purpose.


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