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GRE Score 1410; Just 2 Months of Prep Time


I gave my GRE on 8th feb and got a score of 1410.

I have reviewed a lot of posts on this blog and others, they are definitely very helpful so I would like to add to that with my experience.

I am dividing this post into following parts :

  • ATTITUDE (Most important)

GRE Prep Attitude

My friends attitude is the most important driving force for your success not just for GRE but for everything you need in your life, so begin with having a positive functional attitude.
Keep an active mind to put that extra rigor in your hard work, trust me you would be a happy person when you would go to sleep everyday.


You can try reading motivational books by great authors or watch videos on youtube for the same but what I feel is fabricating a steel mindframe you need to put up a fight inside yourself.
Tell yourself everything you want in your life everyday, put up posters in your own handwriting in your room never accept those days when you feel “ok, I ll take a break this day” never let down your own self for it is you who will need to give in the same effort no one else.

Ok so now you have the right mental acuity. [ Talent vs Attitude – Must Watch]

GRE Books and Study Materials

Now you will be needing the RIGHT TOOLS set from a specious grey market.

Begin with Barrons (this book has a lot of might).  You may be tempted by various online sites claiming big things having fake articles by people who claim to have scored 1580 or 60s.

Take up a pencil and keep on marking it on every important point till its so black that you cannot even view it anymore for you wouldn’t be needing it by now.

Carry a separate notes book for verbal and Quant and write whatever you feel is difficult and you need to revise, it will come really handy later on.

For GRE VOCABULARY the most dreaded part

Start with kaplan 2500 then barrons 3500 and lastly read Nova high frequency.

Now you might think that there are many common words, yes there is certainly but many words are specific to all these three.

To study this you will have to dig in hard, have some allotted time for it in the morning. Keep flashcards handy and always keep them with you, revising them anywhere you get time.

There are sites who offer audio help for memorising the words I found it very helpful ( I changed my music list to word list in my phone)

You would require a month to be well versed with all the words and yes mnemonic do help but can only be learned for very few whom you found very difficult to learn.
Plus keep a check on easy sounding words with minute differences in their charge, they are more difficult then complex words.

After lumbering through the words NOW go for word groups and if necessary word roots, this will add final touches to your prep.

THE NEXT BEST THING IS GRE BIG BOOK, get it online and try and solve 2-3 papers everyday in the last 2 weeks.
I have seen a korean big book for quant(noy sure of the name) I found some of its questions very helpful in building up the logic required for discerning quant section.
But barrons questions level very aptly matches with the GRE, so rely on that primarily and then go for kaplan or the korean big book*

Prepare notes for every single quant question type as to our advantage they are limited.

Overall no. of quest that might pose a prob :

RC 3 to 4 in verbal with second one toughest and trust me longest most times, have some time in the end as the fourth one might come around in the end.
DI for quant are easy dont worry about them too much just be very alert to not make any silly mistake.

For analytical writing consider NOVAS I found them very good. GO through sample essays many sites provide them meaning many of topics from the pool are already covered.

NOW for topics that need to be done better and are not provided clearly

  • COMBINATION(mostly)
  • I did it from CAT prep material of a friend.
  • Put special efforts for sentence completion.

Lastly few additional aids

  • READ through Peterson’s very helpful in guiding about how to move about in exam. ( author belongs to UCLA selection committee if I am correct )
  • DOWNLOAD a stopwatch for your computer to time yourself which is very important.
  • WATCH XNOTE STOPWATCH- from download-dot-com very helpful
  • Use thesaurus-dot-com again very helpful they have an option for flashcards and people have uploaded GRE content also.
  • Use pnemonic dictionary-dot-com for tough words. ( I know the exam is changing in aug but it can always help)


Focus on your prep not anywhere else, don’t get bogged down for you can judge yourself the best.


Keep good motivational songs for those breaks you take in between.

About me

Sanjeev, I am a Dental Intern , going to UCLA for externship( not related to GRE). Took 2 months of prep.


  • Quant : 770
  • Verbal : 640
  • TOTAL-1410

Analytical score awaited, will post when I get it.  Go for the kill my friends, realise your dreams and remember humans by very nature are resilient.

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  1. hi, sanjeev how are you… a small help can you me suggest me some good universities in usa… the score between 1000-1200 please…… i am so tensed sanjeev i am worried… i dont know how will i get the score…. can you give any tips or tricks… please… reply me… bye… takecare…

    1. Hi Jessica….I am sorry I cannot help you on this as I do not have a complete info about Uni. You can try the consultancy services though but with a pinch of salt..

      nd for your exam it happens with all don't worry on the final day you will nail it..

      1. thank you so much sanjeev… you are really so good boosting up my energy and confidence… and pray for me… still 1more week…. bye…. takecare….

  2. i came to know that if write gre xam at the end of the month we can get the question papers at some of the sites.is it true?if so can u tell me the sites….?

  3. hey im going to write gre by the end of this month.

    can u suggest me some gud tips.

    im nt getting interest to study those words…

  4. hi…sanjeev..hats off to ur score… i have got one month of time for gre preparation. i want a score of 1100..can you give me a tips to get my desired score.

    1. Read the above blog my friend it may help you out plus there are loads others too, want something to happen make something happen !

    1. vocab flashcards get them from thesaurus-dot-com and make a strict schedule for yourself and get on it heavily, I am sure you will do it.

  5. really, i must say i am so impressed the information is very useful… and it really boost up my confidence… u really got a good score with in 2months preparation, i am not that much intelligent but i'l put on all my effort till the exam get finished. so, i wanted you to help me and please guide me… sanjeev please… i am so tensed… my exam is on march 28th… i am totally dependent on you… so, please reply me… if not mail me

  6. well thanks friend that you have divided the preparation into three parts viz. attitude,study material and mental composure..Within two months of preparation you have scored a very decent one really hats off to you…….

  7. hi, i am jessica…. i've 1month time to prepare for my gre exam… can you please help me to score good… please… can i get 1400 score in 1month preparation? please hepl me out….

    1. yes jessica you can, divide up your time..make a suitable active schedule and work up barrons completely.

      Within a month you can achieve it, good luck

      Any other inquiry you can ask me

      1. thank you for replying sanjeev…. actually, my exam is on 28th march… so, i've started my preparation… so, is only barrons is enough…? i am preparing the material barrons, and nova and bigbook… and power prep

  8. Hey,

    Congratulations on your achievement!!!i would really appreciate if you could tell me the site from which i can get the audio version of the lists!!!

  9. Hey sanjeev

    Congratulations & thanks for such a grt post

    What course are u taking up at UCLA

    I am a dentist too would be a grt help if you tell me wht courses are available for international dentists .

    Thank you.

  10. well! it sounds interesting… i find it quite motivational for all the students who r intending to appear in GRE test !

      1. hi sanjeev

        congrats !!!!

        plz lemme knw wot the externship is about ,which u gng to do abroad and wot are the requirements

  11. yours words really give motivation ,am going to appear for gre in the next months .and i have to score 1300 + at any cost.kindly post such a expriences so that we read and follow it ,once again congratulation sir.

  12. thank sfor motivating us .i follow ur valuable tips and guidance.i need such stuff.really thanks and conguratulation sir.

  13. Congratulations for your results:) And thanks a lot for giving some good suggestions. Can you please give your E-mail ID or Contact no, so that we can contact you as and when needed.

  14. Hi Sandeep,

    My name is Vaishnavi Bhaskar, a Denatl Intern. Would you be kind to provide me with your e-mail id so that i can mail some of my queries to u.


  15. please do let me know that from which site should i download audio help for memorising the words.please i need to crack gre at any cost.

  16. Dear Sanjeev awesome post, thanks a lot my friend, really very helpful for preparation! Whether Novas math guide not necessary?

  17. This is a nice post. And for 2 months preparation, you've done very well. All the best in your future. Love the attitude aspect.

  18. Awesome! Congos dude! Did a great job.. though I did not see you much as an Aficionado of HSB, but helpful to all those who are going for MS.. 😀

  19. Hi Sanjeev,
    First, congratulations for your such a high score of 1410 in GRE. And thanks a lot for your tips. Hope it will help me in my preparation and your words has really motivated me a lot today. Thanks a lot once again and keeping giving us such many more tips. Have a bright future.

  20. Super bro, though im done with my GRE i really loved this tip , that to the 1st, positive attitude , i remembered this when u mentioned that point … on my test date had my verbal 1st ,,, believe me i dint even remember a single word though i had studied 2500 words (tension) in the middle of test i lost confidence , almost into tears, but that "positive attitude " that really helped , took 20 seconds break in the middle of the test , relaxed said to myself "i have studied and the answers are right in front of me all i have to do is tick one" (though this may sound funny at that point it was like " a energy drink" 🙂 ) and started my test …. OMG ended getting a good score. Friends that's what, at any point don't loose confidence , be positive work hard and success will be yours 🙂

  21. what a post it was !!! u absolutely deserve 1400…congratulations bro
    the way u have written this post reflects your hard work..!! all the best!! ♥♥♥

  22. Forgot to mention about powerprep..It does help you to know where you stand in exam but use it for building confidence even if you don't do good..stay put and give a fight in exam.

  23. Great article mate!!! Very helpful … i just want to know from which site you got the GRE big book coz those which i downloaded found it broken..

  24. Hi,
    I got a score of 1390 and my prepration style was very similar and even exact same in some aspects to this guy. good adivce here.

    1. congrats mam,

      help me ! please do let me know that from which site should i download audio help for memorising the words.please i need to crack gre at any cost.

  25. Hi,

    I tried out the ETS downloaded prep test which had very twisted questions — not at all like the ones in Barron and the Big Book ! The ones in Big Book after looking at the ETS sample tests seem 'useless' — so much so that I have given up on stuff ike Barrons and the Big Book cuz they are so unlike the ETS sample!

    Are you saying that Barrons like questions come in GRE?

    1. ETS sample questions are very easy..exam is tougher..powerprep is similar to GRE you will give..except maybe better screen resolution and noise reduction headphones.

      GRE is updated with new questions all the time..so big book is just for practice

  26. The information provided is quite encouraging for a student seeking GRE Test. Additionally every other supporting material is made available for all categories of students. One feels relieved after reading various solutions which are available . Thanks for all this.

  27. Firstly congratulations Sanjeev.
    I have Barron's 2003 edition. And do not have KAPLAN. Do you think studying Barron's only will help?
    And what do you mean by NOVA's high frequency words?

  28. I am impresses with your accomplishment. On 8th Feb, I received GRE 1350; verbal 550, Quantitative 800. I also read the idea about GRE from this website.

    1. Hi Cacarot,
      Congrats for your score and may i know which all books you referred for verbal n quant section and in which sequence you read them.

      1. Hi Cacarot,
        Congrats for your score and may i know which all books you referred for verbal n quant section and in which sequence you read them.

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