Fall 2012 Admission Rejected Due to Lack of Personality

Personality and College Admission

Universities typically have track record for percentage of applicants admitted (Admission Selectivity).

Good Test scores doesn’t get you admission.

Your Application should express personality.

Top Universities have low selectivity.

Did you consider selectivity while selecting the universities?

For instance,  lets look at  Admission Selectivity for few universities

  • Harvard  University – 7.2%
  • Princeton University – 9%
  • Rice University – 21%
  • NYU – 38%
  • Virginia Tech – 67%
  • University of Wyoming – 95%

When you are applying for Graduate School as an International student, did you consider Admission Selectivity into account?

US Universities Strict About Admission

Here is a comment posted by Rahul Today.

Just for the information guys this is my personal experience and 3 of my friends experienced the same.

So I’m not sure of the conclusion i am making but

  • GRE – 319 (1330 1450 in old gre)
  • TOEFL –  105
  • BTech 71%
  • Decent LORS and SOPS.

Got rejects from 3 universities Purdue, UMASS, Amherst and PSU (it really hammered my confidence )

One of my friends got rejects from Syracuse with a similar looking profile.

So what I think is us universities has become a little strict in giving admission these days ..so chose your universities wisely.

Academic Profile vs Admission

There should be a march between Students profile and admission committee expectation from applicants profile.

Having Top GRE Scores, doesn’t guaranty your admission.

There could be 100’s of other applications with similar profile. That’s where your Statement of Purpose comes into play.

Remember – Applicants are not evaluated based on mere numbers like in India ( cutoff).

Lack of personality  + Application to Selective University  =  Likely Admission Rejection.

Have you expressed your personality through your application documents?

Bonus College Admission Tip –

Don’t copy your Statement of Purpose.

If you have started by searching in Google “Sample Statement of Purpose of Computer Science“, you already gave up an opportunity to express your unique personality.

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