Higher Education in Canada – My MBA Journey

Thanks to Vishal for writing this blog post about Higher Education in Canada. Vishal completed his MBA in Canada and currently working in USA.

Higher Education in Canada

Canada is becoming one of the most preferred destinations for higher education in the world for various reasons. One of the biggest and easiest to guess is the Immigration policies that they have in place for immigrants to quickly become citizens.If you would like, it is also easy to get post work permit which the Canadian government gives for 3 years (standard) post degree.

Most of the educational institutions in Canada are government run. Few of the standout universities for business, science and technology is University of Toronto. Probably one of the oldest and arguably the best ranked Canadian Universities. Few of the other popular universities are University of Waterloo, University of West Ontario, York University, Concordia University etc.

About easy Immigration

Generally a student can apply for their immigration after a year of continuous stay in Canada. There is a twin phase of application where the immigrant will require to apply to the Nova Scotia for a 1stround of screening and then apply with the complete set of immigration documents to one of the Canadian immigration offices. The process is pretty straight forward and easy to deal with. For more information you can definitely read at http://www.cic.gov.ca

Technical Education

For technical education – the top 2 places to study in Canada are

  1. University of Waterloo and
  2. University of Toronto.

Waterloo is popular for its Computer science programs. Waterloo is definitely tipped to be the biggest IT hub in Canada.

University of Toronto aka UfT is extremely popular for all of its programs including computer science.

Concordia university in Quebec is popular for its Aerospace programs. University of Toronto do offer a wide range of Tech and PhD courses which is highly recognized all across Canada.

Business Education

Rotman School of Management and Richard Ivey are the top 2 schools in Canada. Rotman has one of the best faculty members all across North America. Some of the top industry professional in the entire industry are from Rotman. Rotman produces world class students and is built on a unique concept of integrative thinking which is making serious waves in the Industry.

Schulich, Queen are other schools which fall in tier-2 category. Rotman is popular for its finance and consulting programs where as Richard Ivey is more famous for its Consulting programs. Working and part-time studying is always been popular among industry professionals.