How to Select Universities – Part 3

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7) Course Length

This is another important factor you have to consider when deciding which college/university to pursue. Some programs are very lengthy. Majority of the master’s programs will vary from 30 credits to 36 credits.

Make sure that you have information about the different courses offered in the graduate school you are applying at. If you want to major in Database, check if the college has courses offered in the database field.

But if you are transferring to a different department, then you will be asked to take pre-requisite subjects/courses.

For example, you are moving from the mechanical engineering department to computer science or from electrical to computer science. For sure you will be asked to take undergraduate courses in computer science before you can take actual M.S. courses.

Sometimes you will be asked to take up to 7 pre-req. courses (7 x 3 = 21 credits). That’s a total of 3 semesters. So you need 21 + 32 credits to finish your master’s.

That’s 3.5 years for an M.S. If you don’t have aid, then students will have to pay for 3.5 years.

When there are no pre-requisites, then HP = 10

Without pre-requirements and max of 36 credits, then HP = 10

1 or 2 pre-requirements, then HP = 7

3 or 4 pre-requirements, HP = 5

More than 5 pre-requirements, then HP = 3.

8) Thesis vs. Non-Thesis

In any master’s program, you will have 2-3 options to take course. A master’s with thesis requires students to solve a significant problem and defend a paper in front of a panel.

Personally, I don’t like to do further research because I’m not interested to pursue a Ph.D. So I took the Non-Thesis Option, which involves completing courses to graduate with a master’s degree.

If you are more interested to do thesis, then rate HP to 10.

If you just want a degree to get a good job with high salary then, HP = 10.

To find this, read about the program in the department website and find what options you have. Then rate HP to 10 if you are interested to do thesis and the program has thesis option.

If a particular school doesn’t have a non-thesis option and you are not interested to do thesis, then put HP = 5.

9) International Student Population

This has both advantages and disadvantages. You will feel at home having a large number of Indian students around, but fewer chances to find part time jobs and scholarship.

Some colleges have very a small population of international students, but I’m sure you will feel very lonely.

You might have to stay with students from different countries. So weigh the advantages and disadvantages and rate the HP.

I would prefer to stay in universities with more international students than those with fewer foreigners. Anywhere from 100 to 200 students from your home country is considered good.

10) Quality of Education

Let’s say you have admission from TAMUK, University of Alabama, Birmingham, and NJIT. I would decide to go with UAB.

The reasons: expenses are cheaper, much better than TAMUK, with more professors, more choices of courses, with lower cost of living than NJIT, and with courses almost similar to NJIT.

So, weight HP of 10 for UAB, NJIT to 5 and TAMUK to 2

11) Climate/Location

Here, you have to weigh the options according to your preference. Good college vs. cold weather, etc.

If you really have good college admissions in the north, and are ready to deal with the cold, then HP to 10. If not, give a low rating for HP.

12) Current Student Satisfaction

To answer this, ask some current students to rate their college/university experience in a scale of 1 to 10 and make sure that you ask at least around 5 students and then average the scores.

Now, you will have the total value for all the universities. So for the universities with the highest scores get the go ahead signal for visa interview.

I hope the above Happy Point Method will help our readers better decide on which university to apply at. Also, I would like to highlight one more thing here.

I know information about some schools and I can give them to you through Orkut Scrap or via comments (under each post) or through email.

However, I don’t have information for all colleges and universities in the U.S. So for these schools, simply follow the same method discussed in this post in getting the needed information.

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  1. Hi,
    First of all thanks for the valuable information.
    I am 2010 and Comm. Engg) pass out,planing for MS in Fall 2016,at that time my experience will be 5+ years in IT from a major IT service employer in India.
    I plan to go for MS in software engineering(due to my profound love for code and software),but i am bit skeptical due to non-CS/IT background and because of following reasons:
    1.Even if i score descent say 315+ in GRE.what are the chances of getting Admit from a good/average university?
    2.As mentioned by you,while changing departments you will be asked to take pre-req courses.How many pre-req courses i can expect considering my relevant experience in software development?
    Although my question is lengthy.but i am sure it will be helpful for lot of people if you can answer.

    1. Hey. I’m also having a similar question . If you know the answer or if someone knows do let me know .
      I have a lesser work experience whilst compared to yours. I am a mechatronics bachelor degree holder.
      I want to shift my masters education to Computer Science. Thanks to anyone who replies !!

  2. Hi,
    I am Ashwitha and my great is 302 (161 quant and 141 verbal ) 6.5 Ielts and 79 % in btech. I would like do my masters in ee. Can u please suggest me some universities ?

  3. hi,
    my name is sai charan i have my engineering percentage of 72% and my IELTS score is 6.5& GRE score is 290.Will i get admission in University Of New Orleans or any university in Louisana?.what about part time job oppurtunities there?.Im planing to take loan of only one year will it be enough for completing my Masters in Computer Science. what are the criteria’s for getting Scholarships?.

  4. Hello
    I am currently in my final year doing computer science engg. with GPA of 3/4. I am planning to give GRE in October and will apply for the MS degree in coming fall can you please suggest me good universities that can fund my education.

  5. hi
    i’ve completed my bachelors in computer science engineering with the 71%. Is
    there a possibility that i can join the masters program (in computer science engineering or related to database field) from us with scholarship?
    If so, plzzz suggest me names of some universities?

  6. Hello sir,

    I would like to know more information about some of the colleges you know(I’m very much interested in UT Tyler, so I request more information like acceptance rate (MS cs), percentage of students who gets job after graduating, etc). You also said “How consultancy works, that’s another topic to talk about in detail”. I want to know the link for this post (If posted). Otherwise, Im eagerly waiting for you to post it. Thanks in advance.

  7. hi raghu!! if this blog is still alive and if you can please mail me that info you have about some US schools? i’ll be highly obliged!! i’m applying for the spring 2015 session, computer science; masters, thanks!! πŸ™‚

  8. Hello,
    Im aditya..i got a really less gre score of 275 and 85 in toeffl..i had done my graduation in cs with 60%…could you please suggest me universities with or without considering my gre scores which are sure of giving admission..
    Thank you.

  9. hi
    i have got admits for MS from following universities….m very confused, please do help and guide me:-
    1. NYU POLY -electrical
    3.University of Illinois, Chicago- Electrical and Computer
    4.University of Maryland- Master in Telecommunications

    1. hi
      i have completed my bachelors in electronics and communication…wanna do my masters in electrical or aerospace… please do help, the above mentioned are my selected universities, please help me choose one….

  10. Hi Counselor

    I’ve completed my BE in computer Science with CGPA 9.48. I come from a middle class family..(will be difficult to afford expenses) I have got admit from SUNY Buffalo and USC for MS in CS. Can you suggest me which is the better choice and help me to make a wise decision??


    1. Hi, USC is much more costly. Also, they have a large student intake so you may not easily get a job. USC is better, but SUNY buffalo more affordable.

  11. Hello HSB,
    I had completed my in CSE(60%). I have been planning to pursue masters(CS) in US.I Scored very low scores in both GRE n TOEFL i.e 280 in GRE n 66 in TOEFL.But I am not ready to take up the exams again due to lack of time for fall-2013. So please suggest me some universities based on my given scores.Please reply me ASAP.

  12. m pursuing b tech in production engineering n i m placed in an IT company.I want to know can i get admission in ms in robotics or not(i think they are offered only to comp science engineers)?if not wot are the streams which i can get with a score 300++ in gre???is there ms program for computer aided manufacturing???pls reply soon…

  13. hi
    i’ve completed my bachelors in electrical (power) engineering with the CGPA of 2.92/4.
    is there a possibility that i can join the masters program (in electrical power engineering) in a canadian university with scholarship? can you suggest me the names of universities that takes the student with this cgpa?

    1. Hi Sudeep, Admissions are although possible, but scholarships is something which would totally depend on how does your profile stand out compared to the other applicants. For admissions in Canada, I would advice you to plan for a MS as well as MEngg. programme. These are thesis and non-thesis based programmes respectively. CGPA requirements could be checked at the individual department website. For University suggestions kindly post all profile details in the forums section.

  14. Hi HSB,

    I have completed my be in eee. i want to pursue MS in usa. so how can i write a suitable e-mail to the professor at first impression. should it better to write about fund….

  15. I am pursuing course of M.Tech in Biotechnology and wish to apply for the same field in US for MS, how much score do I need in GRE for the best Universities for Biotech feild

  16. Hi HSB ,
    am very much thankful for ur suggestions and instructions regarding choosing universities
    I have small query PLz revert back . what are the on campus job opportunities after my graduation in MS at SJSU(san jose state university) Vs UTD (university of texas Dallas)?. I opted for CS in SJSU and UTD . am not looking for expenses as CA is little bit costlier kindly help me……..”MAIN POINT job opportunities after MS at SJSU and UTD”

  17. Sir,
    I am forth year on going student of engineering in ECE and my current GPA is 7.2.
    My question is i am preparing for GRE and planning to give my exam in October .
    I want to know which GPA is going to be send to the Universities if we have to apply for Fall 2013 my current or overall at the end of my degree.
    Need help.

  18. sir,
    i am seeking admission to MS in agricultural engineering in us for fall 2013
    currently pursuing b. tech from PAU, Ludhiana.
    GRE: 1430/1600 325/340 in new format
    Toefl: yet to give
    OCPA: 7.65/10.0
    would you suggest me some uni’s/

  19. my profile .. BE -58(57.58) , GRE -298 (Q-152, V-146 -AWA-3) , TOEFL -88 , 12-68%, 10-65% .. presented 2 papers on vlsi chip n sdr , vlsi physical automation design .. 2 projects ( based on microcontroller n embedded c ) .. n two mini project( based on verilog and cadence)… 2 seminars (wireless usb and advancements in digital design) .. captained coll football n basketball team for all 4years of my graduation n won zonal competitions in both f them … also i ve short listed some universitys , please let me know my chances n suggest me some uniys so that i could be assured of getting visa ..
    the universitys that i shortlisted are
    1 — usc , asu , u mass at amherst
    2 —–u of pittsburg , lehigh u , ut dallas , u of delaware
    3—- ut arlington , sanjose state u ( am afraid theres no spring intake ?? let me know ), portland state u , u of cincinnati
    4—– nyit , stevens institute of tech , csu northridge , u of texas at sanantonio , TAMU kingsville , lawrence tech u …..
    i want to pursue ms in dvlsi .. please let me know which part of usa is better for my major keeping in mid climate , intrnational student pop , part tym jobs and jobs after graduation
    do suggest me some good universitys , ASAP .. i m applying for spring 2013 ..

    1. HAI my agregate % in BE is 61% and my GRE score is 284 & I wrote ielts waiting for the result expecting seven(7) bands ,&planning for masters in USA for spring 2013.According to my profile which universites are suitable for me.please suggest me.

  20. hi,i’m frm BHU doing my masters in applied microbiology with a cgpa of 8.7. i’m yet to giv my gre or toefl. i’m researching schools & it’ll b really helpful if u could give me the names of some universities in USA for PhD in microbiology with good financial help plans for international students. i’m currently doing my summer project but don’t have any research papers to my name. thank you.

    1. Hello,
      I am a medical doctor with specialisation in medical microbiology (M.D). I am also planning to pursue a PhD program in medical sciences. I am planning to take GRE. What is the minimum score required. I do not have any publications. Is publication necessary to get a PhD program in USA? And how many months preparation required. I want to join teaching class in Bangalore area. Which is the best teaching centre? Could you please advice me how to proceed for GRE exam. I would be delighted to get your valuable advice.

      1. Is publication necessary to get a PhD program in USA? Nope. not required, but if you have research experience its a plus.

  21. i would like 2 know about post batchelors Doctorate prog. from Loma Linda Univ.(physiotherapy}
    Kindly help.

    1. Hi, I have taken up the GRE(297, Quants-150 English-147) and toefl (89). I am in the process of finalizing on which university to apply. But, totally confused about each university tuition fee. Could somebody explain about the credits and the hours which I see on the fee structure page of every university.

  22. GRE: 323/340; TOEFL: 106. Bachelor of Engg: 79.6% and 2 Year work experience in a reputed IT firm. No paper publications or research done! I wish to pursue MS in US.
    Please suggest some universities with some sort of financial aid and good prospects for post MS jobs (not a programmer job though) according to my profile.

  23. Hi,
    I have done M.B.B.S.I have admitted in Governor state university( Master in Health Administration) and Indiana University(Master in Public Health with concentration in Health administration).Please help me how should I select university.Although I am more interested in MHA but GSU is relatively small and no ranking mentioned then Indiana University which is on rank 44..So what you think is better option for me.Please do reply soon as I have to apply for visa

  24. Hi,

    I have got two offers for Phd. in Statistics, One from Mihigan State University (MSU) and the other from George Washington University(GWU). Both have offered full tuition waiver, healt insurance benifits and TAship. Michigan State focusses mainly on theoretical topics wheras Gerge washington University researches in applications of Statistics. I have spokn to professors from both Universities and both seem nice. I am really confused in making a choice. My acquaintances do not know much about GWU, so I am unable to get reliable and complete information about the reputation of the college and especially its Statistics Department. I personally am more inclined to studying application in Statistics but if the college is not a reputed one (at least at par with MSU) then I fear choosing GWU may seema mistake later.

    Kindly help me decide on choosing a college for graduate studies.

    Thank you,
    Atreyee Majumder

  25. please i am applying for Bsc Nursing program at
    Liberty university.
    Middle Tennesse State university
    University of Ohio.
    Please tell me all you know about these schools and which one of them you think will be best for me interms of partime job and academics.Thank you!

  26. dear HSB,
    iam sushmitha.This is the first time iam posting although i am in coorodination with your blog.
    i have completed my gre and toefl.i got 1010(eng-400,math-610) in gre and in toefl i got 84(writ-24,red-17,spe-23,list-21).
    i have also applied for universities.basically i am pharmacy course student.i have gpa -3.5.iam listing the universities.
    university of northcarolina-chapell hill-pharmaceutics
    state university of buffalo,-pharmaceutics
    northeastern university,-pharmaceutics
    longisland university-brooklyn ,pharmaceutics
    murray -chemistry,
    campbell university-pharmaceutics
    could you please suggest me in which universities can i get admission.
    Thanking you,

  27. i m goin to apply to national university san dieago.,dallas baptist uni..,monroe college new york can you tell me abt this uni

  28. Hii
    Presently I am in 3rd year of BE electronics, and want to do masters in ROBOTICS field. I am planning to give my GRE in march2012. So can you please suggest me some universities in US for the same field and the new revised GRE score i need to target for getting there??
    hope for your reply…

  29. Hi HSB,
    My GRE score is 325 (equivalent to 1370). TOEFL score is 115. My undergrad CGPA :8.06/10. I am a final Year student of IIT KGP. Dept: Electrical Engineering. I want to do MS in Electrical. I have shortlisted a few universities:
    Carnegie Mellon
    Wisconsin Madison
    Texas A&M
    Ohio university
    Rice university
    university of florida

    I do not have published papers to show for my interest in research. please suggest if my choices have enough safe universities(atleast 3). are there any univs in the list for which i am not eligible (considering my low CGPA)? I trust your experience in this regard. please help me.

    1. atleast show one research paper.Since you have the iit tag ,u will have a fair chance in purdue,ohio,maryland,texas,

  30. Hello HSB,
    I have completed my BE Mech Degree in 2009 with 60% aggr. from pune university.
    I have completed 2 years of job from one reputed MNC in process planning and development dept.
    I want to pursue MS in Industrial Engineering
    My GRE score is Quant: 750-800 and verbal:310 to 410 and very sure that quant is 800
    Toefel is yet to be given expecting 95 to 100
    My extra curriculars are quite good and project also got national prize by SAE india.
    My projects in industry were also good acc. to customer point of view.
    I got recos from my VP and DGM with two proffessors from my college.
    Which 10 universities i should select for application?
    I want to do Operation Research in minor.

  31. hi ,hsb, this article is very gud,but i have a question ,for shortlisting the universities should i approach anu consultancy,or can it be done on my own ,i am from bioinformatics,but looking for MS in computers side …plz do reply

  32. Hi,
    I have done my bachelors of computer engineering and wanted to pursue masters in the USA.I am currently working as a research assistant in Australia.I have a GRE score of 1200 and toefl 99.I would like to know which universities are good for masters in computer science with networking as a major.Please email me as soon as possible.Can you also estimate the chances of me getting a scholarship in one of the universities?

  33. I have scored 990 in GRE and 93 in TOEFL wit my academics it’s 77% what kind of universities do I can apply for………?
    please do reply for me………..!

  34. Which should i choose
    George washington uni – MS in Cs (focus n/w security & info assurance)
    San jose state uni MS in CE

    I know CE & Cs are different thing but course work from this 2 uni matches which i want…

    So what you sujjest after considering all factors u mentioned???

    Please do reply

  35. Hi Sir,
    I have scored 1230-1380 in the new GRE pattern and am about to take my TOFEL in a few days.
    My CGPA is 9.1/10.
    Am planning to do my MS in computer science. I have shortlisted some of the universities. Can u please help me choosing among them (considering the job opportunities).

    1. Georgia Tech University
    4.NorthWestern University
    5.University of Colorado–Boulder
    6. University of Florida
    7. University of Tennessee–Knoxville
    8.University of North Carolina–Chapel Hill

  36. hello sir,

    I would like to know about the admission process of US Universities in a bit more clear way i.e. about the statement of purpose and letters of recommendation. I am eager to know how to write them , when and where to submit them. I would be glad if you could please suggest which shall be the best time to appear for the GRE ? Presently in 3rd year, Mechanical Engineering , i am interested to pursue Master’s degree in the US.


  37. Hello Sir,
    I am pursuing my engineering in electronics and telecommunication, could you please help me to identify good Graduate colleges in US for the above mentioned field.
    It will be really helpful for me in deciding the colleges. Thanks

  38. Hi Sir,

    Its an engrossing and enlightening Article. I would like to hear from you regarding the selection of universities keeping the above points in mind.

    I scored 1310 in GRE,(old pattern in june2010). TOEFL 106, Acad 80%(Osmania ,Hyderabad). No other certificats but 1 year job exp(will be 2 yrs by time i reach univ).

    I have a list of univs. Kindly help me in choosing my options.
    1) Univ of Arizona, Tucson
    3) Michigan State Univ
    4) Univ of Texas, Dallas.
    5) SUNY Stony Brook
    6) Suny Buffalo
    7) U of Florida, Gainsville.
    8) Univ of Delaware
    9) West Virginia Univ, MorganTown.

    Please help me choosing best 6 of above univ. Also I am open to any other options suggested. My area of interest would be mainly employement, both part-time and full-time. Internships and scholarships ofcoure.


  39. i have complted
    i got admission in master of science in regulatory affiars north eastern universty
    how is course? after complted for jobs
    please give reply any one

  40. i have got 64% academic in computer science from gujarat university and yet to give gre in september. your prompt reply is needed.

  41. can you email me the name of the high school or graduate school in us that offer m.s in computer science along with the related information about the grades and internship if possible. it will be helpful for me in deciding the colleges. thanks

  42. hello sir,
    I have done M.Sc in Biotechnology with a first class 63%. I got 1190 on GRE n 102 on TOEFL. I am interested for a PhD in Molecular Biology with a financial aid(stipend). But I am baffled with the selection of the university. Please can u help me out.
    My research background is not that overwhelming without research papers on my name. Will it make a difference?

  43. hi this is srikanth.I completed my msc in microbiology from andhra university,for august intake i have applied total 4 universities based on consultants advise they are Alcorn state university,NY poly,CSU east bay,and university of Findlay.In Findlay i have applied for environmental engineering technology.unfortunately i got one i 20 from Findlay which does not suit my visa got rejected 2 times on may 19th and july 6th 2011.The feedback what i got from VO was you can reapply but u need to improve your stat.That clearly gave me an i have to apply to the univ which match my profile so pls help me out with the universities which match my profile.pls help me iam desperate………..

    1. even i got i 20 from findlay in environmental engineering technology…. r u from civil backround….why u got rejected for findlay

  44. hey plz help me with selection for psychaitry phd with gre score 1050 and im mbbs doctor widout any back logs n 1 yr experience

  45. Can you please help me to identify good Graduate colleges in US for “Photonics/Optics”? My GRE score is 1440 and doing B.Tech at IIT Guwahati on Engineering Physics. My GPA is 7.8

  46. in the article about how to select universities you have mentioned that u have some data about universities can u please send it to my id.

  47. I currently have a gre score of 1360 (ver 630, wri 3.0), TOEFL 105, a CGPa Of 8.97. Could You suggest a few colleges i could apply to ? With some sort of financial Aid.

  48. thank u sir for your helpful guidence. but you didnt give your email id to ask some queries. i completed my in sep 2010. i wanna do m.s in pharmacy.i got gre 1180(q-730, v-450). still didnt wrote toefl i am expecting more than 85 in toefl. and academically i have 68% with one backlog. please suggest me some good universities with respect to my profile. and i was interested to do m.s specialization particularly in CEUTICS are PHARMACOLOGY are PHARMA ANALYSIS and i am not interested in CHEMISTRY related subjects(CHEMISTRY is my least preferance if i didnt get my desired subjects). please help me with the above information …


  49. hi, i got call from usc and ufl and i m confused between them .my program is masters in electrical engineering.plz guide me which university to opt as soon as possible.

    1. Hey .. Dis is Hari from Chennai .. I am also doing Elec engg . I got 1230 in GRE (790+440) . Yet to write TOEFL .. UG so far 90%+ .. So pls suggest some universities for me .. pls ..

  50. hiii,this is trinath.i am much interested to go with mba in usa.but my dad and colleagues suggested me for going ms,den job then mba.then i have a yhought of doing mba for just 1 yr course.can anyone suggest me ,if it helps me doing ms for 1yr and going to job den my dream mba!!!!

  51. Hey! I ahve got admission acceptance in Masters of Electrical Engineering from the following universities but i dont know which one to accept. Can you help? I have a good academic profile but didnt get ant financial aid offer yet..should i wait for it?


    Univ of California, Santa Cruz

    Wichita State univ

    SanJose State Univ

    I am particularly confused between SanJose and UCSC :S

    My ultimate plan is to do PhD.

    Thanks in advance.



  52. thanks for ur information could pls tell me how too get along wid the orkut connection wid u……..i want the college list pls if poosible mail me……….thanks

  53. hi,

    i am looking for p.hd as i have been told there is no research work as well as not good academic record. i scored in high school with 60 % in intermediate 58% with following subject Hindi,English,Zoology ,Botany, Chemistry respectively my graduation with 56%with Zoology,Botany,Chemistry then i did diploma in forensic science and criminal law of 1 year but there is no research work with 64%and after that i did masters in Industrial Chemistry with 79%with many subjects like paint technology, Petroleum chemistry, Cosmetic, Environmental chemistry,Food science and Biotechnology, etc etc I want to know which university i have to select for better carrier it should be cheap and good. i want to know in which university i can apply .



  54. Hi,

    How do I get in touch with you on orkut for further details.

    Thank you for your time and consideration.



  55. Hi Hsb,

    You mentioned in your post that you have information about some universities. Could u pls mail it to me. Ive provided my mail id while leaving this comment. Thank you

  56. Hello Sir,

    I would like to thank you for providing the information on how to select the universities.

    It helps a lot..Thanks a lot.



  57. hii can u tell me about university of bridgeport. i am planning for biomedical enginnering in that university.please give me suggetion regarding this.

  58. Attention HSB:

    I have been following HSB for quite sometime now (a.k.a the Passive Reader) to get a better understanding about education in US. After collecting ample data with your help through your blogs I have finally decided to Study in US (come what may!!!).

    PROBLEM: Deciding a University.

    I have read your blogs related to the same and this is where I stand. I am wiling to pursue my Masters in Environmental Engineering. I want to take up a Thesis but not extend it to a PhD (I presume it is possible). I am not limiting my options presently citing Tuition Fees as a reason (Not that I am filthy rich but I believe it is something that can be always worked on, also I look at it as an investment which will definitely reap me the benefits). Weather and People around me are not reasons in deciding a university.

    After months of research I have prepared a comprehensive list of universities offering a Masters in Environmental Engineering. This list does have a few universities where the course is ABET accredited. Now I want to rank them. PLEASE TELL ME AS TO HOW??? I understand US News and World Report and Forbes Magazine rank Grad Schools. Presently I am planning to use their rankings as a reference. What is your say on that? Any other suggestions as to how I go about ranking universities? Any reliable sources you could suggest to determine the same?

    P.S: 1) I have not yet appeared for my GRE (2) I have read your previous blogs related to this topic (3) I am planning Fall 2012

    P.S: Please notify students who are interested in pursuing Environmental Engineering in US. Maybe the data I have collected so far maybe of some help and hopefully the sharing can be a learning experience too.

    Hopefully if u do not consider this to be a stupid question you will reply.

    Thanks and Regards

    Shekar "PLEASE HELP" Sharma

  59. Hii , I'm currently doing mechanical engineering and will
    apply this year for fall 2012.Can anyone please tell me how much
    the GRE score actually matters?? Because I keep listening from some
    people that GRE scores are not that important and all you need is a
    good reco nd all.Doesn't a good GRE score really help one to get
    admitted to a good university?? Also I won the "best paper" award
    for presenting my project paper in a national conference where I
    was judged by some very reputed judges from IITs.Can this fact,too
    some extent,secure my chances of bagging a good university?Do they
    count that??

  60. i am a regular follower of hsb. I am interested in doing ms in university of texas,dallas. my branch is ece. i would like to change my major to cse. could you let me know whether any prerequirements are necessary in utd if major is changed. if so how many pre requirements are needed?

  61. I did my B-Tech from India in 2010 and secured a GPA 0f 7.8/10. Currently, I am working at Infosys Technologies Ltd. I am planning to do MS with 1 yr work experience. I got a GRE score of 1430 and awaiting my TOEFL results. I am planning to apply for University of Illinois Urbana Champaign, Penn State, North Carolina, Raleigh and University of Utah. What are my likely chances of getting admitted to one of these colleges? Also let me know some other colleges that fit my profile.

  62. I did my B.Tech in india with 64% and wanted to do my MS in Electrical Engineering in MEMS in USA. I got a gre score of 1130. I wanted to apply to Penn State Uni, UT at Austin, USF and Uni of Toronto. What do you think are the likely chances of me being admitted into either of these colleges?

  63. i'm pursuing my final year with aggregate of 68.8% . gre-1120 , toefl in dec , could me plz give the information about the university deadliness .
    i'm cracked about wen to apply .

  64. thanks for the wealth of information u r providing.i am persuing my 4th yr b pharmacy and going to take intersted to know abt the pharma d course offered by us universities and the approx fee structure.the requirements they look for..does it come under graduate or pg programme?

      1. Thank you very much for the invaluable feedback. I guess i was just completely confused at the time between what my interests really are and what I was going to pursue. I have not applied to any colleges for the time being as I don't know whether a CS course is the best course for me. I also asked my cousin in the US about an MIS degree and according to him, the field is quite saturated currently. So I decided to hold on, work for some time in a reputed company and then decide.

        I will definitely get a feel of the workplace and become more clear on whether it is really an MBA or an MS i'm looking for.

        Thanks again.

  65. Hi HSB.vl u let me knw whch univ has high visa success rate and whch is best univ in aspects like funding,oncampus part time jobs among following………

    Univ of north texas,denton

    univ of memphis,tennesse

    univ of texas elpaso

    univ of new haven,connecticut

  66. Hello,
    I have received acceptance from NJIT(Newark) for MS in IS. I am planing for spring 2011.
    i request you to help me regarding quality of education, living cost, part-time jobs and jobs after graduation. I have also applied to other universities but i am yet to receive anything from their side. So please guide me that should I wait for other universities.
    Thanks and regards

  67. Hi i've got a gre score of 1300 (740 q and 560 V) could u please suggest me a list of universities in field of Control Systems for my profile or any place where i can look up the universities which suits my profile.

  68. Hey HSB,

    Thanks for your help.

    I have a query regerding university selection.

    I have done my B.Sc in maths hons. and scored 45%, then did MCA and scored 68.5%. Now I want to pursue MS. Will my B.Sc marks be considered or my MCA marks?

    Also, do I have to take GRE subject test since I have done my graduation in maths or I can skip subject test since I have done MCA?

  69. Thank you for your articles, they are very helpful.

    I have two questions though. What should I do to get information on points 9 (international student population) and 12 (current student satisfication) if I don't know anyone in that university or that region?

    thanks again.

  70. hi…

    It is surely helping me with new information.

    But i am currently doing my M.Tech in VJTI, mumbai, so i want some information about MBA courses in US/UK.

  71. Hi HSB,

    Thanks for your help last time.

    I have a query on university selection.

    Now I have completed M.Tech and I am looking to do MS in USA. But while selecting Universities for admission, should I consider my M.Tech marks and apply or should I consider B E Marks and apply.

    I have 67.35% in M.Tech but in BE I have 61%. On what basis I should select universities for applying to MS. Should I consider M.Tech percentage or BE percentage.

    Please help in this matter.


    Ajay R

  72. Hey

    Its very helpful.Thanks for posting

    I have done Electronics and communication engineering . and i wnat to do master degree in USA .

    problem is i dont understand in which field is good for future and in which college i need to admit

    please help


  73. i have completed 4 yr bpharm degree course, i want to apply for the colleges offering mpharm degree in usa.can u give me the list of top 10 universities over there and what is the gre , tofel scores required for them.

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