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Any H1B visa Sponsoring Consultants for Biology Graduates?

Hi, I have completed my MS in biology from Virginia Tech. But currently I am on H4 visa and have tough time for finding H1 sponsors. Although I got couple of job offers, no one is ready to sponsor H1. Can you please let me know if there are any h1b consultants for biology graduates?

by – Prashanthi

uscis h1bYou must know the challenges of finding a job and H1B Visa by now.

You can read some of the articles about finding H1B Visa Sponsors below

Employers will not be willing to apply for H1B visa 6 months in advance.

Consulting companies are your only bet.

But, those days are gone.

These days, H1B Visa sponsoring consultants for IT is hard to find.

Forget about H1B visa Sponsoring Consultants for Biology Graduates.

Even if you find a consultant they will ask you find a job (even a contract) then use that to apply for H1B, provided H1B quota is still available.

If I were you, I would have converted to F1 student visa. That should have give you option to use OPT and then apply for H1B.

You may want to try for a job in nearby Universities that will come under cap-exempt H1B.

Do post your comments to this post, if you happen to find a consultant who sponsors H1B for Biology graduates.



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