Inside College Admission Decision Room [Video]

Raghuram Sukumar Admission 5 Comments

Would you consider writing a Statement of Purpose like this “I found out the night before the final exam  about my father’s affair with a 23 year old prostitute” and expect to get admission?

Have you ever wondered how your application is evaluated and admission decision is made – Accepted, Wait-listed and Rejected?

Following video shows the exact same process.  Notice the impact of college admission decision based on your accomplishment and real life family events like fathers affair.

Now you know the answers on how Under Graduate students applications are evaluated and decision is made.

  • If you want to stand-out, differentiate yourself.
  • Share an inspiring story and accomplishment that your are proud of
  • Put honest effort to craft a true story.

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  1. It was good to know how the admission committee works. But I observed that Americans get easily carried away by poverty and misfortunes. I have based my opinion after watching this video. So you are free to disagree with it.

    1. Watch it again. You will find the answer to your question.

  2. great video raghu.
    thanks for sharing.
    i absolutely had no clue as to how the back end of all the admission process occurs. well this is an eye opener for all the students who wish to pursue in the near future.
    now i know why my profile was rejected by purdue!!

  3. Wow. Very informative . That gives me an insight into how to prepare a great SOP.

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