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Welcome to H1B Visa 2017 Updates and Latest News Page. What you will find on this page:

First Time H1B Visa Applicant?

I strongly recommend you read and watch the contents  following two resources

H1B Visa 2017 Updates

I will be updating this section real-time as more updates come along.

  1. March 16, 2016:USCIS Publishes Guidelines
  2. April 1 to 7, 2016: H1B Visa Application Accepted
  3. April 7, 2016: H1B Cap Reached. Official Update from USCIS.
  4. April 12, 2016: First Receipt Number Reported. 236,000 Total Applications.
  5. April 20, 2016: Regular Processing Receipt Reported
  6. April 20, 2016: Pre-Paid Mailers Suspended for 2 weeks. Alert.
  7. April 22, 2016: Premium Processing to Begin on May 12, 2016
  8. May 2, 2016 – Data Entry is Complete.
  9. May 16, 2016 – Premium Processing Starts
  10. May 10, 2016 – First Premium Processing Approval Reported
  11. May 12, 2016: Premium Processing Begins
  12. June 13, 2016: First H1B Return package reported.
  13. June 14, 2016: USCIS confirmed return of all packages
  14. Aug 4, 2016: Regular Processing Approval (Reported by User)
  15. Sep 20, 2016: Regular Processing Still Pending (Reported by Users)
  16. Jan 6, 2017: Few reports of Pending RFE

May 2, 2016

USCIS announced that H1B Visa Data Entry is Complete. Here’s the video analysis of what happens next.

April 14, 2016

Question Answered: I received a notification that I am chosen for the h1b and received a notification from my employer. I’m currently in India, leaving on 27th to US. My question here is that can I complete my interview and stamping before I leave? Thanks. Varun

April 13, 2016:

Question Answered: Attorney sent my application through FedEx (overnight) shipping on 6th April at 4:20 pm PST but there is a problem in the delivery. And also I want to know they accepted my application at Vermont Service Center, if they rejected my application they need to send my application return. but till know, I did not get any response from USCIS. So I want to know is there any chance for acceptance?

April 12, 2016:

h1b visa applications 236000

  • Total H1B Visa Application Count – 236,000 (as Attorney Murali Predicted)
  • I guessed 250,00 to 275,000
  • Advanced Degree Cap Count – Not Published by USCIS
  • Lottery is completed for General Cap
  • Lottery is completed for Advanced Degree Cap
  • Premium Processing will start no later than May 16, 2016
  • USCIS continues to accept Cap-Exempt H1B Applications

April 7, 2016

h1b visa 2017 cap reached

  • USCIS received more than 85,000 H1B Visa applications
  • General Cap and Advanced Cap Lottery Confirmed
  • Dates for Lottery or Cap Count is not yet available
  • Premium Processing would start no later than May 16, 2016
  • Stay tuned for official update on Total applications in next few days

H1B Visa 2017 – Expected Timeline

Following is a bird’s eye view of this year’s process and expected timeline

  1. April 1 to 7: Application Accepted by USCIS
  2. April 8 to June:  USCIS mails Receipt numbers
  3. May to October:
    1. Approvals for Premium Processing
    2. Packages Returned
    3. RFE’s
    4. Approvals for Regular Processing
    5. Denials
    6. Withdraw

For detailed analysis, watch the video learn what to expect week by week from April to October and worst case scenario analysis with a list of unexpected items that happened to previous years applicants.

 Common Questions from H1B Visa Applicants

  1. When will Iknow the lottery is done?
  2. When will USCIS announce H1B Visa 2017 total cap count?
  3. How will I know my H1b petition is selected in the lottery or not?
  4. Who will send me news about my H1b application – Employer, Attorney or HR?
  5. Is there a way to know my consultant really applied for my H1B Visa?
  6. What happens after I get selected in the lottery?
  7. USCIS case status sits says my receipt number is not found.
  8. My employer is not responding to my emails about receipt number, what to do?

I can add several more questions to this list. I totally get what you would be going through this year’s H1B visa process. People tend to get sleepless nights and shocked when they actually see the lengthy timeline of this whole process.

Most of the above questions are answered in this H1B Visa 2017 Lottery Guide and you can go into the season with right expectations and mindset.


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  • You can post a new comment by replying to the email.

How To Contribute

Please post comments below to update your status of any events. To begin with, you can submit your first comment

  • H1B Cap – Advanced or Regular
  • Processing – Regular or Premium
  • Service Center – VSC or CSC or NA
  • Applied from – USA, India, etc.

You can then continue to add comments when new events happens for your H1B Visa 2017 petition. Like, receipt number received, approval received, RFE received, etc.



  1. H1B Cap – Advanced
    Processing – Regular
    Service Center – CSC
    Applied from – USA

    my suggestion is to make this something like poll for registered users

    1. Author

      I have separate site for tracking the data, but it needs work. I tried google forms in the past and guess what, there’s going to be few people who want to mess up the sheet. So, i don’t have a better solution unless I need to custom develop one.

    1. Author

      Refer to Video Guide – https://goo.gl/8tT3D6 ( you would have to post questions and wait for someone answer). You are going to need answers for several more months to come due to long H1B Visa season.

  2. Hi,
    Any idea on the count of the applications received so far for 2017?

    1. No Official update from USCIS about CAP met or number of petitions.

      I would expect USCIS to release today or tomorrow.

    1. Author

      Deepak – Come on man.. did you read the link you shared? They clearly spell out that answer for your question.

      1. Does not show number of application received 🙂 just says it reached cap.

  3. Please post about the number of application filed this year when you come to know about it

  4. I am so relax this year… Because I did not apply for H1B! It was unbearable pain last couple of years!

  5. “The agency will reject and return filing fees for all unselected cap-subject petitions that are not duplicate filings.” – what does this mean raghu

    1. Author

      It means what it says 🙂

      Get access to H1B Video Guide

  6. “Once the H1B petition is filed, the student beneficiary should contact her/his designated school official (DSO) and provide proof of filing, such as a copy of the petition and proof of mailing. The DSO should then issue a preliminary cap-gap I-20 that extends the student’s status temporarily. Once the USCIS issues a receipt notice (I-797), the student should return to the DSO to receive a new I-20 for the full cap-gap period. ” – can you explain about this raghu

    1. Author

      That’s for H1B Cap-Gap if OPT or STEM OPT is expiring between April 1 and Oct 1.

  7. I am 2 time reject on H1b and applied this year as well. Finger Crossed.

    I think It will be shame on me If I apply one more time 🙂

    1. U should not be ashamed. Those buggers who apply multiple petitions via crap consultancies
      should be ashamed. I wonder how USCIS is ignoring this big misuse of system.

  8. Author

    My Revised H1B Visa 2017 Prediction: 260,000 to 275,000.

    Yes, Call me CRAZY!

  9. How many advanced cap applications are expected for FY 2017?
    Or in other words what are the odds to get H1b for US master’s students in FY 2017?

    1. Author

      I’m expecting about 260,000 to 275,000 ( you can do the ods math).

    1. Hey Raghu,

      Can you please elaborate on the data that you used to update the prediction numbers?


  10. Hey Raghu,

    “April 12, 2016: First Receipt Number Reported. ”

    Is this news confirmed and valid? How come USCIS start sending receipt numbers without announcing the total applications received.

    1. Author

      If I’m posting something. then take it. I’m covering H1B news since 2007. Every year, for every update, people want confirmation and source. I can’t give it out. Few days later, they will start to hear from other places. that’s my explanation.

      1. Hey Raghu,
        With almost same number of applications as last year and a lottery on april 9th, can you please predict when can we expect receipt notices for regular processing? Any possibility of most receipts arriving by May?

        1. Author

          I have done that in the video guide. Scroll to the blog post above for link.

      2. should i blindly accept whatever you says?? you told that Receipt Number Reported, show us proof , how come one need to believe when there is no proof??

        1. Author

          As I told you, after you read from other places you will come to realize why/how HSB reports these news faster!

          Be my guest.. I have 8 years worth of contents to prove.. from STEM OPT cancellation to H4 EAD to H1B news to prove my reputation.

          If you have scrolled to read few more comment since today, you would have had the answer!

        2. Sorry yaar… if somebody is trying to help you accept it or follow up….. Main thing, he has not applied H1-B to show you proof …. its your wish that accept it or not…. Raghu is helping us alot with various topics….

          1. Author

            Yunus, I actually do have a forwarded email from Vermont for premium. When I have close to 100,000 people in my email list its easy! It happens with first time visitors. They will learn. H1b is just the beginning. 1000 lbs gorilla is waiting in the name of Green Card!

          2. i agree with you bro, i’m just asking screenshot regarding that,i’m sorry if anyone understand in other way

    2. I got my receipt number on 12th April, 7:56pm. You want proof? Here you go!

  11. First Premium Processing Email Notifications from Both Service Centers in the H-1B Lottery

      1. Premium processing has nothing to do with Degree. Petition filed with Premium Processing, which guarantees a response within 15 calendar days after processing begins. USCIS has announced that premium processing of cap-subject H-1B petitions will begin no later than May 16 of this year.

        But premium processing result are getting out!!

  12. Got the receipt number
    H1B Cap – Advanced
    Processing – Premium
    Service Center – WAC
    Applied from – USA

    1. Hi Yoyo Singh

      Congratulations on the good news. Can you please find out if your SEVIS status is changed as a result of our lottery selection ? I think your school DSO can you help you with that information. Other, like me, who are still waiting to hear can probably try to know of the lottery through the SEVIS route.


  13. instead of think that if my application is going to be picked up or not
    people here are talking about how many applications the USCIS received.
    Its all luck and people who are getting the H1B’s the process to green card is 15 years from now. Its not easy….by 40 you will get green card and i personally think, you are better of
    living in freedom with the job without any restrictions, if you want to grow in your profession.

    1. Hi Raja

      Congratulations on the good news. Can you please find out if your SEVIS status is changed as a result of our lottery selection ? I think your school DSO can you help you with that information. Other, like me, who are still waiting to hear can probably try to know of the lottery through the SEVIS route.


      1. Hello Max

        Thank you so much. I will try contacting my university and let you know.


      2. Please note that, SEVIS update will not change now until the petition is approved. Now, It has only been picked in lottery.

        1. I think you are incorrect on this part. SEVIS status changes to ‘H1B Pending’ if the application is pending decision with USCIS, which will occur only after selection of petition in lottery.

  14. Received confirmation of receipt number
    H1B Cap – Advanced
    Processing – Premium
    Service Center –CSC
    Applied from – USA


        1. Author

          H1B gods were smiling upon you. I spoke to someone who graduated with MS in 2012 and got H1B this year!

  15. Hi Roghu

    First of all, sincere and appreciation and gratitude for your continuous effort to keep us informed.

    I am confused on one thing: May 16, 2016 – Premium Processing Starts. – What does it mean? They will start counting the 14 days from May 16?

    My company applied with premium processing option. So do I need to wait till June 1 to get the result?

    I am sorry if I am asking a silly question. But it’s a big concern for me.

    Appreciate your response.

      1. Thanks for your quick reply.

        Few more questions: What does processing start mean? Does it relate to the lottery result?

    1. Hi Raghu,
      Appreciate you a lot..you did a great work earlier and doing a fabulous work at present as well, spending lot of time on this blog and try to share info to us is not an easy job. I hope you keep continue this good work.

      Hi All,
      I am happy to post here that mine got picked up in lottery. (Advanced Degree cap, premium quota, Vermont Service center, got update on Apr 11,2016), and waiting for approval. All the best for you guys!!!

  16. Hi All,

    My sponsor filled a petition for me, meanwhile i changed the company and moved out of india. will it be a problem? Please advice

  17. Thanks for your sincere and prompt effort. Is there any way to support your blog financially, Raghu? I have already disabled Adblocker, thats the least I could do. 🙂

    1. Author

      So, nice to hear that 🙂

      I’m planning to offer courses (membership portal) and few more courses to navigate H1b to Green Card, Personal finance and Travel Hacking. Would love you to be part of that. I’m always looking for guests to interview 🙂

  18. Hi All,

    My attorney informed that my petition was selected. It was AD/PP. The receipt was generated today. Good Luck!

      1. Thanks Raghu. You are doing a great job and I was following your blog throughout the H1B period. I would also like to add that my service center was Vermont and it was applied from US.

  19. Premium Processing in Vermont Bachelors Degree Cap. Haven’t heard anything yet 🙁
    There’s still hope!

  20. I have the same feeling today when I got Student(F1) visa in march 2013.
    I came to US without any consultancy help or any fake documents.
    When I am in final semester I started applying jobs through Indeed. After lot of failures ,got selected in a company as Full time Employee.

    I have never approached any consultancy (body shop) to fake my resume and apply experience jobs…

    Today I got H-1B in lottery.

    Moral of Story: Be yourself , Dont fake. You will reach what you want to be.

    1. Author

      Way to Go! I have seen so many of your comments since STEM OPT news 🙂

      1. I tried very hard to frightened consultancy people so that they wont apply 4 or 5 petitions.. But It dint worked out ..

        Still we got 236000 Petitions. ……lol

        1. Author

          Duplicate petitions is not causing huge numbers. It services companies are applying in BULK! I mean if a company is going to get 7000, then you can imagine total petitions they would have applied.

    2. Hi All,
      I am happy to post here that mine got picked up in lottery.
      Details : Advanced Degree cap, premium quota, Vermont Service center, got update on Apr 13,2016

      1. How do you know if yours was picked in the lottery? I mean how did you get notified. I thought the lottery results wont be known until some time.

  21. Any one out there with Regular Processing and an H1 B lottery pick…?
    I applied with regular processing and was wondering what would be the usual time before I would be notified, if I was picked in the lottery.

  22. Hi Guys,

    I have been following this blog since 2014 and my company applied my H1b twice and was not able the though from the lottery in both the years. This year not filled the application as company asked to give chance to some other and also I can’t take more pressure during April and May as it was really hard to wait for those 60 days and then no result.

    But Guys, please be patient and relax , the h1b is not the end of the life, yes it really really good if we get that otherwise believe me there is something else Good for you from GOD which we really can’t see as of now.

    I am also trying to settle down here in India now and looking for the best to come for me.

    All the best to all but only 80k will through from the lottery.

    1. Author

      Thanks for sharing your experience. I know, it’s really tough days of your life waiting for H1 results.

      1. Raghu,

        This time I have not applied h1b as I was thinking there might be more than 275k application and getting out from that is bit more tough also I have given chance to my other colleagues as well.

        I will apply next time and lets connect in 2017.

        I hope USCIS will come out with some checks to block consultants (which I guess they won’t be able to do until Mr Trump will come into picture).

  23. Got my receipt from attorney yesterday. (PP/AD/first time/ FTE)..

    My attorney replied like this
    “On 04/12/2016, we received the receipt for H-1B petition filed via premium processing on your behalf. According to the USCIS, this case was received on 4/11/16. Within 15 calendar days, we should receive an update from USCIS on the case. You may view the status of this case online at using the case number(s) given above. ”

    Within 15 days , what will be the update from USICS?

    Good luck for others.


    1. Hi Raghu,

      How do we know the result ?

      How we will contact attorney people through mail ?

      Could you share your experience . I am also applied this year waiting for the result ?

      1. Author

        Get the H1B Visa 2017 video guide 🙂

        I have explained 3 ways, H1B communication flow works.

  24. Hi Raghu,

    I received my receipt conformation from my employer. Time stamp on the email is 12th April 8:38pm. But in the email that I received I found that my date of birth was wrong. It was 12/16/80 instead of 12/16/90. What would happen now ?will that result in reject my application? Any help would be really appreciated. Thanks in advance.

    1. Did you read the email completely???? Follow steps mentioned in that email….

      “If any of the information above is incorrect, please contact a California Service Center Premium Processing Unit customer representative by forwarding this message with your comments to or by calling
      . Please note that the e-mail address and phone number listed above are designated for premium processing issues only.”

    2. you might get RFE and then please provide valid documents to them and then there won’t be an issue but Raghu can tell better.

      Raghu, please update this guy as this is very tough time for him even he got selected.

  25. Hi Raghu,

    Has anyone got receipt confirmation for regular processing. When shall we except receipt confirmation for regular processing applications?


    1. As far as I know, Regular Petitions get notification through mail and also USCIS start sending notices through mail after they have done with premium processing notifications..

      Last year , I saw Regular processing got notices after second week of May. So don’t worry about it.. it takes time.

  26. Hi,

    I applied H1-B this year 2016. How do i know the result as early as possible.
    I applied last years also 2014,15 . So anyone please tell me the way to get the results.


    1. Hi,
      It’s not possible to know until your attorney is received the receipt or rejection letter. Wait for the response from attorney.

  27. This is my second attempt Regular/PP/CA. Since the receipts started coming in from Tuesday.. Can I still hope that there is time for Regular/PP?

    1. Last year, I saw few people got an email first week of may for premium processing..

      So don’t worry.. Give USCIS some time to send you an email.

  28. Hey Raghu, I have applied this year. Premium processing. Haven’t heard anything back. Kinda tensed as its my second attempt. I still have time for the result to come out, right?

    1. Author

      Watch out for today’s video update and you can wait. #hope

    2. We don’t know how many people are in premium processing..
      Be positive.. it takes time to get notified.. wait till next week

      Last year, I saw few people got an email first week of may for premium processing..

      So don’t worry.. Give USCIS some time to send you an email.

  29. Dear Colleagues,

    This is my second time applied for H1B through a Healthcare provider in NJ. Please let me know whether any one applied for same through Veritas.

    Thank you

  30. Recieved reciept notice yesterday….1st attempt ..vermount service center

    1. Great Congragulations Everybody who received the receipt number.I am still waiting for the h1b.

    2. how can we validate the employer filled our application and its accepted by USCIS. before you get rejection/ or approval receipt.

  31. I have applied for H1B premium processioning but from the California center. Has anyone here received any updates from the same center? My company has applied with an attorney within the United States.

    Applying for the first time and hoping that I got in!!

    1. Same here waiting for result, Even my H1b application sent to California center.

  32. first time applier. regular processing advanced degree, California service center. Has not received receipt notice yet.

  33. Third/Last Attempt AD/PP/CSC

    Looks like ebags will get some more business this year.

  34. Got my receipt notice with the receipt number yesterday. I have done in premium processing Does it means that it is picked in lottery

  35. Hi,

    Is the H1B 2017 lottery results are out for non premium general category ? Have the people started getting their results ?

  36. AD/PP/VSC

    Got the news few hours back that I got picked. Thanks for your great updates Raghu.

  37. I hope who ever received receipt all are premium nor master degree candidates … Any one recevied receipt for regular process or any idea when can we expect

        1. You can’t take words from anyone just like that. It’s impossible to hear anything for AD/RP. Snail mail takes at least 3 days. And it was for his friend. False information to panic everyone.

  38. First time applier. premium processing, advanced degree, Vermont service center. Have not received receipt notice yet. Hoping to hear from my employer soon

    1. receipt notice means H1B selected from lottery or it is just a receipt number to check you are select or not ?

      1. if you receive a receipt or case number means your application was picked in lottery, and the same is used to track the status of the application.

  39. I got it at last. I heard people saying all Adv. degree/ Premium processing was over. But it dont think so. because today my attorney sent me a mail regarding the lottery pick up. My case has been picked up.

    So guys still everyone have chance. don’t lose hope.. All the best

  40. I had applied under premium process and advanced degree.. still have no received response? do all AD-PP receive acceptance within forst few days or is there still hope?

  41. Just got an email with my receipt number from my attorney. AD/PP/CA. This was my third attempt single filing same company all the three times. Thanks a lot Raghu, your blog was like a news paper for me every single day. This was the first thing I checked once I woke up!

    All the best to all the genuine applicants out there!

  42. When should all the premium processing receipts be out? I might have not made it then 🙁 still waiting here Vermont Service Center

    1. I am in the same situation.

      AD/PP and not received any updates yet from my employer regarding receipt number. I am inclined towards thinking that that I did not make it through the lottery process. If there is anyone who thinks otherwise, please let me know so I can start looking for other options.

      For the time being, I am considering options like finding an CAP exempt employer….

      1. Author


        I did an interview on cap-exempt process. I will open the video for purchase tomorrow.

  43. Got receipt number…First Attempt..Advanced degree…Vermont center…Premium processing

  44. AD/PP, I haven’t received any news yet. As per Premium processing rules, I should be getting notified within 15 days of a day USCIS received my application. If not, They will refund my money. My lawyer had sent overnight package to USCIS and I think it should have reached by 1st -4th April. If I don’t get any update by today EOD, Does it mean end of road? Will USCIS refund my premium processing fees? If regular processing ppl start getting receipt, mean no premium processing person has to wait?

    1. Author

      I will explain about Premium Processing in today’s video update.

    2. It is not confusing rules.
      It is true, as per premium processing rules, that you should get your application status result with in 15 days. But also USCIS made an announcement that they are not starting premium processing until May 15th due to high volume of applications. That means, days period start from May 15th. So you should get your result by May 31st. If you don’t hear any thing from your lawyer by May 31st, you can then come to a conclusion.

        1. Regular processing Advanced Degree. Well he did not ask for a premium processing. The Attorney for his company just asked him for the documents and he submitted the same. So we assume that his case was filed under general category.

    1. General category – premium processing – still didn’t get the receipt number yet. How long can I wait to see whether my case is picked in the lottery or not?

  45. I am waiting for h1b results . I have application was submitted @ Vermont centre with regular process. Please let me know if any one got the results from this centre. This is first time i have applied for H1B :).

  46. Hi Raghu,

    I have a doubt, the receipts which are generating now is only for PP or will it be for regular processing too? I heared from my friend is for RP there wont be any receipts but USCIS will send documents to the Employer/Attorney post approval. Please let me know.

  47. Raghu, thanks for putting my mind at ease. Just watched your video on HappySchools blog YouTube channel!

  48. First time applicant – Advanced Degree/ Premium Processing/ California Service Center.

    Received receipt number via e-mail from the attorney today.

  49. Any updates on regular H1B applications? Nothing heard from my employer yet.

    1. My friend got his receipt today (AD/Regular processing). So looks like they even started sending receipts for regular processing.

  50. Applied – AD/PP/Vermont
    My employer says my case was picked in the lottery & emailed me my receipt number. How long before the receipts show up in SEVIS. How do we check it there ?

  51. Hey Raghu ! Happy visiting your blog again . This is my second attempt (regular processing/NAD) again looking forward for his will (God) If he wants nothing can stop 🙂 . Fingers crossed .

  52. Hi Raghu,

    My application is premium/masters and sent to California center, How long i can wait for results?

    1. The Answer is going to be
      “Check the H1B Video I posted for details answers.”

      ***If u r good at something, never do it for free***

  53. Hi Raghu,

    is there any scenario/chance that any H1B application status is unknown till oct month?

    Last year i received acknowledgement in october saying not in the selected ones.



    1. Author

      Yes. I know someone who is still waiting since last April.

    2. I Said , received through email from my employer. My Lawyer received through post.

  54. Second time applicant – Advanced Degree/ Regular Processing/ Vermont Service Center.

    Received receipt number via e-mail from the Employer today.

      1. Hey Rajeev, Sri’s employer received his receipt notice via mail from USCIS, and then his employer has sent the receipt notice to him via email, so hes correct. Be calm and dont use harsh words.

    1. How come you recived receipt number through email if it is regular processing?. Email will be given to only premium processing.

      1. I Said , received through email from my employer. My Lawyer received through post.

  55. Hi Raghu,

    Second time applicant (Last Chance) – Advanced Degree/ Regular Processing/ Vermont Service Center.

    Received receipt number via e-mail from the Employer today Morning 11:30 AM EST.

  56. I got confirmation about my non AD regular processing has picked up.
    Same with my other team mates too.

    1. what the hell are you talking about? Harry don’t panic others. You got any proof?

      1. He is saying the truth. Even my friends got it today. Dont panic. It depends on when ur attorney mails you your results

  57. H1 picked regular/masters first time . Got email from my employer that my application is selected this year.

    1. Its ridiculous. Email is only for premium processing. How can u get an email? Please don’t post some bullshit in this page. This page is something which has got a reputation for posting genuine stuff at a very early stage.

      1. He posted that he got email from his employer not from USCIS. Please read the message properly before blaming them.

        1. cheque got en chased and my employer send me a mail that it got picked . i did not say USCIS emailed me

      2. He has mentioned, he got email from employer and not USCIS. His employer or the attorney would have got the ‘mail/post’ 🙂

      3. Hey buddy , he is saying he got mail from his employer not from USCIS. May be his employer would have found out that his cheque got en-cashed and informed him about it. That’s also one way of knowing if you got picked up . En-cashing of cheque and receive mail or email are not always in sync.

        1. Makes sense.So there are employers who inform the employees on the day their check is encashed.That’s awesome

  58. So Guys,

    Raghu here at Happy Schools blogs is doing excellent job answering all of your questions repeatedly. Please go though all the previous posts before you ask the same question.

    Here’s my analysis of the current situation of H1B 2017. Its just an analysis anything can be wrong or right, its just to give hope to guys who are still waiting for their results.

    Its already 8 working days that USCIS is sending emails for Premium processing from two service centers.

    So I guess approximately atleast 60% of packets are opened which is 50k out of 85k and in another week or so they will be wrapping things up.

    I guess this is what happens at service centers after random lottery is completed uscis

    1. starts opening packets and do data entry. if the packet is for Premium Processing run a batch where the application sends emails to all PP applications to attorneys.
    2. If RP they send Receipt notice via mail which would be delayed. I guess the packets which were opened on First day with Regular processing are receiving their notices via mail today.( Delay of 1 week)

    So by this analysis I guess all the receipt numbers for PP should be out by end of next week and for RP should be out by mid May (do the math).

    Good Luck every one and have patience.

    P.S- I often see people using words email and mail interchangeably, actually the words email and mail are different mail is something like a courier, email is an electronic mail such as gmail, yahoo etc… Please get used to these kind of small things when you are prepared to work here in US.

  59. HII
    I File my H1B visa Application,But i did not got any update regarding that.

    Please let me know what should i do…I am very tensed…does my visa process further.


    1. AD / RP / Vermont, got a call from my employer this morning saying that I was picked in the lottery.

  60. Hi,

    My case was filed with Premium Processing and I have a masters degree from US. I still haven’t heard back anything from USCIS or my employer? Is there still any hope? How long is the wait generally?


    1. Hi KHB,

      Today morning at 7.30 AM CST , my friend called me saying that her H1( AD/PP/VT) got picked in lottery , by knowing that the check got encashed . She is waiting for her receipt number to come .

      This says that still we can hope . Even am also in AD/PP .


    2. Hi My Case Also filled with AD, PP still not response from my employer.
      Applied through consultancy (employer) but no response. Did you apply through consultancy or direct hire ? I am thinking no hope. Even-though consultancy applied my H1B or not I’m doubt about that. Is there any way to know that my consultancy applied my H1B or not ? Is there any proof so I can ask my consultancy?

      1. Gopi,

        They will get a notice saying that your case was approved or denied . Your consultancy will send that copy to you. That’s the only proof saying that your employer filed your h1b this year.

        If your h1 got picked, then you will get receipt number . Even that is confirmation that your consultancy filed your h1b .

        1. Thanks Bobi,

          What is last day for getting response approval/denial for H1B. I have applied PP AD

          1. Gopi,

            Thats not true, I am AD/PP/CA , this is my third time applying. There are couple ways to find.

            Ask for a soft copy of the entire application package that was sent to USCIS. every one will have a copy of the package that was sent just incase if it was lost. So if they went through the pain of getting all that paperwork then its more than likely they did what they agreed. I have all 3 years of my application in pdf.

            Easiest way: is the proof of delivery if its UPS or Fedex. I have receipt saying it was delivered and signed 8:40am by Edwardo on April1st 2016.

            If you application is selected through lottery. They will give a WAC # via email to attorney and your lawyer should forward that # to you and many people keep checking the status through there.

            After this there may be a RFE most people will skip this phase.

            And finally you will get the Approval or Denied notice.

            On the contrary if you are not selected in lottery.

            You will just get the application package sent back to your attorney with a notice saying it wasnt picked through computer generated lottery system.

            Keep your hopes up lad. good luck

          2. Gopi,

            Yes, like the other guy ( Godfather ) said, you can ask for UPS/Fedex Tracking number to your employer who had sent that on time ( btwn Apr 1 to Apr 7th ) . With that you can check easily .

            Or you need to wait till you get approval/denial notice receipts.

            Its hard to predict the time for these notices . USCIS will announce it like how it did last year .

          3. Vermont center still has more non degree applications

        2. HI Bobby,
          My package sent by UPS, i also got tracking number, and its shows that item delivered on 6th april 2016, but how can i be sure that my application was there in package which was delivered.
          2)can we get any receipt number before waiting for rejection notice receipt and approval receipt.
          also if i get my soft copy of my package it will not assure me that its accepted by USCIS, Please help me on this thanks .

    3. Well.To be frank, wait until tomorrow night.Else its ok. H1b denial is not the end of life.There are good opportunities even in India

      1. HI ,
        My package sent by UPS, i also got tracking number, and its shows that item delivered on 6th april 2016,
        Shipped/Billed On:04/05/2016Delivered On: 04/06/2016 10:56 A.M. Delivered To: SAINT ALBANS, VT, US

        but how can i be sure that my application was there in package which was delivered.
        2)can we get any receipt number before waiting for rejection notice receipt and approval receipt.
        also if i get my soft copy of my package it will not assure me that its accepted by USCIS, Please help me on this thanks .

  61. hI,

    Non advanced degree with premium processing CA center , still haven’t received receipt ?

    Still are they any chances to get selected?

    1. Well.To be frank, wait until tomorrow night.Else its ok. H1b denial is not the end of life.There are good opportunities even in India

    2. I guess USCIS California center has started approving Premium Processing I129 applications. Since USCIS sent out receipt notices for premium processing on April 11,with 15 days SLA they should be starting to approve the cases. Below are 2 examples I came across.


      1. Author

        Remember, people applying for H1 extension,transfer is also included.

      1. Vermont Center? U could wait for one more week then. Dont get tensed. They have just opened half of their packages.

        1. Hi Kaththi,

          One question, if the employer files from NYC is it directed to Vermont Center? And how do you know that they have opened half of their packages?

  62. Non Advanced Degree/ Regular Processing/ Vermont Service Center.

    Is any one Received receipt number via e-mail from the Employer today??.

    1. I have applied for H1b (3rd time )..eagerly looking at lottery results…Regular Processing..
      my earlier application have gone through many queries/RFEs..bla bla….

      Hoping for this year to get it picked..

      @Raghu – Will there be any conflict b/w my current appication (if picked) with old petition (status – transferred to some other office to review from vermont=applied during 2011-12- still pending)

        1. Hi I filed under regular cap with premium processing.
          I think it comes under Vermont service center.how can I know whether I got approved or denied.Is there any chance and 15calender days is done.

          Please reply me

          1. Author

            Looks like you are a first time applicant. Watch the videos I have about H1B process in youtube channel.

    2. Noone would have got today so early. But may receive in the later part of the day.

    3. Hello!

      Regular Processing, Advanced Degree Cap, California Service Center – Got my receipt number today.

  63. Non Advanced Degree/ Regular Processing/ Vermont Service Center? is any one got mail from the employer?

  64. Anyone with bachelor degree premium processing received receipt ?from CA center?

  65. HI,
    Could please tell me how can i know that my application is filled by my employer/consultancy before i get “Rejection notice Receipt” in mid of may(why i am asking is they may show us face rejection receipt notice by editing it). my consultancy showed ey some tracking number(UPS, not fedex) , the item is delivered, but by this it does not show that my application is accepted by USCIS, and my parcel was received on 6 April 2015, will USCIS will consider my application or not.
    Please help me on this

    1. Well u know. U can call ups and ask them where was it delivered. Ask them the destination address where the parcel was delivered. They will 100% let u know about the same if u have t tracking number.

  66. I work full time in US. I applied last year from my firm in AD but did not get selected. This year, I applied via a consultancy another H1B in addition to my firm’s petition. I got lucky and my firm’s petition is picked. Now I don’t care anything about the consultancy’s H1B petition. Can I get it discarded before I get any notification about it? Would that be an issue? Can I otherwise discard it after it gets picked before it gets an RFE? If I do that, would USCIS find it fishy?

  67. Hello Raghu

    Thanks for this website. It has been a long and frustrating journey for me. I lost the H1B lottery 3 times, my company moved me abroad to try again and if I would have lost, would have tried L1. Thankfully, H1B premium processing AD went through. I got the email from attorney on 15 April 2016. Now my question is how long should I wait till it is approved? It is in California Service Center. is May 16 the last day by which Premium Processing should be notified, or is it May 16 + 15 days?

    1. Author

      Congrats! Premium Processing will start on May 12, 2016 (new updated date). 15 days clock starts on May 12.

  68. A friend of mine received her notice for AD/Regular/Vermont/NJ either today or yesterday.
    So probably they started sending the notices for regular too.
    Fingers X

  69. AD / RP got a call from my employer this morning saying that my check got cashed. 🙂

    1. Hello Ajju,

      Was the check cashed today morning or were you informed today ?


        1. Well. Can’t you see that he is just exaggerating for sympathy?Bloody childish.There are people who are praying day and night since this is their last chance and haven’t heard back.Can’t believe there are people like this guy on earth.

  70. I received the receipt number from my employer WAC… number, does this mean that my name is picked in the lottery. If yes what are the next steps for me ?

  71. My question to Raghuram,
    I have a question. If a person’s (Regular processing) application reaches uscis on April 1st, will he get his result(acceptance or denial) earlier than a person whose application reaches on April 5th?

    1. Author

      There’s no official news or policy published on how USCIS handles H1B processing internally. Based on what I have seen, it’s random. Some applicants receive approval sooner then others.

    2. HI Kaththi,

      my application was delivered on 6th april, will it be considered or not. below is the tracking details i got. it was delivered by UPS. i am not sharing tracking number
      Shipped/Billed On:04/05/2016 Delivered On: 04/06/2016 10:56 A.M. Delivered To: SAINT ALBANS, VT, US Signed By: xx person.
      but it does not show that my application is accepted, its just delivered, so how can i know my application is accepted before i get any rejection/approval receipt in may.
      my consultancy also saying they can share application pacakage soft copy. but it does mean that they really filled application.
      do we get any receipt number just after filling application so that we can track it before the result out.

  72. Please could you advice if there is any hope left for AD/PP/CA ? this is my last attempt and have to start looking for applying to colleges incase this doesnt work out. Do you think there are chances or no more?

  73. Hi Raghu,

    Thank you very for happyschoolsblog. Can you please help in proposing a request to increase the cap of hib applications at least next year because there about 150k people who will be applying next year as they where reject this year.

    I truly appreciate your effects in creating the stem opt bill.

      1. Hi

        Did any one from regular cap premium processing received h1b. Please reply

        1. Hi divya.. Even mine regular premium.. Still haven’t received anything yet. Urs is California or Vermont center?

          1. Hi monisha

            It’s Vermont….yours Full tensioned

      2. I have a questions to Raghuram, is there still any hope for getting picked up the lottery ?
        AD, PP
        And one more questions related to STEM OPT 24 Months : Do I need to submit I-983 form for OPT extension ?

        1. Author

          New form is required after May 10, 2016. It’s not a simple answer for #HopeforH1B Good Luck.

  74. Dear Colleagues and friends,

    Please let me know if any one applied H1b VISA through Veritas NJ.

    Have any one got picked in lottery through Veritas.

    Thank you

  75. Hi Raghu

    I am Non AD/RP and still no response from my employer. Is it worth to wait till this month end or its not worth to keep hope?

    Appreciate your response

  76. Hi. I got mine RP AD from WAC today.

    thanks and keep the faith. it was my second attempt.

  77. Non-ad/RP cheque got encashed….got information from attorney. Got to know on friday evening.

      1. selected today (got to know through SEVIS update from the University). AD/RP/CSC

    1. Hello Omsairam, have you received the mail copy sent by USCIS from your Employer. If yes when you get it after your cheque get encashed?

  78. All AD/PP/** guys,

    There is no point of having a hope. Now chances are almost nil (0-1%). I would say, you are not going to get picked up. Just get rid of mindset of hoping to get selected. Accept the reality. Get out of your *US* dreams. Now, it is your responsibility to find a second option. Either apply for master’s again or go to a different country. It is your chance to explore the world. Go to China, Japan, Canada, Korea, Europe, Singapore, South America etc. World is too big. Explore. Explore.

    You might feel lucky when you start enjoying the extra-ordinaty world outside. You would say that not getting selected in H1B lottery was the best thing ever happened.

    Prepare for all these options right now, because again this process would take time. Do the second option before it gets too late.

    Good luck to unlucky guys.

  79. Hi team,
    Is there any chance like a person selected in lottery and waiting for the receipt in Regular processing

  80. Hi Raghu,

    Thank you so much for the efforts to maintain this blog.

    I have a question regarding my visa situation. I applied in AD/Regular processing. I have not heard back from my employer regarding the H1 application.

    My opt expires on 12 July 2016. Please let me know if there is any hope left? Also, what would be the best time to apply for COS to H4.
    What will happen if I apply for COS now and also get picked in lottery? Can I abandon H4 and continue on H1 in that case?

    1. Author

      About COS – Talk to Attorney Murali via Ask an Attorney. I can only write about H1B Visa news.

  81. Congrats to friends who still are on OPT and their application for H1B did not got picked up in the lottery. There is a huge prediction for IT bubble burst the fourth quarter of 2016 where there will be lot of lay offs of Contractors from IT companies. As u know the fraud part you gotta pay the monthly tax from your pocket to keep u r H1b (not for OPT cheers) employment status. And my OPT friends lets watch and enjoy the show. Don’t be bothered well try next year if not the year after.
    Do not believe abt tech burst , google it your self. The IT contracting market itself is becoming a big mess, from known sources its being said that for one job there are at least 30 resumes flooding (with at least 28 Fake ones. !). All the best H1b folks enjoy the 2016. hunt. 🙂

    1. Frustrated guy. Please dont spread false news . Better help help someone rather than harm.

    2. I guess u did not get through the lottery this year .. words of frustration….

  82. AD RP First time, Got the good news yesterday from my employer, I am happy to share this on HSB. Raghu I follow your blog and it really helped me from STEM to H1B. I hope all the deserving guys gets it soon.

    1. Author

      Congrats Sachin. I will be launching new course. What’s next after H1B ( H1b to GC). Because no one gives advise on GC and I don’t folks to be waiting for 15 years for Green card.

      1. Hey Raghu, Thank you for replying, I would like to inform you that my GC process has already started my employer. Also my PERM has been approved and I am waiting for my I-140.

        1. Hey Sachin,

          Is it possible to start the GC process before getting H1B approved? Please let me know about it. Thanks!

          1. Hello raghu,

            Does qualification really matters for selection process in the lottery?

            Why bcoz I am a BE mech with 16+ years experience.

            I appreciate your prompt response

          2. Author

            Refer to H1B page to learn about H1B requirements for approval. Job requirements vs your academics, experience counts.

          3. Hey Frank_Guy,

            Yes it is possible, and I have already done it. Even I was unsure about it when my employer told me about this, but it is doable.

  83. Hi Raghu,

    My H1B was approved under AD/PP. I have not heard anything regarding my approval yet. My current stem opt expires on Nov 1st 2016. I have a time gap of May 10th(Actually May 13th since that’s when my DSO said he will be able to generate an I-20) to June 1st to apply for the additional 7 month extension.

    Can I apply for the 7 month extension when a H1B is pending? I just want to be on the safe side and since I have such a short time frame to apply for the 7 months am thinking I should.

    What do you suggest?

    1. Author

      How can you get H1B approval if you applied in April 2016? did you mean to say, it’s selected in the lottery? As always, questions about status, should be posted via Ask an Attorney.

    1. Hi Raghuram,

      Thanks for sharing your views at this critical moment for all the applicants!

      My application for H1-B was filed under the RP and Non-AD category at the WAC center.
      So far I have seen no updates about RP/Non-AD/WAC, could you please throw some light on this.
      Is there a timeline until which we should expect to receive notice for RP/Non-AC/WAC?
      Does anyone know applicants who were chosen in the lottery under RP/Non-AC/WAC??

      Folks, please share all the essential information that you may have.


  84. Hi Raghu !!

    How does USCIS send receipts to employer. I mean in bulk all together or randomly.
    I have enquired with my employer about my H1b Lottery status, they are telling that they got only few Regular CAP Petition’s receipts. So i was confused.. I can loose hopes 🙁
    My Petition is applied as Non-AD/RP/VT.

    Raghu please reply

  85. Hey
    Can anyone let me know if Regular Processing / Non AD received receipts or got encashed ?


  86. Hi,
    Can anyone let me know if Regular Processing / Non AD/CA received receipts or got check encashed ?


  87. Hi Raghu , following your blog from the time I started applying for initial 12 month OPT, also applied for 17 months extension it is also approved.

    finally got my Receipt number(H1-B) on April 26. AD/RP
    Service Centre :Califonia
    MastersCap- First Attempt

    1. Author

      Congrats. Keep following. Next step is Green Card (maybe H1B Transfer), marriage and H4, then H4 EAD.

      Which is about 10 more years worth of wait 🙂 Good Luck.

      1. Hi,

        My H1B petition has been under processing.
        After it was filed I change my passport used for petition file as that was damaged.
        Now I have new passport the number of which is different than the one used during petition filing.
        Is it okay with New passport for Stamping or Visa Interview

        Do I need to any kind of amendment for this or I can directly go for stamping with both old and new passport.
        Also which passport details I have to use to fill 156 ? is it the one used for petition file or the new one? Please help

      2. You know the entire life path of a NRI Raghu, that was so funny…H4 and H4 EAD 🙂

      1. Hi Nikhil

        got the notification through my employer, that they got receipt notice from USCIS.

  88. Hey Raghu,
    Still waiting on my receipt number NonAD/PP/VT
    Do I still have a chance?
    Have they opened all their packets yet?

  89. H1B Cap – Regular
    Processing – Regular
    Service Center – VSC
    Applied from – India

    I work for Cognizant. Have anyone got email regarding receipt number or lottery selection in Cognizant

    1. I am cogni, I have received Receipt number starting with WAC, What does it means?

      1. WAC – Petitions processed at the California Service CenterWAC – Petitions processed at the California Service Center

  90. HI Raghu,
    My employer applied H1 for me and H4 for my dependent this year. I received a receipt number for H4, but nothing hared about H1 from my employer. Does it implies that my petition is selected?

  91. Are all regular processing notices sent at the same time by USCIS?

  92. Hi Raghu,

    Still waiting , For RP we need to wait till mid may ? Is it correct ? Or should we assume that no chance now?

    1. Hey VJ congratulations !!!

      Does you first name start with Letter V?

  93. Non-AD/RP , is still time there ? or over ?

    Can anyone please give me the update?

    1. I dont understand why people act so naive every time , hundreds and thousands of time this has been replied.
      In fact the FACT is the attorneys or the employer do inform to there candidates that NON – AD /RP results do come in late , some receipts can come around May end also even in June 1st week also.

  94. I applied with 2 vendors and i got picked from both. What is the best suggestion to do?Can i go with processing with 2 Hi files and decide once both are approved?

    1. Author

      As crazy as it sounds, how are you making a career, life changing decision by posting in a comment in the blog?

    2. Thanks for making one person’s life difficult. Why can’t USCIS make lottery system efficient to not select someone twice in the lottery? absolutely foolish….

    3. I am not sure how it goes. If you have two picked in lottery and uscis processes both then theywould find out and could reject both of them. Can anyone shed some light on it.

    4. It should be banned by USCIS, if a person applies with two different employers, his/her application should be denied and rejected from the system. This is like cheating to me, and people should not use this kind of options.

  95. Hi Raghu,

    I was just wondering, what would be the best time to switch employers once H1b (AD/Regular processing) is approved? My opt expires on 7 July and I will be under cap-gap.


    1. Author

      I can’t advice on switching employers. Post the question to Attorney Murali. thanks.

  96. Anyone from Indian MNCs received receipt on non-AD/RP category?


  97. Hi Raghu,

    What should I say? The wait is over or the most awaiting movement finally showed up.

    What ever would be the words I am finally blessed with this movement of luck after 2 years of struggle..

    I can say you were the one I always followed. This Blog was my newspaper, Every time I see the comments, I used to feel like Will I say this new here some day or not..

    Raghu, Thanks you are helping us a lot.

    Good luck to all who are waiting.

    What should I look from your blog from tomorrow.. Please advice.

    1. Author

      Great News! Happy to be part of your journey till H1B. Now, don’t go away 🙂

      Next Up – Green Card!

  98. Hi
    Got receipt number on April 14th Non AD/PP.Has anyone got their case approved so far.How long does it actually take for PP


  99. Hi Raghu,

    My wife’s OPT expires this July 24th. Her employer applied for H1b and we have lost our hope. Should we go ahead and apply for 24 month STEM opt as its getting closer also I couldn’t find any information on how and when can we start applying for 24 months STEM opt.

    1. Author

      I would apply for STEM OPT after May 10, 2016. Since you have OPT till July 24, 2016. If you do now, then you would get RFE for additional documents.

      1. Hi Raghu,

        My EAD expires on May 30th and I applied for 17 Month OPT extension 80 days in advance, somewhere in March and received acknowledgement notice on Marach-17 (Same day Cheque was encashed) . As 24 Month OPT extension will be effective from May 10th, Will I receive RFE in my case or will I be granted 24 Months extension. My Employer has also applied for H1B AD/RP but have heard nothing from attorney yet. May 12 onwards USCIS will start sending H1B notice for selected PP application, does that mean that they must have finished sending the receipt for selected PP and RP petition and there is no very less change to get selected thereafter.

        1. Author

          If your OPT is not approved by May 10, then you will get RFE.

  100. I am Non AD/RP and still no response from my employer. Is it worth to wait till this month end or its not worth to keep hope? i m not getting proper sleep…

  101. Hi Raghu,

    Have the processing for regular applicants been done? as mine is NONAD/RP… I havent received any notice yet…my employer however encashed the cheque…but there is no news about any receipt yet…..

    1. HI Priya,

      could please help me how can i come to know my cheque is encashed by consultancy, i have applied for h1b from VT.

  102. Hey Raghu,

    My employer applied my H1B in CP (Consulate Processing) and I got to know about it yesterday. I had already got the news that my H1B was picked from the lottery.
    Can you please explain the pros/cons of the CP (Consulate Process) compared to the Change of status process.

    1. Author

      Sachin – Don’t you think you should have asked this question before opting for CP 🙂

      1. Raghu, I know I am late for this, but I was not having any idea how my employer was going to file my H1B application. Now will you tell me pros/cons of CP

        1. Author

          I think you just have to deal with travel to switch to H1B before OPT Expires.

  103. I still haven’t got any reciept number from my employer. I am Non-ad/pp. does that mean my application is not selected in the lottery? Or should i still have a chance until the premium processing starts by May 12th to get the reciept number? Has everybody under non-ad got their reciept numbers by now?
    Thanks so much for your reply.

  104. HI Raghu,

    When will the picking process completes? in may orjune also my employer applied for me from vermount, all regular processing result a declared for vermount?
    please advice

  105. I received an update from my visa initiator who runs a consultancy in us, that my petition got picked. When would I get the petition details or receipt number?

  106. Hi Raghu,

    how can know my employer however encashed the cheque…?and what it means

  107. Hi,

    Any one applied through Infinite Computing System Inc.

    Please update.

    1. I apllied thru ICS Inc. Their applicants never get selected. In fact v dont even know if they applied for us. LOL

      1. Hi Thiruvengadam,
        Actually last year one of my friend also selected in lottery through ICS Inc and right now he is in USA, so I am not satisfied with your answer.

      1. Author

        Why are you asking for letter “V’ it has absolutely no value.

  108. Is there any hope for picked up the H1-B lottery:

    Advanced Degree
    Premium Processing

    Not get back to anything from employer.

    Please let me know

  109. On April 11, 2016, we received your Form I-129, Petition for a Nonimmigrant Worker, Receipt Number ***********, what does this mean??

  110. Hi Raghu, I used to check updates in this BLOG and its very useful. Most awaited time comes to me.Finally, My cheque converted into Cash at 4th attemptNon-AD and RP)

  111. Hi
    Do we get receipt numbers directly to ou email ids or what is the process

  112. This is my 3rd attempt for Non AD/RP. I didn’t hear anything from my employer.

    All the best for all of them who got selected.

  113. Hi Raghu,

    Are there anymore hopes for AD/RP?VSC? I have not yet heard anything from my employer, many of my colleagues already got receipts.


  114. Is there a way to know my consultant really applied for my H1B Visa?

    1. Author

      You are probably 5035th person to ask this. Trust your employer. If not, you shouldn’t have applied in first place!

  115. Hi,

    The updates are very useful.This is my 3rd attempt for NonAD/RP, no updates from my employer yet.

    All the best for those who got selected.

    1. Raghu,

      USCIS just published the news that the data entry for H1B FY 2017 has been completed. If the check is still not encashed then does this mean that the application is not selected in lottery ?

      I have not received any news regarding check encashment or receipt notice from my employer.

  116. Hello All,

    My application is picked up in lottery. I am Non-AD/RP/VT, first time applicant. Received email from attorney saying that they received my receipt notice by mail today.

    FYI, still no checks en cashed- checked with my employer. No changes in SEVIS till now-checked with my DSO.

    My receipt notice says notification date as April 26th. So guys timing of checks cashing and SEVIS update is very inconsistent, don’t lose jopes. Stay calm and hope for the best. Good luck everyone.

  117. USCIS announced on May 2, 2016, that it has completed data entry of all fiscal year 2017 H-1B cap-subject petitions selected in our computer-generated random process. USCIS will now begin returning all H-1B cap-subject petitions that were not selected.

  118. Hi Raghu,

    Your blogs are really helpful. This is my 2nd attempt and finally got picked.
    Just wondering, if the other site you have started last year immigrationtracker is still useful and operational?


    1. Author

      Nilesh – Site is still active for other trackers. I couldn’t maintain it for H1B this year.

    2. NP,

      Congrats buddy!!!
      How you came to know that your application got picked,please explain.

      I am still waiting for my updates.


  119. USCIS announced on May 2, 2016, that it has completed data entry of all fiscal year 2017 H-1B cap-subject petitions selected in our computer-generated random process. USCIS will now begin returning all H-1B cap-subject petitions that were not selected. Due to the high volume of filings, USCIS is unable to provide a definite time frame for returning these petitions. USCIS asks petitioners not to inquire about the status of submitted cap-subject petitions until they receive a receipt notice or an unselected petition is returned. USCIS will issue an announcement once all the unselected petitions have been returned.

    Additionally, USCIS is transferring some Form I-129 H-1B cap subject petitions from the Vermont Service Center to the California Service Center to balance the distribution of cap cases. If your case is transferred, you will receive notification in the mail. After receiving the notification, please send all future correspondence to the center processing your petition. If you are filing a Form I-907, Request for Premium Processing, to upgrade your Form I-129 H-1B petition to premium processing, send the completed Form I-907 with the appropriate fee to the center processing your petition.

  120. Is there still any hope for cases filed under Premium processing or should i consider the end of my hopes ?

  121. HI ,

    Advance Degree with Regular Processing. (California Center).

    Few person from my company got it. There checks got deducted from account and my employer informed that but for my case there is no update.

    Is there any hope or game is over?

    Thanks for the time .

  122. Hi,

    My Case is Advance Degree with Regular Processing. (California Center). Few people from my company got it. There checks got deducted from the account and my employer informed that but in my case there is no update. Is there any hope or game is over?

    Thanks for the time.

  123. Hey does it means that everyone should get to know thats their H1 got selected by May 2nd or we can still wait couple of weeks, thanks in advance.

    1. It just means that the data entry is complete, most of the cheques, would be cashed by now, few lawyer firms should get this info, at least in a week. But there are a few anomalies, like if there was an error in the cheque itself…the official last date is when the packages are returned.

      “….an unselected petition is returned”.

      USCIS will issue an announcement once all the unselected petitions have been returned.

      For those that have not made thru, start looking at options – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MQ1PDsH5dRs

    2. Last year the data entry was completed on May 4th 2015 and we got our cheque cleared on May 5th. So Hang tight guys. it might not be over yet.

  124. Anyone from Midwest received any updates? AD/PP
    I think it’s pretty much next year for me looking at all the updates.

  125. Hi Raghu,
    The Database entry has done for the people, who are selected in the lottery. What does it mean? Is it game over ? or Can we keep hopes for receipt number or not for Non-AD/RP/VT?

  126. Anyone from HCL India received receipt on non-AD/RP category?


      1. Hi I tried contacting my SPOC initially in the last week of April he mentioned that we will receive an update in first week of May . I contacted him again a couple of days back and he mentions that there is no update from ISG yet and it might take about a month 🙁

    1. Hi Raghu,

      I’m currently on H4 and tried for H1B but as of now no updates from my attorney.

      I have checked your recent video of data entry and at the end you mentioned about job options for H4.

      Could you please brief about this and can I get your contact details please?


        1. Hi Raghu,
          I watched the video. Can you let me know where should I get “cap exempt h1b”. What does it all mean?


    2. Hey Raghu,

      Notice Date on I-797 refers to the date USCIS Created the reciept?

  127. Hello Raghu,

    I did my MBA and got graduated as on Dec 2015 and I have OPT valid for one year. I applied for H1 and did not hear anything from the employer so far. However I regularly follow your videos and as per today video you stated that we can have a plan B. Kindly let me know where to reach you.


  128. This is my 2nd attempt and looks like i will have to content myself with the hopelessness and frustration 🙁 Wake up child this is not the end “i sing to myself” !!!!

  129. The lottery is over for 2016 h1 premium processing or still the process is going ??
    can please help me ……!!!!

  130. Hi Raghu,
    Thank you for this great forum. I have received my H1 I797c notice with receipt number. If i try check my case status online it says ”My case status does not recognize the receipt number please check again and try later. If need further details please call national customer service center’.
    Could you please suggest me on this?

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Author

      This is one of many scenarios I have covered in my H1 lottery guide.

  131. So I decided to call my school DSO this morning after I heard the news yesterday that USCIS has completed data entry for FY 2017 H1B lottery. The DSO told me that there is a pending status on my SEVIS account and gave me a reciept number EACXXXXXXX. When I checked the reciept number on the USCIS case status it says ‘my case was recieved on the 11th of April’. I have not heard anything from my attorney or employer yet. Does that mean my case was selected and my notice is on the way??? Thanks for your timely response.

  132. Hi Raghu,

    Most awaited movement come to me.i got information from my employer that my cheque was en cashed today.First Attempt NON AD-RP

    1. Congrats!!!!!!!!!!
      Which center CA or VT?

      I am NON-AD/RP/CA…3rd attempt …..

  133. 4th attempt….. And this time Saibaba blessed me………. Got my H1B in RP

  134. As the latest news says data entry is completed so does that mean if employer has not received any updates for my petition its not selected in lottery ???

  135. Hi,

    Did anyone came to know that they are not selected in lottery, received their package back?

  136. Picked up in lottery. Receipt number received. PP/AD/ Vermont.
    Notice date – April 13th. Snail mail reached employers on May 4th.

    PP folks should not give up yet!

  137. I heard like, sometimes USCIS will not update sevis but send receipt numbers to employers. Is it true?

    1. When did u get receipt ?Is it on may4th.. waiting NONAD/pp..still believe?

    2. @2ndAttempt… is it Fresh Application ? or Extension or Transfer…

      @Raghu do you think USCIS can approve application before they finish the Data Entry…

      1. Author

        They have done that last year. But, PP begins on May 12, 2016.

    3. Congrats .. When did USCIS receive ur petition? mine was received on april 14th.. still not got approval notice

  138. Hello,

    I have received the update that my case was received.
    Could you please tell me the next steps.
    As in how long can the wait be to know my next status- Whether its gonna be accepted or in RFE


  139. Hi
    I have applied for Non-AD ,RP and didnt hear anything yet from my employer regarding cheque encashment. Does it mean that my case is not picked up in lottery? How many more days should I wait?

  140. Can I travel outside US before my H1-B becomes effective from October ?

    1. Hey Raghukumar, even I want to know if I can travel during COS from F1 to H1b from within the states.

      Also if my COS does happen and I switch from F1 to H1b, how do I get the H1b visa stamp in my passport within the states, so I can travel.

  141. Hi ,

    My employer has applied for H1B on 1st April and I applied for opt extension on 11th April.Is that going to cause problem or going to slim my chances to get selected in lottery?
    I haven’t heard anything yet

    1. Hi
      Did any one get receipts today? How long we can expect this? any timelines?

  142. Hi,
    As I am graduated from MBA. I applied h1 b with multiple employers. But nothing got picked up. Is there still chances of picking up in the lottery or I can lose the hopes.

    1. USCIS web site saying they will automatically reject multiple applications this year..

      1. @Andrey Namestnikov

        Can you provide link to USCIS website page which has this info of automatically rejecting multiple applications this year ?

      2. Andrey,

        Can you the link showing that that USCIS will automatically reject multiple applications.

  143. Thanks God for your blessing!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thank god for the blessing. Just I got the news from my employeer that I am selected in lottery. Non AD/RP/CA. Still, I did not get my recipt. My employeer will share soon. I am really really Happy. It is my first time.

    Thanks a lot all of you guys on this forum. God Bless you All

  144. I have not received yet should I keep hope till some more days or its over??

    1. Hi Raghu, I had stamped H1 B VISA from Oct 2007 to Sep 2010 but did not travel due to some personal reasons. Am I still can apply for CAP Exempt now that I have not utilized the VISA and my VISA was stamped with proper documents. Please suggest whether still I can find employer and apply for CAP exempt for 2017.

      1. Author

        There is no definite answer, since I have seen some folks not getting H1B transfer go through ( or receive RFE). So, you have to take one step at a time.

        1. Find if you can still get cap-exempt
        2. Finding an employer.
        3. Then H1B transfer
        4. Stamping
        5. Travel to USA.

    2. Hi all . Not received any update from my employer…. Still chances are there or not … Mine is non AD/Rp

  145. Could you please tell if still there is a chance of H1B lottery selection to be notified . My check hasnt been encashed yet .

  146. @Raghu, Kindly answer my question. My cheque was not en-cashed yet, Are there chances of getting receipt number if the cheque is not encashed yet.

  147. Hi Raghu,

    I have a query regarding wait-list petitioners as I there are multiple filings for a petitioner from different employer.

    1. When will USCIS notify about the wait-list petitioners ? Is there any time line? Will they provide any press note officially?
    2. Will USCIS share receipt number to the employer before the decision is made about the rejected/denied petitions that were selected in the lottery?
    3. Will they encash cheque first and then generate receipt notice only after the wait-list petition is considered?
    4. USCIS will officially announce the return of all petitions on a specific date? Does it include wait-list petitions as well?
    5. How do we know that the petition is under wait-list?

    Please respond to my query as this waiting is really killing giving so much stress.

    1. Author

      I have answered all these questions in the H1B lottery guide. In short there’s no waitlist.

  148. Lakshman:

    I am in H4 with my wife in US. Applied H1b under Non-AD, RP with Vermont.

    i have not received lottery result from my employer.

    CAn I still expect the positive result???

  149. Hi Raghu,
    I got selected in lottery this year. Regular processing. Currently in India. My wife has H1 and she is in US now. My H4 got expired. I am going for H4 stamping this month end. Planning to visit my wife along with my kid on H4 and return within a month ( June ). Will I get my H4 stamped as my case was selected in lottery. Will there be any issue during H4 stamping or US visit( Consular office, port of entry). Please advise

    1. Author

      You can apply for H4 stamping and you may qualify for dropbox. I can’t advice on any issues you may have with stamping.

    2. No u will not have any problem u can go for h4.. last year even i did same thing got picked in h1 and got h4 stamped 🙂

  150. Hi Raghu,

    My question to you – Based on the cheque gets encashed we can think that the respective applicant is selected in the lottery even before he/she receives mail. As suggested by you People who have applied in regular processing / Non AD quota can still keep their hopes till end of may which means cheques will be encashed till end of may?

    1. Author

      Check can be deposited anytime. Right after lottery or later. But, if you don’t receive receipt number, then you plan for next options.

      1. Hi Raghu,

        Applied for h1b non ad / premium processing.. Hvent received any receipt number yet
        When asked employer update they replied backing stating that they wouldn’t be able to say anything for sure until they receive rejection.

        Are they still any hopes.
        Or should we proceed with plan b?

        Thanks in advance

      2. Hi Raghu,

        If petitions is selected in lottery, cheque should’ve been encashed by now?. I got information from the employer that the check was not yet encashed. Does it mean game over?.

  151. HI,

    I have applied for this year H1B, last week i enquired my employer for my status, they replied like “Waiting for next lot”. is there any chances for me to select ???

  152. Hi,
    Just wondering that now the cap has reached, can you still apply for the h1b visa now?

  153. Hi Raghu,

    I have a question for you.

    Currently I’m working with Company A (Client Location) through Company B (Consultancy My employer), They applied for H1-B but still no result, right now I’m trying to apply OPT extension, but the new OPT , I have to submit the i983 form, Can my consultancy company (my employer) eligible for that or not ? or is there any problem for OPT extension? Please answer my question.


    1. Author

      Gopi – I’m not an attorney to comment of your company is eligible for STEM OPT. Please talk to Attorney Murali Bashyam.

      1. Hi Raghu,

        My question is that, I’m doing a job at client location through consultancy firm.
        Am I eligible for 24th Month OPT extension ? Someone give me like this
        Beginning May 10, 2016 students in STEM fields are eligible for 24 months of OPT. You can find your CIP code on your I-20.

        STEM OPT extensions are not allowed for multiple employer arrangements, sole proprietorships, employment through “temp” agencies, employment through consulting firm arrangements that provide labor for hire, and other relationships that do not constitute a bona fide employer-employee relationship. STEM OPT rule states that “students cannot qualify for STEM OPT extensions unless they will be bona fide employees of the employer signing the Training Plan, and the employer that signs the Training Plan must be the same entity that employs the student and provides the practical training experience”.

        Please let me know.

  154. Any one got there H1B case status change at USCIS website.
    PP or Regular


  155. Friends.. Guess its game over for this year. Good luck for those who got selected.
    This is my 3rd year 🙂 Chances are getting slim as year goes by. Hoping to get selected in next year lottery atleast. just 11 more months.. yay!!…

    Good luck.. don’t loose hope. I know the pain. Cheers

  156. Hi,

    My employer have applied h1b (regular)for me. They informed me that we expect the result at the end of May.

    Is it already over or Not?

    1. My employer said yesterday that I received my H1b approval itself.

      1. Hi ,

        So you did not receive receipt?

        Was it premium or regular processing?

      2. Hey!
        You mean to say that your employer received approval notice. If so, do you know when did your check got en cashed.

      3. Congrats.. so you did not receive any update on your receipt, but directly got approval?

    2. I have H1B visa stamped and valid till May 2017. I have travelled US for some time with this H1b and now I am out of US and not working with the employer who filed my H1B. This year I have filed H1B for my husband and unfortunately it was not picked. So now we are looking for a university which can offer CPT form day 1 for him. This will be his 2nd masters (he did his 1st masters in India). Is it a good idea to opt for CPT for him ? We are confused and we both are not in US now.

    3. In my case my employer just updated me today that it is safe to assume that you have not been selected in the lottery for this year as we didnt had any update from USCIS about my application.

  157. I have a question.
    I am a MBA graduate from a reputed university passed in year Mar 2015. And my OPT started on May 8 2015. Right now my OPT got expired and I have not heard anything from my employer about my H1b. Can I expect like still there is a chance. And also I am in process of Plan B. It is my understanding that after expiring my OPT I have 60 days grace period to maintain the legal status(correct me if I am wrong). My confusion is does this 60 days grace period starts from the return of H1b packet or after expiring the OPT date only??

  158. Hi Raghu,
    I have a question.
    I am a MBA graduate from a reputed university passed in year Mar 2015. And my OPT started on May 8 2015. Right now my OPT got expired and I have not heard anything from my employer about my H1b. Can I expect like still there is a chance. And also I am in process of Plan B. It is my understanding that after expiring my OPT I have 60 days grace period to maintain the legal status(correct me if I am wrong). My confusion is does this 60 days grace period starts from the return of H1b packet or after expiring the OPT date only??

    1. Author

      It’s tough with non STEM programs. Did you ask your attorney.

      1. Can you elaborate your answer?? You mean to say that there is no way that I can get my H1b picked as I did MBA or You are talking about the OPT . Can you let me know what I can ask attorney.

        1. Author

          You know you got one shot at H1B. I would have switched to STEM Degree with management focus. Say MIS or similar programs. There’s not much you can do without H1B and OPT is going to expire. Look for Plan B options.

    2. Hi Stalin … I want to connect with you …What’s the name with which I can search for you on facebook ? Don’t leave an email id here as it might get spammed.

      1. Author

        I don’t understand. You want to connect with him, but you are asking him to give his name!

        If I need a favor from someone, I would share my info and have other person reach out. Apparently MBA hasn’t taught you about networking!

  159. I am also still waiting for the confirmation mail. Lets hope 😉

  160. When will the regular processing of applications begin? Will it be in parallel to the PP?

  161. Raghu,

    Still is there any hope for Non-AD/RP/Vermont, receiving Receipt?

    I did not receive any update on my petition from my employer.Your response is highly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance!!


  162. Hello All

    Anyone who filed under Premium Processing received approval notification.
    Kindly update here…

    1. I filed under PP, still no response from my lawyer. Can this happen?

  163. Should I still wait for h1b regular processing lottery receipt number?

  164. Hi Team,
    I have seen your 80 min video ,it’s really good .
    I have one question, I got the receipt number from my employer EACxxxxxx
    .But,I could see My name mentioned in receipt was missing a one letter at the end.
    What should I do to correct my Name ,will that be a issue for the approval process .Please let me know here or else I will buy a video if you have any from your end.

    1. Hi Raghu,

      My employer filed the H1-B with premium processing, and i gave my check for it. When i checked with my lawyer , he is still saying he did not receive any receipt yet. Can it get delayed for this long? Moreover my check hasn’t been encashed, so i believe my chances are very slim to none.

      Where there any other cases that you have seen, that the notice is delayed for this long?


      1. Author

        Don’t have high hopes for Premium or even Regular any more. USCIS started approving premium processing applications.

  165. Got my case approved today. My employers attorney forwarded me the email for approval of my case.

    1. Congrats AM, Srini and all other whose H1B get approved.
      Best of luck who are waiting for their H1B approval.
      I am waiting for my approval too.


  166. When will the regular processing of applications begin? How do we know the approval status?

    1. Author

      Expect Regular to begin after Premium is complete. Approval can take 3 to 6 months.

  167. Hi All,
    If my Receipt number is received by my employer, would that mean, whether I got selected in lottery. And I checked the status, says, Case Was Received, what should be my next step.

  168. Hi i have applied for h1b in normal process 2017, i have not received any info.wanted to know is lottory completed? or still am i having any chances? Please suggest .

    1. You still have time dude.
      Dont worry
      Just wait 11 months 17 days so that USCIS conduct random lottary for FS 2018 and pick your petition for sure.